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I want to warn you. This manual is not "pretty". It is not doctored up with fancy graphics. It's not
so eloquent in it's construction it'll win an award. In fact it probably contains more mistakes in
grammar, punctuation and rules of writing than I care to even imagine. But, you are going to
find the INFORMATION it contains to be the prettiest stuff you've ever heard on the subject of

This manual is the results, as you will see of many trials and errors, numerous tests and some
"home runs" that made a lot of money. I want to explain something to you that sets the tone for
the rest of this work.

 I've spent countless hours, numerous dollars and a lot of blood, sweat and tears
understanding the world of marketing, MLM and mailorder. You are about to embark on a
journey through my understanding. You are to be led to a place, a summit of understanding in
your own mind, that will be BEYOND COMPARE. I want to set the tone. I have found that, from
trial, error, success and failures that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to make money without, I
restate, WITHOUT following certain guidelines. These guidelines are not to be found in any
one other book, course or manual, audio tape or other source. The guidelines are the result of
years of intensive research and a burning desire to fully comprehend it all.

 Look at it this way. Suppose you are in a field next to a river that is flooding the entire
surrounding town. The water is moving closer and soon will have the entire field flooded.
There's no escape for you since just on the other side of the river a small creek has had it's
water level rise and it's a torrent, 20 feet of raging white water. To try to cross it would be
suicide. As you watch the water creep at your feet knowing full well in a matter of hours it will
be over your head, the only thing in sight is a pile of brush, cut up trees and old lumber. How
are you going to survive? Are you going to take ONE piece of lumber, pole-vault yourself up
top of it and try to balance on it over top till the water recedes?

 No, a little breeze will knock you into the water rather quickly. Are you going to build a support
structure using TWO pieces of lumber? No, as you realize if you did that, you could easily fall
off in either of two directions. How about building a pyramid looking structure out of 3 pieces?
That's better. You'd be supported and there's a chance you would make it. But you want to
assure your success and ability to ride out the raging waters so you build a structure with 4
pieces. Well supported you can ride out the rising waters with confidence.

 In my experience it is virtually impossible to exist and make money with ONE supporting
structure. BY that I mean with one MLM plan or promotion, with one mailorder promotion and
with one source of income. Reason being you can get toppled over at the slightest breeze, bad
economy, unforeseen event. These "supports" can be likened to sources of income or profit
centers. With just one, you're sunk. Two you are better off but rather unstable. Three, well, you
might make it ok but, then again, you might not. Having at least 4 will sure up your success.
This manual is about developing your profit centers. This manual is about showing you how to
do it, step by step and, as you'll see, this manual and the help it can offer you very well may
think as the best thing that ever happened to you.

You will notice that interspersed in these pages are many clues that more or less paint the
author, me, as someone with heart and that truly does care about the outcome someone
receives from all this. There are not many things that are a "sure thing" in life but, of this I am
sure ... you are going to get an education that could be comparable to that of 3 PH.D degrees.
You are about to get a Doctorate degree in :from within the trenches" marketing. Nobody will
ever be able to take that way from you. You future, as you'll see, will be taken out of the "hit or
miss" world of MLM into the world where you control your destiny, totally.

I really want to first congratulate you. In my study of the most successful of people, from all
occupations, from all walks of life and from within many industries the people who "self direct"
their own education make out best. since you are furthering your education by reading this you
are taking yourself closer to the success you;I've hoped for. I guarantee you will never look at
MLM the same way again and, hopefully you will win with a two step approach of totally
understanding the "marketing" you see out there and may have even taken part of with all it's
pitfalls and perils - AND - by learning what absolutely works.

You may ask - "How is THIS BOOK different from the other guru type MLM information so
prevalent?" . It is a world apart. Some of the teachers, gurus, marketing masters teach
principles that are outdated, not even proven, or worse yet, downright dangerous. Some of
these guys write about stuff they have not even done themselves! Still others it appears may
read the works of another, pick up some technique or strategy and without blinking an eye
claim it for themselves and start teaching others the methods .. without EVER trying it

MLM should be a great way for the "average" person to make huge sums of money doing
something they enjoy possibly even becoming financially independent in the process. MLM
often is in reality a true nightmare for many people who try it. You are about to embark on a
"different" view of MLM. It's a more logical one and, as you'll see for yourself, a better

This manual is not about the various legal issues of MLM, marketing plans, commission
structures or anything of that sort. for that type information regarding any issue, consult your
legal professional. This manual is not about taxes, investments or "business opportunities" per
say. Consult a competent professional, tax attorney or accountant for that type advice. This is
however, about marketing. Consult me for that. I'm a graduate of the school of hard knocks
with honors.

The consequences of attempting MLM, or mailorder for that fact unarmed with this type
information are enormous. For years I wondered why and how, a relatively bright guy( some
may question that ) with a desire to try to simply build a nice small business could constantly
fail. I probably tried, researched, attempted every so called "money-making" plan out there ...
with minimal results. That includes MLM in the beginning. But lo and behold, experience being
the best teacher eventually I succeeded but not without a cost. For a good many years I felt
miserable. Here were what seemed to be great plans in my lap but when I tried them, I failed
miserably for the most part. It was not until fully understanding and learning the lessons that I
succeeded. Fortunately for you, you do not have to waste years, thousands and punish
yourself, like I did. I really thought it was me, I really did. I thought I did all of the plans wrong
somehow. As you'll find out just like me, if you've tried and failed it is NOT you. I stopped
punishing myself over it all when things began to crystallize. Only when I started tapping more
scientific, methodical, sound principles did I start making money. You do not have to waste
precious time going to the school of hard knocks. Obviously you are interested in a self
directed education or else you would not be in possession of this manual.

 I found out that most courses, most guru types and most book, reports and methodologies
involved in MLM and mail order were inherently stacked against me. I then saw myself for what
I had become. I was like, along with many others sort of like goldfish in a pond. The folks
selling business opportunities would dangle morsels of food over us, every so often we'd bite.
Temporarily satisfied we'd go about our business trying the stuff we were sold, mostly to only a
limited result and success. I'd then position myself for the next morsel, become satisfied with
what I was presented for a while ... only to to find I had been given only a piece of the puzzle.
Marketing guru's often get some piece of the puzzle, package it and sell it to goldfish like me. I
remember one guru packaging the "electronic marketing" methods to make millions. Well, after
trying it, I lost my shirt. Was I stupid? No, I later found out that it wasn't me. Electronic
marketing while new was GREAT FOOD for us goldfish! In fact, this guru later retracted his
emphasis on it all and apologized to all for being so foolish. Even today, I look at my E-mail
box jammed with messages and Emails for marketing various stuff. I cannot delete it fast
enough. In the last 14 months I NEVER opened one of those mails. Yet, that guru made a
small fortune feeding goldfish like me. I was being fed little pieces of the puzzle. I never, never
really got the entire puzzle. This manual will give you my full interpretation of the puzzle.

 There's guru types in MLM that continually [package up the latest, greatest techniques. Alone
and by themselves the techniques are virtually worthless. They are mostly single legged
supports. You won;t withstand the test of time using any single one. I am not saying all of it is
bad stuff. I am saying that each may provide a different piece of the puzzle and that it is up to
you to put it all together.

You goal is to create a money machine. My goal is to give you my experience as best I can to
help you do that. Just one concept like setting your business house on a firm foundation with at
LEAST 4 profit centers will take you farther than any other concept I know about. MLM, in and
of itself is just a piece of the puzzle.

The end result should be a cohesive, rather complex, advanced understanding of what is going
on, what YOU are doing and how to make it all so much better.

As you are about to find out for yourself, it is possible to make money, legally, ethically,
honestly in MLM. In order to get to that point you must face facts, put aside the hype, BS and
exaggerations often accompanying MLM plans and promotions. This is about marketing and
making a profit.

You are urged to use this manual as a standard by which your marketing is judged and to
wake up the marketing genius within yourself to the truth. See that gentleman over there with
that glazed over look in his eyes? He's mumbling to himself. He just learned of the amazing
opportunity that is held within the promise of MLM. He was assured by his sponsor and
promoter that HE WILL BECOME FABULOUSLY WEALTHY in the program they are about to
work. All he has to do is follow the "leader" and duplicate the success of others before him.

The sad truth is that too often MLM boils down to this ... a sponsor BS'es a new prospect
enough so that THEY TOO believe the hype and also believe riches are right around the
corner ... and .... all that new person must do is get enough others to believe that also .. and
there WILL BE money made. The extent to which that can be accomplished is the extent of the
riches and rewards. The only problem, as you are about to find out is that in plain words, the
"marketing" used to promote the plan and/or products sucks. Everyone really knows this but
also know the idea is to convince enough others and success will follow.

