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									                                 Harrison Highlights
                                                                Thomas Harrison Middle School
      November 2010
                                                                      1311 West Market Stree t
                                                              Harrisonburg, Va. (540) 434 -1949

                               From the desk of the Principal:

                               This past week, our 7 t h and 8 t h grade students were able to
                               hear a presentation by Don Burgess, Basketball Coach at
                               Bridgewater College and former THMS student. Coach
                               Burgess challenged o ur students to dream big and dream
                               often – to really think about what they want to accomplish
  F or Y o u r C al e n d ar
                               with their lives. At the same time, he emphasized the
Nov. 24 – Early Release        importance of setting goals to help define their dreams.
                               Lastly, he shared stories about personal decision making.
Nov. 25 – 26 Thanksgiving
              Holiday          Each story illustrated how the right decision is not always the
                               popular decision and the popular decision is not always the
Dec. 8 – 6th and 7th Grade     right decision – and how these decisions can have a long
       Bands Concert           lasting impact.
Week of Dec. 13 –
   Progress Reports            It is important that the adults in our student s‘ lives help guide
                               them so they have the skills needed to make the right
Dec. 13 – PTA Barnes and       decisions. Included in this issue of Harrison Highlights is an
     Noble Book Fair
                               informational sheet with strategies to help develop these
Dec. 15 – 8th Grade Band       skills. All adults at THMS – teachers, administrators,
              Concert          guidance staff, office staff, and support staff – are committed
                               to helping our students make the right choices. By working
Dec. 20 – 31 – Winter          together, we can help keep our students on the path to
Jan. 3 – School Reopens
                               Betsy Dunnenberger
Jan. 7 and 10 – 8th Grade
 Drama Productions

Jan. 11 – 7th Grade Drama

Jan. 12 – Choral Concert

Jan. 13 – 7th Grade Drama
                                         Welcome to Our New Staff Member!
Jan. 14 – End of 3rd Six
                                     THMS extends a big welcome to Miss Laira
Jan. 17 – 18 – Schools               Alba who joined our office staff this week as
 Closed – Professional               our new Receptionist. Miss Alba is a former
 Development Days                     THMS student. W e are happy to have her
                                             as part of our Pride Family!
                  How Sick is “Too Sick” to be at School
You need to keep your child at home if they have any of the following symptoms:

    Fever: During the night or that morning a temperature of 100 degrees or higher.
    Stomach Ache: Two or more occurrences of vomiting or diarrhea or both in last 24 hours
    Sore Throat: Complaints of sore throat, tender, swollen glands in the neck area and/or
     fever of 100 degrees or higher
    Cough: Frequent cough that produces mucus that is not clear in color, and/or cough that
     sounds like a bark or is accompanied by a sore throat or wheezing.
    Earache: They have constant or severe pain. They want to “hold “or guard their ear with
     their hand.
    Rash: They have a rash that blisters, develops pus or is uncomfortable.
    Conjunctivitis (pink eye): Red, itchy eyes with yellow to greenish “pus like” drainage,
     eyes are crusted over upon waking in the morning.

   Thank you for helping us keep all of our children at school as healthy as possible.

¿Cuán Enfermo es “Demasiado Enfermo” para Estar en la Escuela?”
   Nesecita guardar a su hijo/a en la casa si tiene cualquiera de los siguientes síntomas:

          Fiebre: Durante la noche o en la mañana tiene una temperatura de 100 degrados o
          Dolor de Estómago: Dos o más episodios de vómitos o diarrea o ambos en las úlitmas
           24 horas.
          Dolor de Garganta: Tiene quejas de dolor de garganta, glándulas hinchadas o sensibles
           en la área del cuello y/o una fiebre de 100 degrados o más.
          Tos: Tos frecuente que produce moco que no es claro de color, y/o una tos que suena cómo
           ladridos de un perro o que es acompañado por una garganta inflamada o respiración
          Dolor de Oídos: Tienen dolor constante o severo. Quiere “agarrar” o proteger su oído con
           su mano.
          Erupción de Piel: Tiene erupción de piel que causa ampollas, desarrolla pus o es
          Conjuntivitis (ojo rosado): Ojos rojos, con picazón o con descarga verde o amarillo
           que parece pus, o ojos que están pegados cerrados al despertar por la mañana.

Gracias por ayudarnos a mantener el nivel de salud de todos los alumnos de nuestra escuela lo más
alto posible.

     H ow m any bottl es of hand s aniti z er does i t t ake t o keep 770 mi ddl e
                           school ers heal t hy? A LO T!!
      Donati ons of hand sanit iz er ar e gr eat ly appreci at ed. P l eas e hav e
                    your chi ld dr op bot tles off i n t he offi ce.
                                     Thank you!

Congratulations to the f ollowing staff members on their Harr isonburg Educat ion Foundation

   Mrs. Nancy Aigner           ―I‘m Finished. Now W hat?‖
   Mrs. Gail Collins           ―Roving Reporters‖
   Mrs. Judie McNett           ―Communit y of Readers‖
   Mr. Paul Yoder       ―Settlers on a Mathematical Front ier‖
   Mr. Chuck Heckman           ― Mile Makers‖
   Ms. Heather Kimber lain     ―Advanced Digital Microscopy‖
   Ms. Kinya W alker           ―Taking Reading Out of Reviewing‖

THMS staf f members received $4, 690 in grants f rom HEF. W e are excited to see the
innovat ive programs implemented as a result of the grants!

