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									Weight Loss: In My Opinion
By Tierney Salter

             here is no one pill        Encouraged, because I felt better      Start is to improve the health of
             whether natural or         and my asthma had improved,            my body.” Let go of the exhaust-
             pharmaceutical             I became a cleansing maniac. I         ing revolving ‘worry of weight
             that will help with        read everything I could get my         loss’. Educate yourself about         Try St. John’s
permanent weight loss. I believe        hands on about cleansing the           exactly what you are putting
Fen-Phen and Herbal Fen-Phen            body. Everyone had a different         into your body and why. This          Wort and Think
has taught us that. If you have         method of cleansing and I tried        empowers you to take responsi-        Positive
looked for weight loss products,        them all.                              bility for your health. My place,
I am sure you have witnessed                  Today I am no longer a           as an Herbalist, is to educate you    Inflammatory
how flooded the market is. In           maniac, cleansing maniac that          about herbs and their qualities       Skin Conditions
the twenty years that I have been       is. What I want to share with          so that you are able to make
involved with herbs I have seen         you is the culmination of many         educated choices about the
many weight loss products, many         years of research and the results      products you choose to put into       Great Holiday
of them sold through multi-level        many of my customers and I have        your body. Oftentimes we can-         Gift Ideas
marketing. I have seen people           experienced from following the         not depend on our health care
lose weight only to gain it back        weight loss program that I know        practitioners, natural supplement     Fresh Start Kit
later. I think it is called the yo-yo   works. Not only does one lose          suppliers, or drug companies to
effect.                                 unnecessary weight but it also         properly educate us about the         Triple-Kits make
      I am very well aware of           offers relief and improvement for      pros and cons of a product, such
this because I have experienced         many nagging conditions such           as the potentially deadly side ef-    great gifts
‘being overweight’. Now many            as allergies, asthma, depression,      fects of the pharmaceutical drug
                                                                                                                     Thyme for Classes
of you who know me may not              fatigue, heart ailments, meno-         combo Fen-Phen. Enough of the
believe that, but it is true. I         pause, PMS, and skin problems.         lecture. Let me share with you
weighed 30 lbs. more than I do
now. For someone, like me, who          How does it work?
is 5’3” that is a big difference.             It cleanses the body of old
I tried Weight Watchers, and            debris in the intestines, gets rid
watch my weight I did – stay the        of unwanted yeast, bacteria,
same that is. I tried exercising a      and fungus in the blood stream.
lot. I tried starving myself, but       In addition, it strengthens the
nothing really worked. Until            body’s ability to process and
a good friend of mine gave me           eliminate foods efficiently, so that
a book called Muscusless Diet           the body does not hold onto fats.
Healing System by Prof. Arnold          It is called the Fresh Start Kit.
Ehret. This book introduced             “Fresh Start” means the time to
me to the idea of cleansing the         get rid of the old and start fresh
body, ridding the body of mucus,        and clean. That means dietary
(which is something asthmatics,         changes, regular exercise, getting
like me, struggle with) to achieve      rid of things that weigh you
optimal health. After following         down, and do exactly what I am
his cleansing program, I felt           going to tell you to do. Hey it
wonderful. However, my skin             is worth a try! If you do not feel
broke out, my breath became             healthier, become more energetic
bad, and I had horrible gas. I          with improved mental clarity, you
learned that these were cleansing       can have your money back. On
side effects, and with the proper       your mark, get set, GO!!!
cleansing aids, these unpleasant              Start by telling yourself:
symptoms could be avoided.              “My priority in making a Fresh

                             2106 NE 65th Street, Seattle, WA 98115 206-523-2600 • 800-NW-HERBS
                                                Dear Friends,
                                                What a beautiful summer! My
                                                                                            .   Try St. John’s Wort and
                                              husband, friends, and I took a boat trip
                                              up to Desolation Sound in Canada.
                                                                                                Think Positive

                                              Beautiful! I saw huge clumps of floating      .
                                                                                            .          t. John’s Wort, a common roadside weed, has catapulted to great
                                              Bladderwrack. I collected it and tried to     .
                                                                                            .          popularity in this country, since 20/20’s Barbara Walters touted it for
                                              get everyone to try some. Nevertheless, I     .
                                                                                            .          depression. Long popular in Germany, physicians there write over 3
                                              chomped most of it down. Mmm!                 .
                                                                                            .   million prescriptions per year – twenty-five times the number they write for
                                                    I have dedicated this newsletter to a   .
                                                                                            .   Prozac. Always popular among Herbalists, dating back hundreds of years,
                                              discussion of three topics - Weight-Loss,     .
                                                                                            .   they have used it for depression and nerve-related disorders. Since the airing
                                              Inflammatory Skin Conditions, and St.         .
                                                                                            .   of 20/20 this past summer, a number of articles, books, and products have
                                              John’s Wort. After sitting at the computer    .
                                                                                            .   surfaced, leaving many with unanswered questions about St. John’s Wort
for the last two weeks and writing about them, I gained a couple of pounds, my              .
                                                                                            .   (SJW). Let us investigate this herb.
skin got a little itchy, and I felt slightly depressed. Just kidding! All three of these    .
