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									                               Master Recipe Index

                   Recipe Name                            Book / Show
                     Affogato                           Everyday Italian
                  Almond Cake                           Everyday Italian
   Almond, Pine Nut and Apricot Coffee Cake             Giada's Kitchen
                 Amaretti Torta                         Giada's Kitchen
       Amaretto and Raspberry Smoothie                  Giada's Kitchen
          Amaretto Sour with Prosecco                   Giada's Kitchen
Angel Hair Pasta with Sun - Dried Tomatoes and
                                                        Everyday Pasta
                   Goat Cheese
                 Antipasto Salad                         Everyday Pasta
            Anytime Vegetable Salad                      Everyday Pasta
           Apple and Thyme Martini                      Giada's Kitchen
  Apricot and Nut Cookies with Amaretto Icing            Giada at Home
                Apricot Crostata                     Giada's Family Dinners
                Arancini Di Riso                        Everyday Italian
                Arrabbiata Sauce                         Everyday Pasta
        Artichoke and Bean Bruschetta                    Giada at Home
Artichoke and Tuna Panini with Garbanzo Bean
                                                        Giada's Kitchen
              Artichoke Gratinata                       Giada's Kitchen
Arugula and Orange Salad with Basil Vinaigrette      Giada's Family Dinners
                  Arugula Pesto                         Everyday Italian
      Arugula Salad with Fried Gorgonzola                Everyday Pasta
Arugula Salad with Roasted Fruit and Panettone
                                                        Giada at Home
         Asparagus and Zucchini Crudi                   Giada's Kitchen
              Asparagus Lasagna                         Giada's Kitchen
     Asparagus with Vin Santo Vinaigrette               Everyday Pasta
Asparagus, Artichoke and Mushroom Sauté with
                                                        Giada's Kitchen
              Tarragon Vinaigrette
          Aunt Raffy's Turkey Stuffing                  Everyday Italian
          Bacon and Pancetta Potatoes                    Giada at Home
           Baked Angel Hair Timbale                  Giada's Family Dinners
  Baked Artichoke with Gorgonzola and Herbs             Giada's Kitchen
             Baked Caprese Salad                         Everyday Pasta
                 Baked Gnocchi                           Everyday Pasta
 Baked Mashed Potatoes with Parmesan Cheese
                                                     Giada's Family Dinners
               and Bread Crumbs
       Baked Orzo with Fontina and Peas                 Giada's Kitchen
            Baked Pastina Casserole                     Everyday Pasta
     Baked Penne with Roasted Vegetables                Everyday Pasta
                  Baked Polenta                         Everyday Italian
     Baked Provolone and Sausage Frittata               Giada at Home
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      Baked Rigatoni with Béchamel Sauce                 Everyday Italian
                     Barciola                            Everyday Italian
              Basic Marinara Sauce                        Everyday Pasta
                   Basic Polenta                         Everyday Italian
                   Basic Polenta                      Giada's Family Dinners
                   Basic Risotto                         Everyday Italian
                    Basil Pesto                          Everyday Italian
                    Basil Pesto                       Giada's Family Dinners
                 Béchamel Sauce                          Everyday Italian
                 Béchamel Sauce                           Everyday Pasta
        Beef and Butternut Squash Stew                   Giada's Kitchen
            Beef and Cheese Manicotti                    Everyday Italian
               Beef and Lentil Soup                   Giada's Family Dinners
  Beef Roast with Spicy Parsley Tomato Sauce             Giada's Kitchen
 Beef Skewers with Cherry Tomatoes and Parsley
                                                         Giada at Home
                    Bellini Bar                       Giada's Family Dinners
                   Berry Strata                          Giada's Kitchen
Bibb, Basil and Mint Salad with Parmesan Butter
                                                         Giada at Home
      Blueberry and Mascarpone Turnovers                  Giada at Home
               Braised Swiss Chard                    Giada's Family Dinners
  Breakfast Scramble with Orzo, Pancetta and
                                                         Everyday Pasta
            Broccoli and Green Beans                     Everyday Italian
   Broccoli Florets with Meyer Lemon Olive Oil        Giada's Family Dinners
Broiled Salmon with Garlic, Mustard, and Herbs        Giada's Family Dinners
  Broiled Zucchini and Potatoes with Parmesan
                                                         Giada's Kitchen
        Brown Butter Risotto with Lobster                Giada at Home
               Brown Butter Sauce                        Everyday Italian
Bruschetta with Frisée, Prosciutto and Mozzarella        Everyday Pasta
         Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta                  Everyday Italian
   Bucatini All'Amatriciana with Spicy Smoked
                                                         Giada at Home
               Mozzarella Meatballs