Let me give you an example of how MLM is conducted. There's no real people like depicted in
this example but rather they are a combination of many personalities and promoters found

Mr. Big has been in MLM for years. He knows darn well that most people ( some 95% ) will
lose money in MLM but, he's convinced if he gets enough people to actually believe the hype,
he WILL make money. So he goes about to set his "money-machine" into motion. first, he
knows that many business opportunity seekers are lazy so he devises a way to make MLM to
NOT appear to be much work. His promotional literature and inf. claims it's the "lazy way to
riches" and all you have to do is follow his example .. after all .... he is CLAIMING to be making
a lot of money and to a certain extent, he may be making tons. But take a deeper look at HOW
he is making money and the proverbial "cat" will be out of the bag.

Mr. Big needs a "money machine" and after trying "straight" MLM he sees rather quickly that
the money does not flow as expected or as depicted by the MLM promoters. Mr. Big realizes
that the way to REALLY make money is to concentrate on a particular aspect of the business.
He immediately strikes a deal with a mailing list firm to purchase, for unlimited use a bunch of
MLM enthusiast names. Mr. Big finds out that if he tells people " MAIL ORDER MLM IS THE
WAY TO GO" that a lot of people end up renting his lists to use as a medium to recruit new
sales associates and make retail sales. Mr. Big quickly finds out the MORE HE TOUTS mail
order MLM as the way to go ... the bigger his sales for his mailing list rentals. He even writes a
book about MLM by mail techniques and makes even MORE profits. But Mr. Big realizes too
that t ere IS big money in MLM. After all, the      are people passing around copies of
commission checks that approach $100,000.00 a month!

So Mr. Big tries MLM mail order but finds out that even he cannot make a profit when he mails
to the lists he owns. He finds out that he in fact, loses 50% of all the money he spends in
mailing costs, etc.

He then sees the industry turning to audio tapes as a vehicle to deliver a strong sales

He decides to try sending tapes which he purchases en mass and sends hem out to "test" his
new approach. He spends twice what he gets back in income but, then discovers that if he
takes the handful of prospects who went for his offer and TOUTS the merits of MLM and his
new approach, some of them actually spend money doing what he did, sending out tapes. And
he knows full well that THESE PEOPLE lose even more, because his costs for his list is nearly
not noting and the others rs have to pay for the privilege of renting his lists.

"This isn't bad" he thinks to himself. I spend $1,000 but get back about $500 in a few months
time from product sales. If I do a good job at convincing the handful of people, get them to
RENT MY LISTS I will make a profit each and every time. But still, not only does he KNOW full
well that these people will lose money ... neither does he care .. he got his .. they have to be
smart enough to get their own!

Mr. Big determines that the COSTS of the tapes is cutting into his profit. And fewer and fewer
people are willing to spend $2 a tape to mail them out. So he creates HIS OWN tape. He finds
out that he can have them copied in bulk for about 50 cents each. If he offers them to "his
people", his followers at $1.00 each, he will make 100% profit on the tapes alone!

Yeeeeoweeeee! What a way to make money! Mr. Big learns that the more he touts his
"system" the more money he makes on tapes, the more revenue generated by renting his
mailing lists and, because HE can mail the program at lower costs than anyone else he finds
out HE DOES MAKE A QUICK. LARGE PROFIT and his personal commission checks
skyrocket. He then realizes this has market appeal! He then begins telling other people of his
own success and how all he did was mail out tapes! Whammo ... even MORE people join him.
After all, it's true, all he did WAS mail out tapes! Mr. Big conveniently forgets to tell his
"followers" that part of the profits are from mailing list rentals and sale of his own tapes! Mr. Big
knows that given the real costs to his distributors and the response rates - everyone, unless
they are extremely lucky will LOSE MONEY mailing his proven "system". Yet, the facts are he
earns a fortune just mailing out tapes! Who can refute that? Mr. Big, although deep down he
realizes that others suffer, lose money and find it tough to turn a profit Mr. Big rationalizes that
he is "just helping people" learn a valuable business and that his method is the least of many
evils in MLM. He further convinces himself it's ok to perpetuate the hype, continue to tout his
earnings as "easy to do just mailing tapes" etc., because, although the methods lose money for
most, they are still better than what other marketing systems is out there! Mr. Big makes a ton
while the majority of his followers suffer. Sure, by nature of MLM itself those that joined him
and stuck it out from an early stage ALSO make money. Using the sheer numbers and
perpetuation of the hype - they HAVE TO make money. But those are few and far between.
And throughout MR. Big MLM career, he only lets a few, close "insiders" in on his sweet
system to make a ton for himself.

Let me ask you this ... is MR. Big's system worthy of pursuit? Would YOU be happy touting
methods you knew did not work? Can you sleep at night knowing full well that some of your
loyal followers are spending money that could go for their children's education rather than a
losing proposition in this cleverly MLM deal?

and still, even today people wonder WHY it is others make money in MLM when they try the
same things only to lose? It's all in the "numbers" and the clever way many MLM marketing
plans are set up.

Bear in mind Mr. Big does not really exist but, can you see elements of Mr. Big out there? I'll
bet you can! This "system" has been around for ages. Convince people they will make money
by doing it is what you do ... then charge them for the sales materials ( either directly by selling
them tapes, mailing lists, brochures, etc. or indirectly by selling their names to other people )
and although they will fail YOU will make money.

Sometimes reality bites! If you are still convinced most MR. Big types got that way by being
totally honest, I have a bridge to sell you out in Brooklyn. Before doing anyone else's "system"
take a good, hard look at the internal workings to see how the deck is stacked in their favor
and out of favor for the distributors.

My job is not to tell you all the things that are wrong with society or things that are stacked
against you in MLM. My job is to educate you so that you can steer clear of bad decisions and
bad marketing associated with MLM. Is it any wonder that most people fail in MLM? The world
claims big bucks can be made, and SOME MR. BIG types DO MAKE LARGE SUMS - but at
what cost? If you are personally willing to "sell your soul to the devil" there's a neat little cult
that sacrifices goats by the light of the full moon you may be interested in.

You are probably remarking quietly to yourself ... gee, after having read THIS info I want to get
out of MLM totally and never look back, it's a dirty business that seems like the ONLY WAY
you can make huge sums of money is BY INHERENTLY BEING DISHONEST!!!

Cheer up. In order to build you up and take you to the new heights of your understanding we
have to break down MLM to it's ugly core It's a necessary evil. Now you see why and how
MOST marketing concepts do SOMETHING akin to what Mr. Big does .. sell you something ..
take advantage of the "little guys" in the food chain. Not me. Hopefully not you. Fortunately,
aft r you are done with this manual you are going to be bet           epared than EVERYONE
out there          out and make your own fortune, honestly, without bending the rules, without
selling your soul and without losing sleep!

I know it .. I feel it ... I "have you" almost totally convinced that the vast majority of ALL MLM
promotions stink! Take a look at ANY "system": you see out there! It does not have to be that
way, I promise. You will want to rise above all that crap. Really, at what price does success
come? Is it worth compromising your integrity and honesty? I think not. I think that you, like
myself are in marketing because it represents a way out of financial doldrums and achieving
the ability to earn as munch money as you'd like a goal but also having all that comes with true
success ... integrity, honesty and ethics. If you really did not care about HOW you made
money ... you could just go out and rob banks at gunpoint. Only a few people would choose
that approach but yet, so many will choose MLM as their vehicle and STILL ROB others! The
problem is there is no law against cleverly disguising your robbery under the auspices of MLM.

Sometimes it takes brutal honesty to get past the nonsense. I hope those stars in your eyes
are currently as a result of knowing that the real truth and viable means to an end are in sight.
Otherwise, can you REALLY see yourself continuing along the MLM path and getting
bombarded with the "low class" marketing techniques used by so many?

In order to get where it is you are going you are going to have to see things clearly, for what
they are - however "ugly" it may seem to you now. then and only then you can get a grasp on
truthful, honest ways to make money in MLM. Do you REALLY want to do it using the "bottom
scavenger" techniques? I think not and there's no reason you have to "stoop" so low as the
others. You can and will make it big if you so desire and you can do it as honestly and ethically
as can be, 100%. Achieving MLM success by masterminding clever schemes that amount to
nothing more than the continuation of the "false beliefs" that anyone can make it ( knowing full
well they will lose money ) is not worth it in the long run.

Okay, enough of my "soapbox sermon". The point is MLM today has not changed all that
much. The same cleverly disguised techniques that take account of the fact MOST PEOPLE
will lose money by following the leader are still in use today, perhaps even more so. There's
always some new MLM guru touting that THEIR WAY is the best way and by and large, unless
they can provide PROOF, you will not longer be at their mercy. You can and will make large
sums in a totally honest way.