                                                                                            .         St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) grows all across the United
subjects deal with very stubborn conditions. I have presented you with a wholistic          .
                                                                                            .   States and is abundant here in the Northwest. It is an erect many-branched
approach to treating the conditions – which is, treating the causes as well as the          .
                                                                                            .   perennial with a woody base, which grows from one to three feet tall. It has
symptoms. If you have any questions or comments e-mail me at theherbalist@                  .
                                                                                            .   ovate to linear leaves that are oblong, opposite, and pale green in color.                                                                           .
                                                                                            .   When held up to the light, the leaves are perforated with translucent dots,
       It was a big summer for herbs, St. John’s Wort in particular. Many people            .
                                                                                            .   giving it the name H. perforatum. (This is also a great clue for identifica-
came into our store for St. John’s Wort, in pill form, standardized to 0.3%                 .
                                                                                            .   tion.) The plant has star shaped golden yellow blossoms with five short,
hypericin. People knew what they wanted because 20/20’s Barbara Walters said                .
                                                                                            .   subequal, basally connate sepals and five yellow petals. The flowers of the
that this is the way to take it. However, do people know what standardized is or            .
                                                                                            .   St. John’s Wort are the part of the plant collected for its medicinal proper-
what is sacrificed when herbal constituents are standardized?                               .
                                                                                            .   ties. They are best wildcrafted or harvested from its natural habitat away
       Over the ages, Herbalists have used whole herbs in liquid and powder form            .
                                                                                            .   from chemical pesticides, on or around St. John’s birthday, June 22, through
with great success, which antagonizes modern allopathic medicine. Standardization           .
                                                                                            .   August when the flowers are still in the budded stage. When the fresh flow-
uses a synthetic chemical process to increase one or two so-called “active ingredi-         .
                                                                                            .   ers are crushed they exude a maroon red juice that stain fingers blue violet.
ents” out of the many constituents that make a single herb. Herbs contain many              .
                                                                                            .   This juice contains many essential medicinal constituents, such as hypericin,
natural chemical ingredients that work together synergistically. T      ampering with       .
                                                                                            .   which give this plant its powerful medicinal actions.
the delicate balance of an herb by chemically altering it, is a more drug-like ap-          .
proach. A standardized product, containing one or two focused qualities to relieve          .
                                                                                                The most popular use of St. John’s Wort
symptoms only, in a drug-like dosage, is not communal with wholistic healing.               .
                                                                                            .   today is for depression.
       Herbs taken in their whole natural state nourishes the whole body, treats            .
                                                                                            .         SJW helps lift one’s spirit and promotes positive thoughts. It will feed
not only the symptom, but also a multiplicity of problems simultaneously. The               .
                                                                                            .   and strengthen the nervous system, relieving nervous tension, irritability,
Herbalist and I strive to treat the body as a whole and the causes of illness, not          .
                                                                                            .   worrying, and irrational behavior. Michael Moore in his book Medicinal
just the symptoms, as drugs do. National awareness about the wonders of herbs               .
                                                                                            .   Plant of the Pacific West states “Hypericum is one of the best therapies for
is great. Nevertheless, be wary of news broadcasts, such as 20/20, and books                .
                                                                                            .   depression and numbing frustration... I will add Hypericum as a useful herb
written by medical doctors that preach that a standardized pill of SJW, or any              .
                                                                                            .   to self-help strategies. Think of it for a friend who is out of work, the over-
herb, is the best way to take it.                                                           .
                                                                                            .   whelmed postgrad student, the woman who feels graceless and unprepared
       I became obsessed with herbal medicine and in educating others when I                .
                                                                                            .   for menopause... Some will find quick help from the tincture; others will find
saw how well whole herbs worked. I thought, “Why doesn’t everyone know                      .
                                                                                            .   it takes a week or two to start feeling more focused and alert.” He also says
this?” Since that time herbs have gained in popularity, because people discovered           .
                                                                                            .   that it is good for the “grumpies”.
that drugs are not always the answer, and herbs were a viable alternative. I am             .
                                                                                            .         An article published in the September 9th issue of the New York Times
not opposed to making better herbal medicines, what I am opposed to is chang-               .
                                                                                            .   was titled “Humble Herb Is Rival to Prozac. This article discussed St.
ing herbs into drugs-like preparations, thereby, allowing drug companies to rule            .
                                                                                            .   John’s Wort and the results of various studies on this humble herb. Studies
our health care once again. Enough serious talk.                                            .
                                                                                            .   conducted at the University of Frankfurt indicated that “the herbal extract
       Christmas is just around the corner. Ahhh! What a challenge figuring out             .
                                                                                            .   had a chemical effect that was similar to that of conventional antidepres-
what everyone wants. We have many new gift ideas at The Herbalist, so stop by!              .
                                                                                            .   sants, including Prozac. Writing in the German journal Pharmocopsychia-
       I want to send a big hug and kiss to my Grandmother, Emma Bates, who                 .
                                                                                            .   try, the researchers showed that the extract appeared to reduce the rate at
always looks forward to getting my newsletter. If anyone wonders where I get my             .
