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					Appeon for PowerBuilder Edition

           Ian Thain
Market Analysis on PowerBuilder
Survey from Novalys, 3400
participants, 101 countries
        How long are you going to use PowerBuilder ?

Facts and Truth

• My developers are very knowledgeable with PB
• My developers create PB Applications very quickly
• My developers don’t know about J2EE, C#, .NET
• My applications need to use the WEB ( INTRA-INTERNET)
• The economy is struggling
   – Reduced Budgets, Reduced Costs
   – I cannot hire neither dev nor contractors !!
• Arrrrghh !!! What should I do ?
• Hum if I could transform my PB APPS into RICH WEB APPS
  without re-engineering them …

Appeon for PowerBuilder

• Appeon GOAL is
   – Transform PURE Client-Server Application into RICH WEB
   – Keeping the GUI
   – Without reverse-engineering
   – Without using a new Programing Language
      • No JavaScript, No HTML, No XML, No J2EE
   – Using what I like
      • PB, Datawindows, Datastore, Windows, Menus,
        UserObjects …

So that, If starting from this …

... You will get to this !

What is Appeon for PowerBuilder ?

• An extension to PowerBuilder called Appeon
• The SYBASE Application Server, EAS, with the
  Appeon Framework, this is Appeon Server
• An administration tool to manage transformed
  applications called, Appeon Enterprise Manager,

 The Appeon Architecture

                                         • Sybase PowerBuilder 8.0.3 (Enterprise Edition)
                                         • Microsoft Windows 2000 SP3 , NT SP6
                                         • Connectivity to Sybase EAServer 4.2 (Advanced, Enterprise Edition)

• IE 5.5 SP2, IE 6.0 SP1

                                                                                                           •   SQL Server 2000
                                                                                                           •   Oracle 8i,9i
                                                                                                           •   Sybase ASA
                                                                                                           •   Sybase ASE

                                                             • Sybase EAServer 4.2 (Advanced or
                           • Apache, EAServer,
                                                               Enterprise Edition)
                             iPlanet, Microsoft IIS,
                             Netscape                        • Sybase ASA 7,ASA 8
                           • MS Win2000 SP3, NT              • MS Win 2000, NT 4.0
                             4.0 SP6                         • Optional: Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or 5.0
                                                               for printing
How to use Appeon for
PowerBuilder ?

• The same way you use PB today ! If you know
  PB you know Appeon !
• Just Click a Button
• Appeon can be used in 2 ways :
   – To transform existing CS applications to WEB
   – To create new Web Applications
• The same CS App can coexist with the
  transformed WEB App.

Transforming existing CS applications,
3 steps

                                                             ( solo en run-time )

 1 – Analysis                 2 – Modification           3 – Deploy
                              •   Developers will work   •   Appeon generates
 •   Appeon analyzes PBLS                                    automatically
                                  around the non
     and generates a report                                  HTML,XML,JavaScript
                                  supported features
     of non supported                                        files from the PB
     features (objects,       •   New Test
                                                             Application and deploys
     functions, controls …)                                  this to the Appeon

Creating new Web App with Appeon, 3

                                                            (run-time only)

1 – Development          2 - Test                       3 – Deploy
                         •   Test the PB applications   •   Appeon generates
•   Create new CS                                           automatically
    Applications using                                      HTML,XML,JavaScript
    Appeon Supported                                        files from the PB
    features                                                Application and deploys
                                                            this to the Appeon

Appeon Developer

•   A toolbar added to the PB IDE
•   Visualize objects in IE ( windows,datawindows, menus …)
•   Analyze the application searching non supported features.
•   Configure Web Application & Appeon Server Environment
•   Deploy a Web APP
•   Execute a Web APP
•   UnDeploy a Web APP
•   AEM (Appeon Enterprise Manager)
•   Visualize Datawindows in PDF form
•   Visualize Datawindows in GIF form
•   To be installed and executed from a developper machine

  Appeon Enterprise Manager (AEM)

• A Web App to manage the transformed applications
   – Configuration, Performance, Security …
• To be executed from a browser

Appeon Server

  Client PC
   / AEM
                                     Appeon Server                               Database
                                        Dynamic Web Content
   HTML/JS                                  XML         Servlet      JSP          ODBC
   Web Server

                       DataWindow                                                 Native

                        Repository           Component Types
                                        C/C++            PB         Java          Trans
                                                                  Active X/
                                            EJB         MDB
                                                                   COM             Conn
                                                Load       High                   Pooling
                                     JDMK     Balancing Availability
                                     JNDI         JMS         JAXP   Threading Connectors

                      Web Services J2EE        Custom          SSL         OS    Adapters

  Appeon Server

• Appeon Server (Execution Components)
   – A set of Java, PowerBuilder and Servlets that access EAS services like
     EAS Connection Caches, Instances Pooling
   – The components are “stateless” for better performance
   – Document Printing is done thru Acrobat PDF Writer and directly if the GIF
     format is chosen
   – RoundTrips to the server are minimized thank to the Appeon JavaScript
   – The runtime generates a GUI as close as posible to the original CS
   – Intensive use of HTML, XML and JavaScript
   – Files ( XML, HTML, JPG, PDF, JavaScript, etc.) are downloaded to the
     client thru regular HTTP requests
   – No Need for Plug-ins, Java Applets, or ActiveX !