For more inf ormation about the Harrisonburg Education Foundation and how you can support
it, please visit their website at www. Harr

                                                        School Absences
     School pictur es (retakes,
                                                W hile it is important f or students to be
           new purchases,
                                                in school ever y day, we under stand
        absent ees) taken on
                                                there are times when absences cannot
         10/21/10 have been
                                                be avoided. Please call the school
     passed out to students. If
                                                when your child will be absent. In
       you have any quest ions
                                                addition, please send a note upon your
      about your picture or der,
                                                child‘s return to school.
     please see Mrs. Mor ris in
           the main of f ice.

                                Messages to Students
       It is disruptive to instructional t ime to have to pull students f rom class to
       relay messages f rom home. Please be sure your child knows how he or she
       is to get home at the end of the day bef ore they leave f or school. If you
       have to make a chan ge to that plan, please call the school bef ore 1:00. It
       is diff icult to relay m essages bef ore dismissal when you call late in the day.
       Thank you f or your cooperat ion.

                                     Coach Sandy Kauffman
                                          Math in magic?
      We had a guest magician, Eddie Tobin “Tobini” do some illusions for us. Then he told
      us his secrets and some of them were mathemagical. You can ask a Mathlete to do a
                        trick for you; we will never give away the secrets.

     On Mondays, 5th and 6th graders meet after school until 4:10pm, 7th and 8th graders on
     Wednesdays through December. In January we will choose 2 teams to prepare for the
                                     regional competition.
                             Notes from Mrs. McNett, Literacy Coordinator

                              READ…please READ
                              Each student should be reading at least 20 minutes per day.
                              Students who are currently reading below grade level expectations
                              should be reading 60 minutes per day. We are using the ―five finger
                             rule‖ to help students choose appropriately leveled books in the
Please read aloud to your child and/or read the same book so you can discuss the ideas. Parents
and/or students with questions may ask Mrs. McNett for help.

TumbleBook= free electronic picture books
Our Massanutten Regional Library has a year-long subscription for TumbleBook. The
TumbleBook Library collection can be accessed online through the Massanutten Regional Library
website at The Tumblebooks icon will be prominently displayed on our website
homepage throughout the month of November. Simply click on the icon to begin your adventure
in reading! In December, the Tumblebooks icon will move to its permanent home on the Kids
Corner section of our website.

Recycle Books:
W e want to recycle t he books you "own but not longer read". Your old
books can enr ich the lives of our struggling readers. W e have students who don't
have any books at home. Please br ing your old books in bags and/or boxes f or
redistr ibut ion.

Every student can succeed.
Every THMS student has daily homework. Every student needs to read every day. Please ask
your child about his/her homework everyday.

                                  THMS Library News

The THMS Library will have a book fair startin g Monday,
November 29 and ending at 9 am on Friday,
December 3 . Brochures will be sen t home
Thanksgiving w eek. Use the fair to shop for the
holidays and support the library. Community
members who wish to shop durin g non -school hours
are invited to con tact the library (434 -1949,
ex tension 112) to schedule a visit. Thanks for your
continuing su pport of our literacy and library
                                    FCCLA news
  This year FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leader of America) is continuing the
  tradition of selling homemade pumpkin and pecan pies to the staff of THMS. Mrs. Stevens
  visited the members of FCCLA to show us how to clean a pumpkin and get the pumpkin
  ready to cook for the pumpkin pies. The members will be busy in November making
  delicious pies! Some of the members will be staying on November 23rd until 5 PM
  preparing pies. Other members will be arriving at THMS on November 24th at the early hour of 6 AM to bake and
  deliver the pies on Wednesday, November 24.

                                      Builders Club Report
                            Submitted by Mia K., Builders Club Secretary
    The THMS Builders Club continues to make a positive impact on our community. Many club members collected
  donations for UNICEF while trick-or-treating. The club also held a coin drive for UNICEF Operation
  Uruguay and Pennies for Peace. Each grade competed to see who could earn the most points. Sixth
    grade came in first place, followed by fifth grade in second. More importantly, over $800 was
                               collected and donated to these organizations!
                           It is currently a season of cupcake fundraising! The club, along with
                    Skyline’s Builders club, baked, decorated, and sold cupcakes at the Veterans Day
                        Music Concert at HHS. All proceeds went to Wounded Warrior - an
                         organization which helps injured veterans, and Knights of Heroes - a program
                          that sends boys who have lost a parent because of war to a special camp, free of charge. The
                          club will also prepare 450 cupcakes to sell to students on December 15. Each cupcake costs
                        50 cents, and all proceeds will go towards helping the local community.
                                 In addition, the club continues to help out around THMS. At the October Parent/Teacher
                     Conference Day, members served as guides for parents trying to find their child’s classrooms.
                     Members also sell concessions at home basketball games. The club is thankful for such a
         productive fall season!

