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									                                                             Mental Health Association in Tulsa | 2007 Annual Report


1870 South Boulder
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119

History of the Bell
The symbol of the Mental Health Association movement
is a 300-pound bell, cast from the shackles and chains
that once restrained people with mental illnesses within
the walls of psychiatric institutions. On this bell reads
the following inscription: “Cast from the shackles
which bound them, this bell shall ring out hope for the
mentally ill and victory over mental illness.”

The Mental Health Association in Tulsa incorporates this
important symbol within our logo, between two stylized
people reaching out to each other. This logo is symbolic
of our long history as an affiliate of Mental Health
America, yet incorporates the hope and the future we
represent as we reach out to help those with mental
illness build fulfilled and meaningful lives.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Fair Isaac and Liberty Press for
their generous donation of services for the production
of this report.
 2007        President                                Ashley Johnson                           Richard A. Wansley, Ph.D.

Leadership   Donnie House
             Community Service Council

                                                      Youth Advocate

                                                      Andrew Levinson
                                                      IBC Bank
                                                                                               OSU-Center for Health Sciences

                                                                                               Scott Williams
             David Reed
             Reed’s Consulting Services               Tracie Lewis                             Kellie Wilson
                                                      Tulsa Police Department                  Bank of America
             Joe Ray                                  Michele Magalassi                        Ben Windham
             Bank of Oklahoma                         Bank of Oklahoma                         Community Volunteer

             Treasurer                                Monty Moeller                            Advisory Board
             Misty Jamison, CPA                       Fair Isaac                               Judy & Jeff Alexander
                                                                                               Cathey & Mike Barkley
                                                      Cynthia Naff, LPC, ICAADC
                                                                                               Teresa & Robert Burkett
             LeNissa Anyomi                           Positive Behavioral Strategies
             Wellman Products Group                                                            Paula & Gerard Clancy

                                                      Tim Peterson, LPC, LMFT                  Phyllis & George Dotson
             Sharon Beavers                           Laureate Psychiatric                     Maggie & Tim Fox
             Community Volunteer                        Clinic & Hospital                      Debi Friggel
                                                                                               Judi & Ken Klein
             Terri Blevins                            Julia Potter
                                                                                               Rose & Sheldon Miller
             OSU-Center for Health Sciences           Black Box Network Services
                                                                                               Julie & Ted Mundt

             Sandra Clanton, ChFC, CLU, MBA           Karen Reed                               Suzanne O’Brien
             Rooney Insurance Agency                  Community Volunteer                      Robert Price
                                                                                               Gail & Kip Richards
             Ann Dapice, Ph.D.                        Maria Reyes, CADC                        Catherine Seger
             T.K. Wolf, Inc.                          YWCA Multicultural Center
                                                                                               DeDe & Rick Siegfried

             Stephen Fater                                                                     Suzanne & William K. Warren, Jr.
                                                      Janna Roberson
             QuikTrip Corporation                     Cascia Hall Preparatory School           Mollie Williford
                                                                                               Henry Zarrow
             Mary Ann Gardner, CPA                    Will Smith                               Maxine & Jack Zarrow
             Williams                                 SWS, LLC
                                                                                               Debbie & Danny Zeligson

             Melanie Hasty-Grant                      Michael Strakal, PT, MBA
             Waterstone Private Wealth                Injury Prevention Solutions, Inc.        Executive Staff
                                                                                               Michael W. Brose, MSW
                                                      Sandra Tabbernee, MAPCC, LPC             Executive Director
             Deborah J. Hunter                        Private Practice
             Advocate                                                                          Gregory A. Shinn, MSW
                                                      Kurt VanMatre, LPC, LMFT                 Associate Director
             Steve Jacoby                             Laureate Psychiatric
             The Benham Companies                       Clinic & Hospital

             This annual report is dedicated to the memory of Tim Fox. In addition to serving on our Advisory Board, Tim and his
             wife, Maggie, have been long-time supporters of mental health. He will be greatly missed.
Our Vision

             T he Mental Health Association in
              Tulsa envisions a just, humane and
              healthy society in which all people
              are accorded respect, dignity and the
              opportunity to achieve their full
              potential, free from stigma and prejudice.
Our Mission

              The Mental Health Association in
               Tulsa is dedicated to promoting mental
               health, preventing mental disorders,
               and achieving victory over mental
               illness through advocacy, education,
               research, service and housing.
Dear Friends        A
      & Supporters,
                           s you turn the pages of this 2007 Annual Report of the Mental Health Association in Tulsa, we
                         invite you to celebrate with us the transformations of the past year. Here you will find but a
                   glimpse of the transformative power of the work your partnership and support make possible – lives
                   interrupted by mental illness finding recovery, the once chronically homeless now with a place to call
                   home, partisanism set aside for the sake of parity, and a community moving beyond stigma to offer a
                   new vision for its most vulnerable citizens.

