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For 0-24 months:

That’s Not My… series - $7.99 – 9.99                             (Page 40)
These best-selling books for babies and toddlers have a variety of textured patches on each page, to develop sensory awareness. The
textures might be fuzzy, smooth, bumpy, or rough...little ones will love to feely the different patches. In the catalog, you’ll find Touchy-
Feelys in a larger format, too, with multiple textures on each page. Be sure to check out all of the Touchy-Feely books on pages 39 and
40 of our catalog. We have over three dozen Touchy-Feely books in our collection!

Find the Duck $6.99 (Pages 12 & 41)
Find The Duck is a sturdy board book specially written to provide very young children with the challenge of something to look for,
amusing situations to talk about, and familiar objects to name. Children will love to find the little yellow duck in every picture and then
look for the other objects hidden throughout the story. We also have Find the Bird, Kitten, Puppy, Piglet and Teddy.

I Love You, Baby $8.99 (Page 39)
Usborne Board Books are not only adorable, but very high quality. The simple words, rounded corners, and sturdy, durable pages make
them perfect for baby’s first books. This title, I Love You, Baby, is part of our “Snuggletime” series. There are soft and fuzzy textures of
Baby’s blanket and favorite plush toys on each double page.

There's A Mouse About The House $10.99 (Pages 3, 9 & 49)
This interactive book is so much fun: first, take the little cardboard mouse out of the pocket on the front cover. (hold up book and
demonstrate as you speak) Then, as you read the story about the mouse's adventure, follow the dotted line and move the mouse
through the slot on each page. Kids and parents LOVE this book! And - it’s not just fun, it’s educational, too:
• holding the mouse is like holding a pencil. It teaches those fine motor skills to little fingers.
• following the dotted line encourages early writing skills.
• the mouse always moves from left to right, which is important to early reading skills. AND
• the child learns to turn one page at a time. If they turn a few pages at once, (like many 2 year olds do) the mouse won’t be there This
is a favorite book for so many reasons - children love to read the book and move the mouse again and again. Real Life Award winner.
Also available in the slot book series: A Squirrel’s Tale!                Becky Keck, Supervisor               877-963-2345
Lullabies Board Book with CD $14.99 (Page 37)
The perfect soother for parents and babies alike – the Lullabies Board Book with CD has seven traditional lullabies, including “Rock-
a-bye-Baby”, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and “Sleep Baby Sleep”. There's over 35 minutes of beautifully arranged music to sing along
to. In the book, each lullaby is illustrated, with adorable pictures, and there are tabs on the side that allow favorite lullabies to be located
Also available: Christmas Lullabies

For 2-3 years:
Big Book of Things to Spot $12.99 (Page 16 & 77)
Our best-selling "1001 Things to Spot" titles are "search and find" books for younger children. The Big Book of Things To Spot will
provide hours of fun as children search for rain forest animals, explore a bustling market town, enjoy a castle feast, and much more. Not
only are these books fun, they also encourage visual recognition and help develop number and counting skills, too.
This book is an example of what Usborne calls a "Combined Volume" - which is two or more titles included in one book, to save you
money. Big Book of Things To Spot is a combined volume with four titles in it - 1001 Animals to Spot, plus 1001 Things to Spot in the
Town, Farm, and Long Ago. You could buy each one separately for $6.99, OR - purchase the Big Book and get ALL FOUR for just
$12.99 in this one title! Pages 16 and 17 of our catalog will show you many of Usborne’s combined volumes.

                                                         Combined volume ($12.99):

                                    Individual titles ($6.99 each) – examples only, more titles available:                 Becky Keck, Supervisor               877-963-2345
                                          Hardbacks (with puffy cover) ($9.99):

Animal Fun $12.99 (Page 49)
This book is part of our new Preschool Activities Series, which is specially designed for sharing with preschool aged children. The
projects in Animal Fun include painted lions, stand-up elephants and fuzzy monkeys, and lots of ideas for drawing and painting, finger-
painting, and cutting and sticking. As well as being fun, the activities will help to develop important skills such as hand control,
coordination and concentration. Also in this series is Farm Fun and Christmas Fun.

The Zoo Talk-About Board Book $8.99 (Page 41)
Our Talk-About books are packed with things to spot, count and talk about on every page. The action-filled scenes in The Zoo are very
detailed, to encourage discussion and interaction. Sturdy tabs on the side of the pages help children to quickly locate their favorite
scenes. To add to the fun, each scene has our little yellow duck, a white mouse and a mystery “out-of-place” object to spot.
Also available: The Farm, The Seaside.

I Can Draw Animals $4.99 (Pages 3, 29 & 49)
Our drawing books are truly exceptional. This award-winning book, I Can Draw Animals, is packed with adorable drawings of animals,
with very clear step-by-step picture instructions showing how to draw each one. Precise hand-control is not required, so even very
young children will be happy with the results! Even pre-readers can be successful drawing by following the illustrations! This book also
included in the Big Book of Playtime Activities.