      Butternut Squash and Vanilla Risotto               Giada's Kitchen
       Butternut Squash Gratin with Pesto             Giada's Family Dinners
            Butternut Squash Lasagna                  Giada's Family Dinners
  Butternut Squash Soup with Fontina Cheese
                                                         Giada at Home
   Butternut Squash Tortelloni with Cranberry
                                                         Everyday Pasta
                  Walnut Sauce
     Caffe Latte with Vanilla Whipped Cream              Giada at Home
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            Campanelle Pasta Salad                      Giada at Home
  Cannellini Beans with Herbs and Prosciutto        Giada's Family Dinners
   Cantaloupe, Red Onion, and Walnut Salad             Giada's Kitchen
Cantaloupe, Strawberries and Grapes with White
                                                       Everyday Italian
                  Wine and Mint
              Capellini Piedmontese                    Everyday Pasta
         Capellini with Tomato and Peas                Everyday Pasta
                 Caponata Panini                       Giada at Home
                  Caprese Salad                        Everyday Italian
       Cauliflower and Pancetta Gratinata              Giada at Home
               Champagne Risotto                       Everyday Pasta
                  Checca Sauce                         Everyday Italian
       Cheese and Rosemary Bread Sticks                Everyday Italian
      Cheese- Stuffed Dateswith Prosciutto             Giada at Home
         Cheese Tortellini in Light Broth              Everyday Italian
               Cheesy Baked Farro                      Giada at Home
             Cheesy Baked Tortellini                   Everyday Pasta
          Chianti Marinated Beef Stew                  Giada at Home
           Chicken and Orzo Frittata                   Giada's Kitchen
Chicken and Shrimp with Pancetta Chimichurri           Giada at Home
     Chicken Burgers with Garlic- Rosemary
                                                       Giada at Home
               Chicken Cacciatore                      Everyday Italian
               Chicken Carbonara                    Giada's Family Dinners
               Chicken Florentine                   Giada's Family Dinners
      Chicken in Lemon Cream with Penne                 Everyday Pasta
Chicken Marsala with Mustard and Mascarpone         Giada's Family Dinners
Chicken Milanese with Tomato and Fennel Sauce           Giada at Home
               Chicken Parmesan                        Everyday Italian
                 Chicken Piccata                       Everyday Italian
              Chicken Saltimbocca                      Everyday Italian
 Chicken Scaloppoine with Saffron Cream Sauce          Giada's Kitchen
               Chicken Spezzatino                      Everyday Italian
                Chicken Tetrazzini                  Giada's Family Dinners
                 Chicken Vesuvio                    Giada's Family Dinners
     Chicken with Balsamic Barbecue Sauce              Giada's Kitchen
    Chicken, Artichoke and Cannellini Bean
                                                       Giada at Home
                 Chili Infused Oil                     Everyday Italian
                     Chili Oil                          Everyday Pasta
            Chocolate Amaretti Cake                    Everyday Italian
            Chocolate Anise Biscotti                Giada's Family Dinners
     Chocolate Chip Cookies with Hazelnuts          Giada's Family Dinners
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           Chocolate Chip Pound Cake                    Giada's Kitchen
           Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti                  Giada's Kitchen
          Chocolate Honey Almond Tart                   Giada at Home
 Chocolate Panna Cotta with Amaretto Whipped
                                                        Giada's Kitchen
                  Chocolate Pizza                    Giada's Family Dinners
             Chocolate Rice Pudding                      Giada at Home
Chocolate Ricotta Pudding with Strawberry Sauce      Giada's Family Dinners
                Chocolate Tiramisu                      Everyday Italian
               Chocolate Zabaglione                     Everyday Italian
 Ciabatta Stuffing with Chestnuts and Pancetta       Giada's Family Dinners
  Cinnamon - Scented Ricotta Ravioli with Beef
                                                        Everyday Pasta
         Cinnamon Pancetta Carbonara                    Everyday Pasta
                   Cirtus Salad                         Giada at Home
                  Citrus Biscotti                       Everyday Italian
                  Citrus Olive Oil                      Everyday Pasta
               Citrus Semi - Freddo                     Giada's Kitchen
                 Clams Oreganta                         Everyday Italian
              Classic Italian Lasagna                   Everyday Italian
     Coffee- Glazed Italian Donuts (Zeppole)            Giada at Home
   Conghilie with Clams, Mussels and Broccoli           Everyday Pasta
       Corn Agnolotti with Tarragon Butter              Everyday Pasta
              Cornbread Panzanella                      Everyday Pasta
  Cornmeal and Rosemary Cake with Balsamic
                                                        Giada's Kitchen
           Crab and Ricotta Manicotti                    Everyday Pasta
     Crab Salad Napoleons with Fresh Pasta               Everyday Pasta
            Cranberry Cornmeal Cake                      Giada at Home