           Don't miss out on this year's awesome Yearbook!
  This Year’s theme: PIECING it Together
                                                                            O ur ne x t sal e wi l l b e t h e
                       A                                                    la st sa le to ge t o ur b o o k s
                       C                                                    at $ 2 8 . I t wi ll al so b e t h e
                       I                                                    la st ti me to ha ve yo ur
                       N                                                    ch ild 's n a me e mb o s sed o n
                                                                            th e fro n t. T h e p ri ce a fte r
                                                                            C hr is t ma s wi ll b e $ 3 3 .
                                                                            Ord er yo ur b o o k at o ur
            Year b o o k s ar e P r i ce le ss p iece s o f Me mo rie s !!! ne x t sa le .. ...
            Year b o o k = o nl y 2 ½ mo vi e t ic k et s o r 2 - 3 D
            mo v ie tic k et s
            Year b o o k = 1 d i n ner o u t                                   Next Sale ::::
            Year b o o k = 2 lar ge p iz z as                               In the mornings & at
            Year b o o k = A LI FET I M E o f me mo r ie s !!!                      lunch
                                                                       Dec. 6 t h         - Dec.10 t h

Back by popular demand …. Our Special Christmas Sale !!!! Woul d you li ke to gi ve your
 THMS student a Yearbook for Christ mas? Here’s how to do it: Send in the money - $33
with your name and address and the name of the student(in an envelope during Dec. sale)
 … In return you w ill receive a Christ mas Card f or your child w ith a hand written note
                  and Yearbook certificate delivered to your DOOR!
                                   DRAMA NEWS

                THMS Theatre Earns Gold Ranking at the Young People’s Theatre Festival

            Orphan Trains, THMS’ fall after-school theatre production, earned a gold ranking on November 13th at the 17th
annual Young People’s Theatre Festival. Thirteen middle schools from around the state converged on Skyline Middle
School, the site of this year’s festival, to compete for gold, silver, and bronze rankings before a panel of judges. Each
participating school was judged on a number of stringent criteria, including setting up, performing, and striking their
production within a mandatory 45-minute time frame. Out of a possible 48 points, the cast of Orphan Trains earned a score
of 47 points!
            In addition to their gold ranking, cast members Jessica N. and Jaymie I. earned “Outstanding Actor” trophies for
their individual acting performances.
            Congratulations go out to the entire cast and crew for a terrific job on Orphan Trains and for helping to continue
the winning tradition of theatre at Thomas Harrison Middle School!

                Winter play productions announced for the 7th & 8th grade Drama classes

            The 8th grade Performance classes have started rehearsals for their end-of-the-semester productions. The 1.1
Performance class production, The Secret Life of Girls, is an honest and unflinching dramatization of teen-girl angst that
opens a window into the tumultuous and destructive world of girls' bullying. Based upon interviews with girls on the giving
and receiving end of bullying, the play highlights the impact of "cyberbullying," the facilitation of mean-spirited behaviors
through the use of cell phones, text and instant messaging, e-mail and chat rooms.
             The 1.2 Performance class production, Man of the House, is about a slick, stylish safecracker who breaks into
the house of the vacationing Mason family and confronts problems he never had to deal with. While he is busy with the wall
safe, Mr. Mason's niece arrives with her confused fiancé and mistakes the burglar for her uncle. He is then interrupted by
another unannounced arrival and then another. Soon our surprised burglar is in the middle of a heated family squabble,
acting as marriage counselor and psychologist to an entire crew of crazies!
            The Secret Life of Girls will be performed on Friday, January 7th @ 8:15 a.m., 10:25 a.m., 11:10 a.m., and 1:50
p.m. Man of the House will be performed on Monday, January 10 @ 8:45 a.m., 9:40 a.m., 12:25 p.m., and 1:25 p.m.
            Meanwhile, the 7th grade Intro to Theatre classes will soon be holding auditions for their own one-act production.
The Fall of Solomon Slime is a melodrama that chronicles the plight of pretty Polly Goodwell. She takes a job teaching at a
middle school so that she can raise enough money to support her down-and-out family. However, when her principal, the
dastardly Solomon Slime, confronts her with the ultimatum of marrying him or losing her job, Polly must make the most
difficult decision of her life. Will she make the right decision or can Delbert R. Manley, the school’s custodian, save the day?
The 3.1 Intro to Theatre class’ production of The Fall of Solomon Slime is set to premiere on Tuesday, January 11th at
11:10 a.m. while the 3.2 period class production will premiere on Thursday, January 13 @ 12:25 p.m. Both performances
will be held in the forum.
            All four shows will be held in the school forum and are free and open to family and friends of cast members.

                                          Auditions for spring full-length musical,
                                        Beauty & the Beast, Jr., begin in late November

                   Audition dates for THMS’ spring full-length musical, Beauty & the Beast, Jr., are slated to
                  begin in late November. Singing and dancing auditions will be conducted in the Choral Room
                  and call-back auditions will be held in the forum. Auditions are open to all highly motivated and
             disciplined 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th grade THMS students. Detailed information and audition forms can be
picked up in either Mrs. Schlabach’s (Choral Room) or Mr. Strawderman’s room (#502). All completed forms
must be turned in by no later than Monday, November 22nd.
Beauty & the Beast, Jr. is slated to premiere on March 18 & 19 @ 7:30 p.m. and on March 20 @ 3:00 p.m.
                   Physical and Health Education
         We enjoyed a successful second six-weeks of high activity while the weather
was still warm. The fall electives for the seventh and eighth grades have concluded
and it is time to begin health classes. The health units for the third six-weeks are
general wellness and nutrition. Each student recently completed a fitness plan and set
goals to improve their components of fitness. Students will participate in a fitness unit that will focus on
learning and practicing ways to improve their components of fitness this six-weeks. The winter fitness
assessments will be in January.
         The fifth and sixth grade finished their track and field and kicking units and are currently engaged
in striking units using long and short implements; i.e. racquets, bats, and hockey sticks. They will be
beginning a golf unit in December. The fifth and sixth grade will also complete their winter fitness
assessments in January.