                                                                                            .   which brain cells reabsorb an important neurotransmitting chemical called
ever-present laugh from – I have her to thank, my mom too. Hi Grandma!                      .
                                                                                            .   serotonin. This is the major mechanism behind Prozac and similar antide-
       Merry Christmas everybody!                                                           .
                                                                                            .   pressants. A low level of serotonin has long been associated with depression,
                                                                                            .   and drugs like Prozac allow more serotonin to flow between cells.” The
                                                                                            .   article went on to say “the herbal extract reduced the reabsorption of two
                                                                                            .   other chemicals that are associated with mood regulation: dopamine and
      P Retail salespeople needed for the weekends. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6
       .S.                                                                                  .
                                                                                            .   norepinephrine”.
p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. Other hours may be avail-                 .
                                                                                            .         In C.M. Hawken’s book, St. John’s Wort, he discussed the results of a
able. The Herbalist is looking for energetic people who have retail experience,             .
                                                                                            .   study published in the British Medical Journal: “In all aspects of the study,
knowledge of herbs, vitamins, and natural products. Drop off or mail resumes to             .
the store, Attention: Erin.                                                                 .
                                                                                            .   Hypericum extracts were shown to be significantly superior to placebo and
                                                                                            .                                                        —continued on next page

                                            similarly effective as standard
                                            antidepressants…. This study
                                            provides some firm ground for          Gifts of Health
                                           St. John’s Wort to stand on in the      The Herbalist Triple Kits
                                           treatment of depression, both in        Through Christmas season special price will remain $19.95.
                                           sheer numbers and its quality of
                                                                                   Choose from the following six Triple Kits:
                                               Results of many long-term stud-     21st Century Herbals            Cycles of Women: PMS
                                        ies indicate that St. John’s Wort          Most Popular Extracts Today       New Woman Tonic
                                       is a safe and effective medicinal               Ginkgo Plus Gotu Kola         Renew-U
                                      herb, taken short and long-term.                 Kava Kava Plus                Kava Kava Plus
                                     There have been reports of phototoxicity          Herbal Anti-Ox            Man Oh Man
                                    in animals when taken in large amounts,        Cycles of Women:              Endurance Kit for Men
                                   but not in humans.                              Menopause                         Athle-Peak
                               This year we received a huge                            Menapplause                   Pro-Mend
                              quantity of fresh juicy St. John’s                       Renew-U                       Kava Kava Plus
                        Wort flowers.                                                  Kava Kava Plus            Sinutone Plus
                            They were selectively and ecologically wildcrafted                                       Sinutone
                    from eastern Oregon in a pristine environment, free of                                           Astragalus Plus
                 pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides. Immediately                                       Herbal-Biotic
              after they were collected, the fresh- picked plant material was                                    Beat The Yeast
           shipped overnight to The Herbalist’s lab. Upon its arrival, it was                                        Anti-Fungal
processed into a liquid herbal extract, less that 24 hours after its collection.                                     Astragalus Plus
Because we want customers to receive the best quality product to achieve the                                         Herbal-Biotic
optimal results, we go the extra mile to insure this.
                                                                                                                    More great gift-
What is the best form to take St. John’s                                                                             giving ideas on
Wort in?                                                                                                                     page 7.
      The active medicinal constituents in SJW are not water soluble, so it is
necessary to use alcohol to extract and preserve them. (The tea is not very
effective.) Many Herbalists and I believe the fresh plant extract is the most
effective way to take this herb. To insure the quality of our SJW extract, we
had it tested. The results showed a rich content of its constituents — hy-
pericin, pseudohypericin, and flavonoids. These are all vital ingredients
that make this plant such a powerful and effective medicine. What is most
impressive and exciting about SJW extract are the results people receive.
      Suggested usage: Start off by taking 30 drops 4 to 5 times a day. As
the symptoms decrease, decrease the dosage. (If you are currently taking an
                                      antidepressant and would like to switch
                                      to St. John’s Wort, consult with your
                                      health care practitioner. Many have
                                      found it beneficial to take the SJW, as
                                      one cuts down on their medication. This
                                      enables the SJW to go to work and start
                                      feeding the nervous system, reducing
                                      side effects of coming off the medica-
                                      tion.) SJW extract can also be taken in
                                      combination with other herbal extracts for
                                      anxiety, such as Kava Kava and Siberian
                                      Ginseng - Kava Kava Plus – I love this
                                      product and I need it!
                                     St. John’s Wort extract
                                          $8.25 for 1 oz., $15.00 for 2 oz.
                                          $28.30 for 4 oz.
                                     Kava Kava Plus
                                          $9.25 for 1 oz. $17.00 for 2 oz.
                                          $32.35 for 4 oz.

                                                                                The following recommendations can be taken on a regular basis for
Inflammatory Skin                                                               about six months. Natural supplements may take several months
                                                                                to produce consistent results, but they offer positive lasting results.

Factors involved in skin problems include:
                                                                                Herbal Supplements
                                                                                The Herbalist Intestinal Rescue
• Food allergies especially the common allergens such as all flour prod-
                                                                                    A clean intestine is crucial to clear skin. Strengthens intestinal functions,
    ucts, dairy, eggs, and corn.