                   Creamy Orzo                           Everyday Pasta
     Creamy Polenta with Gorgonzola Cheese              Everyday Italian
            Crispy Parmesan Biscuits                     Giada at Home
 Crispy Smoked Mozzarella with Honey and Figs           Giada's Kitchen
                 Croissant Panini                       Giada's Kitchen
 Crostata with Apples, Walnuts, and Gorgonzola          Giada's Kitchen
     Crostata with Mushrooms and Pancetta               Giada's Kitchen
    Crostini with Anchovy Butter and Cheese              Everyday Pasta
  Crostini with Gorgonzola, Honey and Walnuts        Giada's Family Dinners
     Crostini with Sun- Dried Tomatoes and
                                                        Everyday Italian
 Curried Chicken Sandwich with Radicchio and
                                                        Giada's Kitchen
                   Dirty Risotto                     Giada's Family Dinners
                               Master Recipe Index

    Ditalini with Mushrooms and Artichokes               Everyday Pasta
                    Easter Lamb                      Giada's Family Dinners
                     Easter Pie                      Giada's Family Dinners
                  Easy Osso Buco                        Everyday Italian
    Egg- White Frittata with Lox and Arugula             Giada at Home
   Egg, Gorgonzola, and Pancetta Sandwiches              Giada at Home
            Eggplant Mezzaluna Ravioli                   Everyday Pasta
                 Eggplant Rollatini                     Everyday Italian
                 Eggplant Timbale                       Giada's Kitchen
Endive and Frisée Salad with Blood Oranges and
                                                        Everyday Italian
              Escarole and Bean Soup                 Giada's Family Dinners
                Espresso Brownies                    Giada's Family Dinners
              Espresso Caramel Bars                      Giada at Home
             Espresso Chip Meringues                     Giada at Home
    Espresso Chocolate Mousse with Orange
                                                        Giada's Kitchen
           Mascarpone Whipped Cream
                Everyday Caponata                       Everyday Italian
    Farfalle with Asparagus and Mushrooms            Giada's Family Dinners
               Farfalle with Broccoli                    Everyday Pasta
  Farfalle with Creamy Mushroom Gorgonzola
                                                        Everyday Pasta
      Farfalle with Spicy Sausage and Kale              Everyday Pasta
     Farfalle with Turkey Sausage, Peas and
                                                        Everyday Italian
                   Farmers Pasta                     Giada's Family Dinners
      Farro Salad with Tomatoes and Herbs               Everyday Italian
              Farro with Coarse Pesto                   Giada's Kitchen
Fennel Slaw with Prosciutto and Pistachio Pesto         Giada's Kitchen
                 Fettuccine Alfredo                     Everyday Italian
        Filet Mignon with Balsamic Syrup             Giada's Family Dinners
        Fish Minestrone with Herb Sauce                 Giada's Kitchen
        Flank Steak with Red Wine Sauce              Giada's Family Dinners
               Focaccia Lobster Rolls                   Giada's Kitchen
Fregola Salad with Fresh Citrus and Red Onion           Giada's Kitchen
  Fresh Fettuccine with Roasted Chicken and
                                                     Giada's Family Dinners
                   Broccoli Rabe
       Fresh Mushroom and Parslet Salad                 Giada at Home
                    Fresh Pasta                         Everyday Pasta
Fresh Tomato and Goat Cheese Strata with Herb
                                                        Giada's Kitchen
                  Fried Calamari                        Everyday Italian
    Fried Cheese- Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms             Giada at Home
                              Master Recipe Index

                     Fried Polenta                     Everyday Italian
                     Fried Ravioli                     Everyday Pasta
                    Fried Zucchini                     Everyday Pasta
  Frittata with Asparagus, Tomato and Fontina
                                                       Everyday Italian
        Frittata with Potato and Prosciutto            Everyday Italian
          Fruit Salad with Cannoli Cream               Everyday Italian
                 Fusilli Alla Caprese                  Giada's Kitchen
  Fusilli Salad with Seared Shrimp and Parsley
                                                       Everyday Pasta
          Fusilli with Shrimp and Arugula           Giada's Family Dinners
               Fusilli with Spicy Pesto                 Giada at Home
             Garlic and Citrus Chicken              Giada's Family Dinners
  Garlic and Sun - Dried Tomato Corn Muffins           Giada's Kitchen
        Garlic Toasts with Red Pepper Aioli         Giada's Family Dinners
                  Giada's Carbonara                    Giada's Kitchen
         Ginger- Tea Lemonade with Basil                Giada at Home
        Gnocchi with Thyme Butter Sauce                 Everyday Pasta
                 Goat Cheese Toasts                     Everyday Pasta
    Gorgonzola and Porcini Mushroom Risotto             Giada at Home
         Greens with Gorgonzola Dressing                Everyday Pasta
 Grilled and Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with
                                                       Giada at Home
    Grilled Artichokes with Parsley and Garlic      Giada's Family Dinners