                                       Technology at THMS
                                         By Cherie Roadcap, ITRT
                           The computer labs are getting their workout again as many teachers are
                  having their students create projects, practice typing, and review SOL content.
                             I have worked with Mr. Stansberry in his 6th grade class with robotics.
                  The students learned how to use the software program ―Mindstorm‖ and they
                 programmed their robot to do simple tasks, such as move forward 3 feet, make a
                       square & circle, and move forward 6 feet in 30 seconds. All these tasks led up
                       to doing challenging problems where they had to program multiple tasks for
                      their robot to complete. The unit ended with the students making their own
                   challenges for others to solve. Lots of problem solving was involved with the
         I‘ve also assisted several 5th grade teachers in the labs while students were practicing
Math content. It‘s always enjoyable to watch their faces light up when they score so high on their
         Many teachers have created their web pages and can be accessed by going to Thomas
Harrison‘s Home page. Underneath the Faculty and Their Web Pages, there are different groups
and by clicking on one of the groups, you will get the staff picture and their names. Click on the
name to go to their webpage. Eventually there will be a link at the top of THMS‘s home page that
will allow you to see all the faculty and staff in alphabetical order.
         Remember, THMS‘s webpage has many web sites to help your child review for SOL‘s.
Click on the Student Links and then under General Links, there is an SOL Review Link that
provides many web sites to help with SOLs.
                                    THMS PRIDE ATHLETICS
      Please see the web site for a full version of our athletic guidelines and an overview of all our sports.

THMS Athletics provides students an opportunity to explore team sports in an atmosphere that
promotes the social, physical, psychological, and academic growth of each athlete.

    Sportsmanship
    Academic Growth
    Teamwork
    Individual Skill Development
    Healthy Exercise Habits

   Sportsmanship is defined as
    playing fair
    following the rules of the game
    respecting the judgment of coaches, referees, and officials
    treating teammates and opponents with respect

Please see the attached guidelines for academic requirements. The THMS family is committed to
seeing students improve academically. Students that are struggling academically are encouraged to
seek help outside of class, which could result in missed practice time. Coaches will work with
families and teachers to help students remain as active members of the team while they seek help.

Commitment and Other Activities:
We ask our athletes to make a commitment to their team that takes precedence over non-THMS
sports during that season. Practices and competitions should also take precedence over school
clubs during the season. There are exceptions to this rule. For example, students participating in
the BLAST tutoring program are required to attend. Executive committees of the SCA and
Builders Club can also miss periodic practices. Please check with your club sponsor and coach for
specific conflicts.

You must have a valid VHSL physical to participate. Physicals may be obtained from your family
doctor or Emergicare. Most insurance companies including Medicare cover one physical per year.
Forms are available in the front office or on the web site.

Athletic Director: Daniel Kirwan,, 434-1949, ext. 118
                                                              Winter Sports
 Basketball and cheerleading have begun. See schedules below. Wrestling starts on November
    29th. Gymnastics schedules will be posted on the web soon OR contact Coach King at

                             THMS 8 t h Grade Basketball and Cheerleading
              B o ys C o a c h : T o d d T a y l o r                    Gi r l s C o a c h : T o n y L e c h o t a
                                                       Cheerleading Coach: Sand y Torba
    Da y                     Dat e                                     T ea m                                  B o ys T i me     Gir ls T i me
 T uesd a y                Dec. 1 4                                  @ P e n ce                                 4 :0 0 P M        4 :0 0 P M
 T hur sd a y              Dec. 1 6                         Ho me v. Mo nt e vid eo                             5 :3 0 P M        4 :0 0 P M
 T uesd a y                 J an. 4                             Ho me v. S k yl i n e                           5 :3 0 P M        4 :0 0 P M
 T hur sd a y               J an. 6                                 @ E l kto n                                 4 :0 0 P M        4 :0 0 P M
 T uesd a y                J an. 1 1                           Ho me v. H il l yard                             4 :0 0 P M        5 :3 0 P M
 T hur sd a y              J an. 1 3                             Ho me v. P e nce                               4 :0 0 P M        5 :3 0 P M
 T hur sd a y              J an. 2 0                              @ Mo nt e vid eo                              5 :3 0 P M        4 :0 0 P M
 T uesd a y                J an. 2 5                                @ S k yl i ne                               4 :0 0 P M        5 :3 0 P M
 T hur sd a y              J an. 2 7                            Ho me v. El k to n                              4 :0 0 P M        5 :3 0 P M
 T uesd a y                 Feb . 1                                @ Hi ll ya rd                                4 :0 0 P M        5 :3 0 P M
   Frid a y                 Feb . 4                                T o urn a me n t                                TBA               TBA
                                                               # 3 v. # 6 , # 4 v. # 5
  Mo nd a y                 Feb . 7                                T o urn a me n t                                  TBA            TBA
                                                            # 1 v s. W i n ner (4 v5 )
                                                            # 2 v s. W i n ner (3 v6 )
W ed n esd a y              Feb . 9                    Di str ic t C ha mp io ns h ip Ga me                          TBA            TBA