                                                                                improves waste elimination.
• Emotional tension, stress, anxiety, and anger increases the inflamma-
                                                                                    Suggested use: Take 1Tbs one to two times daily on empty stomach.
    tory condition.
                                                                                $10.35 for 8.5 ozs (at 2 TBS daily will last 2 weeks). $15.50 for 14 ozs (at
• Hereditary predisposition - family history of skin conditions and/or
                                                                                2 TBS daily will last one month). Children: 1/2 tsp with juice 2 x’s a day.
• Immune system weakness - decreased ability to kill bacteria, viruses,
                                                                                The Herbalist Skin Clear
    yeasts, and fungus.                                                                Contains liver strengthening herbs specific for inflammatory skin condi-
• Poor digestion - primarily low stomach acid and incomplete protein            tions. Channels toxins through eliminative systems of the liver and urinary
    digestion.                                                                  tract rather than out through the skin, the body’s largest eliminative system.
• Bowel toxicity                                                                Contains: Fresh Echinacea root (Echinacea angustifolia) strengthens the
• Poor liver function                                                           immune system which increases one’s resistance to skin inflammation. Yellow
      The causes of many of these conditions are often due to allergies,        Dock root (Rumex crispus) increases the body’s ability to digest fats more
nutritional deficiencies, and emotional stress. The body overreacts to          efficiently. Oregon Grape root (Berberis aquifolia) has antibiotic-like and
external and/or internal influences, such as allergens, stressful situa-        immune stimulating properties; aids in killing bacteria, fungus, and viruses.
tions, poor nutrition and lifestyle habits, which causes the skin to become     Burdock root (Arcticum lappa) strengthens digestion and increases bile
inflamed. Often with children the source of the problem is found in food        secretion; valuable remedy for skin conditions thanks to one of its valuable
allergies and emotional sensitivities. Identifying these culprits helps often   constituent, inulin; has effective diuretic properties. Red Clover blossoms
times. However, with adults, a complete change in lifestyle and one’s           (Trifolium pratense) is especially useful for childhood eczema and chronic skin
habits may be in order. This could mean making certain changes in one’s         conditions, such as psoriasis. Sarsaparilla root (Smilax ornata) strengthens
life to reduce stress and anxiety and improving one’s lifestyle with good       liver function, especially useful for scaly skin conditions, such as psoriasis, and
nutrition, vitamin and herbal supplementation. The goal is to better one’s      hormone related skin disorders, such as acne.
internal and external environment, strengthen the body, and thereby                    Suggested use: Take 30 drops in water 4 - 5 x’s a day. Children: 30
reduce the body’s overreaction to inflammatory-promoting influences.            drops in juice 2 - 3 x’s a day. $8.25 for 1 fluid oz., $15.00 for 2 oz., and
      Please keep in mind that there is no one thing that will ‘cure’ chron-    $28.30 for 4 ozs. (Hint: There are 1260 drops in a one oz. bottle. At 30
ic skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, it takes a commitment to      drops 5 x’s a day a four oz. bottle will last a little over a month).
your health in order to try and change it. Stubborn skin conditions often       The Herbalist Spring Tea
afflict stubborn (strong-headed) individuals. Use that stubbornness to try            A tasty cleansing tea for the liver and urinary tract, which is rich in easy
to correct a seemingly unrelenting inflammatory process.                        to assimilate vitamins and minerals. Assists in detoxification which improves
      I have listed herbal and nutritional supplements in order of impor-       skin conditions. Contains a blend of roots, leaves, and flowers that are specific
tance, as well as the various supplements clinical research has shown           for alleviating and healing skin disorders. Ingredients: Red Raspberry leaf,
works specifically on inflammatory skin conditions. Many people elect to        Nettles leaf, Dandelion root, Burdock root, Red Clover blossom, Calendula
start a program with just changing the diet, taking one or two products,        flower, Alder Buckthorn root, Licorice root, Juniper berry.
or eliminating certain stresses from their lives. We are all unique, with             Suggested use: Drink 2 to 3 cups a day. For children, can dilute with
distinct lifestyles, diverse hereditary backgrounds. Different things work      juice (apple or grape), drink 1 cup a day, $5.50 for 3 oz. ( 30 cups per bag).
better for certain people. I cannot tell you what one thing will work best      Barlean’s Flax Oil and Borage Oil
for a person. What I can share with you is what I have seen work on                  Has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties that improves skin
many children and adults, and this is what follows.                             disorders, and is vital for dry, rough, and cracked skin.
                                                                                     Suggested use: Liquid: 2 TBS a day (Add to salad dressing, juice,
                                                                                yogurt, baked potato or grains.) Capsules: Take 4 a day. Barleans Omega
                                                                                Twin, Liquid 12 oz $21.25, Capsules 60 caps $11.65 or 120 caps $22.50.