        Grilled Asparagus and Melon Salad               Giada at Home
       Grilled Chicken with Basil Dressing          Giada's Family Dinners
          Grilled Chicken with Gremolata            Giada's Family Dinners
     Grilled Eggplant and Goat Cheese Salad            Giada's Kitchen
               Grilled Jumbo Shrimp                    Everyday Italian
                 Grilled Lamb Chops                    Everyday Italian
           Grilled Lamb with Salsa Verde            Giada's Family Dinners
                   Grilled Lettuces                 Giada's Family Dinners
     Grilled Peaches with Mascarpone Cheese            Everyday Italian
           Grilled Pineapple with Nutella              Everyday Italian
Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with Tomatoes and
                                                    Giada's Family Dinners
                   Fresh Mozzarella
      Grilled Salmon with Cirtus Salsa Verde            Giada at Home
               Grilled Seafood Risotto                 Everyday Italian
                Grilled Seafood Salad                  Everyday Italian
    Grilled Shrimp in Artichoke Tomato Broth           Giada's Kitchen
             Grilled Steak Sandwiches               Giada's Family Dinners
                Grilled Summer Fruit                Giada's Family Dinners
                Grilled Summer Fruit                   Giada's Kitchen
                                Master Recipe Index

       Grilled Tuna Burgers with Tapenade             Giada's Family Dinners
                  Grilled Tuna Steaks                    Everyday Italian
    Grilled Tuna Steaks with Roasted Cipollini
                                                      Giada's Family Dinners
  Grilled Tuscan Steak with Fried Egg and Goat
                                                         Giada at Home
     Grilled Vegetable, Herb and Goat Cheese
                                                         Giada at Home
                    Grilled Vegetables                   Everyday Italian
  Hazelnut Crunch Cake with Mascarpone and
                                                         Giada's Kitchen
Hearty Tomato Soup with Lemon and Rosemary               Giada's Kitchen
   Hearty Winter Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette            Everyday Pasta
             Herb - Coated Goat Cheese                Giada's Family Dinners
           Herb - Roasted Root Vegetables                Everyday Italian
               Herbed Cheese Polenta                  Giada's Family Dinners
      Herbed Chicken with Spring Vegetables              Giada's Kitchen
                       Holiday Salad                  Giada's Family Dinners
            Honey- Balsamic Lamb Chops                    Giada at Home
      Honey- Mustard Pork Roast with Bacon                Giada at Home
                      Iced Café Latte                    Giada's Kitchen
           Individual Vegetarian Lasagnas                Everyday Italian
                  Insalata Di Rinforzo                Giada's Family Dinners
         Insalata Mista with Basil Dressing               Everyday Pasta
                  Italian Caesar Salad                Giada's Family Dinners
      Italian Chicken Salad in Lettuce Cups               Everyday Pasta
                 Italian Egg Sandwich                    Everyday Italian
                   Italian Fried Olives                   Giada at Home
                         Italian Ice                     Giada's Kitchen
                   Italian Lentil Salad                   Giada at Home
                    Italian Muffuletta                Giada's Family Dinners
                      Italian S'Mores                 Giada's Family Dinners
                Italian Vegetable Soup                    Everyday Pasta
                 Italian Wedding Soup                 Giada's Family Dinners
Italian White Bean, Pancetta and Tortellini Soup          Everyday Pasta
                Lamb Ragu with Mint                      Giada's Kitchen
                       Lasagna Rolls                  Giada's Family Dinners
       Lemon Chicken Soup with Spaghetti                  Giada at Home
             Lemon Hazelnut Tiramisu                      Giada at Home
     Lemon Ricotta Cookies with Lemon Glaze              Giada's Kitchen
                      Lemon Risotto                      Giada's Kitchen
                     Lemon Spaghetti                     Everyday Italian
                    Lemon Vinaigrette                 Giada's Family Dinners
                              Master Recipe Index

                  Ligurian Fish Stew                    Giada at Home
                      Limoncello                    Giada's Family Dinners
         Limoncello and Blueberry Cooler                Giada at Home
          Limoncello Cheesecake Squares             Giada's Family Dinners
                  Limoncello Granita                    Giada at Home
                 Limoncello Spritzers               Giada's Family Dinners
         Linguine and Lobster Fra Diavolo               Everyday Pasta
          Linguine and Prosciutto Frittata             Giada's Kitchen
   Linguine with Butter, Pecorino, Arugula and
                                                       Everyday Pasta
                     Black Pepper
            Linguine with Chicken Ragu              Giada's Family Dinners
      Linguine with Shrimp and Lemon Oil               Giada's Kitchen
       Linguine with Spicy Red Clam Sauce           Giada's Family Dinners
Linguine with Turkey Meatballs and Quick Sauce          Everyday Pasta
      Little Stars with Butter and Parmesan             Everyday Pasta