                   Transformation in any arena is rarely the result of a single act; rather it is built upon the efforts of many
                   dedicated to a single purpose. For us – the Mental Health Association staff, board, advisory board,
                   financial supporters and volunteers – that single purpose is our vision of Tulsa as a “just, humane and
                   healthy society in which all people are accorded respect, dignity and the opportunity to achieve their
                   full potential free from stigma and prejudice.” This is no a small task in a state with one of the highest
                   rates of mental illness in the nation.

                   This story of growth and change is also the story of the Mental Health Association’s transformation from
                   what began in 1955 as a small group of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of those impacted by
                   mental illness to an organization with a present day staff of over 80 full-time and part-time employees.
                   Perhaps we are most proud that our staff now includes many for whom mental illness once meant little or
                   no job opportunities. Our increase in organizational capacity has been made possible by the generosity of
                   many, leveraged with sound financial principles and a commitment to accountability and transparency.

                   In 2007, the ink was barely dry on the deed to the final acquisition in the Building Lives Campaign
                   when we, along with other coalition partners, launched Building Tulsa, Building Lives, Oklahoma’s
                   first public-private housing partnership that will add more than 500 units of safe, decent and affordable
                   housing for the people we serve. We are also pleased to let you know that at the writing of this report
                   we have already launched new initiatives that are transforming the mental health and social service
                   systems that serve families and children in the community.

                   Indeed, it has been an amazing year of transformation. We are excited about the opportunities in the
                   coming months and are grateful for your partnership in those endeavors. We want to extend an open
                   invitation to visit with us about any of the Association’s programs. We especially encourage you to take
                   the “one hour tour.” One hour is the time it takes for a trip to a downtown homeless shelter, on to a tiny
                   room at the YMCA, and ending at Walker Hall, a place to call home. You will be transformed.

                   With warmest regards,

                   Donnie House, 2007 Board President

                   Michael W. Brose, MSW, Executive Director

 Home is Where the Transformation Begins
 When the Association opened the doors to the Walker Hall Transitional Living Center in 1989, who could                                                    200

 have imagined the phenomenal growth and momentum those first 12 beds would spur? Just 18 short years                                                                                 Housing Growth
                                                                                                                                                                                             Housing Units
 later we’re now providing a home to 225 individuals impacted by mental illness, and in the process, we are                                                150                               Residents
 transforming the lives of many who were once homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

 Walker Hall was established to assist those with serious mental illness to transition from supportive to
 independent living. It wasn’t long before we came to realize there was a tremendous need for more safe,                                                    50

 decent and affordable housing options for those we serve in our community. As the Association often does so
 well, we saw the need and answered the call to action.                                                                                                      0
                                                                                                                                                                 1991   1992   1993   1994    1995   1996   1997   1998   1999   2000   2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006   2007

 Through the ongoing generosity of our community, particularly with funds raised by the 2001 Building Lives
 Capital Campaign, that initial housing project has transformed into a full continuum of 16 housing programs
 specifically designed to meet the needs of those living with mental illness. From our two Safe Havens which
 provide a home to people who are street habituated, to transitional, supportive and independent living, we’re
 able to provide options suited to the unique needs of the individual. Even the dream of home ownership can
 be achieved through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

 Our hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. In 2003, the Mental Health Association in Tulsa’s
 housing programs were recognized nationally and were awarded 1st place in the “Home Sweet Home”
 category of the 2003 Eli Lilly Reintegration Awards. We are routinely asked to consult with communities
 wanting to launch their own housing programs, which prompted us to host a national housing conference in
 2004. In all, we had 450 people representing 33 states, the District of Columbia and Canada.

 “The Association saved my life” are words we hear frequently in the halls of our housing facilities. These
 words give us an opportunity to pause and realize how we have transformed the lives of others. They also
 provide the motivation to move forward in our goal to end chronic homelessness in our community through
 the Building Tulsa, Building Lives campaign. Once again, we stand ready to transform ourselves.

 Much like the transition that occurs in many of our residents’ lives, each property undergoes a process to make it a suitable home.   more inviting living space where people can thrive. Here, before and after photos of the Altamont kitchen and common area show the
 The funds from the 2001 Capital Campaign continue to transform the Altamont property, making it into an even warmer and               renovations that will help make recovery attainable and enjoyable.
                                                                                                                                               O        ver the years, the growth of our housing programs has prompted the development and transformation
                                                                                                                                                      of other programs and services offered by the Association. Before 1989 there was very little help or
                                                                                                                                                support for Tulsa’s homeless population who suffer from a mental illness. Since that time, our Recovery
                                                                                                                                                Support programs have risen to every challenge and paved the way in innovative ways to meet the needs, not
                                                                                                                                                just of our residents, but also of those members of our community who live with mental illness.