                                                                                Source Natural’s Activated Quercetin
                                                                                      Contains quercetin and bromelain. Quercetin counteracts allergic reac-
                                                                                tions in the body and has significant anti-inflammatory effects. Bromelain, a
                                                                                proteolitic enzyme of pineapple, is an effective anti-inflammatory agent.
                                                                                      Suggested use: Take 3 - 4 a day inbetween meals. Source Naturals
                                                                                Activated Quercetin: 50 tabs for $16.75 or 100 tabs for $31.50.
                                                                                      For children, empty two caps of quercetin a day into apple sauce or juice.
                                                                                For infants, one capsule a day mixed in with breast milk or formula in bottle.
                                                                                Nature’s Life Quercetin 100 caps (400 mg.) $16.95.

                                                                                  Thyme for Classes
                                                                                  Classes make a great gift idea!
                                                                                        The Herbalist is offering the following classes in the coming months.
                                                                                  If you are interested in any of these classes, please stop by The Herbalist to
                                                                                  sign up or call us at (206) 523-2600 or 800-NW-HERBS (694-3727).
                                                                                  A deposit of $10.00 is required to hold your space.
     — Inflammatory Skin Conditions
                                                                                  Traditional Chinese Medicine
Supportive Nutritional Therapy                                                         Chinese medicine and its principles have become very
      It would also be useful to do the “Beat the Yeast” Triple-Kit 2 times a     popular in this country. This class will explore Western & Eastern
year., to clear excess yeast, fungus, and bacteria out of the blood stream.       Herbs according to the energetics of Chinese medicine. Learn how to
                                                                                  classify herbs that are nourishing to organ systems of the Five
Interplexus HMF Acidophilous                                                      Element theory, such as wood/liver, fire/heart, earth/spleen, metal/lungs and
      Helps to detoxify harmful substances from intestines. This “friendly”       water/kidneys. We will focus on tonic herbs that support and strengthen
bacteria binds with unwanted substances, such as yeast and fungi, causing         these systems. Bring a tea mug, as we will be making our own herbal
them to be excreted. Especially useful if one has taken antibiotics or cortico-   tonics. Susan Wadden has a B.S. in Preventative Medicine, her M.S.
steroids.                                                                         in Acupuncture, and is currently completing her degree in Chinese Herbal
      Suggested use: Take 2 caps two times daily on empty stomach.                Medicine at Bastyr University.
Can take with I.R.. For children, empty two acidofilous caps a day into                Thursday, January 29th, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Cost: $15.00
apple sauce or juice. For infants, one capsule a day mixed in with breast
milk or formula in bottle. 60 capsules HMF Acidophilous $18.95.                   Create Your Own Skin Care Products
                                                                                        Have you ever wanted to make your own facial cream or
Country Life: Super 10 Antioxidant                                                healing medicinal salve? Using organic herbs and essential oils, this
     An antioxidant complex which contains Vitamin A, E, C, Zinc, and             hand-on class will teach you the basics of creating your own custom
Selenium. Vitamin A - essentail for skin health. Vitamin E - speeds skin          skin care products. Never worry again about using products with chem-
healing, neutralizes free radicals that damage the skin. Vitamin C - boosts       icals and preservatives – these products contain only the best ingredients for
immune response and reduce allergic reactions. Zinc picolinate strengthens        your skin. Taught by Erin Chesledon. Fee includes all materials needed to
protein metabolism and is essential for healing skin. Selenium strengthens        make cream and salve, and handouts.
the immune system.                                                                      Wednesday, February 11th, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Cost $35.00.
     Suggested use: Take 2 - 4 a day. 30 tabs $12.25, 60 tabs $22.50.
                                                                                  Clinical Herbology 101
                                                                                        This class is good for those who have no background at all in herbs,
Health Promoting Diet                                                             as well as those who have studied on their own, but lack direction is how to
Foods to Include in Diet                  Limit these Foods and                   use the herbs in their everyday lives. The class will cover medicinal prop-
                                          Beverages                               erties of herbs, specific herbs – smell, taste, and observe them
At least 40 ozs. of distilled or
                                                                                  in their raw state and in extract form. Learn how to make an herbal
   artesian water daily.                  Red meat and dairy - contain
                                                                                  tincture and how to put together herbal formulas for specific symp-
Fish such as Salmon, Red                     arachidonic acid (AA),
                                                                                  toms. Samples and handouts are included.
   Snapper, Halibut, Tuna,                   a natural inflammatory
                                                                                        Tierney Salter, Clinical Herbalist and owner of The Herbalist, will
   Trout.                                    substance.
                                                                                  teach this class.
Fresh vegetable juices such as            Sugar containing foods and
                                                                                        Tuesdays, February 17th from 7:15 to 10 p.m. Cost: $35.00.
   carrot, beet, celery, cucum-              beverages such as soft drinks,
   ber, ginger.                              sweets, citrus fruit and juices.