            Little Thimbles Sciue' Sciue'           Giada's Family Dinners
                    Marinara Sauce                     Everyday Italian
                   Marinated Olives                    Everyday Italian
    Marinated Strawberries Over Pound Cake             Everyday Italian
    Marinated Zucchini and Summer Squash            Giada's Family Dinners
   Mascarpone Mini Cupcakes with Strawberry
                                                       Giada's Kitchen
             Mediterranean Bruschetta                  Giada's Kitchen
             Mediterranean Farro Salad                 Giada's Kitchen
                Mediterranean Salad                     Everyday Pasta
                 Milanese Sandwich                     Everyday Italian
                     Mini Calzones                     Giada's Kitchen
              Mini Italian Pub Burgers                  Giada at Home
       Mini Penne with Parmesan Chicken                 Everyday Pasta
                Mocha Semi - Freddo                 Giada's Family Dinners
 Mozzarella, Raspberry and Brown Sugar Panini           Giada at Home
                   Mushroom Pesto                      Everyday Italian
             Mushroom Pesto Crostini                   Everyday Italian
                   Mushroom Ragu                       Everyday Italian
  Mussels, Clams and Shrimp in Spicy Tomato
                                                       Everyday Italian
     Neapolitan Calamari and Shrimp Salad              Everyday Pasta
  Nectarine and Blueberry Crisp with Amaretti
                                                    Giada's Family Dinners
                    Cookie Topping
                  Nonna Luna's Rice                     Giada at Home
                    Nutella Ravioli                 Giada's Family Dinners
                   Nutella Sandwich                    Everyday Italian
                              Master Recipe Index

  Olive and Sun Dried Tomato Tapenade with
                                                       Everyday Italian
                 Endive Leaves
    Olive and Sun- Dried Tomato Vegetables              Giada at Home
                Olive Oil Muffins                      Giada's Kitchen
               Open - Faced PLT                     Giada's Family Dinners
Open- Faced Tuna Sandwiches with Arugula and
                                                       Giada at Home
           Sweet- Pickle Mayonnaise
         Orange and Chocolate Zeppole                  Giada's Kitchen
  Orange Segments and Berries with Balsamic
                                                    Giada's Family Dinners
   Orecchiette with Mini Chicken Meatballs             Giada's Kitchen
Orecchiette with Mixed Greens and Goat Cheese          Everyday Pasta
Orecchiette with Sausage, Beans and Mascarpone         Giada's Kitchen
Orecchiette with Spicy Sauce and Broccoli Rabe         Everyday Italian
    Orecchiette With Toasted Bread Crumbs              Everyday Italian
  Orechietti with Greens, Garbanzo Beans, and
                                                       Giada at Home
                  Ricotta Salata
              Orzo Stuffed Peppers                     Giada's Kitchen
Orzo with Garbanzo Beans, Red Onion, Basil and
                                                    Giada's Family Dinners
   Orzo with Sausage, Peppers and Tomatoes             Giada's Kitchen
         Pancetta - Wrapped Pork Roast              Giada's Family Dinners
        Pancetta and Cinnamon Waffles                   Giada at Home
                 Pane Alla Grillia                  Giada's Family Dinners
 Panettone Bread Pudding with Amaretto Sauce        Giada's Family Dinners
         Panini with Chocolate and Brie                Giada's Kitchen
             Panino Alla Margherita                    Everyday Italian
         Panino Di Prosciutto E Fontina                Everyday Italian
        Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries                 Everyday Italian
                    Panzanella                         Everyday Italian
          Pappardelle with Lamb Stew                    Everyday Pasta
     Pappardelle with Seafood Cream Sauce               Everyday Pasta
        Parmesan - Crusted Pork Chops               Giada's Family Dinners
              Parmesan Fish Sticks                     Giada's Kitchen
                 Parmesan Frico                         Everyday Pasta
               Parmesan Popovers                        Everyday Pasta
            Parmesan Potato Pancake                    Giada's Kitchen
                   Pasta E Ceci                         Everyday Pasta
                  Pasta E Fagioli                   Giada's Family Dinners
                   Pasta Ponza                          Giada at Home
                 Pasta Primavera                       Everyday Italian
        Pastina with Clams and Mussels                 Giada's Kitchen
                               Master Recipe Index

                   Pastry Dough                      Giada's Family Dinners
                Pea Pesto Crostini                       Giada at Home
     Peaches Stuffed with Amaretti Cookies              Everyday Italian
               Peas and Prosciutto                      Everyday Italian
             Pecorino and Bean Salad                     Giada at Home
                Pecorino Crackers                       Giada's Kitchen
   Pecorino Romano with Apples and Fig Jam              Giada's Kitchen
              Penne A La Carbonara                      Everyday Italian
          Penne with Beef and Arugula                    Everyday Pasta
            Penne with Eggplant Puree                   Giada's Kitchen