What caused me to reenter the world of MLM education? A few things happened. I went from
MLM related product and service creation and sales to straight mailorder. MY mailorder
business will continue and I just love it as much as the first day I started. I get a big kick out of
providing the "aha" experiences that so many people get upon reading my common sense
approaches and brutal truth depiction of what really goes on.

I want to tell you something about mailorder itself that is in line with what I just spouted off
about, about MLM. The same type of shenanigans happen in straight mailorder. There's plenty
of Mr. Big's who tout the heck out of how much money can be made and/or how much they are
making. All's you have to do ... to make the big money in mailorder is become a dealer for their
products and / or services. Tell me, if marketing their books and tapes is so profitable, why
then don;t they just do it all themselves and make all the profits? There's a reason .. and as
you might have guessed being the astute person you are now, the money is NOT in doing it
but by getting others to believe they can become a millionaire and getting them to do all the
work for a smaller portion of the profits! Yes, the same clever strategies are at play often in the
world of straight mailorder. The mailorder guru says "You can make a bundle .. just sell our
books and tapes .. etc." and some of them get enough people to believe it that THE CLEVER
MAILORDER GURU DOES make money, sometimes a lot of money! But the underlings, the
mailorder millionaire "hopeful's" usually just break even or lose money. Clever marketing or
underhanded methods that should be avoided? You decide that for yourself before getting into
anyone else's marketing campaign.

And then there's the combination MLM/mailorder guru types who blend both concepts. The
only way you can make money with them is if you get enough other people to believe it as well
and they then perpetuate the methods, profits and techniques.

You are reading the ONLY manual on MLM or mailorder that explains this REAL DEAL of what
often happens with making money in this business. But wait .. you ask "aren't you guys doing
the same thing here?" On the outside one might speculate that it is possible we COULD be
doing that type of technique. You see the dealerships and opportunities but there's an
important distinction. We give full, unlimited reprint rights to this manual thus allowing anyone
with a smidgen of ambition to reap the rewards of our brutally honest hard work. And yes, there
are dealership opportunities embedded within this course. I am telling you that the real goal for
you should be to COME UP WITH YOUR OWN PRODUCTS and / or SERVICES to sell then
you won't need anyone like us. that's really what this course teaches. No hype, no sales pitch
for our MLM - just the facts and methods that work.

You are urged to START with our products / services and work to ADD your own, one at a
time, over time until you stand on your own. This is the key to making it big. You can make
money promoting the produce s or services of others and creating your own products and/or
services is a hassle but well worth it. If you find it easier and less of a hassle to stick with
marketing products and services like ours then so be it. As long as you are happy.

You do not have to set the world on fire with new products or services or means of making
money. A simple $10 report is fine to start. Then more reports, perhaps a newsletter, an audio
tape, etc., as time moves on. My desire is to have THIS MANUAL go down in MLM history as
providing a turning point in the careers of some very successful people. You can continue to
market this book for 10 or 20 years as it is today! The truth often withstands the test of time.
Some of the facts and figures might change. some of the programs and methodologies may
change but underneath it all is always the same. The "get enough others to believe they will
make money" has been around for many decades. Elements of this technique can be found in
some rather successful operations. Think about it ... they are telling people DO THIS to make
money .. why don;t they just do it if there's so much money in it? The reason becomes obvious.
Often times the system does not work but will IF and only if you get enough others to believe it
will and get them to try it.

 Your goal should be to create a money machine that you can turn on at will bringing you
success and profits that others only dream of. Getting to that point is what the rest of this
manual is all about. It takes clear, decisive, well thought out action and methods to get there.
By the time you are done it will all come together for you and you'll be able to perceive the
future, with all the success you can imagine. This is all about proven, scientific, tried and true
techniques, strategies and methods.

In the end you can create for yourself a money machine that you turn on at will that generates
almost as much money as you will ever need. and, not having to stoop to some of the
underhanded methods so common today, you are going to be proud to have done it right,
honestly, legally, ethically. I imagine the reason SOME people are not successful has to do
with the fact they KNOW some of the things they do to "pull it off" are not above board. As
you'll see, integrity, honesty and ethics ARE a crucial part of success. You'll read reference
after reference to that end.

You'll be able to see through ANY MLM methods others are using to see their REAL VALUE.
You'll be able to steer clear of the problems and bad marketing. Nobody, I mean nobody will be
able to coerce, convince you or con you into believing ANYTHING about MLM. You'll be a
world apart smarter then them all. I am not kidding or stretching it. You'll be able to pick apart
marketing plans, guru teachers to see HOW it is they are making profits and know which to
avoid like the plague.

On the positive side, you will be able to turn on your money machine at will.

Now for a tad insight into MLM programs themselves. Like most of life MLM plans go through
evolution from infancy to maturity. In-between are various stages of development. Sometime,
usually about 2 to 3 years in duration is the SUPER GROWTH phase. This is when the number
of distributors skyrockets from 20 or 30 thousand to 200 to 300 thousand to upwards of
500,000. It is within this time frame most of the money is made and when one experiences the
best potential to build a huge organization. It is still possible to earn money from a "mature"
plan. And it is equally possible to get onboard a plan in it's infancy. But the REAL MONEY is
made during the FAST GROWTH phase. Using your money machine you may achieve the
ultimate - using the money machine to build huge organizations that bring you huge
commission checks in not only one, but several plans. If done right, the money machine can be
turned on once a year for a different program and in the course of 7 years generate 7 incomes
each month that last a lifetime. It is possible but not without the principles behind you working
to your advantage.

Another important point to make, although THIS is not a manual about picking the right MLM
plan, is some insight into whether or not to build an organization of consumers that buy product
OR build a downline of business builders. Different people have different views of this. If all you
are doing is renting the run of the mill mailing lists then you are going to get few business
builders versus many more consumers of the product. Some MLM guru types claim the only
way to go is to concentrate on getting people to BUY product. Well, business builders, that is
the people who are in turn going to build their own downlines, do both consume product AND
build businesses which translates to more royalty checks and bigger royalty checks for you.
The reason they may claim to build a business of consumers is ...

Which would you prefer? To get 1000 people in your downline who only buy product and
generate $2000 a month in commissions - or - get 1000 business builders who, over the
course of 6 months bring in another 5000 buyers? That my friend, is a no brainer. But yet, just
last week I heard a taped MLM guru tell all about how building an organization or consumers is
better. My immediate take on this was 1) He probably was trying to sell people on the idea
because the lists he rents to them contained not many business builders but rather contained
wannabes and consumer "only" types and 2) He could not very well say building with business
builders was better because he had ALREADY hit the lists of known hitters. Personally, I'd
rather build the organization of business builders because you get BOTH consumers and
business builders PLUS they will then go on to build a huge organization .

The real problem with concentrating on business builders is that there are probably ONLY a
few hundred thousand of these types versus the 17 million MLM product consumers
nationwide. He probably hit the lists of known business builders several times and could not
very well preach that going that route was the best thing to do.

Are you getting a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach about the various shenanigans that
go on in MLM? I mean, seems like there's an "angle" to everyone's pitch out there. The truth
is ... you are better off assuming that there IS some sort of slant and angle to the marketing of
others because in my experience there usually is! Take the time to "pick apart" the marketing
of others before assuming what they are saying is the gospel truth.

So, to take a checkpoint you now know that building your own list of known business builders
is better than the other type of promotions you hear about or are invited to join. Later on, we'll
present several ways to help you realize your building goals. You'll be able to acquire a list to
start building with. You'll be able to build that list using some of our products and services.
You'll be able to leverage your list building efforts and get a 2 or 3 to 1 advantage over anyone
else. More about that aspect and more, later. All this is part of building your money machine.
You'll have the ability to tap hundreds of thousands in resources to help you. You'll be able to
turn on the money machine at will. You are best off with your own products / services but better
off starting with the products and services of others until you get to that summit and have the
time,money and inclination to develop your own. You'll finally see the light at the end of the
MLM tunnel. I know, I know, some of this may be a bit difficult to swallow and assimilate. It'll all
become clear by the time you are done here with us.

Now, a bit of light on the subject of why we are doing this. I devoted countless hours, blood,
sweat and tears toward marketing and MLM. I was able to create a "money machine" that
could be turned on at will. I suppose I could pick up several MLM plans, push the heck out of
them to customers like you, make even more money but, that would almost defeat the
purpose, wouldn't it. I do not want to hinge my success on the success of any MLM plan. I do
not want to lose the friends and associates I've been fortunate to encounter as a result of this
stuff by pitching some MLM plan to them. that's yet another reason why you won't get pitched
from us for MLM plans in particular. We don't do MLM, we just make it a whole lot better for
anyone we come into contact with and who gets our ideas.