                                                         Begins November 29th.
                                                         Coach: Grant Thompson
           Day                          Date                                     Team                                           Time
         Monday                        Dec. 13                        Home v. Hillyard and Pence                               4:30 PM
        Wednesday                      Dec. 15                        @ Pence with Montevideo                                  4:30 PM
        Wednesday                       Jan. 5                         @ Skyline with Hillyard                                 4:30 PM
         Monday                        Jan. 10                        @ Montevideo with Elkton                                 4:30 PM
        Wednesday                      Jan. 12                      Home v. Hillyard and Montevideo                            4:30 PM
        Wednesday                      Jan. 26                         @ Elkton with Hillyard                                  4:30 PM
        Wednesday                      Feb. 2                         Home v. Skyline and Pence                                4:30 PM
         Saturday                      Feb. 5                            Hillyard Invitational                                   TBA
                                                                        District Championship

  Congratulations to our Fall teams!! Some highlights of the season
                          include the follow ing:
              The Cheerleaders did some amazing stunts!
 The girls’ basketball team demonstrated amazing sportsmanship and
                                teamw ork.
   The boys made it to the semifinals of the tournament. Go Prid e!
                                              The Virginia School Report Card

            The Virginia School Report Card provides information on student achievement, accreditation,
safety, and attendance for the state as a whole and for individual schools. As additional data are collected,
the Virginia School Report Card will expand to allow further analysis of the progress of schools, school
divisions, and the commonwealth in raising student achievement.
            Harrisonburg City Schools and the Commonwealth of Virginia are committed to providing quality
education for all students. This commitment includes keeping parents and the public informed, through the
Virginia School Report Card, of the progress of our schools in raising student achievement and enhancing
the learning environment.
     The Virginia School Report Card also allows parents to follow the Commonwealth‘s progress in
achieving the goals of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The goals of this sweeping federal legislation
      All children achieve high academic standards and are proficient in reading and mathematics;
      All children of limited English proficiency become proficient in English;
      All children are taught by highly qualified teachers;
      All students attend schools that are safe, drug free, and conducive to learning; and
      All students graduate from high school.
Individual school report cards can be accessed at the following site:
w w w . p e n . k 1 2 . v a . u s / V D O E / s r c / i n d e x . s h t m l or can be accessed through the Harrisonburg City Public
School‘s website by going to w w w . h a r r i s o n b u r g . k 1 2 . v a . u s and then clicking on Division Report Card in
the left hand column.
We hope this information is of use to you.

