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Finmeccanica taking part in LAAD 2011


Finmeccanica – through its companies AgustaWestland, Alenia Aeronautica, Alenia Aermacchi, DRS Technologies, Oto Melara, SELEX Communications, SELEX Galileo, SELEX Sistemi Integrati and Telespazio – is taking part in LAAD (Latin American Aero and Defence) Exhibition 2011, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, from 12-15 April.

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									Rio de Janeiro, 12 April 2011

Finmeccanica taking part in LAAD 2011

Finmeccanica – through its companies AgustaWestland, Alenia Aeronautica, Alenia Aermacchi, DRS
Technologies, Oto Melara, SELEX Communications, SELEX Galileo, SELEX Sistemi Integrati and Telespazio –
is taking part in LAAD (Latin American Aero and Defence) Exhibition 2011, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro,
Brasil, from 12-15 April.

Finmeccanica sees Brazil not simply as a new market for the Group's products, but rather as a skilled
counterparty with which the Group can initiate stable and strategic partnerships involving local companies. As
demonstrated by Finmeccanica’s collaboration with Embraer for the Aermacchi MB-326 in Brazil since the
1970s, and also more recently in other key countries and markets, the Group’s strategy revolves around
structured industrial and technological co-operation agreements through long-term partnerships, in the belief
that it is more important to maintain a continuous and deep-rooted presence in a country, with extensive sharing
of technology and expertise, than simply to sell individual products. Finmeccanica is present in the country with
Finmeccanica do Brasil and other companies such as: AgustaWestland, SELEX Sistemi Integrati, SELEX
Communications, Ansaldo STS and Telespazio.

At LAAD Exhibition, Finmeccanica will be present with its new stand, designed according to the principles set
out in the Group's Sustainability Report, and will be displaying its products and capabilities in the field of
aerospace, defence and security. All Finmeccanica companies attending LAAD have a long track record as key
suppliers of high-tech products to Brazil and other South American countries, and are acknowledged as reliable
industrial partners in the development of growth strategies in international markets.

AgustaWestland is a leader in the global helicopter market, offering the most complete range of products able
to meet the demands of commercial and military customers. The models exhibited include the: AW139 Offshore,
AW109 LUH, AW159, AW119ke Law Enfrorcement and GrandNew VIP. The AW139 Offshore is a new-
generation medium twin-turbine helicopter, setting new standards against which all new medium twin are
measured. The AW139 is capable of carrying up to 15 passengers in the most spacious cabin and with the best
power reserve of any other helicopter in the medium twin-engine class. Thanks to its outstanding features the
AW139 is perfectly suited for offshore transport purposes. The AW109 LUH is an advanced light utility
helicopter which satisfies a wide variety of military missions. The state-of-the-art avionics, cockpit and
performance offer the perfect training solution to prepare crews that are moving to larger, more sophisticated
aircraft. The AW159 is the new multi-role helicopter, designed to support all aspects of land, littoral and maritime
missions, delivering increased performance and benefits from comprehensive state-of-the-art integrated
avionics. The AW119Ke is the fastest single turbine helicopter in its class, with up to 8 seats and the largest
cabin; the AW119Ke is perfectly suited for law enforcement, utility, fire fighting, EMS, executive transport,
offshore transport and other government duties. The GrandNew is a modern light twin helicopter providing
levels of cabin space and payload that until now could only be met by larger, more expensive helicopters. The
GrandNew can be used for several roles including Corporate/VIP, EMS, SAR and HPS.

Alenia Aeronautica is the Italy’s largest aeronautics company and operates world-wide in the design, develop-
ment, production, maintenance and modification of commercial and military aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles
and aerostructures. Alenia Aeronautica and its controlled company Alenia Aermacchi - the European leader in
the design, development and production of integrated training systems - will be showcasing their capabilities in
tactical transport aircraft, special versions aircraft and trainers. At LAAD Exhibition, the following models will be
on display: the C-27J, ATR 42 MP and M-346. The C-27J is a tactical transport aircraft with great operational
flexibility, interoperability with other aircraft and excellent all-weather performance. Its special features
(multifunctionality and take-off and landing capability on unprepared runways under 500 metres in length) make
it particularly suitable for tactical transport purposes. The ATR 42 MP is the maritime patrol variant of the ATR