                                          Alcoholic beverages, table salt,
                                                                                  Herbal Soap-Making
Whole grains and fiber-rich
   foods, such brown basmati                 and tobacco.                               What a popular class! Learn how to make your own herbal
   rices, steel-cut oats, and             Caffeinated food and beverages,         and vegetable based soaps. Erin Chesledon will demonstrate the
   quinoa.                                   such as coffee, black teas,          art of soap making, sharing formulas for making high quality soaps that
Legumes such as lentil, adzuki,              and chocolate.                       are good for your skin - free of animal fats, synthetic additives, perfumes,
   black bean.                            Flour products such as bread,           and preservatives. Blend natural oils, pure essential oils, dried herbs, flow-
Green leafy vegetables and sea               crackers, pasta, cookies.            ers, and spices to create your own custom soap bars. Erin’s classes
   vegetables.                                                                    have received rave reviews from her students. Come have some good
Fruits such as apples, pears,                                                     clean fun! Fee includes all materials needed to make soap and handouts.
   peaches, melons, berries.                                                            Thursday, February 26th, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Cost: $35.00.
Nuts and seeds such as al-                                                              Saturday, March 7th, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Cost: $35.00
   monds, cashews, sunflower,                                                                                                         —continued on back page
   pumpkin and sesame.

Fresh Start Kit                                                                          stimulates digestion, the flow of bile from the liver, and is a glandular tonic
A Cleansing and Weight Management Program                                                for the thyroid.
       There are many reasons why cleansing and detoxifying the body is more          Dandelion root, leaf, and flower activates and nourishes the liver and
important than a once a year “spring cleansing” as our grandparents did. Be-             kidneys; relieves water retention, due to its rich potassium content.
cause we are surrounded by a great deal of involuntary toxins, cleansing today        Burdock root, most noted for improving skin conditions, contains about 27
has become necessary not only to health and weight management, but also to               to 45% inulin, which works through the kidneys to remove unwanted acids,
our overall well being. Other factors that deplete the body and immune system            such as uric acid, and toxins.
and cause weight gain are excessive use of caffeine, alcohol, and sugar con-          Yellow Dock root is a bitter tonic herb for the liver, helping to remove toxins
sumption, environmental toxins, prescription and pleasure drug use, fast-paced           from the blood, and improving skin conditions. It contains 40% easy to
lifestyles, SAD (Standard American Diet) and increased daily stresses.                   assimilate iron compounds, vital for energy.
       How often should one cleanse? Every person is different, in their lifestyle,   Cleavers herb is a wonderful tonic for the lymphatic system, relieving swollen
in their exposure to stress, in their existing body conditions. Where some may           lymph glands. It also is an effective diuretic.
need to cleanse and strengthen the body on a regular basis for awhile, especially     Wild Indigo root stimulates lymphatic movement, which relieves lymph
those concerned with weight management, others may need to cleanse only                  swelling.
a couple times a year. As a rule, it is a good idea to follow a good cleansing        Ginger root stimulates digestion and expels gas from the body.
program as each season changes. As each season changes so do our bodies.              Fennel seed stimulates digestion and relieves flatulence.
The Fresh Start Kit includes:                                                               This liquid herbal extract is an excellent endocrine system tonic that helps
      The Fresh Start Kit includes five products which work simultaneously            to strengthen the function of the thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary glands. The
to increase well being. The products assist the body in “starting fresh”. This        health of the whole body is dependent on a smoothly functioning endocrine or
program can be used either as a Maintenance Program, a daily supplement to a          glandular system. This formula helps to balance over and under active glandu-
recommended diet or as an intensive 5-day Cleansing Program.                          lar conditions, such as stressed or overworked adrenals and hypothyroidism. It
Intestinal Rescue                                                                     strengthens body metabolism, helps with mood elevation, supports a balanced
       This is a high fiber herbal supplement in powdered form. When added            hormonal system, and balances blood sugar levels. (I came up with the name
to juice and/or water, it forms a gelatinous drink, which creates a fibrous bulk      Blubberwack, a play on this tonic’s primary ingredient Bladderwrack, when
in the intestines. Why is it necessary? It is amazing the amount of old debris        I put together a weight loss formula for myself. Although my weight problem
that one accumulates in the intestines over a period of a lifetime. This old debris   was not funny, I thought the name was. It contains:
blocks nutrient absorption and the beneficial bacteria necessary to fight disease-    Bladderwrack helps to support thyroid function, which is useful for an
promoting yeasts, bacteria, and viruses. Laboratory and clinical studies show             underactive thyroid.
that the fiber rich ingredients, contained in this product, help to lower choles-     Gotu Kola helps to support pituitary gland function and nourishes the brain
terol by absorbing toxins and blood fats, such as cholesterol, and gently moving          and nervous system.
them out of the body. Bowel elimination becomes healthier, more regular, and          Kelp, rich in iodine and other minerals, helps strengthen the thyroid.
more substantial. It also helps to balance blood sugar, reducing constant crav-       Echinacea root nourishes the glandular system of the body.
ings, and makes you feel full, reducing food intake. It contains:                     Kola Nut has a stimulating effect on the body and invigorates the adrenals.
Psyllium seed is rich in fiber which adds bulk to the intestines, and exercises       Licorice root has an impressive effect on the endocrine system. It contains
    it.                                                                                   the glycosides, glycerrhizin and glycyrrhizinic acid, which have a structure
Phylium husk, also rich in fiber, is a lubricating mucilaginous herb with                 similar to the natural steroids of the body, making it useful for glandular
    cleansing, drawing, and laxative effects.                                             insufficiency.