Penne with Sausage, Artichokes, and Sun - Dried
                                                     Giada's Family Dinners
  Penne with Shrimp and Herbed Cream Sauce              Giada's Kitchen
         Penne with Spicy Tomato Sauce                   Everyday Pasta
            Penne with Spinach Sauce                 Giada's Family Dinners
       Penne with Swordfish and Eggplant                 Everyday Pasta
      Penne with Treviso and Goat Cheese                 Giada at Home
                 Pepperoncini Oil                    Giada's Family Dinners
               Pepperoncini Shrimp                   Giada's Family Dinners
      Piadina and Fontina with Prosciutto                Giada at Home
                 Pine Nut Cookies                       Everyday Italian
                    Pinzimonio                          Everyday Italian
                Pizza Di Spaghetti                      Everyday Italian
                   Pizza Pot Pies                       Giada's Kitchen
                   Pizza Rustica                     Giada's Family Dinners
  Pizzettes with Gorgonzola, Tomato and Basil        Giada's Family Dinners
 Poached Pears in Honey, Ginger and Cinnamon
                                                        Giada at Home
  Polenta Crusted Shrimp with Honey Mustard             Giada's Kitchen
                     Pollo Frito                     Giada's Family Dinners
              Polpette and Spaghetti                 Giada's Family Dinners
      Pomegranate and Cranberry Bellinis                Giada's Kitchen
          Pomegranate and Mint Sorbet                    Giada at Home
       Popcorn with Rosemary Infused Oil                Everyday Italian
             Pork and Lemon Orzotto                      Everyday Pasta
             Pork Chops Alla Pizzaiola               Giada's Family Dinners
    Pork Chops with Fennel and Caper Sauce              Giada's Kitchen
   Pork Chops with Sweet Onion Marmellata               Giada's Kitchen
                  Pork Milanese                         Everyday Italian
       Pot Roast with Porcini Mushrooms              Giada's Family Dinners
           Prosciutto and Melon Panini               Giada's Family Dinners
           Prosciutto and Melon Soup                    Giada's Kitchen
             Prosciutto Lamb Burgers                    Giada's Kitchen
                               Master Recipe Index

         Prosciutto Mozzarella Pinwheels                Giada's Kitchen
                 Prosciutto Purses                      Everyday Italian
                 Prosciutto Ravioli                     Everyday Pasta
         Prosciutto Wrapped Bread Sticks                Everyday Italian
 Prosciutto Wrapped Vegetables with Parmesan            Everyday Pasta
     Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage and Toasted
                                                        Everyday Italian
              Quick Marinara Sauce                   Giada's Family Dinners
      Rack of Lamb with Mint - Basil Pesto           Giada's Family Dinners
             Raspberry Almond Tart                   Giada's Family Dinners
  Raspberry Pound Cake with Vin Santo Cream              Giada at Home
                Raspberry Tiramisu                   Giada's Family Dinners
        Ravioli with Creamy Tomato Sauce             Giada's Family Dinners
             Red Pepper Cheesecake                      Giada's Kitchen
       Red Snapper with Fave Bean Puree                  Giada at Home
            Red Wine Risotto with Peas               Giada's Family Dinners
               Red Wine Vinaigrette                     Everyday Italian
               Red Wine Vinaigrette                      Everyday Pasta
               Red Wine Vinaigrette                  Giada's Family Dinners
   Rib - Eye Steak with Black Olive Vinaigrette         Giada's Kitchen
                      Ribollita                          Everyday Pasta
   Rice Pudding with Vanilla, Orange and Rum            Everyday Italian
                Ricotta Cappuccino                      Giada's Kitchen
        Ricotta Gnudi in Parmesan Broth                  Everyday Pasta
  Ricotta Orange Pound Cake with Strawberries           Giada's Kitchen
 Ricotta with Vanilla- Sugar Croutons and Berry
                                                        Giada at Home
     Rigatoni with Creamy Mushroom Sauce                Giada at Home
  Rigatoni with Red Pepper, Almonds and Bread
                                                        Everyday Pasta
Rigatoni with Sausage, Artichokes and Asparagus          Everyday Pasta
   Rigatoni with Sausage, Peppers and Onions             Everyday Pasta
        Rigatoni with Squash and Prawns                 Giada's Kitchen
                Rigatoni with Steak                  Giada's Family Dinners
        Rigatoni with Vegetable Bolognese               Giada's Kitchen
                  Risotto Al Salto                      Everyday Italian
    Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto             Everyday Italian
  Roasted Baby Potatoes with Herbs and Garlic           Everyday Italian
    Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Basil- Curry
                                                        Giada at Home
   Roasted Beet and Arugula Salad with Goat
                                                     Giada's Family Dinners
                Cheese and Avocado
            Roasted Bell Pepper Salad                   Everyday Italian
                                Master Recipe Index

              Roasted Bell Peppers                       Everyday Italian
        Roasted Branzino with Lemons                     Giada at Home