                              Las Tarjetas de Calificación de las Escuelas de Virginia

         Las Tarjetas de Calificación de las Escuelas de Virginia proveen información en el rendimiento
académico del estudiante, acreditación, seguridad y asistencia, para el estado en general y para cada
escuela individualmente. Conforme se recogen los datos, Las Tarjetas de Calificación de las Escuelas de
Virginia, se van expandiendo de esta forma permiten el análisis del progreso de las escuelas, los distritos
escolares y el levantar el rendimiento académico del estudiante.
         Las Escuelas Públicas deHarrisonburg y el Mancomunado de Virginia, tienen el serio compromiso
de proveer una educación de alta calidad a todos los estudiantes. Parte de este compromiso es, a través
de las Tarjetas de Calificación, mantener a los padres y al público informados del progreso de nuestras
escuelas en levantar el rendimiento académico de los estudiantes y mejorar el ambiente de aprendizaje.
     Las Tarjetas de Calificación de las Escuelas de Virginia, también le permiten a los padres seguir el
progreso en alcanzar las metas del Acta de No Child Left Behindt de 2001. Dichas metas de la legislación
federal son:
      Que todos los estudiantes alcancen los niveles altos académicos y que sean diestros tanto en
         lectura como en matemáticas,
      Que todos los estudiantes que no hablan Inglés, dominen el Inglés,
      Que a todos los estudiantes los eduquen maestros altamente calificados,
      Que los estudiantes asistan a escuelas que sean seguras, sin drogas y que se centren en la
      Que todos los estudiantes se gradúen de la secundaria.
Las Tarjetas de calificación de cada alumno están a la disposición de los padres accesando la página de
internet: w w w . p e n . k 1 2 . v a . u s / V D O E / s r c / i n d e x . s h t m l o bien están disponibles a través de la página de
Internet de las Escuelas Públicas de la Ciudad de Harrisonburg w w w . h a r r i s o n b u r g . k 1 2 . v a . u s . Luego
pulse donde dice: Division Report Card en la columna a la izquierda.
Esperamos que esta información sea de su provecho.
                      5th Grade News
                        What‘s New In 5 th Grade?
      The days are moving by quickly as we are
      now one third of the way through the school
      In Science, we have been studying living
      systems. The students enjoyed learning
      microscopy techniques and examining the
                                                         In Support Reading, we have been reading
      characteristics of living things.
                                                         stories under the theme of Unexpected
                                                         Gifts and Family Snapshots. We made lots
      In Geography, we have begun our studies of
                                                         of personal connections while practicing
      the Northeast Region of the U.S. Our studies
                                                         reading strategies and skills to help us
      will focus on the physical features of the land,
                                                         become stronger readers. We wrote our
      important historical contributions, and the
                                                         second five-paragraph essay about a time
      economy. Students should memorize the
                                                         we received a haircut. We continue to
      states and capitals. Our next unit will be an
                                                         learn new spelling patterns in our weekly
      exploration of the Southeast Region.
                                                         word study review.
      In Math5, we have been focusing on decimals
      and how we use them in real life. We now           This upcoming six weeks, we will be
      know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide     reading stories under the theme of Getting
      decimals and whole numbers. We also spent          the Upper
      time learning about patterns. We will be           Hand, and Trying Our Best. We will write
      starting our next unit on fractions soon.          another five paragraph essay about a time
                                                         we lost a tooth. We will be adding
      We will be sending home reports on how your
                                                         descriptive details and elaboration into our
      student did on the 9-week test and what you
      can do at home to help review. As the winter
      break gets closer we will take a practice SOL
                                                         Remember, we can only become better
      test and in January we will take the mid-year
                                                         readers by reading more. Question your
                                                         child at home about what they are reading.
      In Math56, we‘ve been learning about division      It is important that they understand the
      in real life and discussing ways we add,           books they read!
      subtract, multiply and divide decimals. We‘ve
                                                         Students in Language Arts are always
      completed several activities on using
                                                         busy! Novel groups, daily quick writes and
      estimation and division skills for real life
                                                         journals, word study, and daily editing are
      problems like planning a grocery list and
                                                         just a few of the activities we do during the
      creating a budget for a trip.
                                                         week. Comprehension skills such as fact
      We will be taking a practice SOL test before       and opinion, cause and effect, main idea,
      winter break and a mid-year assessment in          and prediction aid students in
      January.                                           understanding the material they read. The
                                                         boys and girls are reading hundreds and
                                                         thousands of minutes outside of class, too!
                                  MILE MAKERS CLUB
                          Healthy choices!                                Lap total is now:
                          Smiling faces!                                  over 3,000 laps!
                          Mile Makers!                                    (or over 750
                          Where can we find 5 th
                          graders who are         48 members have
                          enjoying each other and reached 5 miles total
                          getting fit at the same (20 laps).
                                                  24 of them have
                                                  traveled over 10 miles
                          Our recess Mile Makers (40 laps).
                          Club, that‘s where.
                                                                          6 have traveled over
                          Any 5 grader, who                               25 miles (100 laps!).
 We’re on the Web!        wants to join, can join
Many teachers now
have a webpage and        by traveling 2 laps                             These students earned small
 class information                                                        feet tokens for their success
 available for you.
                          around the track during                         in the Mile Makers Club.
      See us at:
                          recess. We keep track                           Thanks to Mr. Heckman for
http://newproxy.harri     of the laps and currently                       writing a grant to help                                                      support this unique
   ms/index.shtml         we have a total                                 endeavor.           participation of 128 5 th
                          graders and 3 adults.                           Sponsored by Mr. Heckman
                                                                          and the 5 t h grade team.

                                                How To Get Involved
                        We have been looking at the topic of              love to get more parents involved in planning
                        ―Challenges and Solutions in the Real World‖      and providing possible assemblies or
                        here at THMS this year. We are trying to          presentations to the whole 5 grade or just to
                        survey people within our community that have      help out with any of our upcoming student
                        a special skill or                                success days. Some ideas for the future are
                        occupation who would be willing to volunteer      a dance, a field day or trip to the recreation
                        their time. Some ideas might include: chefs,      center. Again, please send a note or email to
                        scientists, mechanics, electricians, etc.         your child‘s advisory teacher if you would like
                        Please send your child's advisory teacher a       to be involved.
                        note if you are interested in helping. We would
                               6 t h Grade News
                    We h a v e ha d a b us y si x w ee ks             th e co n ce p ts t ha t h e/ sh e ha s
                    wo r ki n g o n d e cima l m a th . W e           b ee n ta ug ht . No t o nl y a r e t h e
                    r evi ew ed a d di ng , s u bt ra c ti ng ,       stu d e nts to a n sw er t h e pr o b l em s,
                    a n d m ul ti p lyi ng d e cim a ls fro m         th ey a r e to s ho w ho w th ey go t
                    fi ft h g ra d e . W e sp e nt mu c h tim e       tha t a ns we r .
                    l ea rn i n g to divi d e n u mb e rs wit h
                    d eci ma ls i n t h e divi d e n d a n d          St ud e nt s w ri te t h ei r h o me wo r k i n
                    di vi s o r . F o r ma ny st u d en ts t his      th ei r p la n ne r . P l ea s e b e s u re
                    i s s t i l l a ha rd co n c e pt b e ca use      tha t s t ud e nts bri ng p l a n n ers to
                    thi s ma t h i nvo lv es lo n g di visio n .      sc ho o l da i ly .
                    P l ea s e co n ti n ue to pra cti ce t his
                    a t ho m e wit h yo u r c hi l d .              In t h e co m in g six w e e ks w e wi l l
                                                                    fo c us o n fr a ct io n s . W e n e e d t o
                    Ea c h w e ek w e g iv e o u r s tu d e nts     u n de rst a n d w ha t a fra ctio n
                    a W ee k ly R ev ie w . Yo u sho u l d b e      r ep r es e nts a s we l l a s b ei ng a b l e
                    s e ei ng th i s lis te d a s h o me wo r k i n to c o m pa re diff e re n t fra ctio ns .
                    yo u r c hi l d ’s p la n n er . T he y a r e   We will also order fractions,
                    go o d r evi ews o f t hi ngs w e ha v e        d eci ma ls a n d w ho le n um b e rs .
                    b ee n s t u dyi ng . W e g iv e th e m o u t St ud e nt s s ho u l d ha v e ho m e wo r k
                    o n We d n es da y a n d co l l ec t t h em     wit h fra c tio ns so o n .
                    th e fo ll o wi ng T u es da y . T h e d u e
Unless you try to   da t e i s o n t h e to p o f t h e pa g e .
                                                                      Ms . Ha ne y                 M r. L i nd e n
do something        T hi s wi ll giv e yo u a n i n dica to r o f
                                                                                    Mrs . L ui ka rt
                    ho w w e l l yo u r c hi l d u n de rs ta nds
beyond what you
have already
mastered, you       Language Arts - Harrison
will never grow.
                    We h a v e be e n wo rki ng ha r d o n              fu nc tio n a n d do a w eso me wo rk if
                    F i gu ra t i ve L a n gu a g e, po et ry a nd      th ey ha v e l eft t h ei r L A jo ur na l
Ronald E.           o u r fa mi ly un it . Ask y o u r c hi ld          o r th ei r Vo c a b/ S pe l li n g
                    a bo ut t h e 9 di ff er e nt lit e ra ry           wo r kbo o k a t ho me .
Osborn              d evi c es t h ey lea r n e d a bo ut i n
                    o u r fi g u ra tiv e la ng ua g e u nit . Us e     Ch ec k a l l t h e 6 th g ra d e te a c h er 's
                    a n i di o m i n a se nt e nc e a n d s e e if      we b pa g es fo r da i ly h o me wo r k
                    th ey re co g ni z e i t . T h ey a re              a ssign m e nts . It is lo ca te d o n t h e
                    r ea ll y get ti ng go o d a t t his !              T HMS w e b si t e .
                    P l ea s e m a k e s u r e y o u r c hi l d
                    co m es p r e pa r e d to c la s s ea c h
                    a n d ev e ry da y . It is ha rd to

