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Have you heard about the Toronto marketing firm that was hired to create a website for a
local company and botched up the job? The company lost over a million dollars and had to
file for bankruptcy. The website was unprofessional, did not advertise the products being
sold in a comprehensive manner, and was extremely hard to navigate. The company started
losing money as soon as the website went live and they had no recourse against the Toronto
marketing firm.

Aren't these marketing firms supposed to work with you?

A good marketing company will understand what it takes to advertise your products the right
way to meet the target audience's expectations. When the website is designed in a way that
makes it hard to view, difficult to navigate, and confusing to order from, people will click away
and go to a competitor. The Toronto marketing firm should've worked with the customer, but
instead they did their own thing.

If you cannot work with the Toronto marketing firm you have hired to do your website, then
you need to fire them. More than likely they are in it for your money. Websites should be a
professional reflection of your company. Anything that deviates from that will hurt you.

What other effects does a bad website have?

Other than losing customers and potential customers, a bad website designed by a bad Toronto
marketing firm will leave people wondering about your integrity. There are stories all over the
Internet about fake websites that scam people out of their money. Bad work done by the firm
you hired to create your website and advertising campaign can cause you to be viewed as a
possible scam artist. It's not a fair designation, but once your website has been labeled this
way, it will be very difficult for you to regain your reputation as a legitimate online seller.

There is nothing worse than having your reputation ruined over something that you may have
little to no control over. You may never be able to rebuild your company's reputation in the
online community and this combined with lost sales will make your company fail quicker than
you ever possibly imagined.

How do you prevent this from happening?

Before you hire a Toronto marketing firm to design your website and advertising campaign, do
your homework. Go to the company and ask them to show you samples of other work they
have done. Talk to other clients and find out how well their advertising and websites have
worked for them. Have they changed things since the Toronto marketing firm finished their
work? If they have, was it because it was time to refresh the advertising or did the marketing
firm's work simply not work?

Make sure people are happy with the work first before you go and hire a Toronto marketing firm.
When you do hire one, make sure you have in place a formal document outlining the work that
is to be done and have a way to sign off on it during the process. If you do due diligence during
the creation process, you may be able to stave off bad work.

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