Guar Gum, a gummy, soluble digestive fiber, absorbs blood fats and undesir-           New Choice
    able substances from the intestines.                                                    This herbal extract is an energy tonic that contains antioxidant herbs that
Ginger root, a carminative - increases peristalsis in the intestines and reduces      strengthen brain function, feed the nervous system, and balances blood sugar
    the production of gas, often one of the side effects of cleansing.                levels. It helps to increase mental clarity, stamina and endurance and increases
Fruit Pectin (medical grade) balances blood sugar levels and absorbs blood            one’s ability to handle stress. It helps to elevate moods. It contains:
    fats.                                                                             Ginkgo leaf oxygenates the brain, increases mental clarity, and supports the
Bentonite Clay acts like a sponge to absorb toxins and unwanted bacteria.                 nervous system.
Rhubarb root stimulates the liver and absorbs into the intestinal walls, pro-         Gotu Kola leaf nourishes the brain and nervous system. It stimulates mental
    moting healthy peristalic action.                                                     awareness and endurance.
Cinnamon bark, a demulcent carminative herb, expels gas from the system.              Guarana seed energizes the adrenals, without overstimulating them.
Renew-U                                                                               American Ginseng root is a balancing energy tonic that helps to increase
      During cleansing many toxins are secreted into the blood stream. It is              endurance and stamina.
important to support the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system because they             Siberian Ginseng root feeds the adrenals and reduces anxiety; increases
must work overtime to process and eliminate toxins effectively. This tonic helps          one’s ability to manage stress.
eliminate unwanted wastes, heavy metals, excessive sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and      Jamaican Sarsaparilla root is invigorating to the body.
drugs from the body. The toxins are routed out the proper channels of elimina-        Kola Nut aids depression and has a stimulating effect on the consciousness.
tion, avoiding skin out breaks, swollen lymph glands, gas, and bad breath. It         Licorice root helps balance blood sugar and supports adrenals during stress.
contains:                                                                             Cinnamon bark, an aromatic stimulant, adds a spicy-sweet taste.
Milk Thistle increases the secretion and flow of bile from the liver and gall         Ginger root has a stimulating effect on the circulatory system.
    bladder, regenerates an abused liver, and detoxifies toxins and heavy metals      Cayenne pepper is a systemic stimulant, which strengthens circulation.
    from the blood stream.                                                            Renew-U Tea
Echinacea root stimulates T-fighter cells that help to engulf unwanted bacte-                This is a nutrient-rich, revitalizing tea that supports the immune system,
    ria, viruses, yeasts, and fungus in the blood stream.                             cleanses, and nourishes the body’s major eliminative systems – the skin, lungs,
Oregon Grape root, rich in berberine - an immune tonic, is a bitter herb that         liver, kidneys and lymphatics. It is rich tasting and a helpful substitute when
                                                                                      cutting down on or eliminating coffee and black tea. It contains:

                                              — continued from previous page
Pau d’Arco bark, Red Raspberry leaf, Nettle leaf, Calendula
  flower, Jamaican Sarsaparilla root, Plantain herb, Licorice root,
  Lemon Balm herb, Ginger root, Sassafras bark, and Cinnamon                          Books Make Great Gifts!

Fresh Start Kit Prices
      Small: Cost is $36.00. Includes: 8.5 oz Intestinal Rescue, 1 oz of the
extracts Renew-U, Blubberwack, @ New Choice, and a 3 oz. bag of Renew-
U Tea. Saving of 15% off individual retail prices. This kit will last approx. 10
days. It will last through the Five-day Intensive.
      Large: Cost is $60.00. Includes: 14 oz Intestinal Rescue, 2 oz of the
extracts Renew-U, Blubberwack, @ New Choice, and a 3 oz. bag of Renew-
U Tea. Saving of 15% off individual retail prices. This kit will last approx. 21
days. It will last through the Five-day Intensive and about 10 days afterward
following the Maintenance Program suggested usage.
      Included in each kit is a brochure with complete instructions for usage of
these products, along with dietary suggestions.

Helpful Suggestions for Cleansing                                                                   Medicin
                                                                                                            e Chest
                                                                                             Herbal Claire ($17.95
                                                                                                                    )        The Com
                                                                                         The                                 Herbal plete Medicina
Prone to constipation? Try The Herbalist’s L.B.T. Caps                                          ra St.                             by
                                                                                                                            ($29.95 Penelope Ody
                                                                                         by Deb                                    )
       This lower bowel tonic in capsules can help relieve constipation experi-
enced while cleansing, while changing one’s dietary habits, and while travelling.
