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									                                                           Emergency Nurses Association
                                                       Mid-Maryland Chapter (
                Mission: The mission of Emergency Nurses Association is to advocate for patient and excellence in emergency nursing practice.

Attendance: 10 members at Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, MD                                                     Presiding:             Secretary:
Patty Breen, HCH; Marsha Collins, NNMC; Emilie Crown, MCFR; Pam Fox, SGAH; Lisa Tenney,                              Pam Fox                Lisa Tenney
HCH; Robin White, HCH; Barbara Hartman; Sandy Waak, PGGH; Elizabeth Glazer, HCH; Kim Baker,
Speaker/Education: Terry White, RN, MBA, Holy Cross Hospital AHA Training Center Coordinator

    Topic                                                        Discussion                                               Actions                 Status

Opening                1.    A. President Pam Fox opened the meeting at 1908.                                        Informational          Completed

Educational            2.    A. Terry White, RN, MBA, presented a summary of the 2010 American                       Informational          Completed
Presentation                     Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and ECC. He highlighted the
                                changes that have been made to the BLS, ACLS, and PALS courses,
                                along with the scientific evidence behind the changes, and the anticipated
                                roll-out schedule of the educational materials.
                             B. Mr. White invited ENA members to obtain more information from the
Approval of            3.    A. No corrections were made to the December 14, 2010 minutes.                           Action Item;           Completed
minutes                      B. The minutes were approved.                                                           Approved

Treasurer’s            4.     A. Ms. Crown stated that there is $6327.03 in the Chapter’s saving account Informational                      Finalized 2010
Report                           and $6793.05 in the checking account. We made $0.80 interest in the                                        budget to be
                                 Oct. - Dec. 2010 quarter.                                                                                  presented at the
                              B. She stated that we made $2500.00 on last fall’s Barbara Proctor                                            March meeting.
                              C. The Chapter Bank is now Capital One. We have completed the
                                  switch from a Visa card to a MasterCard.
                              D. She will finalize the 2010 treasurer’s report and present it at the March

                                               Emergency Nurses Association
                                          Mid-Maryland Chapter (
President’s   5.   A. Ms. Fox reported on ENA National News:                                     Informational   On-going
Report                 1. ENA’s Leadership Conference will be held in Portland, February
                          16-20, 2011. The fee was recently reduced to $285.00. Officers can
                          attend one day free of charge.
                       2. The Annual ENA National Conference will be held September 20-
                          24, 2011 in Tampa, FL. The call for abstracts deadline is January
                          15, 2011 at 5 p.m.
                       3. The 2012 ENA Leadership Conference will be held in New Orleans
                          on January 22-26, 2011.
                       4. Ms. Fox Reported on the Top News Stories from HealthLeaders
                          Media highlighting issues of concern and interest to ENA members.
                          Among those were:
                          a. ER RNs should expect changes to electronic health records due
                              to preparations for “meaningful use” under the American
                              Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
                          b. As a result of the health care insurance reform an increase in ER
                              visits to 16 million annually is projected in the U.S. In 2010
                              U.S. ERs reported that overall volume had decreased or
                          c. A report that 80% of trauma patients in Illinois (non-trauma)
                              hospitals had not met the two-hour transfer window to a trauma
                          d. There is trend towards building short-stay observation units in
                          e. A physician in Texas was arrested in a whistle-blowing case
                              involving 2 RNs who had filed a complaint against him with the
                              state medical board.
                          f. A pediatric patient with a strept A infection waited 5 hours in a
                              California ER. She had both feet and a hand amputated.
                          g. ECRI has published its’ top ten healthcare quality issues for
                              2011. These can be found at
                          h. Hospital care has been found to be faster and easier with
                              standing orders.
                   B. Mid-Maryland Chapter ENA Member news:
                     1. Currently we have no President Elect for our Chapter. Although no
                                                Emergency Nurses Association
                                           Mid-Maryland Chapter (
                         one ran, two names were written in by voters. Ms. Fox will follow-up
                         with these two to see if they will accept the position.
                     2. Past President Chris Ruckman will be leaving the DC area this month
                         to move to Tennessee, where he has accepted the ER manager position
                         at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Ms. Fox reported that he was
                         unable to attend tonight’s meeting to accept a going away gift from
                         the Chapter. She will make sure that he receives it.
                     3. Ms. Tenney reported that at the request of the Maryland State ENA,
                         that she attended the FDA’s hearings held on December 15 and 16,
                         2010 regarding their External Defibrillator Improvement Initiative.
                         She distributed a FDA handout that outlined the issues surrounding
                         AEDs and manual defibrillators. She testified on the need for
                         defibrillator manufacturers to:
                          a. Standardize the locations of the buttons (switchology) to decrease
                              human error when using a different defibrillator brand
                          b. Agree upon a universal pad connector plug so that CPR does not
                              need to be interrupted and pads changed-out when transferring
                              care between EMS and ER providers, and
                          c. Simplify device design so that it is easy to switch between
                              pediatric and adult defibrillator settings.
2011 Mid-      6.   A. Ms. Fox reported that the first four Chapter meetings on 1/11/2011,      Informational   Meeting speakers
Maryland                3/8/2011, 5/10/2011, and 7/12/2011 will be held at Holy Cross                           to be determined.
Chapter ENA             Hospital. The remaining meeting dates will be Tuesday, Sept 13, 2011,
Meetings                and the Christmas/Holiday meeting on Tuesday, December 13, 2011.
                    B. Ms. Fox and Ms. Tenney will work on arranging speakers for the
Barbara        7.   A. Ms. Waak reported that as yet we do not have a date or location for our Informational    On-going
Proctor Fall           Annual Barbara Proctor Conference.
Conference          B. Ms. Waak asked for speaker suggestions; they would be asked to speak
                       for 60-75 minutes.
Adjournment    8.   A. The next meeting will be held on March 8, 2011 at Holy Cross             Informational   Completed

                          Respectfully submitted by Lisa Tenney, RN, CEN, Secretary, MMC ENA


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