Appeon, Deployment Process

• Code Export of PB Objects ( srX…)
• Converts PB Code source to Unicode
• Converts Unicode to XML
• Analyzes XML files looking for unsupported features
• Converts those XML files to HTML, XML and compressed-encrypted
  JavaScript files
   – Appeon JavaScript WEB Library has a 1-1 mapping with existing
     PowerScript functions
• Deploys the WEB APP files to the Appeon Server

Appeon, deployed files

        Object Type                         Output File
Entire Application           Index.html
Window, Visual User Object   2 HTML files + 1 JavaScript file
DataWindow                   XML file
NVO, Menu, Application       JavaScript file - In a future release, the
Object, etc.                 customer will decide whether NVOs
                             should run remotely in Appeon Server
                             or locally in encrypted JavaScript

– All JavaScript is compressed and encrypted which reduces the file
size > 50% and protects the customer business logic investment

Unsupported Appeon Features

• OLE Objects
• External Functions
• External Visual User Objects
• Drag & Drop
• File Access Functions
• Registry Access Functions

• Full List in Documentation

  Appeon 3.0 Features

• PowerBuilder 9.0 Support
   – Document Printing thru native PB 9.0, no need for Acrobat
     PDF Writer
• ARC (Appeon Reporting Class) InfoMaker/Other Reporting
• External Applications
   – Connectivity to external applications like Microsoft Outlook, Lotus
     Notes, GIS Software like ESRI, MapInfo, MapPoint, etc.
• Dynamic SQL Types Format 3 and Format 4
• IBM LDAP SecureWay Directory
• Unix Appeon Server Support for Sun Solaris, HP/UX, and IBM AIX

  Appeon 3.0 Features

• PFC (Powersoft Foundation Class) & PowerCerv PowerTool Framework
  Verification/Support and Migration Documents
• N-Tier Server Calls
   – Web Services
   – Java/EJB, C/C++ DLL, COM/ActiveX Components on Application Servers
   – PowerBuilder Non-Visual Object (NVO) Components
       • No Web Browser or Appeon limitations on code running inside PB NVOs
       • Customer decides which PB NVOs to run inside Appeon Server and which to
         run in browser through encrypted JavaScript
   – Dynamic DataWindow Cache Refresh for Browser-cached DataWindows
   – Dynamic Count of Current Number of Sessions, other Appeon Services
   – 2-Phase Database Commit Support
• Dynamic Object Creation & Updating
   – Local Transaction Objects
   – DataWindow Objects
       • Also dynamically adding DataWindow Controls
   – Visual User Objects

Appeon Business Benefits

• Business Benefits
   – Preserves User Productivity (Identical GUI in Web)
       • Moving rich Client/Server applications to Web applications
         always lose user productivity before Appeon
       • Appeon provides the most graphical web user interface
   – Removes the expense and need for User Re-Training
   – Way to move PowerBuilder applications to the web without a
     substantial rewrite while using tremendous reuse of code
   – Fast Path to the Web
   – Preserves Developer Productivity & Experience (PB 4GL/RAD IDE)
   – Will become a standard for much new web application
   – Leverages Existing Investments for Web & Portal Futures
   – Low Risk

Appeon Technical Benefits

• Technical Benefits
   – Single PowerBuilder (PB) Code Base for both C/S and Web
   – Reuse most all PowerBuilder objects, PowerScript code, Event-
     driven architecture, Object-Oriented Code, and embedded SQL
       • Windows, DataWindows, Menus, Toolbars, User Objects
   – Code and Maintain with PB using standard, easy, straight-forward
     PB Client/Server Programming
   – Deploy to a true web architecture quickly
   – Automatic Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Excel, and Text files
   – No Coding of HTML, JavaScript, J2EE or .NET Required
       • No need for re-architecting or re-writing in multiple tiers,
         languages, IDEs, and specifications
   – Performance through Data Caching on the Browser
   – Security – SSL/HTTPS, Firewall/Port 80, Appeon Security
     Handshake, LDAP, Application Timeout, Application Security,
     Business Logic Encryption
   – Scalability - N-tier design, failover/clustering, stateless

Competitive Landscape

                          Appeon               J2EE 
                          (Sybase)             (IBM/ORCL/BEA) (Microsoft)

  Development Time        Days/Weeks           Months/Years               Months/Years
  Project Cost            Low                  Very High                  Very High
                          Appeon               Developer Training         Developer Training
                          EAServer             User Re-Training           User Re-Training
                          Hardware (minimal)   Application Re-write       Application Re-write
                                               Hardware (minimal)         Hardware (???)
                                               J2EE Server                .Net Server

  Openness                Very Good            Excellent                  Good

  Application Usability   Excellent            Good                       Good
  Maintenance             Very Simple          Moderate                   Moderate
                                               (Deployment Descriptors)   (VB Issues)

  Performance             Excellent            Excellent                  Excellent

Return on Investment (Migration)

                            Appeon                 J2EE                    VB.NET
                            (Sybase)               (IBM/ORCL/BEA)          (Microsoft)
 App Server OS Platform     Any                    Any                     Microsoft
 Client Platform            IE                     Any if coded that way   IE
 Business Components        PowerBuilder           Java                    C#, Visual Basic
 Total Application Development Costs (Migration)
 Hardware                   Low $                  Medium $                Medium $
 Software Cost              Medium $               Medium $                Medium $

 Engineering                Low $                  High $                  High $
 (Rate based on   2 weeks                6 months                6 months

 Total Cost                 Low $                  Very High $             High $

Questions ?