                                                                                                                                               Recovery Support Transformations
                                                                                                                                                An integral part of the Association’s philosophy is its commitment to housing first. Maslow’s Hierarchy
                                                                                                                                                of Needs states that people’s most basic needs like housing and safety must be met before they can focus
                                                                                                                                                on anything else, like meeting with a counselor or engaging in a treatment plan. Once people have a safe,
                                                                                                                                                decent and affordable place to live, we can then begin to wrap services around them that provide the
                                                                                                                                                opportunity for them to thrive.

                                                                                                                                                Creating Connections
                                                                                                                                                As we began to see those in our housing programs achieve stability and gain control of their mental illness,
                                                                                                                                                we set out to provide them with even more opportunities. In 2000 we launched Creating Connections
                                                                                                                                                (formerly known as Consumer-to-Consumer), a peer-to-peer mentoring program whose mission is to provide
                                                                                                                                                opportunities for socialization, recreation and growth. The program receives funding through the Department
                                                                                                                                                of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and helps the people we serve to get out and live a full and
Staff Mark Dussinger and Marque Greene with a van recently donated to Recovery Support Services for transporting participants to
programs and activities.                                                                                                                        active life. It also provides the opportunity to learn from someone who’s “been there” and knows what it’s like
                                                                                                                                                to live with a mental illness. These peer mentors plan events and outings like the Annual Fashion Show, going
                                                                                                                                                to the ballet or movies, fishing and other activities. This is an important first step in helping people reintegrate
                                                                                                                                                into the fabric of the community.

                                                                                                                                                Alumni Club
                                                                                                                                                The Alumni Club was started by a group of people from our housing programs who had become fully
                                                                                                                                                independent and decided they wanted a way to stay involved with the mental health community. For these
                                                                                                                                                “graduates” of the Creating Connections program, the transformation gained through their recovery found
                                                                                                                                                them ready to start giving back. They volunteer their time and work together to achieve common goals and
                                                                                                                                                provide opportunities for others. Some of their projects include marching for mental health during “Day
                                                                                                                                                at the Capitol,” Project Cleanup which provides a helping hand to those in need, and reaching out during
                                                                                                                                                various holidays to children admitted to OSU Medical Center with mental health related needs.

                                                                                                                                                Alumni Work Program
                                                                                                                                                The increasing success of Creating Connections’ peer-to-peer outreach, as well as the growing desire of
                                                                                                                                                Alumni to help revive the lives of others like them, led to yet another transformation in our Recovery Support
                                                                                                                                                programs. The Alumni Work Program, established in 2007, trains members to become certified Recovery
 “This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever known that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and doing what I am supposed to            Support Specialists who are well-versed in the workings of all the mental health and social services available in
 be doing. It not only shows in my life and my recovery, but it shows in the lives of the people that I serve,” says Darla Dobrowolski, a
 Recovery Support Specialist who joined the Mental Health Association’s team in 2002.                                                           Tulsa. These Peer Support Specialists are paired with people who struggle with their mental illness and are not
 While Darla does not personally have a mental illness, she feels she can relate in ways that no one else can. Past drug addictions caused      as established, helping them navigate the often difficult and lonely road to recovery. Who better to help them
 her to struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. Furthermore, Darla’s experience learning how to utilize social services allow her to
 share not only these resources with her clients, but also her story of success. Darla now owns her own home, cares for her son and thrives
                                                                                                                                                than those who have already tread that path?
 at a job with the Association that provides immeasurable hope and possibility to the people she counsels.
         ou can’t turn a corner at the Mental Health Association in Tulsa without hearing
      about a need being identified and the program or service devised to meet that
need. We fear nothing if it means advancing our mission of promoting mental health,
preventing mental disorders and achieving victory over mental illness. At the end of
2007, our staff grew to a force of over 80 people. With each project, we bring on new
employees uniquely equipped to fight for our vision. We firmly believe much of our
continual success is due to the personal insight and compassion of the nearly 62%
of our staff who live with a mental illness on a daily basis. Whether they have been
here for years or have just recently joined the team, each person on the Mental Health
Association in Tulsa’s staff knows firmly in their hearts why they come to work each day:

 Staff Transformations
                                        Chris Siemens                                                     Marque Greene
                                        SafeTeam Director, 1 year
                                                                                                          Peer Support Specialist, 1 year
                                        “Not only do I believe in the mission, goals, and culture of      “I personally know the frustration that many of the people
                                        the organization, it is my passion to work with area youth        we serve go through on the road to recovery. Each day I get
                                        while raising awareness for mental health and safety issues.”     to work with people who hold high hopes of recovery and
                                                                                                          moving their lives forward.”