Finmeccanica plays a leading role in the global aerospace and defence industry, and participates in some of the sector’s biggest international programmes through its group companies
and thanks to well-established alliances with European and US partners. A leader in the design and manufacture of helicopters, defence and security electronics, civil and military aircraft,
aerostructures, satellites, space infrastructure and defence systems, Finmeccanica is Italy’s leading high-tech company. It also boasts significant manufacturing assets and expertise in the
transport and energy sectors; it is listed on the Milan stock exchange and operates via a number of group companies and joint ventures. At the end of 2010, the Finmeccanica Group had
around 75,200 employees, including over 42,500 in Italy, 11,900 in the US, 9,700 in the UK, 3,700 in France, 3,400 in Poland and over 1,000 in Germany. Over 85% of the Group’s
employees are based in our three “domestic” markets. As part of its drive to maintain and build on its technological excellence, the Finmeccanica Group spends 11% of its revenues on
research and development.
42 turboprop aircraft and is capable of fulfilling, at lowest operational costs, maritime patrol roles such as sea
surveillance; vessels search and identification; Search and Rescue (SAR); drug smuggling and piracy control;
environmental control (pollution by oil and chemical substances); economic exclusive zone patrol (fishing, off-
shore platforms). Secondary missions include: transport of personnel, paratroopers and goods; cargo, medical
evacuation and civil protection. Latin America counts over 100 ATR regional aircraft in service: the Brazilian
airlines Trip, Azul, Pantanal and Total operate the turboprop aircraft made by ATR, the Italian-French joint
venture between Alenia Aeronautica and EADS.
Alenia Aermacchi has the chance to take part in the upcoming tendering process for the replacement of the MB-
326 trainer aircraft, which reached the end of its operational life at the end of 2010 and which the company
proposes to replace with the M-346 advanced trainer aircraft. The M-346 aircraft was recently purchased by the
Italian and Singaporean governments and also selected (48 aircraft) by the UAE Government. This aircraft is
the most Advanced/Lead-In Fighter Trainer in production today and the only new generation trainer optimised to
train pilots to fly new generation combat aircraft. The M-346 offers very high levels of performance and
maneuverability for the most cost-effective solutions and is the ideal platform for next-generation Integrated
Training Systems, ready to meet the demanding requirements of the most sophisticated Air Forces.

DRS Technologies is a leading supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces,
intelligence agencies and prime contractors worldwide. The company offers ultra-rugged computers for data
presentation and calculation, which operate efficiently even in critical operational theatres. On display will be the
JV-5 Ultra-Rugged Vehicle and Display System, the DRS’ Military Rugged Tablet (MRT) Computer and the
ARMOR™ X10gx Rugged Tablet PC and X7 Rugged Tablet PC from the company’s line of ARMOR™ brand
rugged computing systems. The ARMOR™ brand is based on over 25 years of experience in developing
computer and display systems that can survive in the harshest environments.

Oto Melara is the world leader in the production of small-and-medium calibre naval guns. It applies the latest
technologies to offer its customers global solutions and has research and development capabilities in areas
ranging from artillery to armoured vehicles, and from guided ammunition to anti-aircraft-systems. On display will
be the STRALES system, which represents an evolution of the 76/62 naval artilleries and includes: a 76/62mm
naval gun, the DART guided ammunition and a Radio Frequency Guidance System with associated electronic
system. STRALES is the most effective response to the emerging requirements for medium calibre naval guns,
demanding the highest level of lethality within evolving scenarios in Air Defence as well as in Anti Surface

SELEX Communications is a leader in cutting-edge solutions for secure and integrated communications to
lead the supply of Network Enabled Capability and to support joint forces, ensuring the inter-connection of
systems in operational scenarios. The products exhibited at LAAD range from solutions for secure connectivity
for military tactical applications to Professional Mobile Radio communications products, including also Avionics
Communication, Navigation & Identification (CNI) systems that feature on many of the world’s most important
fixed and rotating-wing platforms. In the Military Tactical area, the company will showcase its
SWave SDR (Software Defined Radio) in both the handheld and the vehicular versions, while within
Professional Mobile Radio communications, SELEX Communications will be exhibiting its range of high
performance mission critical communications terminals and devices: ElettraSuite BS Node; ElettraSuite
PumaT3 Plus; ElettraSuite PumaT3 ATEX, for use in environments containing potentially explosive gas and
dust. Within Avionics CNI, SELEX Communications will display the airborne VHF/UHF SRT-651 family of radio
communications systems; CM115E equipment, for voice/data applications; DTR100 multi-mode digital radio
family for ATC (Air Traffic Control) purposes; ElettraSuite AS-3000 TETRA avionic mobile terminal; NGIFF
M424 transponder, to satisfy the broad spectrum of modern IFF (Identification Friend/Foe) requirements; ANV-
353, a new generation Doppler Velocity Sensor for an accurate three axes velocity measurement on board of
fixed and rotary-wing platforms. Lastly, in the Naval area, it will showcase the multi-function TTM111 terminal,
which allows access to a wide variety of services on TDM networks.

