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     American University’s GLBTA Resource Center Alumni Newsletter

Greetings AU Alum!

The spring semester is in full swing
and we are busy in the Gay, Lesbian,
Bisexual, Transgender and Ally
Resource Center! This semester brings
the 2010 Annual Award Ceremony
and honoring the 2010 Richard L.
Schlegel National Legion of Honor
Award Recipients.

You will find lots of information in
this newsletter about events and
programs since the last edition as well
as a listing of some of our events for
the semester. Our events are always
free and open to students, faculty,
staff, alumni and the community! Our
                                                                 Upcoming Events
office endeavors to find new ways to
                                                            A Night with Photographer Loren Cameron
bring educational and entertaining
                                                                     Tuesday, April 6th | 6:00pm
speakers and films to campus. The
                                                                              Ward 1
success we are experiencing today
is rooted in the actions of our alumni.    Loren Cameron is the author of multiple photography books about transgender identity.
We are proud of our past and look         Through a slideshow and discussion, he will tell his own personal story and the stories of the
forward to continuing to make AU a                                        people he photographs.
safe, inclusive place for everyone.
                                                    13th Annual GLBTA Resource Center Awards Ceremony
We hope you’re finding ways to                                   Tuesday, April 13th | 5:30pm
endure tax season and we can’t wait                                Mary Graydon Center 3
to hear from you all soon. For more
information about the Center or any       The Awards Ceremony is our opportunity to recognize campus leaders as well as present the
                                                           Richard L. Schlegel National Legion of Honor Award.
of our programs, please contact the
GLBTA Resource Center at 202-885-
                                                                     Night OUT at the Nationals
                                                                   Summer - updates will be provided!
                          All the best,
                      Sara Bendoraitis

                                              Contact Us
                                         Hours of Operation
                                 Monday and Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
                          Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00am to 8:00pm

   Phone:                    202-885-3347                         E-mail:       
   Fax:                      202-885-1883                         Website:    
                           Resource Center and
                             Schlegel Awards
The 13th annual American University GLBTA Resource                 living in the United States who have exhibited outstanding
Center Awards Ceremony will take place Tuesday, April 13,          leadership and significantly contributed to the dignity and
2010 at 5:30 pm in MGC 3. Included in the ceremony are             freedom of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.
the Richard L. Schlegel National Legion of Honor Awards.
The GLBTA Resource Center Awards offer an opportunity          The Richard L. Schlegel National Legion of Honor Award
to recognize unique research, work, activism, and other        for Emerging Activist is given to young individuals (in high
                                                               school or an undergraduate in college) who are living in the
activities by AU students, faculty, staff, and alumni throughout
the AU community. The Richard L. Schlegel National Legion      United States who have made outstanding contributions to
of Honor Awards offer the same opportunity to recognize        gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) communities.
those both inside and out of the AU community who have         This award is for an Emerging Activist and the recipient
made outstanding contributions to gay, lesbian, bisexual       will receive a cash award and includes travel expenses for
and transgender (GLBT) communities.                            attending the awards ceremony.
                                                               The Richard L. Schlegel National Legion of Honor Award for
The purpose of the Awards Ceremony is to recognize and Visionary Leader is given to a person or organization in the
celebrate the work of faculty, staff, alumni & students in six United States who have made outstanding contributions to
awards ranging from academic excellence to leadership & gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) communities.
activism. Students, faculty, alumni, & staff may nominate or We will be accepting nominations for the Schlegel Awards
be nominated for the following awards: Academic Excellence, from now through Friday, March 5th. Nomination forms for
Alumni Involvement, Bridge Builder, Leadership, Outstanding all awards can be found on our website.
1st/2nd Year Student, and Staff/Faculty Appreciation.
Nominations for these awards are due March 22nd.               We welcome any and all nominations, and especially for
                                                               our Alumni Involvement award! We are very excited to
The Richard L. Schlegel Legion of Honor Award is recognize all the people that make our community great.
administered by the GLBTA Resource Center at American
University in Washington, D.C. It recognizes individuals -Heather Palmer, Class of 2013

