Access to Vaccines in ledcs by nyut545e2


									Access to Vaccines in LEDCs

         By Billy Carr
Outline to Vaccines         Outline to LEDCs

Can be referred to as       Also known as less
inoculations or             economically developed
immunization                countries
A substance which           Means that standard of
contains a harmless virus   living is low as is well
or bacterium which is       being
given to a person or        Does not have to be just
animal to prevent them      the country can be an
from getting the disease    area within it
which the virus or
bacterium causes
                 Project Outline

Problem – Why can’t people in LEDCs get easy access to
Things to do –
Follow methods: (1) Look at what others have done
                (2) Send out questionnaire to get own
 Thank you
for listening

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