SELEX Galileo is a leading defence electronics player with core strengths in radar, electro-optics and electronic
warfare. The company has more than 30 years’ experience working in the Brazilian market, and has partnered
with in-country industry to deliver critical systems for the Brazilian Armed Forces. At LAAD, the company will be
demonstrating several of its most advanced offerings. As the European leader in AESA radar, and boasting a
proven track record in delivering advanced M-Scan radars, the company will be exhibiting its Seaspray family of
AESA radars and Gabbiano M-Scan surveillance radars, the miniature PicoSAR AESA radar for UAS and
helicopters, and the Raven ES-05 radar for the SAAB Gripen NG fighter. Further enhancing the capabilities of
the Gripen NG, the company will also be demonstrating the SkyWard-G InfraRed Search and Track (IRST)
system. In the land domain, SELEX Galileo will be highlighting its Mini Colibri electro-optical gunner sight and
suite of Future Soldier products designed to enhance the fire control and vision capabilities of the dismounted
soldier. As a noted provider of integrated surveillance solutions, SELEX Galileo will also be exhibiting its
sophisticated ATOS surveillance mission system and Falco UAS, Europe’s only exported UAS.

SELEX Sistemi Integrati is a world leader for the design and manufacturing of ATC, defence and security
sensors and systems with core competencies in systems integration. The company is a traditional industrial
partner in Brazil, having participated in a number of major projects. Through its subsidiary SELEX Sistemi
Integrati do Brazil, the company aims to play an important role in Brazilian programmes like those for the
Brazilian Navy (ocean patrol vessels, logistics ships and next-generation frigates), in the creation of large-scale
homeland security systems (SISFRON and Amazonia Azul Programmes), and security for major events such as
the 2014 Football World Cup and the Olympic Games in 2016. At LAAD Exhibition, the company will display: the
Medusa MK4/B EO system, the RAT31DL/M, the Naval Combat Management System and the C-Hound. The
Medusa MK4/B is a light, simple and easy-to-use electro-optical (EO) system that can be used as a Fire Control
System for remote control of medium/small calibre guns, as an optical aid to more complex Fire Control
Systems and, in general, for sea control operations. The RAT31DL/M is the latest generation distributed fully
solid-state radar, a tactical 3D Long Range Radar operating in L-band (D-band), designed to support the troops
in out-of-area operations and in peacekeeping missions. The system operates as an Air Defence stand alone
Command and Control Centre as well as integrated in a cluster of some netted RAT31 family systems, reporting
to a mobile C&C Centre. The Naval Combat Management System is a system architecture, suitable for any
class of vessel, which main features are surveillance, sensors and tactical picture management, navigation
support, threat evaluation and weapon assignment, weapon system management, operations planning, multi
tactical data link, onboard training. The C-Hound is a multifunctional C-Band radar with a full solid-state active
phased array antenna which counters new generation threats in every kind of ECM (Electronic Counter
Measures) and severe clutter environments. It operates at C-band, performing concurrently 3D detection,
multiple target tracking and missile guidance.

Telespazio is one of the main global operators in satellite operation, Earth observation, satellite navigation and
the development of integrated communications networks. The company can boast a decades-long presence in
Brazil through its subsidiary Telespazio Brasil, which provides telecommunications services to fixed and mobile
operators, public bodies and the corporate market via three satellite hubs in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre.
Telespazio Brasil - on behalf of e-GEOS - also commercialises in Latin America images acquired by the Italian
satellites constellation COSMO-SkyMed, the most advanced radar space system in the world, owned by the
Italian Space Agency (ASI) and by the Italian MoD. The COSMO-SkyMed images allow the development of
applications such as maritime security, border control, deforestation monitoring and intelligence, all of extreme
interest to the Brazilian Government. At LAAD Exhibition, Telespazio will present Teleports and Ku/C Band
Services, the COSMO-SkyMed applications, the SICRAL satellite system, the X/Ku band transportable antenna
and the I-NAV service.

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