If I did start sending you MLM pitches to all the folks who received this manual some would
join, some wouldn't. I might lose their loyalty and maybe their friendship for life. I do not want to
do either. I am happy cruising along helping others. See, after building a huge "mailing service
machine" with all the automated equipment needed I found out that making sales locally ( hard
sales at that ) to local businesses who did not understand the first thing about marketing was
NOT something I wanted to do. I'd rather have a small, savvy group of good people who use
my services on a regular basis and make their own fortunes. Who knows. Maybe I'll change
and want to get into a MLM plan if the right one comes along. Maybe if the right person
provides the PROOF and it looks too good to pass up, I might one day join one. But right now,
I can't. Nope, not until AFTER every MLM business builder in the nation at least KNOWS about
this, has read this manual and benefits as a result. It's my goal. I learned a long time ago .. do
something worthwhile and the money will follow. The "money" itself is no longer the driving
force. I have enough of that to live very comfortably. I would like some notoriety though, that
would make me feel good about what amounts to my life's work.

You want to learn how to create a money machine. furthermore, I assume you want to create a
money machine that is honest, legal and forthright. There ARE other ways to create money
machines but, the cost may be too high if you value your ethics, morals or conscience. That is
what you are going to learn, to create a money machine.


The problems you've experienced in the past will dissolve. The losses, heartaches and
headaches will disappear like waking up from a bad dream only to find out the misery felt was
not real at all. You have been given the tools, techniques and hopefully the added motivation
needed to succeed beyond your wildest expectations.

There should be no doubt as what you can do next. Start building your list of business builders.
This list will outlast MLM programs and carry you through tough times. Begin thinking about
creating and marketing products on your own. Of course, we'd like to see you also market ours
for starters. Get our newsletter. I really think receiving this newsletter every month will remind
you, prompt you, motivate you to stay on track and on target. Keep learning. Be careful of what
you are told. Learn to see through the many guises, props and hidden glitches in marketing
plans and promotions. Take advantage of our huge, "mailing service machine". A hundred
grand worth of effort, equipment and know-how went into creating it. Keep your eyes peeled for
"ripe" MLM programs, those about to experience explosive growth. Fine tune your money
machine. Try different things on a small scale first. Test market. when you find the approach
that works TURN IT ON big time, and reap the rewards of your efforts. Look, you are going to
generate 50% profits for yourself AND us by marketing our stuff but, it's a great place to start.
In fact, I recommend never going without our products. You are going to need more and more
products over time so there's no need to stop marketing ours. Sounds like a convincing pitch
huh? I'd like nothing better than for you to sell $100,000 worth this year and $200,000 worth
next year. I hope you see the value of using the time tested MLM products we supply to you as
a dealer and as a customer for this book. You, in effect, become a sales associate much like
an independent distributor. I want you to realize though, like most dealerships out there the
goal should be to keep 100% of the profits and create your own.

The point you want to get to is one where YOU alone control the rights to a collection of your
own, fast selling products and you make the most money. Look at it this way. Imagine you are
a 16 year old boy preparing for your first date with a new girl you met in school. You want to
impress her and you saved money all month just to be able to take her to the finest place to eat
followed by a pair of front row seats to see her favorite recording artist. You are broke, except
for the money for dinner and the tickets to the concert you have. It's Friday night. Your date is
Saturday. You are starved and all you can find to eat is crackers and Spam. Instead of using
your dinner money to get something to eat, you save it cause you are gonna need it for
payment of the dinner. So you make do eating Spam, crackers and a glass of milk. You do this
to survive until you get your goal, the dinner, and a grand date with your best girl. Being a
dealer for someone else's products IS a temporary measure to get you through much like
resorting to eating crackers. You'll survive. You'll make do. and most importantly, you'll reach
your goal of having enough money to pay for dinner.

Once you have enough of your own products and IF and ONLY IF you have lost the ability to
create them on your own should you consider marketing those of other people. Running a
dealership for the products of others should be viewed as a temporary measure to get you to
your goal and, as a step resorted to if for some reason you cannot create any more products
on your own.

On the other hand, you may find marketing this manual, with the 50% dealerships attached
perfect for your needs and enough to create the income stream you desire. Selling products
this way is actually easier than creating and marketing your own products.

John B. Griffin
89 Mountain Avenue
Mendham, NJ 07945

Dear Friend:

You have got to get this new manual for yourself right now, today! If you have been, currently
are or are thinking about trying MLM - don't do it without reading this new manual first!

I thought it was going to be another "pitch" for some MLM braggart touting his new MLM
plan ... not so ... it is a complete roadmap to mega-success ... the kind you know you deserve.

I was literally floored upon reading it and now I know wealth beyond my wildest imagination is
within reach once again.

Please pay special attention to the information of pages 21, 39 and 45. Those few pages can
literally change your entire life, your entire outlook and your bank account.

If you currently are in MLM and would like to watch all your MLM problems melt away like a ice
cream sundae on a hot July day at noon ... get this manual right away.

If you have been involved in MLM before but got turned off, lost money or got disenchanted
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Acting as an independent distributor, I would only stake my reputation on something I felt was
"that good" or else why bother? I am sure you are going to jump for joy and read it, several
times the first week you have it. When your request is received it'll be processed ASAP and the
manual will arrive shipped direct from the producer, IOS Inc. of Madison, NJ. It'll be shipped
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I do not care if you are already making $100,000.00 a month currently and think you've heard
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One of the best things is - as part of a national campaign - you will receive FULL REPRINT
RIGHTS. Details will accompany your order. Like myself, you can also elect to have IOS "drop-
ship" on your behalf or fill your own orders, or both, your choice. It's over 50 pages of hard
hitting information that I've not been able to find, anywhere. And IOS Inc. is NOT going to give
you a "sales pitch" to join a MLM plan of THEIR choosing! That's not what this is about. This is
about bringing honesty, ethics and the truth back into MLM and helping others realize their own
fortune due to the powerful information it contains.


John B. Griffin

PS. Please don't rationalize ... "I'll send for this tomorrow or the next day" because as you are
reading this, precious time is escaping and success only comes to those that take action when
they perceive a good thing. Send for it now, today and get the ball rolling to your advantage

What does having....


... have to do with Multilevel Marketing?

Take a glimpse of the following fictitious help wanted ad to find out!

HELP WANTED: Home Business Specialist. Must be willing to approach friends, neighbors
and family members with hair-brained get-rich-quick ideas that quickly turn them off. Must have
a lot of extra cash to lose following others who've already lost money. Ability to stretch the truth
helpful. Should be fast talker and be easily manipulated into also believing some hype. Must
have front teeth and the skills to lie through them but call it "good sales techniques". Big bank
account necessary and strong disregard for the truth. Those with conscience or moral values
not needed as successful candidate must coerce others to spend their children's food, clothing
and education moneys after the same dream of riches.Gambling types and type A
personalities perfect fit. Must possess no problem with sending money to upline to purchase
marketing aids, tapes, courses and brochures thus making them richer. Those with foundation
in reality need not apply. Helpful is desire to become diffused and unfocused jumping from one
opportunity to the next greener pasture. Position requires 7 to 10 years worth of learning the
ropes followed by unlimited earning potential commensurate with experience. Typing 100
words per minute, excellent telephone skills and ability to walk on water beneficial and
sometimes necessary. Send resume' in complete confidence to: ABC Multilevel Marketing
Concepts, 10 Ketchem Lane, Cheatem, CA, 90009

But it really does not have to be that way, it really doesn't. A main reason so many people are
turned off of MLM is because it often seems like the aforementioned abilities are necessary. A
question for MLM really amounted to stuff like that? The truth is you can make large
sums of money in MLM,legally, honestly and ethically. Let the author of "How To Get Filthy
Rich in MLM Without Getting "Dirty"" explain fully in his new success manual "Solve All Your
MLM Problems Forever". Getting "dirty" implies all the BS that often accompanies MLM. But it
does not have to be that way... as you'll soon see! Please read this entire package to get the
full scoop. Yes, there IS light at the end of the MLM tunnel.

Does the marketing work? And have your sponsor PROVE it to you!


 Most MLM people lose focus on what it is they are trying to accomplish. They know that their
goal is to earn huge commission checks but HOW?



 I've encountered tons of ML:M enthusiasts over the years. Generally, trying to talk "sense" to
a MLM person, who's eyes are glazed over with dreams of riches and little work is like trying to
teach a pig to sing, it's frustrating and makes the pig mad. No, not all MLM people are like this.
Heck, nobody likes to be told what they are doing is crazy. It hurts their ego and makes 'em
mad. But I'll tell you, 95% of all MLM people STILL lose money because they...


 I am not saying YOU are a dreamer nor am I saying I think YOU are not dealing with reality.
Just stick with me for the duration of this work and literally, lights will go on in your head and all
of a sudden this stuff will have sunk in and making money in MLM will be clear as day.