  Bill Packard                                                                                                                                      Sherry Egermeier
  Housing Development Specialist, 19 years                                                                                                          Accounting Clerk, 4 years
  “Assisting the Association in planning and developing housing                                                                                     “Nowhere else have I found so many people who not only believe
  for persons living with mental disabilities is the most exciting                                                                                  in the organization’s vision and goals, but PASSIONATELY
  work experience of my 40+ year professional career.”                                                                                              believe in them. People are being helped all over Tulsa, and the
                                                                                                                                                    people I see every day are responsible for that.”

                                                                                                           Paul Davis
                                       Shiron Harris                                                       Advocacy Director, 4 months
                                       Altamont Supervisor, 2 years                                        “Having the opportunity to speak on behalf of people
                                       “I think I have a basic desire to be of service to others, but      who are struggling to get heard is an incredible privilege.
                                       particularly those that society has thrown away. Many of our        I am so lucky to have it be a part of my job, but it is not
                                       clients have lost contact with their families, so we’re the only    nearly as rewarding as teaching others to speak on their
                                       family that they’ve got.”                                           own behalf and to be heard effectively by policy makers.”
 2007 Accomplishments
Giving Youth a Voice                                    Not only will the remodel enable the Association to     comfortable place to talk about their challenges and       Equity Act, which would essentially require health
The year 2007 proved to be a very successful one        provide hot meals to residents living in Altamont,      frustrations, as well as to share coping strategies and    insurance to provide equal mental and physical health
for the Association’s Youth Outreach Services. The      but it will also provide job opportunities to those     ideas with others who have been there. On the other        coverage. This was an important step towards mental
programs include a myriad                               doing well in their own recovery and desiring to        hand, Teens Talking to Teens gave a venue for youth        health parity legislation for our country. In October,
of suicide and violence                                 assist with food preparation in the kitchen.            to come together in a comfortable atmosphere to            we hosted our Third
prevention efforts specifically                                                                                 discuss their mental health issues. The Association’s      Annual Legislative
designed to meet the needs                              Peer-to-Peer Teamwork                                   call center also assisted 3,866 individuals in search of   Listening Forum,
of young people living in our                           We believe all people deserve a fulfilling life and     support, referral or crisis intervention.                  “Breaking the Cycle:
community. Through a grant                              part of that is the opportunity to give back to the                                                                Prevention and Early
provided by Tulsa Reaches Out, we were able to hire     community. The Alumni Club program continued            Reducing Stigma through Education                          Intervention.” This meeting allowed for a thorough
a coordinator for The BEHAVE Project, which is a        to give those living with mental illness ways to give   The dissemination of mental health information             discussion of how improved service delivery in the
program we developed to educate school personnel        of themselves and take part in service projects.        is an essential part of our mission, and our three         mental health care system can provide a tremendous
about eliminating often accepted forms of bullying      This past year Alumni Club                              premier educational events last year brought a wealth      cost savings to our state.
in area schools. Columbia TeenScreen continued
                                      ®                 members started performing                              of knowledge to our community. For the 2007
to screen hundreds of adolescents at area schools       musical selections at area nursing                      Zarrow Symposium, the                                      Crossing Cultural Lines
for potential mental health concerns, including area    homes and initiated a community                         Association partnered with                                 With money raised through the Unchained Memory
Hispanic youth through our bi-lingual screener.         clean up activity where Alumni                          the State Department of                                    50th Anniversary Campaign, the Mental Health
Our student driven program, SafeTeam , also
                                          ®             Club members help to pick up                            Education to reach out                                     Association was able to expand our services to Tulsa’s
made tremendous strides last year. The Sarkeys          and organize homes of people                            to teachers, counselors                                    rapidly growing Hispanic population by implementing
Foundation provided us with funding to hire the         who couldn’t physically do so                           and school administrators                                  the Hispanic Outreach Program. In March, we surveyed
first full-time SafeTeam Director, and with her
                          ®                             themselves. Also, during various                        on the topic of “Learning Differences and Mental           200 individuals from this community with the goal of
assistance we implemented the program in five           holidays throughout the year, Alumni Club               Health: Implications that Can Impact a Lifetime.”          understanding the specific mental health needs and
new schools, bringing the total number of schools       members visited children at the OSU Medical             The conference featured internationally recognized         concerns of the Hispanic population in Tulsa. Using
offering this model to 12. Lastly, our youth advisory   Center who were admitted to the facility for            learning differences expert Dr. Mel Levine, and saw        this information, we started helping establish ties
board, PYRS, hosted a Youth Listening Conference,       mental health-related needs. With funds generated       a record attendance of over 800 people from the            between the various mental health professionals and
Listen Up, Tulsa! The event brought together            by the Unchained Memory 50th Anniversary                mental health and education communities. The 7th           services in the Hispanic community by hosting five
approximately 400 area youth and 70 adult leaders       Campaign, we were able to create the Alumni Work        Annual Charles P. Seger Seminar on Depression              workshops where they could enjoy continuing education
in the community to discuss issues important to our     Program in 2007. This effort was developed to hire      focused on “A Journey of Healing” with well-known          opportunities and further brainstorm about ways to
youth today.                                            individuals with mental illness to work with their      psychotherapist Bellaruth Naparstek sharing about the      help their targeted population. Attendance at these
                                                        peers on connecting them with available social          use of guided imagery and intuition in the aftermath of    workshops grew from five to 30 people. Increasing
New Advancements in Housing                             service resources in the community. Last year alone,    traumatic loss. Caring for Your Congregation’s Mental      relations with media resulted in the publication of 14
With the last funds generated by the 2001 Building      we provided 10 people with employment through           Health provided area clergy and lay leaders with vital     newspaper articles and three radio spots highlighting
Lives Capital Campaign, the Mental Health Association   the Alumni Work Program.                                information about the connection between physical          mental health topics
added two new housing properties in 2007, Ranch                                                                 and mental health, including available resources.          geared specifically
Acres and Southwind Apartments. The acquisition         Supporting the Community                                                                                           towards a Hispanic
of these 32 additional units allowed us to provide      The Association was able to begin two new support       Advocating for Improved Opportunities                      audience. Also, we
a home to 225 people this past                          groups last year, Families in Touch and Teens           In March, the Mental Health Association partnered          partnered with the
year through our continuum of                           Talking to Teens. These newest additions brought        with the National Alliance on Mental Illness in            Oklahoma Scholars
housing options. Also, extensive                        the total number of free                                Oklahoma to co-host a congressional field hearing on       to begin sharing
renovations to the Altamont                             community support                                       mental health parity with Congressman John Sullivan,       with Hispanic children about the need for culturally
facility’s kitchen and dining room                      groups to six. Families                                 Patrick Kennedy and Jim Ramstad. This meeting              competent bi-lingual mental health providers and the
area started in May of 2007 and                         in Touch provides                                       helped to build legislative support and understanding      higher education opportunities for those interested in
progressed throughout the year.                         family members a safe,                                  of the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction          pursuing that field of study.
Revenues                                                            2007 actual   2008 budget