                    Language Arts - Wilson
                    We d efi n e d , i d e ntifi e d , a n d          On e t h em e fo r t his six w ee ks wa s
                    pr a c ti c e d wri ti ng fig u ra tiv e          fa mi ly . W e cr ea t ed fa mi ly t re es
                    la ng ua g e . Th e y l ea r n e d si mi le ,     a n d s ha r e d fi n di ngs a b o ut o ur
                    a l li t e ra t i o n , m e ta p ho r ,           a n ces to rs . W e r ea d st o ri es
                    hy p e rbo l e , o no ma t o po eia ,             fo c usi ng o n fa m il y , a n d we w ro t e
                    p ers o ni fi ca tio n , a n d                    a bo ut o ur fa vo rit e fa mi ly fo o d .
                    fo r es ha do wi ng . R ea l                      On No v. 1 6 , o u r ha r d wo r k wa s
                    u n de rs t a n di ng co m es wh e n              r ewa rd e d wit h o u r a n n ua l F a mi ly
                    s tu d e nts b egi n usi ng t h es e t y pes      F ea st . St u de n ts b ro ug ht i n t h ei r
                    o f fi g u ra ti v e la ng ua g e to              fa vo ri te fa mi ly fo o d , a n d ma ny
                    e la bo ra t e t h ei r o w n w riti ng . W e     pa re n ts jo i n e d us . Th e fo o d wa s
                    wi l l co n ti nu e to st u dy t he se            p le n tif u l a n d scr u mp ti o us !
                    th ro ug ho ut t his y ea r .                     T ha nks to a l l fo r ma ki ng t h e
                                                                      ev e nt a s u cc ess .
                            Seventh Grade News
Looking Back
        On November 16 , seventh grade students celebrated the successful completion of our second
grading period with a grade level ice-cream social. Thank you to all parents who sent in scrumptious
        As part of our school-wide enrichment theme - Challenges: Problems and Solutions in the Real
             th      th
World - all 7 and 8 grade students had the opportunity to listen to a guest speaker, Don Burgess.
Burgess attended schools in Harrisonburg City and is presently the head basketball coach at Bridgewater
College. Mr. Burgess shared his journey and the obstacles he had to overcome in order to achieve his
goals. His message was that through persistence and good choices, students can overcome anything to
achieve their goals.

Upcoming Events
        On December 2 , students will attend a field trip to Court Square Theater to view a film based on
the poem by Dylan Thomas, entitled ―A Child‘s Christmas in Wales.‖ Though the setting is Christmas Eve,
the purpose of the poem is to retell the boyhood memories of a grandfather in the coastal town of Wales
near the turn of the 20 century. How different is boyhood from generation to generation? This film
supports many of the 7 Grade Reading SOLs that will be tested this spring. More information will be sent
home next week.
        Our next Student Success Day will be in January. Successful students will be invited to a day of
recreation at Westover Park. Since we will be leaving school, invitations to participate will be based on
academic and behavioral success.

         In our endeavor to improve communication between home and school, seventh grade teachers
would like to invite you to visit our webpages. Starting December 1 all faculty pages will be live and active.
We encourage you to check out upcoming events, homework assignments, units of study, and other
interesting tidbits about your child‘s teachers. All webpages can be accessed from the THMS homepage.