 As we'll state throughout this body of work, one way to make a killing in MLM is to establish a
database of business builders. Following up to this select group of people, being a "leader" to
them will outlast any one particular MLM plan. Many times MLM folks build their whole life
around one way of doing business with one program, then scramble to locate another way to
do it in another program when the bottom drops out, and it will drop out, eventually.

 This database, or list of business builders is valuable. It's not only valuable to the owner, you
in this instance but to other people as well. A lot of folks would determine that giving up these
names, to list rentals, exchanges and reaping more benefits from them does not make sense.
After all, that would be like cutting off one's nose to spite their face, wouldn't it?

 A long long time ago a true mailorder master shared with me a "secret" to building an
extensive database. You simply TRADE names with other people who have similar names.
This is done regularly in all types of industries. The "junk" mailing lists are often traded the
same names ending up on everyone's "junk" list. The point is ... if you can find someone,
anyone who is deriving their income FROM their own database it makes sense for you to
TRADE your names with them. If you have 20,000 MLM business builders on your list,
providing you and your trading partner only have about 10% duplicates, you end up with
almost 40,000 names! Remember, you are going to rely on your "house list" for years to come.
It might take you years on your own to get that many more names! All you need do is locate a
like minded individual and TRADE the names, even steven. And you can do that every year or
so for ages to come.

 Here's what can happen. You use various means ( classifieds, space ads, direct mail ) to build
a list of 60,000 names over the course of 3 years. You find just 3 other like minded people who
have done the same. You execute your trades. You end up with 300,000 names on your own
database. You've increased your income capacity by 400 percent. Now there are 5 people with
300,000 names each. The stingy way of thinking about it is that you've given up 60,000 names.
The smart way is that you gained 240,000 that, would take you ten or more years to
accomplish your "old" way. For some reason a lot of MLM people think their names are golden
and won't part with them for anything thinking that would let others "steal" their source of

That is a very unrealistic and self hurtful way of looking at it. One might think that having nw 5
other people following up to the same names will diminish the results achieved by any one,
singly, to their own list. Well, first, those names you have ARE being rented and are on other
lists to begin with. 5 more people using them won't make a bit of difference. And, if all 5 of you
are like minded and approaching it similar ways, you might even expect the overall response
rates to INCREASE. Yes, I said increase. You 60,000 names might have now the net effect of
100,000 and the other's 240,000 the net effect of 500,000. My experience has shown that
repeated offers of similar nature increases response rates.

 In classified advertising some 60% of all the inquirers will not become customers. That means
60% of your efforts are for nil. That means 60% of every dollar you spend literally gets eaten
up and is a waste. There are a few things you can do to turn that fact into more profits. Trade
names with others. More about this in the section on our advertising lead sharing network. The
other things you can do is SELL your original inquiry envelopes. If you get 100 replies to a
$100 ad and 60 of those folks do not become buyers you can sell those inquiry envelopes for
50 cents each and squeeze and extra $30 in profits. Multiply that by the number of ads you run
and you can see how it ads up. You may even work at it enough to be able to advertise FOR
FREE! How? Sell your original envelopes once but before you do that have them entered into
a database. You'll be contacted by a lot of firms that have a strong desire to buy your
envelopes. Send them a letter back stating .. that you DO offer your names, on computer
diskette and that your fee is less than what they would have paid otherwise. They get their
names at lower costs, you can offer your names to as many as 20 different firms! Imagine, a
$100 ad getting 100 inquiries. You make $200 off the sale of your products. You then trade
names with another dealer ... resulting in 100 fresh names for your use. You make MORE
money off the front end. You sell your riginal envelopes ( for a $30 profit ) then sell your disks
to 10 different firms for $25 each. You have achieved the ability to reap 10 times your ad costs!
Every $100 in ad costs can turn into $1000 profit!

The old, "stingy" way lets you make just $100 in profit. Which is better?

You can use some of the products and services offered here toget the ball rolling. Our
classified ad "lead sharing" network, our mailing list dealerships and sales, exchanges, trades,

It is important to note that a firm doing what WE are doing that ALSO offers MLM cannot act as
a "service" to you. We do not compete with anyone over MLM. We can service your needs by
being a "partner of sorts" and a firm that is directly competing with you cannot do that!

As your education in mailorder and direct marketing grows, so does the avenues you can turn
to to reap extra profits. Imagine, $100 ads creating $1000 worth of profits all by knowing what
to do AFTER the ball gets rolling. We try to make it a point to assure that ALL of our names
found on our mailing lists are of a quality you can count on, use as fodder to make exchanges.
etc. And the lists in the "advertising lead network" we try hard to assure are exactly what they
say. In the package of info related to sharing and exchanging names of INQUIRERS more info
is found as to HOW we do that. In short, we'll ask for a copy of the sheet containing the ad, the
number of inquirers, the magazines circulation and data like that to help assure the names are
of the quality everyone can count on. Providing that info is simple. And the rewards of doing so
can be astronomical.


 There's a lot of mailorder type guru's out there. I've tried to get most, if not all of the materials
offered by each. Some seemed to make sense at the time. Eventually it became clear that
some of them were no longer DOING what it was they were teaching but that they had stooped
to ONLY selling information about the way it was and no longer REALLY did any mailorder to
speak of, except for selling their courses on how to make money in mailorder. In other words, a
ton of them were selling how to courses full of fluff, BS, lies and some of the info while not
immediately identified was more or less damaging. Not all info coming out from the gurus is
accurate and truthful.

 There is one gentleman I have found that tells it like it is. I find his information revealing,
honest and truthful. He is one of the only guys with information I have trouble "shooting holes"
through. I don't get a cut from telling this stuff about him. When I find something worthwhile I
pass it on.

 His name is J.F. Straw ( Jim Straw ) and his company PHLANDER COMPANY is at PO Box
5385, Cleveland, TN 37320. Telephone 706-259-2280. Jim has a short course on mailorder, a
mailorder marketing newsletter and offers to get hold of past issues of his newsletter and a
bunch of other products.

 I do believe that getting Jim's stuff will do more for your self education in marketing and
mailorder than a $5,000 seminar from one of the other guru types. and it's not going to cost
you nearly that much. Jim's approach is to tell it like it is rather than fill you full of hype. I am
sure you'll benefit a great deal as a result.

   You may already know that the best, easiest and lowest risk/cost way to build a list is by
classified ads. One of the stupidest things a person could do is be stingy with their responses.
check out some of the business opportunity publications currently, and check out many of the
past issues. You are going to see a great many ads from us over the years and a lot of current
ones. Remember to look for IOS Madison, NJ in the ads. Most classified ad campaigns are a
two step approach. The ad asks the interested party to write for more detailed information.
When they do they get the details and usually a sales letter, order form, etc. that is geared to
make the sale. Not everyone who writes BUYS the product. In fact, as many as 60% often do
not ( sometimes more, sometimes less ) which means a large portion of the cost of the ads is
literally "wasted".

 But as the wise old professionals know, the inquirer list, if followed up to over a period of time
will prove profitable to mail to. And as long as it's profitable it should be mailed to. The point is
that the follow up to the point of profit may take a year or more afterwards. Basically, there's a
lot of names that go to waste and, the smartest, savviest thing to do is TRADE those names
with other, BONAFIDE classified advertisers. What I've found is that generally the inquirers
ARE going to buy something although it my not be your product. People tend to write away for
up to 10 different things. If you are not making the sale, someone else is. The idea then
becomes to get your sales message in front of these folks frequently. As frequently as
possible. and to get as many of these INQUIRER names as possible.

 There's a relative easy way to get more power from your advertising and that is to use our
"classified ad inquirer sharing" system. All you have to do is keep track of your inquirer names,
preferably on a database ( you can use our software to do it ) and every so often TRADE your
names for other bonafide classified ad inquiries. Let's say you have $500 in ads that generate
roughly 500 names a month ... you can quickly turn that 500 names into 1500 names easily. To
make it advantageous to everyone the standard trade is 2 for 1. You ARE going to have to
provide proof that your names are what you way they are. But that part is easy. The
instructions tell you the easy steps to do that. Then, you are going to have to send your names
in. Once they are verified they go into the "bank" of new inquirer names. You get to withdraw 2
times that amount from the bank. It's that simple.

 The easiest, fastest, surest method to get wealthy in mailorder and MLM is to build a large,
large list and to continuously follow up with related products and services until that list no
longer proves profitable. Now, the names YOU get won't be quite as results getting than the
names you derive from your own advertising. But you'll see, a few follow ups and you'll find it a
great way to double, perhaps even triple your existing business. and the "cost" to you is a $5
handling fee. We have to pay someone to process your re quest, count names, create a
diskette, verify the quality of the names, etc., and at $5 a pop, you are getting one of the best
values for your advertising dollar than anywhere before.