Contributions                                                          556,855        577,171                                             Expenses
Fundraiser                                                             310,246        278,000
                                                                                                Mental Health Education & Communication
Program Service Fees                                                   105,220         90,000   Youth Outreach
                                                                                                Recovery Services
Tulsa Area United Way                                                  344,255        408,065   Mental Health Assistance Center
                                                                                                Advocacy & Public Policy
Grants / Contracts                                                   1,739,198      1,506,140
                                                                                                Housing Development & Services
Investments (incl. Rents)                                              711,385        736,182   Legal Outreach & Coordination
                                                                                                Administrative & Support Services              4% 2% 3%
Other                                                                   20,760         20,000
                                                                     3,787,919      3,615,558                                   2%
Mental Health Education & Communication                                222,118        226,731

Youth Outreach                                                         350,048        501,475

Recovery Services                                                      170,861        186,154

Mental Health Assistance Center                                         74,379         70,931

Advocacy & Public Policy                                               123,492         87,372

Housing Development & Services                                       2,706,714      2,500,054                                             Revenues
Legal Outreach & Coordination                                           80,979         78,856   Contributions
Administrative & Support Services                                      173,378        175,821   Program Service Fees
                                                                                                Tulsa Area United Way
                                                                     3,901,969      3,827,394                                                  8%    3%   9%
                                                                                                Grants / Contracts
                                                                                                Investments (incl. Rents)

Major Funding Sources                                                     2007          2008
Tulsa Area United Way                                                       yes           yes                                                                   45%
US Department of Housing and Urban Development                              yes           yes