What’s Going On in Class?

Life Science                                            Language Arts
          Cells, cells, cells, have been the focus in             Mystery, fantasy, folklore, science-fiction,
class these past six weeks. Students studied types      realistic, and historical fiction! Grade level students
of cells; cell parts, called organelles; and cell       have been exploring the various genres of fiction.
processes including osmosis, diffusion, and mitosis.    Students read short stories from different genres
Ask your child about our Egg-cellent Eggs-periment!     adapted for reader‘s theater, and each student
Upcoming units will include Heredity and Evolution      selected a novel to read; the focus was on
and Natural Selection.                                  identifying characteristics specific to each genre.
                                                        This next six weeks will focus on revising our writing
                                                        with sensory details and other figurative language.

Social Studies                                          Math
         Students learned about City Growth and the            Students just completed a unit on fractions
challenges that accompany such growth. Other            and are now starting a unit on integers and
units included Immigration from 1890-1920, the Era      equations. Keep your eyes open for signs,
of ―Jim Crow,‖ the Industrialization of America, and    situations, and uses for integers in the news, at
the Progressive Movement. During the 3 six              sporting events, and in the community. We will be
weeks, students will explore the Age of Inventions,     taking our midterm on January 12, so be sure to
the Spanish-American War, WWI, and the Harlem           check our websites for links to practice.
                                                                                          Thomas Harrison Middle School

                         8 th Grade News
                                                                                         Volume 1, Issue 2
                                                                                         November 2010

 Thomas Harrison Middle School, 1311 W. Market St., Harrisonburg, VA 22801 (540)-434-1949

                                                                      “Dream Big and Dream Often!”
8th Grade Class Trips and Events                                Bridgewater basketball coach and THMS graduate, Mr. Don
                                                                Burgess, encouraged our students during an assembly on our
   Our eighth grade class attended the play Triumph of          second Student Success Day. The assembly, organized by our
 Love and toured the Eastern Mennonite University               Gifted Education Coordinator, Ms. Gail Collins, reinforced our
 campus in October. Students enjoyed the opportunity            school-wide enrichment theme, Challenges: Problems and
 to see live musical theater performed by local college         Solutions in the Real World.
 students. We ate lunch on a hill overlooking
 Harrisonburg and ended the day with a campus tour. A             Math
 special thank you to Heidi and David Vogel, parents of           The Pre-Algebra students took a 9-week assessment of their
 an 8 grade student, and professors at the EMU                    understanding of the SOL's taught thus far. A parent letter
 Theater Department, for making our campus visit so               going home with this newsletter will explain your child's results.
 worthwhile. We are also grateful for the parents who             Some topics covered this 6 weeks were simplifying expressions,
 joined us on the trip, Ms. Miller, Ms. Heatwole, Ms.             order of operations with integers, comparing graphs and the
 Highsmith and Ms. Figueroa.                                      coordinate plane. Algebra students applied their skills by
                                                                  creating handicap ramp projects which they presented to Ms.
  After the play, a few dozen students learned about              Dunnenberger and Ms. Loso—Good Work!
 reptiles from Professor Lawson, parent of an 8 grade             Science
 student and a biologist at Bridgewater College.                  Science has covered the periodic table of elements and atoms
 Professor Lawson brought in his family pet, a boa                this 2nd 6 weeks. Students will be completing their Atom Model
 named Scaley, for students to see—and touch. Our                 Projects in the 3rd 6 weeks.
 pictures of the event captured some memorable                    Social Studies
 expressions!                                                     Students have been studying the American electoral process
   Throughout this six weeks, small groups of students            and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Our next area of
 met for lunch with Professor Carlos Aleman, our James            study is the branches of government.
 Madison University Professor in Residence. While                 Language Arts
 eating and getting to know students, Professor Aleman            In Advanced Language Arts, students are participating in
 discussed post-high school options and encouraged                Harrisonburg’s Big Read program as they analyze Fitzgerald’s

 students to consider attending college.                          classic, The Great Gatsby. Grade level classes discussed, wrote
                                                                  about and debated the extent to which a person’s choices
    During our second Student Success Day, 8 graders              determine a person’s life experiences. Students read memoirs
 attended a special assembly with Don Burgess (see                and wrote their own memoirs. In the next six weeks, students
 right), ate ice cream sundaes and choose elective                will be answering the question What do you believe in and what
 activities. Students not eligible to participate listened to     needs to change? and writing persuasive essays. A reminder:
 a presentation by six Harrisonburg High School                   students are required to read 25 minutes a night.
 members of Streaks Serve the ‗Burg and watched a
 video about Massanutten Area Technical College.
                                                                            Third Quarter Student Success Day

                                                                Plans are in the works for an off-campus trip to
                 Upcoming Dates                                 celebrate the third Student Success Day on January
   11/24            Early Release for Thanksgiving Break           th
   12/13-15         Progress Reports for 3rd 6 weeks            14 . Please encourage your student to strive to meet
   12/17 -1/3       Winter Break                                the requirements for participation: pass all classes, no
   1/14             End of 3rd 6 weeks                          office referrals or ISD‘s and fewer than 3 NCRs. We
                                                                want ALL of our students to celebrate success!

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