 Again, you are urged to take a look at the various magazines. Now picture YOURSELF
receiving the replies to many of the ads even though your ad may not be appearing that month
in that magazine. It will take only one trade to convince you. My hope is that you become a
trading partner for life. And the handful of savvy people who take advantage of it can smile all
the way to the bank, together, because we acted together.

 My experience has shown that these names are second to none. The only better lists you will
find are your existing buyers, perhaps equal to a pure buyers list for a similar priced product
along the same vein.

 The classified advertising lead sharing program is included as part of the PART TWO
package. Full details accompany PART TWO. This may be the single, best step you can do at
this point.

 Look at the possibilities. 10 classified advertisers have a combined advertising cost of $5,000
a month. This may generate 5000 new names. If your advertising budget allows you to place
10 ads that cost you $2,500.00 month, you get the RESULT of $7,500.00 worth of advertising!
That is an extremely fast, cost effective way to build your in house list! You'll achieve success
3 times faster. You'll achieve 3 times the amount of success! Remember, time is a irretrievable
element. Once it is gone it is gone forever! you must leverage time. It would take you 3 months
to achieve what you could do using this in one month.

My experience has shown that within the first month of classified ad campaign the majority of
the orders will come in, rather quickly anyway. It is a matter of time and follow up to get the
rest of the orders so you are not at any risk giving up the names to other dealers. Chances are
the other dealers ARE not direct competitors anyway, so I hope you see the tremendous
opportunity that is here.


 You want your associates already in your current MLM plan to be the smartest, most well
educated in marketing possible right? You want them to be able to build large organizations
taking your royalty checks to hiperspace, right? Well, then what you should do is immediately
make copies of this manual and send it to your best business builders. You can, of course use
the reprint rights to sell this manual to new markets, but your existing organization should be
the first to receive this, even if you send it to them free! Just one idea, just one service, just one
advantage they can gain by using this info can translate to a lot of success for them and
hence, for you!






first off, you get to be a full, 100% commission dealer for this manual. This is at your option.

 On a page that follows you will see a page for mailing lists on diskette. This is a standard 50%
dealership that you can take advantage of right away. Those that request PART TWO get a
special "wholesale" supplying distributorship whereby they can get OTHER DEALERS to sell
lists at 50%. This is great for the person who has a list of existing customers or who wants to
let their existing downline to have the ability to become a 50% dealer. What happens is you
can get other dealers to market names. When they get an order they send you 50% to have
the order filled and keep 50% for themselves. You can fill the order by splitting the 50% you
got, sending us half for filling the order. In other words you get a dealer to market the lists.
They make a $200 sale. They keep $100 and send you $100 to have the order filled. You send
us $50, keep $50 for yourself and we fill the order. This opportunity to become a "supplying
distributor" is only given to those folks as part of PART TWO of this manual. You can even
place ads like we have FREE DEALERSHIP, Sell computerized mailing lists, write for info: and
when you get replies these people can use our flyers to make sales of names, give you 50%,
etc. Your cut is lower and so is ours but it may be possible to get 100 dealers out there working
on your behalf. This is an exclusive feature of our marketing approach.

 Of course you can immediately become a 50% dealer by using our flyers to make sales and
sending us 50% along with the name /address / type of order info. A flyer is enclosed as part of
this package.



 Currently we produce a newsletter that originally was intended for "self publishers" and
infopeneuers who use their computers to make money. The subject matter is mailorder,
marketing and MLM. It's monthly and so far, so good. Quite a few subscribers and it has turned
out to be fun. We now offer the newsletter for $97 per year. We also include it in our product
line so dealers can also offer it. We allow for a little over 50% commission. When a customer
orders from one of our dealers, they get to keep $50 and send us $47 for a subscription.


The creation, sales and renting of mailing lists has been, and probably will continue to be one
of the most lucrative aspects of direct marketing. We have some powerhouse lists.



 Back a long, long time ago I began to take my business life seriously. Up until that point I had
only a brief self-directed education in the field of mailorder and had been in ( and quickly out )
of several MLM plans. After about a year of toiling, losing, headaches and heartaches over
making money in MLM I decided to try something new. I knew that what I really needed was
some way, any way to make money while promoting my MLM plan. At the time, I was involved
in a plan that sold a newsletter as a product. Part of the commissions were cash payments and
a bigger portion was in the form of US Savings bonds. When you generated more than $500 in
any given month you were awarded with bonuses amounting to half that amount in the form of
bonds. It was s simple one page flyer with sponsor info, description of the program, etc. The
fella running the show was a very nice, very honest chap from Indiana. His was a one man
MLM plan but, it was one of the best I had seen and one of my early successes.
At the time there were NO real meat and potato MLM publications to speak of. Money Maker's
Monthly was still in it's infancy No full color MLM magazines like you see today. At the time the
ONLY source of MLM mailing lists was Charles Possick. I took abut 2 months here and there,
research the heck out of MLM, and captured my research on my Tandy Radio Shack computer
( A 286 model which was state of the art at the time ). My computer printer was a Panasonic 9
pin dot matrix and, the first manual was created by printing out the pages on continuos feed
computer paper. I titled it "How To Get Rich In Multilevel Marketing" because it was what I
considered to be the best, up to date research on what others were doing in MLM to make

I had the one page flyer printed at a local printer. To my initial amazement I found that I got a
whopping 5% response rate to my mailings. At the time first class postage was less than 20
cents which meant I was making net profits of about DOUBLE my money. I spent many hours
stuffing envelopes and licking them sealed. I also began generating a huge downline in that
program and generating a great deal of commissions and bonds.

I remember toiling over producing that first manual. I often thought "Who would listen to me?"
and truthfully, I did not have the courage or belief in myself at the time. I found that quite simply
and quite methodically I could rake in profits using my manual sales as the engine that pulled
the train. Almost half of the people who bought my manual joined that little MLM plan! I know
though the thoughts that went through my head and all the self doubt I had. But after receiving
letters and unsolicited thanks from some customers ... I theorized all's I did was go ONE STEP
beyond the norm and actually become an "expert" in my field. I did not FEEL like I was an
expert but, as I found out, I educated myself to the point I knew more than 99.9% of the
people out there. So I guess you could call me an expert.

The point here is that at some time, if you give it enough energy and effort you then do
something ABOVE and BEYOND what everyone else is willing to do and you ACTUALLY DO
BECOME a self styled "guru". It takes practice and does not happen overnight. Do you think
Jimmy Hendrix or Jimmy Page picked up the guitar and started playing perfectly just like that
moments after picking it up for the first time? No, they practiced, did what others were unwilling
to do ... and went one step beyond the norm making the sound of the guitar, their emotions
and feelings, their fingers all "one" with the universe by practicing hour after hour. It's the
"price" one must pay to become "expert" in anything they choose to do.

You'll find most of the self styled MLM guru types only slightly more into it than the average
person .. it's just that they decided to go that extra mile and learn their craft inside and out.

Anyway, I've included a copy of that original sales letter. See the fuzzy lines? It was produced
on a very very early printer and the computer system could not give a clear graphical
interpretation of anything other than regular type like a typewriter

*** Example of HTGRIMM


 Foolish me! I did not know any better and thought in order to make it all you had to do was
write one "book" sell a million copies and live happily everafter. Well, as you may already
know, you cannot strike it rich today by writing and selling one "book" on any subject. I did not
know the "secret" to mailorder at the time. I was mailorder knowledge challenged to put it in
nice terms.

I spent countless hours sometimes all night long ( I still maintained a full time job during this )
licking stamps, filling orders and sending mail. I quickly found out that there just is not enough
time in a day, or enough energy in one mans body to strike it rich this way. I could get out at
best 1000 envelopes every 2 or 3 days. I quickly found my limits as an individual. A times I
thought my lips would literally seal shut due to all the envelopes and stamps I licked. I did turn
to state of the art equipment ( a sponge wetted with water ) to seal the things after a bit but I
found it cumbersome at times and often just did it the old fashioned way.

I was in 7th heaven. Making money in BOTH my own deal and leading the organization in
sales and commissions. Then, the inevitable happened. The gentleman who launched this
MLM plan determined that he did not build in enough commissions and profit for "the house" so
he changed it which cut my commissions in half. Then, he decided to place his daughter in the
program ON TOP of me in the sales organization, that way she'd earn MORE money than me!

After experiencing change after change and cut after cut, the program was no longer worthy of
further pursuit. One might imagine the problems were due to the fact it was a small company.
But the same thing happens to large organizations only sometimes even worse. Another
program I joined later actually stiffed all the distributors for MONTHS while putting up a false
front ... getting everyone to stand behind them make sales and get new distributors all the
while the company principals were planning on closing up shop ... after they took the most
money they possibly could!