   Roasted Chicken with Balsamic Vinaigrette             Everyday Italian
 Roasted Citrus- Herb Game Hens with Crouton
                                                         Giada at Home
        Roasted Eggplant and Tomatoes                 Giada's Family Dinners
   Roasted Eggplant and White Bean Crostini               Giada at Home
        Roasted Fennel with Parmesan                  Giada's Family Dinners
           Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette                     Everyday Pasta
  Roasted Halibut with Grapefruit Fennel Salsa           Giada's Kitchen
    Roasted Halibut with Pea and Mint Salad               Giada at Home
       Roasted Pork Loin with Fig Sauce                  Everyday Italian
Roasted Pork Loin with Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette        Giada's Kitchen
 Roasted Red Snapper with Parsley Vinaigrette         Giada's Family Dinners
      Roasted Red Snapper with Rosemary                  Everyday Italian
 Roasted Tomatoes with Garlic, Gorgonzola and
                                                         Giada at Home
    Roman - Style Fettuccine with Chicken                 Everyday Pasta
             Roman Summer Salad                          Giada's Kitchen
    Rose Wine with Fresh Sage and Lemon               Giada's Family Dinners
             Rosemary Infused Oil                        Everyday Italian
           Rotelli with Walnut Pasta                      Everyday Pasta
    Rotini with Salmon and Roasted Garlic                 Everyday Pasta
           Safrom Orzo with Shrimp                        Everyday Pasta
   Salami Crisps with Sour Cream and Basil            Giada's Family Dinners
             Salmon Baked in Foil                        Everyday Italian
   Salmon in Lemon Brodetto with Pea Puree               Giada's Kitchen
       Salmon with Puff Pastry and Pesto                 Giada's Kitchen
              Salsa All'Amatricana                       Everyday Italian
  Sautéed Broccoli Rabe with Raisins and Pine
                                                         Everyday Italian
 Sautéed Green Beans with Tomatoes and Basil          Giada's Family Dinners
           Sauteed Shirmp Cocktail                        Giada at Home
        Sautéed Spinach with Red Onion                    Everyday Pasta
              Scampi on Couscous                         Everyday Italian
      Sea Bass with Beans and Radicchio               Giada's Family Dinners
 Seared Rib- Eye Steak with Arugula - Roasted
                                                         Everyday Italian
                  Pepper Salad
      Shaved Melon Salad with Mint Sugar                 Giada at Home
               Shrimp Fra Diavolo                        Everyday Italian
  Shrimp Lasagna Rolls with Creamy Marinara              Everyday Pasta
                Simple Bolognese                         Everyday Italian
                                Master Recipe Index

             Skewered Greek Salad                        Giada at Home
          Smashed Parmesan Potatoes                      Everyday Italian
      Smoked Salmon and Apple Carpaccio                  Giada at Home
              Spaghetti Alla Pirata                      Everyday Pasta
Spaghetti with Beed, Smoked Almonds and Basil            Giada at Home
              Spaghetti with Clams                       Everyday Italian
Spaghetti with Eggplant, Butternut Squash and
                                                         Everyday Pasta
 Spaghetti with Garlic, Olive Oil and Red Pepper
                                                         Everyday Italian
    Spaghetti with Olives and Bread Crumbs               Giada at Home
    Spaghetti with Pinot Grigio and Seafood              Everyday Pasta
     Spaghetti with Red and Yellow Peppers               Everyday Pasta
  Spaghetti with Sautés Onions and Marjoram              Everyday Pasta
  Spiced Americano with Cinnamon Whipped
                                                         Giada's Kitchen
             Spicy Angel Hair Pasta                       Everyday Pasta
             Spicy Baked Macaroni                         Everyday Pasta
     Spicy Calamari Stew with Garlic Toasts              Giada's Kitchen
                   Spicy Mocha                        Giada's Family Dinners
     Spicy Parmesan Green Beans and Kale                 Giada's Kitchen
              Spicy Tomato Sauce                         Everyday Italian
         Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli                    Everyday Italian
           Spinach and Pine Nut Pesto                    Everyday Italian
 Spinach Fettuccine with a Quick Sugo or Salsa            Everyday Pasta
      Spinach Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette               Everyday Pasta
                 Steak Florentine                        Everyday Italian
                  Steak Involtini                         Giada at Home
                   Steak Salad                           Everyday Italian
                Stracciatella Soup                    Giada's Family Dinners
        Strawberr and Rosemary Scones                     Giada at Home
      Strawberry and Mascarpone Granita                  Giada's Kitchen
               Stuffed Artichokes                     Giada's Family Dinners
              Stuffed Baby Peppers                        Giada at Home
               Stuffed Mushrooms                         Everyday Italian
                Stuffed Tomatoes                         Everyday Italian
     Stuffed Zucchini and Red Bell Peppers            Giada's Family Dinners
  Sun - Dried Tomato and Mozzarella Kebabs            Giada's Family Dinners
