The Geant4 collaboration today

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					The Geant4 collaboration today

        A personal view
         John Apostolakis

             Draft 0.2.1, 1st Sep 2003, 21:50 PDT
•   Achievements of the past year
•   Major goals of 2003
•   Challenges in 2003-2004
•   Areas to improve
   Key achievements of 2002/03
• Greatly expanding set of users
  – Continued support of existing and new users
  – Growing number in diverse fields
• Major developments, refinements and fixes
  – for briefest highlights see highlights next
  – fixes and improvements
• Review undertaken Sep 2002
  – successes and improvements since mid-2001 noted;
  – several key recommendations
      Developments in 2002/03
• A few development highlights
  – Cuts per region
     • Kernel, EM physics processes
  – Release of cascade hadronic models
  – Release of new EM processes (model approach,
    Penelope, MS refinements)
  – Event biasing: splitting/russian roulette, ..
  – Geometry
  … many more to be presented in this week s talks
                Key challenges
• Addressing the large number and diverse set
  of support and maintenance needs.
  – Responding to the start of full-detector simulation
    production in large HEP experiments (CMS, ATLAS)
    planned in 2003.
  – New uses in HEP, space, medicine
• Assuring that Geant4 provides consistent
  physics results between releases
  – in established strong areas
  – while improving in other areas.
         Key challenges (cont)
• Continuing to fix, refine and develop
  – while supporting more and more users.
• Bringing to completion the creation of the
  new Geant4 Collaboration Agreeement
  – proposed new structure are being created
     • the Geant4 Technical Forum, this Friday
• Maintaining excellent relations with users for
  all matters.
    Major objectives in 2003 and
• Development objectives for 2003
  – Already on the Web (link)
• Support and maintenance
• Urgent need for acceptance suite
• Potential future objectives
  – Improved biasing
  – Further physics refinements
  – A *Geant4 physics book*