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services           yes           yes
2007 CONTRIBUTORS                    Douglas Campbell                     Stephen Fater                         Donnie and David House                   Dane and Wesley Matthews             Meeyoun and John Pavlicek
                                     Jan and Mark Capehart                Pat Fike                              Tara and Greg Hughes                     The Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family    Pei Wei Asian Diner
Felice and Larry Abels               Patricia D. and Joseph P. Cappy      Joan Flint                            Robert Hulsey and Sam Wheeler               Foundation                        Tim Peterson
Julie and Senator Tom Adelson        LeAnn Cavaner                        Flintco, Inc.                         Deborah J. Hunter                        Colleen and Patrick McGinley         Robert Pezold
Judy and Jeff Alexander              Pat Chernicky                        William Fosterr                       Marian Hunter                            Carol and Joe McGraw                 Pfizer, Inc.
Mary Alexander                       Rosalie and Peter Childs             Four Winds Ranch                      IBC Bank                                 Margaret McKee                       Mark Phillips
Alpha Learning Diagnostic Tutoring   CITGO Petroleum Corporation          Douglas Fox                           Indian Health Care Resource Center       Jerry McKnight                       Sandie and Don Pitman
Judy and Ronny Altman                Sandra Clanton                       Maggie and Tim Fox                    Kim Insung and Randall Webb              McNellie’s, LLC                      Planet Beach
Alzheimer’s Association              Clinical Care Skin Solutions, Inc.   Fox and Hound Pub and Grille          Shelley and Stephen Jackson              Pat and Jesse Medaris                Julia and David Potter
American Bank and Trust Company      Morton Cohen                         Fox Cleaners, Inc.                    Debbie and Steve Jacoby                  Meinig Family Foundation             Beth and Robert Price
Anchor Stone Company                 Comet Cleaners                       Fox Flite, Inc                        Misty Jamison                            Meloni Janzen Designs                Joan Pringle
Barbara Anderson                     Community Service Council            Kitty and John Frame                  Jason’s Deli                             The Mervin Bovaird Foundation        QuikTrip Corporation
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Stanley J. Borochoff                 Catherine and Gentner Drummond       Annie Hartzog-Murrell                                                          ONEOK Foundation, Inc.               Harry L. Seay, III
                                                                                                                Liberty Press
James Bourdeau                       Marlo Duffy Turner                   Melanie Hasty-Grant                                                            Oppenheimer Brothers Foundation      Stephanie K. and R. Thomas Seymour
                                                                                                                Lobeck-Taylor Foundation
Charles Boyle                        Dwight Presbyterian Mission, Inc.    Heat Transfer Equipment Company                                                Oracle Packaging Company             Shadow Mountain Behavioral
                                                                                                                Phil Long
The Brasserie                        Daryl and Bill Eaton                 Helmerich & Payne, Inc.                                                        Osteopathic Founders Foundation         Health System
                                                                                                                Penny and Paul Loyd
Broadhurst Foundation                Allan Edwards, III                   Bonnie and Frank Henke, III                                                    OSU Medical Center                   Tamra and R. David Sheehan
                                                                                                                Marjorie Lubin
Brookhaven Hospital, Inc.            Sherry L. Egermeier                  Irma Hickman                          Michele and Billy Magalassi              OU Pediatric Foundation              The Sherman E. Smith Family
Mr. and Mrs. Don Brown               Eli Lilly and Company                Nannette and Joseph Hight             Magee, Rausch & Shelton, LLP             OU Physicians                           Charitable Foundation
Leah and Chad Brumbaugh              Marion and Bill Elson, Jr.           Hillcrest Healthcare System           Carla and Nicholas D. Mamalis            OU-Tulsa                             Karen and John W. Sibley
J. Craig Buchan                      William R. Evans                     Hispanic American Foundation          Sallye and Donald Mann                   The Oxley Foundation                 Sidney W. and Mary Lieberman Fund
Irene and Sanford Burnstein          Evolution Foundation                 Hogan and Slovacek                    Marilyn Ihloff Salon                     Panera Bread                         DeDe and Rick Siegfried
Loretta Butchko                      Robyn and Larry Ewing                Holland Hall                          Lilah B. Marshall                                                             Chris Siemens
                                                                                                                                                         Samantha Parham and Tony Henry
Kathy and Jim Butler                 Ella Jayne and Walter Exon           June E. Holmes                        Paula Marshall-Chapman                                                        Simple Simon’s Pizza
                                                                                                                                                         Juanita M. Parker
Campbell-Lepley/                     Fair Isaac                           Ida Horeth                            Mary K. Sanditen Family                                                       Rita and George Singer
                                                                                                                                                         Parkside, Inc.
  Hunt Foundation, Inc.              Family and Children’s Services       Sue and John Horeth, II                 Foundation, Inc.                                                            Carol and Robert Skib
                                                                                                                                                         Chuck Patterson
The Skin Care Institute and             Mildred and W.E. Thoman                      Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers             In Celebration of the Holiday Season the          Dr. and Mrs. John Coyle                      Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Levit
   Dermatology Clinic                   Jim Thomas                                   Amy and KR White                             Kip Richards Family Gave a Gift in Honor          Fay Dussinger                                The Martin Family
Norma and Richard Small                 Mitzi Thomas                                 Ann and John Wieczorek                       of the Following Individuals:                     Jeanne Gillert                               Tricia and Frank McDonald
Diane and Cap Smith                     TMA Systems / John Smith                     The Wild Fork                                Dr. and Mrs. David Adelson                        Mickey Glass                                 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mitchell
Sharon and William K. Smith             Kellie and Paul Tourigny                     Wilfred and Jean Sanditen                    Lisa and Michael Allon                            Jack Green                                   Mary Morrow