There are certain risks one takes in MLM like anything else. At the time, in the early stages and
evolution of MLM it seemed like many programs were popping up, exploiting the distributors,
closing down and taking the money ... only to resurface as a new company, etc.

Those early experiences blew a hole in my MLM boat. I was onto something great but could
not find a company worthy of taking a chance on. The thrill of making something happen with
the initial publishing effort was in my blood now ... and I found something that I did not ever find
in any other "job" I had ever had ...

I LOVED it .... yes, I actually loved marketing, mailorder and creating something, making it sell
and profiting from it all! As you may know .. that is often said to be a key in success ... to find
something you love to do ... and as the saying goes .. never again work a day in your life. If
you truly love it .... it's not like work at all!

I dropped out of sight for a while. I did NOT however, stop learning, progressing and keeping
my finger on the pulse of the MLM world. Things did get better. The programs got better. The
management got better. The products got better. I also got better. I learned a cardinal rule
about mailorder. I had previously found out that no longer could you write one book, manual or
report but that in order to succeed you MUST develop a "back-end". since my initial publication
I found out that things changed and I really had MORE stuff to say on the subject ... then one
day I saw a flyer for a bunch of reports about mailorder. I remembered that I'd seen the SAME
ADS and flyers consistently for about 10 years. So I KNEW they must have been selling well
and at a profit. I then ran with the concept only changing the subject matter to MLM rather than
mailorder. Take a look at the flyer I came up with. does it look like something that you've seen
before? Most people say yes, they probably have seen it before .. the reason being the same
FORMAT flyer has been around for about 20 years ... who knows, maybe that is why it had so
much appeal to people. I gathered my list of INITIAL buyers of my first book and sent them a
flyer. The initial mailings to my KNOWN CUSTOMERS floored me. I remember it being
something like 22%. Again, I found myself doing a lot of work with the "reports" promotion. The
lessons I learned firsthand were to ALWAYS MAKE IT A GOAL to build your OWN customer
lists as THESE are the VERY BEST prospects for ANY products in the future. I also tried full
page ads for the reports. It also worked like a charm. Frankly, I did not have the energy to keep
up with it all. A lot of work goes into marketing as a "one man show". All in all I do not believe I
ever did a mailing for those reports to known MLM or mailorder prospects that EVER LOST
MONEY! I did rent a few really BAD lists that lost money but never mailed it and lost to good
lists and especially my own lists.

I thought you'd get kick out of the "bootcamp" report. I do not know what made me do that
one .. I think it was after hearing about someone running a small business "bootcamp" locally.
My copy IS a bit corny, isn't it?

One of the "secrets" I learned was the value of building your own customer lists. I know, you've
probably heard it before but believe me, I heard it too, but I never really PAID ATTENTION to
it. Your job as a marketer( MLM or mailorder or otherwise ) IS TO BUILD THE BIGGEST LIST
of customers possible!!!

I'll say it again .. your job is to build the biggest list of customers as humanly possible! And
then your task is to be consistent in follow up.

All too often we get caught up and sidetracked but let me tell you - after winning and losing a
small fortune you will be successful to the degree in which you can build the largest list of
customers possible! that means identifying new customers ( at the lowest cost possible )
and ...

Get this right and you'll NEVER have a problem in marketing again ...

INSTANCES ) with related products and services that make sense to them! After you get the
hang of it, producing products should be rather easy. Reports, tapes, videos, manuals, mailing
lists, newsletters, informational products of all types, etc., are not that too difficult to produce
and can quickly turn into hefty profits. Since you are in the business of turning other people
onto the business of MLM - and - the business of getting great products your goal should be to
use methods to first obtain the lists. This is done with low cost advertising of any type, direct
mail, exchange of lists with other like minded individuals, etc. One gentlemen I know has a list
of 700,000 customers which he mails to regularly. In MLM, like mailorder itself rarely a fortune
is made by "one shot deals" and only over time, with a methodical means of continuous
contact is the real money made.

That's why we promote the heck out of our unique software / mailing list package.

A lot of people build a list and NEVER contact those people again. Or do so every 6 months or
one year. The most highly successful marketers ( MLM and otherwise ) follow up continuously.
I make it a point o get on EVERY mailing list in the country if possible and one firm mails to me
something EVERY 2 weeks, like clockwork.
If you are marketing products you have to develop a strategy to get to the buyers every so
often as long as it proves profitable to do so. How often? If it is profitable, every DAY! More
likely is every month for a year, then every 2 months, etc. until it proves NO LONGER

In MLM your list - your "downline" is as important as your ability to find NEW customers and
sales associates.

Success in mailorder is rather methodical. The bigger your list the more sales you make. The
more sales you make the bigger your income. It is not uncommon for the true mailorder
multimillionaires to have built lists that approach a million names!

I learned the value of those lessons and began to put it to good use. Every customer name
went into a database and I found a way to produce my own peel and stick labels using the
outdated computer I had. I found out that often I could make a little profit from an initial mailing
and that sometimes a customer would not buy a product until they received no fewer than 5
mailings from me! The rule is .. as long as there's a profit ... you mail.

It was told to me one time that the legendary Joe Karbo of the "Lazy Man's Way To Riches"
fame actually threw the names of his customers out into the garbage after the sale of his
famous book. I do not know if that's true ... but times have changed and like I said .. you
cannot make a profit from a one time sale of a book or product any longer due to several
factors the biggest being the high costs of postage and labor. Imagine, Joe being able to mail
AGAIN to his list of a million names and getting a 22% response rate for another kind of book?
And another .. etc. until it no longer proved profitable???? Yeow ... I got goosebumps just
thinking about it. Another info tidbit I heard about Joe's operation is that he often DID NOT pay
full price for his ads ... and had a complete methodology for bargaining with publishers for
lower rates. It's a lot easier to make money if you are making HALF the going rate! If that's
true .... Joe was truly the genius he is credited with being.


 We got a little better at follow up and learned that in order to make money you have to be
consistent and offer related products or services continually. The days of one shot deals are
gone forever. After getting a lot of experience under my belt I decided to write my next manual
"Power MLM Methods". I was crazed by the then current state of MLM. I witnessed many
people losing money hand over fist and decided to put forth, in a logical manner what I had
learned in this new book. Writing the sales letter copy was easy. I slit my wrists and bled
agonizingly over it. Not really. Just kidding. The sales letter virtually wrote itself. The manual
WAS written already so I made a list of benefits and wove it all into a neat little story of sorts.
The tact was a "negative sell" as I had theorized that 95% of ALL MLM people could identify
with losing money and the various perils of doing business. MLM was often hypes back then
too. You know the story .... everyone was into something they thought was the best thing since
sliced bread. And it seemed everyone had a determination that THEIR program was best and
that soon ( they did not know EXACTLY when, but soon ) they would be making money like the
big boys.

I suppose timing is everything and the market was hot, a tad disenchanted with MLM and the
initial letters sold the manual like hotcakes. I got many dealers and a ton of written, unsolicited
thanks. The manual itself was a collection of methods, techniques and strategies I used to
become successful in MLM marketing in general. It was way ahead of it's time if I did say so
myself. And believe it or not .. that manual - even today is used by some prominent MLM
gurus. I learned the secret of a good headline. I learned to LAY OUT the problems .. then offer
a way to SOLVE THEM! That is by my definition good sales technique. Everyone involved in
MLM could readily identify with the problems as most have experienced more than their share.
This time I was not promoting a MLM plan on the "back-end" but rather followed up with the
sales literature detailed in the next example. Folks loved "Power MLM Methods" and a large
percentage, more than I had ever dreamed of also ordered the next book "Millionaire MLM
Wealth Methods". My writings had captured the attention of some heavyweights and they
shared their winning strategies with me whereby I captured them in the next book.

The state of MLM at the time was dismal. It was plagued with legal problems and worse, more
offensive ripping off of distributors. A lot of "hot air sandwich" products were winding their way
into the market. You remember green beans, the gasoline additive pills purported to increase
mileage and at that time dozens of MLM firms closed their doors. I found out that while MOST
people interested in MLM were interested because it presented a way out .. a way to control
one's own financial future but in reality still, most were losing money.

I did not have the heart to continue selling my MLM related stuff because I felt chances were
even though I could related tried and true techniques that most could really use to increase
their earning power ... still, the MLM plans were so bad, I knew the majority of my customers
would LOSE MONEY no matter what I showed them. I was left with a bad taste in my mouth
over MLM in general. I knew deep down most people were honest, ethical and willing to work
at their goals ... unfortunately, there was not a single program to be found that would allow
them to realize their dreams. See, most people DO NOT Want to lie or stretch the truth about
income. They'd rather REALLY make it work and have others join them because it DOES
work! I hated the idea of me, perpetuating what amounted to a falsehood. I detested the fact
that some of my customers were chasing a dream and spending hard earned money that could
be better used to support their kids.