                                     GLBT Studies Colloquium
   The 4th Annual GLBT Studies                community. One of the more popular
   Colloquium was held at American            seminars was AU’s Katrina Casino’s
   University on November 17, 2009.           LOLesbians: Web 3.0 and the Queer
   It was sponsored by the GLBTA              Community which discussed online
   Resource Center and co-sponsored by        dating in the queer community.
   Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies,
   the Department of Sociology, and the       There were participants from across
   Office of                                  the D.C. area, with students coming
   Campus Life. Approximately 100             from George Mason as well as the
   people attended nine concurrent            University of Maryland.
   sessions on a variety of topics.
                                              -Andrew Dean, Class of 2013
   Presentations included films and
   discussion panels on subjects ranging
   from the FDA’s policy banning blood
   donation between MSMs (men who
   sleep with men) to polyamory to
   eating disorders in the queer
                      A Busy AIDS Awareness
                         Week on Campus
Last semester’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Week (November               stories of several HIV positive African school-teachers.
30-December 4) was a great success, with more events            We were lucky enough to invite Beldina Atieno, one of the
than ever before and large attendance from the campus           featured teachers in the film from Kenya, to come speak
community. The Women’s Initiative HIV/AIDS Taskforce            to us about her experience with HIV-status disclosure and
planned an assortment of activities on a variety of issues to   organizing a community of positive teachers as a means of
educate the campus. The first event on Monday, November         coping with the illness and spreading awareness for testing.
30th was a huge collaboration of local African musicians,       The last event we sponsored screened a brief documentary
poets, and spoken word artists titled “Redefining Perceptions   on an orphanage in Hyderabad, India for children who have
of Africa Through Art.” The impressive event was a product      lost parents/guardians to HIV/AIDS or who are HIV positive
of the hard work of Ravenna Motil-McGuire for her Honors        themselves. After the film, we ate Indian food provided by
Capstone project. Free Ethiopian food, education on current     a restaurant on campus and wrote letters to the children at
issues in Africa (including HIV/AIDS), and music…what more      the orphanage.
could you ask for?
                                                               As a member of the HIV/AIDS Taskforce, I am proud to say
Although Ravenna’s event was hard to top, the HIV/AIDS that we offered and cosponsored educational and enjoyable
Taskforce did cosponsor an event with the Kennedy Political events for this year’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Week. I believe
Union featuring Cleve Jones on campus. Cleve came to discuss that in the fight against HIV/AIDS, educating only one person
the current struggle for spreading awareness of queer issues is still a great success, so judging on our events, many people
and the growing numbers of HIV positive members of the on campus have a bit more knowledge on the subject. We
queer community, specifically in D.C. He was an amazing look forward to making next fall’s HIV/AIDS Awareness
speaker and an inspiration to many of us who, in a turbulent Week even better!
era of civil rights, can feel defeated working queer activism!
                                                               -Matthew Stewart, Class of 2012
The last two events of HIV/AIDS Awareness Week focused
on international issues. We screened an award-winning
documentary called “Courage and Hope”, which tells the

                                     Loving the Female Orgasm
 Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller love the female orgasm and so do we!
 Collaboration between Women’s Initiative, the GLBTA Resource Center, and
 Queers and Allies brought back this dynamic couple for a second year to AU.
 Nationally known Sex Educators, Solot and Miller specialize in teaching about
 the female orgasm and healthy sexuality. For a second year, Ward 1 filled
 with the anxious faces of students from all different backgrounds and varying
 identities uniting under one common entity: the orgasm.

 The GLBTA Resource Center was pleased to have the ability to aid in the re-
 turn of this program. Solot and Miller don’t only provide an open forum for
 the discussion of female sexuality and pleasure but create an environment
 inclusive of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.
 We are pleased to report that campus is now filled with shirts, pins, and books
 all proclaiming “I <3 the Female Orgasm”.

 -Rachel Lachenauer, Class of 2012
                          A Succesful Mixer:
                              Spring ‘10
This year’s annual GLBTA spring mixer was even more      any questions or concerns. To get the word out,
of a success than last year’s! Queer people came from    supportive campus groups and offices, like Queers
all corners of campus to escape the cold, meet up        and Allies and the Office of Multicultural Affairs, were
with old friends, and make some new ones. This year’s    provided the opportunity to elaborate upon their
mixer was on January 14th, in Mary Graydon Center’s      mission and vision. Additionally, the Gay and Lesbian
Gianni Lounge. Like always, fresh fruit, crackers with   task force of D.C. as well as the National Center for
hummus, and pizza was served to accommodate the          Transgender Equality made an appearance to remind
hungry bellies of students and friends. Approximately    students of their resources. Overall, the spring mixer
80 undergraduate, graduate, and law students             proved to be a great, informative escape from the
attended the two hour event. Games and ice breakers      cold and coursework.
took place to convert the lounge into a gay safe space
of merriment. Heather Palmer, GLBTA staff worker
and mixer disk jockey said, “This mixer was the best     -Anthony Jafari, Class of 2010
the RC has ever put on. I couldn’t be happier if I had
first-hand met Pikachu.”

Not only did the spring mixer serve as a social
gathering, but also as an information session. The
GLBTA Resource Center’s staff was present to answer
                             Queers and Allies
                                  Semester Update
Second semester came up quickly! Last semester was packed with programming and we are heading in the same
direction this time! Kicking off our semester is our annual, fabulous Drag Show. For this event we have six premier
drag queens from the D.C. area, who have created original routines to fill the Mary Graydon Center on February 1st.

Queers and Allies recently released our new program Speak Out, in collaboration with the GLBTA Resource Center.
This monthly program serves as a discussion group for students revolving around broad topics to foster communication
and a safe space to develop ideas.

