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					Customize Your Facebook Page!
I have created especially for this tutorial a Facebook page called Retail Marketing Magazine.
Using this page as an example, I will show you how you can customize your brand’s
Facebook page. The main purpose is to create a unique and original Facebook page.

As you can see in the left side of the page, the main tabs there are the typical Facebook tabs
(Wall, Info, Photos). Nothing new, nothing out-of-the-way. We will insert there a WELCOME!
tab and we will set it as landing tab for this Facebook page.

Go to Edit Page, a button located in the right side of your Facebook page.
Click the Apps option. Here are your Facebook page applications and here is where we will
add a new app: Static FBML.

FBML comes from Facebook Markup Language and represents a kind of Hyperlink Text
Markup Language (HTML) of Facebook.
To add Static FBML to your Facebook page you have to follow this

ZingTabs is a tab builder that I invite you to use if you want to add
new tabs to your Facebook page.

In the left side of ZingTabs Facebook page click on Static-FBML.
Access one of the following links:
I have clicked on the first one. Now click on Add Static FBML button.
After following all this steps, you are directed right on
your Facebook page.

You can see a new tab called FBML 1 in the left side of
your page, below your other Facebook tabs.
If you click on FBML 1 you won’t see anything, because you didn’t insert anything there yet.
To add an image on your new tab, go back to your Facebook page apps by clicking the Edit
Page button again. You will see in the Apps section the Static FBML app that you just added
to your page. Click on Go to App option.
You can now edit your new tab by inserting here an HTML code. Don’t worry if you don’t
know HTML! I will give you an example of HTML code that you can use to customize your
new tab.

Let’s suppose I want to insert the following image on my new WELCOME! tab:
The new step you have to follow after installing Static FBML on your Facebook page is to
upload the WELCOME! image – the image you want to add on your new Facebook tab – on
an image hosting website like This is a great place to store, create
and share photos and videos.

So, go to and login using your Facebook account.
Go to Upload Now and browse the image you want to appear on your WELCOME! tab.

After uploading, click on “Save and continue
to my album”. The uploaded picture will
appear instantly.

Take into account the fact that the image
that will be inserted on the WELCOME! tab
has to be 520px width. You can resize your
image using Photobucket options. Click on
the photo you just uploaded on, and then go to
Resize – More options.
Set the new size of your image
using the New Size box. Be
careful to have the Keep
Proportions option checked.

Click on Save a copy and you’re
ready. Don’t close this page and
go back to your Facebook page.
The last thing we did here was to
open the Static FBML app. We will
finally insert here the title of our
new tab: WELCOME! (in the Box
We have to insert now the HTML code. Find below
a suggested code that you can use and adapt for
your own Facebook page. Insert it in the FBML
box, and then click on Save Changes.

<a href=""><img
Here is the result that we obtained by following all these steps:

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Description: Read the tutorial about customizing your Facebook page with a new tab. You can insert in this tab that I’ve called "WELCOME!" the advertising poster of each of the campaigns you organize. In this way, your Facebook fans will always know your special offers.