Sherman Smith                           Town and Country School                         Philanthropic Fund                        Mr. and Mrs. Mike Atkinson                        Alan Grille and Joel Richards                Brent Ortolani and Steve Aberson
William S. Smith                        Tulsa Air and Space Museum                   The William K. Warren Foundation             Alan Benjamini                                    Tripp Hall                                   Judy Poynter
The Snow Goose                          Tulsa Community Foundation                   Dee and Scott Williams                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boswell                       Holbrook and Rick Holder and Family          The Rappaport Family
Social Security Law Center              Tulsa Marriott Southern Hills                The Williams Foundation                      Norma Brewer                                      Bob Husley and Sam Wheeler                   Londa and Everett Rashotshy
Erna and Peter Sommers                  Tulsa Pediatric Health Care Fund             Mollie Williford                             Ann Cassidy and Family                            Mr. and Mrs. George Kaiser                   Bill Ward
Sonic Drive-In                          Tulsa Reaches Out Fund                       Janice and Philip Wilner                     Steve Cochran                                     Mark Keys                                    Betty Wright
St. John Medical Center                 Tulsa Women’s Foundation                     Cheryl A. Wilson                             Connie Cohea                                      Judy and Tom Kishner                         Mrs. Harry Zalin
Staghorn Energy                         Tulsa World and Lorton Family                Kellie Wilson                                Melanie Copeland                                  Nancy Langley                                Henry Zarrow
Starbucks                               TulsaPeople Magazine                         Laura K. and Thomas A. Wilson                The Coretz Family                                 Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Levin                    The Zeligsons
Lyndsey Stevens                         Piper and Deacon Turner                      Beverly and Ben Windham
                                                                                                                                                                   BUILDING LIVES THROUGH GENERATIONS
Robert Stewart                          Vicki Tyler                                  Jane Wiseman
Michael Strakal                         Uncle Bentley’s                              Yale Avenue Christian Church                                   We would like to thank the following supporters for including the Association in their estate plans:
Strategic Solutions                     Undercroft Montessori School                 Yale Cleaners                               Teresa and Robert Burkett                         Dwight Presbyterian Mission                  Sue and John Horeth, II
Street School, Inc.                     University of Tulsa                          Youth Services of Tulsa
Success Systems, LLC                    University Village                           Yvonne Hovell Dodge Chrysler                                                                          IN MEMORY OF
Randall L. Sullivan                     Valley Hope Association                         Jeep of Tulsa
Julie Summers                           Marilyn and H. Wallace Vandever              YWCA Women’s Resource Center                Carol Adams                                       Cheryl and Larry Chambers                    Sammye and Don Romine
Terril Sweetwood                        Kurt VanMatre                                Z 104.5 The Edge                            Tricia and Frank McDonald                         Jeff Davidoff                                Angie and Craig Sanders
Betty Swindle                           Veterans’ Families United Foundation         Hilary and Scott Zarrow                                                                       Carol Ann Drummond                           Ann and William Schlosser
James Swindler                          Keith Wakefield                              Maxine and Jack Zarrow                      Robert L. Coleman                                 Susan Edwards                                Karen and Sam Schlosser
Sandra Tabbernee                        Wal-Mart                                     The Zarrow Families Foundation              Sally Seger, Eugenia Stern and James R. Barnard   John Ferris                                  Billie and Joel Shepherd
Target                                  Peter M. Walter                              Debbie and Danny Zeligson                                                                     First Presbyterian Mary and Martha’s Bible   Emma and Brian Smith
Tim Tegeler                             Ann Watson and James Gray                    Betty and Denis Zigrang                     Melinda Duncan                                       Study Group                               The Snavely Family
Temple Israel/Rabbi Charles Sherman     Melissa and Mark Weiss                                                                   Sue and Kerry Freeman                             First Presbyterian Sojourners Class          T.J.’s and Associates
                                                                                                                                                                                   Gini Fox                                     Susan and Joseph Taffoni
                                                IN HONOR OF                                                                                                                        Nancy Garrett                                Susan and Ed Tatum
                                                                                                                                 Elizabeth Durham
                                                                                                                                                                                   M.S. and W.A. Gent                           Barbara and Larry Thomas
Jeff Alexander                         Judy Kishner                               Hilary and Scott Zarrow                        Debbie and Sheldon Terning
                                                                                                                                                                                   Linda and Charles Harper                     Maggie and Brian Tims
Carol Kallmeyer                        George Kaiser Family Foundation            Debbie and Steven B. Cochran
                                                                                                                                                                                   Jane and Frank Hawkins                       Lynne and John Warner
                                                                                                                                 Tim Fox
                                                                                                                                                                                   Jan and Mike Hill                            Jane and William Weaver
Judy and Jeff Alexander                Rebecca and Matt Kutcher Nuptials          Maxine and Jack Zarrow                         Gail and Kip Richards
                                                                                                                                                                                   Pauline and E.G. Hoffman                     Lee Ann and Joseph Webb
The Skin Care Institute and            Jolene Sanditen Stephens                   Debbie and Steven B. Cochran                   Maxine and Jack Zarrow