            Sun- Dried Tomato Pesto                      Everyday Italian
        Sweet and Savory Bread Pudding                    Giada at Home
       Sweet and Spicy Roasted Almonds                   Everyday Italian
     Sweet and Sticky Chicken Drumsticks                 Giada's Kitchen
              Sweet Basil Smoothie                        Giada at Home
                                Master Recipe Index

              Sweet Fresh Fettuccine                      Everyday Pasta
            Sweet Red Pepper Crostini                    Everyday Italian
     Swiss Chard and Sweet Pea Manicotti                 Giada's Kitchen
   Swordfish and Spaghetti with Citrus Pesto              Everyday Pasta
                Swordfish Milanese                    Giada's Family Dinners
Swordfish Poached in Olive Oil with Broccoli Rabe
                                                         Giada's Kitchen
                Swordfish Spiedini                    Giada's Family Dinners
            Tagliatelle and Duck Ragu                     Everyday Pasta
         Tagliatelle with Short Rib Ragu                  Everyday Pasta
  Tagliatelle with Smashed Peas, Sausage and
                                                         Giada's Kitchen
                  Ricotta Cheese
             Talegio and Pear Panini                     Giada's Kitchen
        Tilapia with Citrus Bagna Cauga               Giada's Family Dinners
     Toasted Ciabatta with Balsamic Syrup                 Everyday Pasta
   Toasted Pound Cake with Mascarpone and
                                                         Everyday Italian
               Tomato Basil Tartlets                      Giada at Home
            Tomato Sauce with Olives                     Everyday Italian
           Tomato Soup with Pancetta                  Giada's Family Dinners
           Tomato Vegetable Casserole                    Everyday Italian
    Tomato, Watermelon and Basil Skewers                 Giada's Kitchen
                   Torta Di Pasta                        Everyday Italian
           Tuna and Artichoke Panini                  Giada's Family Dinners
             Tuna and Tomato Sauce                       Everyday Italian
       Tuna, Green Bean and Orzo Salad                    Everyday Pasta
      Turkey and Artichoke Stuffed Shells                 Everyday Pasta
          Turkey and Cranberry Ravioli                    Everyday Pasta
                 Turkey Bolognese                     Giada's Family Dinners
       Turkey Meatballs in Tomato Sauce                  Everyday Italian
   Turkey Meatload with Feta and Sun- Dried
                                                         Giada at Home
                 Turkey Osso Buco                        Giada's Kitchen
                  Turkey Tonnato                         Everyday Italian
  Turkey with Herbes de Provence and Citrus           Giada's Family Dinners
                Tuscan Mushrooms                         Giada's Kitchen
      Tuscan White Bean and Garlic Soup                   Everyday Pasta
   Tuscan White Bean and Garlic Soup (Dip)               Giada's Kitchen
              Veal Chop Saltimbocca                      Giada's Kitchen
                    Veal Marsala                         Everyday Italian
   Veal Scaloppini with Saffron Cream Sauce           Giada's Family Dinners
         Veal Stew with Cipollini Onions              Giada's Family Dinners
 Vegetable Fritto Misto with Lemon Mayonnaise             Giada at Home
                              Master Recipe Index

                Vegetable Gratin                    Giada's Family Dinners
        Vegetable Panini with Mozzarella            Giada's Family Dinners
              Vegetable Parmesan                        Giada at Home
           Venetian Mac and Cheese                      Everyday Pasta
                Venetian Panino                     Giada's Family Dinners
               Verdure Al Forno                        Everyday Italian
                  Vodka Sauce                          Everyday Italian
      Wagon Wheels with Artichoke Pesto                 Everyday Pasta
         White Bean And Chicken Chili                   Giada at Home
          White Bean and Tuna Salad                    Everyday Italian
        White Bean Dip with Pita Chips                 Everyday Italian
 White Chocolate- Dipped Almond and Lemon
                                                       Giada at Home
Whol- Wheat Pita Chips with Mascarpone Chive
                                                       Giada at Home
  Whole - Wheat Linguine with Green Beans,
                                                       Giada's Kitchen
              Ricotta and Lemon
Whole - Wheat Spaghetti with Lemon, Basil and
                                                       Giada's Kitchen
Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Swiss Chard and
                                                    Giada's Family Dinners
                Pecorino Cheese
 Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Basil - Pine Nut
                                                       Everyday Italian
       Wild Mushroom Risotto with Peas                 Everyday Italian
               Winter Minestrone                    Giada's Family Dinners
 Ziti with Asparagus, Smoked Mozzarella and
                                                       Everyday Italian
         Zucchini and Carrot a Scapece                  Everyday Pasta
            Zucchini and Olive Pizza                    Giada at Home
                    Zuccotto                        Giada's Family Dinners
                Zuppa Di Pesce                      Giada's Family Dinners

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