Combined volume (contains I Can Draw Animals, II Can Cut and Stick, I Can Crayon, I Can Fingerpaint, I Can Draw Animals, I Can
Count, I Can Add up and Fun with Numbers) - $17.99:               Becky Keck, Supervisor             877-963-2345
School Look and Say $7.95 (Page 43)
This series is specially designed to help build vocabulary and encourage attention to detail, with lots of action on every page. In this
title, School, each double page has a scene from a busy classroom, throughout a day at school. Sturdy tabs on the sides of pages help
children find their favorite scenes.

and even more titles!

Everyday Words $9.99 (Page 101)
Everyday Words is a bright and lively wordfinder for young children, containing over 500 simple words. For those just learning to read,
this book will provide reassuring and fun-filled practice in word and picture recognition. Very young children will enjoy simply naming
and spotting familiar objects. It is also a useful vocabulary builder and friendly spelling guide for anyone studying English, Spanish or
French as a foreign language.

Under the Ground $9.99 (Pages 11 & 61)
Our Picture Books are beautifully illustrated non-fiction and classic tales. The large format makes these ideal books to read aloud. This
popular title, Under the Ground, is about what two children see when they dig from one side of the earth to the other – from plant
roots, to the subway, to diamond mines, to the core of the earth. The illustrations and photographs feature real images of the moon.
There are over 30 titles in this series, including non-fiction picture books such as In The Pond, Under The Sea, The Butterfly, and more.
Plus timeless tales like The Gingerbread Man, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Nutcracker. We also have three different
Picture Book Value-Pack Sets, grouped at a savings - you’ll find them at the front of our full catalog.

For 4-5 years:
Princess Things to Make and Do $6.99 (Pages 31, 84 & 91)
Our themed activity books feature step-by-step instructions AND pictures - kids can create exciting projects on their own, together, or
with adults. Princess Things To Make and Do contains many princess-themed projects, including princess bookmarks, door hangers,
cards and more. When they’re finished, they can decorate what they’ve made with the shiny stickers in the middle of the book. Also
available in Kid Kit on page 31.               Becky Keck, Supervisor              877-963-2345
Other titles in this series:

Learning Palette $14.99 for Base, $9.99 per Card Pack (Pages 13, 14 & 15)
The Learning Palette is a creative tool designed to make learning math and language arts concepts fun for children! How it works:
First, remove the small colored disks. Then, position one of the cards, question side up, on the Learning Palette base. Next, the child
answers the questions by placing their corresponding colored disk in the slot that has the answer. After they've placed all the disks, the
child turns the card over to check their answers. If done correctly, the colors on the card will match those of the disks. This unique
product is easy and fun to use, allows children to work at their own pace, and helps build confidence. The card packs are sold
separately, and each contains 12 cards, with 12 challenges on each card. Concepts covered in reading range from letter recognition to
early vocabulary to reading comprehension and more. Math skills covered include counting, simple addition and subtraction and
progress to decimals, fractions, money and more. You can purchase the Learning Palette base and individual card packs, or purchase
a Reading Center or Math Center kit, with specially bundled card packs and the base packaged in a sturdy vinyl carrying case.

Beginners Series $4.99 (Pages 62-63)
Usborne Beginners are non-fiction books, jam-packed with informative text and colorful photographs and illustrations. The many
subjects covered in this series are ideal for children who prefer fact to fiction, and also make non-fiction exciting for those “all-fiction”
readers. These books offer great value, with hardcover books at paperback prices. You can save even more with our Value-Pack Sets
of Beginners - you’ll find them at the front of our full catalog. At the back of the book, you’ll find descriptions of links to recommended
websites, to explore related information about firefighters.                Becky Keck, Supervisor               877-963-2345
                                                         and many more titles!

Fat Cat on a Mat $6.99 (Pages 4, 10 & 48)
Fat Cat on a Mat is part of our best-selling Phonics Readers. This series was written in consultation with a language expert, to help
young children learn to read. The simple text and repetitive sounds help develop reading confidence. Cute illustrations by Stephen
Cartwright feature fun animal characters and a little yellow duck hiding throughout the book. Large fold-out pages add to the enjoyment.
We have several titles in this series, plus a Combined Volume of four phonics readers, Ted and Friends. Parent Council® Ltd. Award

Combined volume (with four stories) - $9.99:

Daisy The Doctor $6.99 (Page 8 & 53)
The Jobs People Do series is one of our most popular - each story follows the main character through their work day, with plenty of
excitement and drama along the way. In this book, you'll see Daisy The Doctor taking care of her patients, in very detailed scenes. The
titles in this series feature themes of cooperation, responsibility, dedication and respect. Plus, each of these books was written with the
help of experts in each field to ensure complete accuracy. In this series you’ll find Fred The Firefighter, Sam the Chef, Vicky the Vet,
and more. We also have a Combined Volume of six, titled Jobs People Do.

Combined volume (6 stories) - $22.99:                Becky Keck, Supervisor             877-963-2345
For 6-7 years:
(Check back on 10/16 for these suggestions!)   Becky Keck, Supervisor   877-963-2345