It is very effective yet mild. Useful when taken with the Intestinal Rescue for
chronic constipation. It contains: Cascara Sagrada bark, Barberry root bark,
Fennel seed, Bayberry root bark, Ginger root, Rhubarb root, Lobelia leaf, and         More Gift Ideas
Cayenne pepper. Suggested usage: Take 2 caps before bedtime. Can take                 The Herbalist’s Essential and
more if necessary. Cost: $6.00 for 50 caps and $10.00 for 100 caps.                   Perfume Oils
Liver and Gall Bladder Flush                                                               Popular Christmas oils:
       The liver and gallbladder flush is an important detoxifying instrument              Frankincense and Myrrh
which will help restore the normal functional capacity of these vital organs. It is        Elfin Christmas
a good idea to take a liver tonic such as the Renew-U, Skin Clear, or Detox,
for approximately one to two weeks before taking the Liver Flush, to ready the        The Herbalist’s ‘Herbalist’
liver for the flush.                                                                  Embossed Custom Soaps
Liver Flush Pointers                                                                       Made with pure ingredients:
       Eat a light dinner on the evenings when you take the Flush. Mix these          vegetable and essential oils, herbs and     Health Scents by Alan
ingredients together in a blender, which is best, or in a jar and take just before    flowers, 4 oz. bar $4.25.
                                                                                                                                  Hayes ($13.00)
retiring. It is O.K. to do it during the day as long as you have a fairly empty
stomach.                                                                              “Aromatherapy of Rome” Candles
• 3 tbs. unrefined (organic) olive oil
• juice of 2 lemons, 1 orange optional for taste                                      Amrita: Aromatherapy Diffusers and Gift Sets
• (optional) 1 medium clove of garlic ( beware of garlic breath the next day)
• chunk of fresh garlic (chopped fine in blender or by hand)                          Aroma Vera: Aromatherapy Gift Sets and Personal Ceramic
• pinch of cayenne pepper                                                             Diffusers
       Drink this down and follow with a cup of mild laxative tea, such as The
Herbalist’s L.B.Tea or Renew-U Tea. Drink the tea immediately following               Of The Essence: Bath @ Body Oils, Bath Salts @
The Flush. Go to bed and lie on your right side with your knees up to chest, so       Glycerine Soaps (shown left)
that the mixture goes directly to your liver and gallbladder. Some people experi-
ence moderate nausea but this passes quickly.

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                                      — Thyme for Classes continued .         .
Art of Aromatherapy: Distillation of Essential Oils                           .
      Expand your knowledge of essential oils! The Herbalist is               .
                                                                              .   Posture and Well Being
excited to introduce Robert Seidel, owner of The Essential Oil Company in .   .
                                                                              .         Taught by Dr. Cynthia Suriano, D.C., learn how a unique approach
Lake Oswego, Oregon, the premier expert on essential oils in this country.    .
                                                                              .   to chiropractic care can help to improve your posture and your
If you have ever wondered how essential oils are made, this is a special op-  .
                                                                              .   overall well being. Dr. Suriano will discuss subluxation, misalignment,
portunity to learn. Using northwest herbs, Robert will demonstrate how        .
                                                                              .   adjustment vs. manipulation. She will discuss causes of subluxation – the
to distill an essential oil. He will also discuss the medicinal qualities     .
                                                                              .   three Ts: trauma, toxins, and thoughts; also, how C1 subluxation effects the
and uses of essential oils. Experience the scents and sensation               .
                                                                              .   rest of the spine. She will perform complementary posture screening
of the finest essential oils nature provides. If you are an Aromathera- .     .
                                                                              .   for all class participants. Dr. Suriano practices at Suriano Family Chiroprac-
py enthusiast and would like to become one, this class should not be missed.  .
                                                                              .   tic in Lynnwood, WA.
      Thursday, April 16 , from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Cost: $25.00.
                            th                                                .
                                                                              .         Tuesday, March 3rd, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Cost $15.00.
 Beat Fatigue: Energize Yourself!                                             .
                                                                              .   The Andean Orchid Flower Essences
      Do you feel a little (or a lot) less energetic that you used            .
                                                                                        This is an introduction to the amazing Andean Orchid
to! Can your ordinary doctor find “nothing in particular” wrong and,          .
                                                                              .   Flower Essences. Orchids are the flower of ascension. Their DNA
hence, have no specific recommendations for you to improve your energy?       .
                                                                                  structure is the most highly evolved of any plant on earth. They address the
Learn how to boost your energy, using high quality herbs, exercising,         .
                                                                              .   higher chakras and assist the opening and expanding of the heart. They are
customized therapeutic supplements, optimizing your body’s                    .
                                                                                  evolutionary flower essences. Learn about each of the 12 orchid essences,
weaker systems and following your own individual “treatment map”              .
                                                                              .   sample them, and learn how to use them. Join other people who are discover-
which will all help you to energize yourself, naturally! This class is taught .
                                                                                  ing that flower essences are one of the most effective healing modalities now
be Dr. Wynsome, a naturopathic physician who is a specialist in natural       .
                                                                              .   available. Taught by Lea M. Parker, a certified Teacher/Practitioner of Star
medicines and therapies – with an expertise in natural hormone balancing      .
                                                                                  Flower Essences. Fee includes handouts.
and women’s health issues. Dr. Wynsome practices at Water’s Edge, Seattle, .  .
WA.                                                                           .
                                                                              .                              Visit our web site:
      Thursday, April 9 , from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Cost: $15.00.
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