Our annual Freedom to Marry Day, one of our most popular events, is scheduled for the end of March. During this
event the members of Queers and Allies perform mock wedding ceremonies on the quad allowing anyone to campus
to temporarily marry anyone of their choosing. This fun event doubles as a representation that all people should have
the ability to choose marriage. Currently we are working on designing a wedding cake which will be created by
Charm City Bakery, home of the hit television show Ace of Cakes, for our end of the day wedding reception.

Beyond these stand alone events, Queers and Allies is constantly working to create the most diverse and inclusive
environment possible. To do this we are continuing to put a lot of energy into our subgroups, Ally Initiatives, Trans
Advocacy Project, Queer People of color, and the Queer Women’s Advocacy Committee. They create programming
each semester particularly addressing issues within their identity group.

We look forward to a successful semester and as always we encourage alumni to stay involved and let us know if they
are interested in participating in any events! Please feel free to contact us at and check
out our website for more updates!

                                                Rachel Lachenauer
                                                Executive Director
                                                Queers and Allies
                                                     Matt’s Corner
 As the spring semester is fully underway, I wanted to point Awards Ceremony on April 13th, where we will honor the
 out a few opportunities for alums to get involved with the winners of the Schlegel Award, Alumni Award and AU
 Resource Center. As always all of our events are open to students, staff, and faculty.
 alums, but one in particular might be of interest.
                                                              Additionally, with our newly formed collaboration with the
 During the GLBTA Resource Center Awards Ceremony we AU Main Library, we are always looking for book/dvd
 give away an Alumni Award, which goes to an alum who is donations to our GLBTA Resource Center Library. If you
 committed to the efforts of the GLBTA Resource Center and have always wanted to give back to AU (and specifically
 GLBT issues. In addition, we give away a National Award the GLBTA Resource Center), this is a perfect opportunity
 called the Richard L. Schlegel National Legion of Honor (and could potentially allow you to clear off some of your
 Award. This award was created to honor individuals or bookshelves!). Lastly, be on the lookout this summer for our
 organizations that exhibited outstanding leadership and 2nd Nats Night OUT event – a time to reconnect with some
 significantly contributed to the dignity and freedom of gay, fellow alums and some AU faculty and staff!! Hope to see
 lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. This year we you soon!
 are honoring a visionary leader and an emerging activist.
 We encourage alums to nominate someone for one of these -Matt Bruno
 awards and to also come to the GLBTA Resource Center Program Coordinator

                                                    Meet the Staff
                      Andrew DeCaro-Dean is the RC’s resident         Dan Remick-Cook is the boy next door from
                      loud & proud Italian. He is undeclared in the   Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He recently broke
                      College of Arts and Sciences but will           up with the School of International Service for a
                      probably end up in the School of                committed relationship with the Anthropology
                      Communications as he is a naturally             Department. His student worker responsibilities
                      gifted orator. Originally from Brooklyn,        include the awards ceremony, logistics for Safe
                      NY, he now resides in Westchester when he’s     Space and Trans 101 trainings and most
                      not making a name for himself south of the      importantly the blaring of Beyonce loud enough
                      Mason-Dixon line.                               for Multicultural Affairs to hear down the hall.

Heather Palmer is a first-year student from                                                  As the RC’s self-identified “Mouth of the South,”
the mean streets of Philadelphia, PA. She                                                    Matthew keeps things fresh around the office. He
began as a graphic design major but has                                                      is buried in sociological theory course work but
since changed her mind quite a bit, almost as                                                hopes to salvage his social life by next semester. He
many times as she has changed her hairstyle.                                                 might start revitalized ACT UP chapter on campus
She likes cats, facial piercings and tattoos,                                                with the help of a friend at another university in
and is the Resource Center’s in-house artist.                                                the consortium, so keep your eyes open! He wants
She also tends to listen to her abstract music                                               readers to know that they are loved & valued as
a bit too loudly.                                                                            long as they play by Miss Ginger Snap’s rules.

                                                     Ashley Olguin is a lone star from Houston and is
                                                     a first year student at American, with this being
                                                     her first semester working at the Resource Center.
                                                     Her current major is International Relations with
                                                     a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Ashley is
                                                     funky and loves the shimmy!

                       Rachel Lachenauer returns for a second year of     Anthony Jafari is a senior majoring in
                       spending an absurd amount of time in the           unicorns (Political Science). He is the
                       Resource Center. A Justice and (all too            Resource Center’s library coordinator and
                       predictably) Women, Gender, and Sexuality          likes Albus Dumbledore, alliteration and
                       Studies major, Rachel spends the majority of       alphabetizing. He has yet to finish the
                       her time doing many gay things, drinking           seventh Harry Potter book and lives with
                       copious amounts of coffee, attending meetings,     an adorable cat.
                       and forcing her peers to listen to an
                       excruciating amount of feminist rants.