                                                                                                                                                                                   The James Holdrige Family                    Doris White
   Dermatology Clinic Staff              and Jim Stephens
                                                                                                                                                                                   Johnice and J.F. Holdridge                   Suzy and Daryl Wiesman
                                                                                  Maxine and Jack Zarrow’s 60th Wedding          Jim Glass
                                                                                                                                                                                   The Scott Holdrige Family                    Cynthia and Richard Wright
Meredith Davison and Richard Wansley   Monty Moeller                              Anniversary                                    Billie and Sig Guthman, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Vicki and Charles Holdridge
for the New Year                       Jason Brimer                               Harriet and Silvan Levinson                    Betty and Bob Lipshutz                                                                         Charlene Kern
                                                                                                                                                                                   Jody Huffstetler
Michaela and Josh Wansley                                                         Mary K. Sanditen Family Foundation, Inc.                                                                                                      Janet and Rodger Wright
                                                                                                                                                                                   Nancy and Stephen Jay
                                       Jody Parker                                                                               Charles Hatfield
                                                                                                                                                                                   Joe West Company
Marlo Duffy Tuner                      Stacy Schusterman and Steven Dow           In Celebration of the Holiday Season Phyllis   Sue and Rick Arlan                                                                             Hugh McCafferty
                                                                                                                                                                                   Edward Kaplan
Pamela D. Richardson                                                              and George Dotson Gave a Gift in Honor of                                                                                                     Sue and John Horeth, II
                                                                                                                                                                                   Karen and Jay Keller
                                                                                                                                 Sean Heath
                                       Gail Richards                              the Following Individuals:                                                                       Leslie C. Elliott Interior Design, Inc.
Melanie Hasty-Grant                                                                                                              Dana and Jon Heath                                                                             Karen Pace
                                       George Kaiser Family Foundation            Ann Shannon Cassidy                                                                              Anne and Robert Looney
Tricia Smith                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Frances and Eugene Pace
                                       Tricia and Frank McDonald                  John Dunkin                                                                                      Jimmie and Gary Mathews
Lori Varnell                                                                                                                     Eric Holdrige
                                                                                  Marge and John Gaberino                                                                          Tricia and Frank McDonald                    Nancy Ratcoiff
                                                                                                                                 Dianne and Walter Adams
                                       Gail and Kip Richards                      Helen and Jim Hardwick                                                                           Janet and Patrick Mickle                     Michael W. Brose
Rick Holder                                                                                                                      Linda and David Alaback
                                       Debbie and Steven B. Cochran                                                                                                                Marian and Stephen Mills
                                                                                  Judy and Paul Kantor
Tricia and Frank McDonald                                                                                                        Joan and Kevin Anderson                           Jackie Mitchell                              Charles Seger
                                                                                  Carol and John Leach
                                                                                                                                 Lou C. Anderson                                   Debbie and Jim Morrow                        Keith Ward
                                       Lynn Sossamon                              Marilyn Morris
David House                                                                                                                      Nancy Baker                                       Pavilion on the Plaza
                                       Association of Fundraising Professionals   Pebble and John Moss
Kandence Business Research                                                                                                       Bill Gumerson & Associates and Jeff Blake         Janet and Bob Persson                        Sally Seger
                                                                                  Mickie and Paul Paynor                         Joe Blake                                                                                      Betsy and W. Dennis Cheroutes
                                                                                                                                                                                   Monte and Bob Prater
                                       Richard Wansley’s Birthday                 Susan and Bill Schloss
Cheryl Kilpatrick                                                                                                                Bloss Sales and Rental, LLC                       ProSource of Oklahoma                        Emily Stern and Scott Cunningham
                                       Michaela and Josh Wansley                  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zarrow and Family
Patricia Sterne                                                                                                                  Mary and Richard Campbell                         Donna and David Rhodes                       Jane Stern
                                                                                                                                 Anita and Bob Cassidy                             Ada and Sidney Richardson                    Lewis A. Stern

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