My heart just wasn't in it. I realize that some people would have said "who cares if others are
losing their shirts .. I AM making money" but, making money often comes with a price. At that
time I received another important lesson and that was "money" is not all that important as
compared with how you get that money. The idea of perpetuating "hot air sandwiches" and
"pipedreams" I knew would soon cat h up to me, somehow, some way. One cannot perpetuate
a "scam" in a sense and get away with it. I was soured on the entire concept of MLM.

Has MLM really changed? Well, the programs and products certainly got better. So did the
marketing methods with the use of electronic mailboxes, conference calls, super audio tapes
and a lot of research into state of the art products. But in general, the same old BS does exist.
A large percentage of people involved in MLM are perpetuating a dream and using marketing
techniques that DO NOT prove profitable however, the ideology states that if you get enough
OTHER people to also promote at a loss, you WILL eventually make money. That's not what
MLM should be all about.

I more or less disappeared form the MLM scene altogether and in my opinion, with good
reason. Some of the other marketers I encountered would not ( and still won't) touch MLM with
a ten foot pole.
Imagine perfecting a vehicle to really make money - then abandoning it! When I'd follow up to
my "Power MLM Methods" buyers with a pitch for "Millionaire MLM Wealth Methods" I'd
sometimes get 38% response! that's one of the reasons in MLM, like any other form of
marketing you MUST build a list of prospects that 1) Know you, 2) Have faith in you and 3)
know you deliver on the goods.



Personally, I too had to "fess up" to facts. No, I don't mean I had to come back down to earth
over MLM and realize what a rocky business it was ... I already knew that. I had to see a few
things for what they were. Part of the job associated with mailorder, particularly if you want to
be successful is developing products to fit the market. When you run out of outlets in which to
sell your "stuff" you begin to lose money. In the world of "business opportunities" it is tough to
compete against the "Make $500,00 Overnight" type promotions you see out there. Pie-in-the-
sky offers create pie-in-the-sky customers. Quickly people become jaded as they buy some
plan to make a million and all too often they make nada, zilch, zero. In mailorder you need a
constant, steady supply of prospects and without them, you're sunk no matter what you have
to sell. After began doing another analysis of the current state of the MLM industry. Not to my
surpass I determined that much of the same foolishness was going on still. So I knew I had
products to meet the needs of the MLM enthusiasts. Seemed like the very successful of the
promoters were offering info products as their "frond end" to identify customers and would-be
MLM prospects, making money while they were doing this prospecting and building huge

I make it a point to get on as many mailing lists as possible so I can keep a "finger on the
pulse" of MLM by mail and I then saw that only a few, a select few promoters were doing MLM
by mail in what I call "the right way". Sure, thousands of people are sitting at their kitchen table
stuffing tapes into mailers but most are just "following the leader" and probably losing money
because it's virtually impossible to follow those "systems" and make and money to speak of in
a short time. After all, many of those systems are built on the principle of "getting enough
others to do something silly to lose money but get enough of em to do it and you WILL make
money .. eventually". Only a few were using the scientific formula and doing their business in
VOLUME. Again, without volume there's little hope for mega-success.

One afternoon while leafing through a MLM magazine I got a glimpse of just how much MLM
has grown in just the past 7 years since I was involved. There are an estimated 17 MILLION
people doing MLM in this country! 17 MILLION! Knowing what I know and having a conscience
that got unsettled over the fact there may be 17 million people following the old MLM credo -
lose money, fake it till you make it, get enough others to believe it and you'll be allright. Talk
about a ripe market! Whew!

I know, I know, there ARE other people out there publishing MLM methodology manuals,
books and tapes. But most are doing it to create prospects to "back-end" into MLM. I did not
want that, either. What I did want was a way to tap this enormous market, be as fair, honest
and ethical as possible. Give others the same insights and money-making potential, NOT have
to always chase people pitching a MLM plan nor using my approach to put anyone into a plan
of my choice and, also make a little profit for myself.
I get a lot of newsletters and products from the mailorder, MLM and marketing guru types. I
noticed that one premier marketer ALSO perceived this ripe market and he decided to put
something out on MLM prospecting as well. I knew then what I had to do. Create something
awesome, powerful, empowering to anyone who read it and ... make it affordable and give my
valued customers REPRINT RIGHTS.

While placing classified ads to get inquiries is the most efficient, cost effective approach to
build your list, I needed a way, a quicker way to "test" my new approach. Meanwhile, I am still
running the regular "mailorder" business but testing the MLM approach using the fastest
medium I could find ... direct mail.

Following is an example of the promotion called "How To Get Filthy Rich In Multilevel
Marketing Without Getting Dirty" and again, it's a negative sell type promotion. You cannot
avoid a "negative sell" with MLM because - getting into the mind of your prospect THEIR


 The book or manual or whatever you want to call it is again, a negative sell regarding MLM
and, a pointed pitch toward this very manual. It serves as a great prospecting tool often getting
results and response rates of almost 20%. Of course if you have been following the theory
here, all those responses go onto a database for regular, systematic follow up for related
products and services.




 Many guru direct marketing experts tout the use of first class mail over "bulk mail". They have
more reasons for this than Carter had pills. The reasons range from postal workers hiding and
destroying mail to the post office taking up to a year to deliver bulk mail.

I've mailed tons of direct mail and let me tell you that the theory is hogwash. Let me tell you
why. In July of 1996 the Post Office announced and enacted Postal Reform laws. Basically
these new methods did away with "bulk mail" as it was, 2nd, 3rd and 4th class. Instead, all
these "bulk" classes became what is known today as STANDARD mail. Standard I assume
because they mail MORE of this than any other class of mail. At the same time the RATES for
this class of mail decreased and the added things a mailing customer had to do to get the cut
rates increased. In other words, the more work that was done outside the postoffice, the
cheaper it was to mail. Some of the new restrictions came in the form of "automation" type
things. Basically, the more presorting, barricading, packaging a mailing customer did, the
LESS the PO had to-do, the FEWER PEOPLE had to touch the mail, the cheaper and more
effective the mail became.

In other words what used to be called "bulk mail" now called "standard mail"
 flies through the post offices, across country in record time AND in my experience it all
reaches it's target destinations. No more 4 to 6 weeks. We've mailed large mailings and you
can expect standard mail to be just 2 to 3 days longer than first class. No kidding. And about
HALF the cost. To me, as a marketer that means a lot. So, using standard mail out can reach
more people for less money.

The reasons, again are simple. Almost every step of the way there's automation. Few people
have to touch the mail. It's put in trays with labels, barcodes, etc. Standard mail is the way to
go! And it's getting BETTER everyday!

There Is however one remaining problem if you can call it a problem. Unless you want to use
another special permit and use "live stamps" your mail will have a bulk-rate indicia on it versus
a stamp. In my experience, the difference is negligible however, you should always test. What I
am saying is dollar for dollar standard mail has proven BETTER than first class. We use
BOTH. first class is ok for testing but for VOLUME you'll want to automate and go standard!

We have everything needed to support your efforts in direct mailings. From inception to volume
mailings and everything needed inbetween. The only thing we do not do is printing. but that's
the easiest part of it all. Any printer can do that part for you. We can, and have, handled
mailings of all types, shapes, sizes. When you test a method and find it to be successful and
profitable and you want to get the VOLUME needed for the really big bucks, we'll; work with


 I hope so. I hope you are seeing, perhaps for the first time that most MLM marketers deal with
ONE ELEMENT of business and like a house supported on a single stilt, it's gonna fall. You
have to sure up your business with a multi-support system. Once you learn this stuff it'll last a
lifetime. If you are like me and LOVE this marketing stuff, you are probably in 7th heaven over
some of the things you've learned thus far. But wait, hold on, there's a lot more coming!


 Shortly after deciding to stick with straight mailorder we also decided to launch several other
businesses under one roof. We tried a lot of various things. The idea was to try a few things
then stick with the ones that proved rather easy to operate, easy to get business or extremely

 While we were doing a few things with the real estate field, including an online service for
Realtors we were approached by a gentleman who had a need for a business service that he
could not readily find. His business was selling products to surgeons. He had a list of them
kept on a database. He needed a way to reach them via mail that was not so labor intensive.
He was a superior salesperson who specialized in selling surgical equipment, not a mailing
clerk. His time was better spent selling versus stuffing envelopes with flyers. So he engaged us
to pursue what it would take to do a LOT of mailings, quickly, easily and efficiently. We ended
up owning tens of thousands of dollars worth of super sophisticated mailing machines,
envelope stuffers, printing devices ( the kind that spray addresses directly on the letters and
envelopes complete with barcoding, etc. ) sorters, collators, software, and a host of other
specialized, fancy mailing materials.
 We found out quickly that there were profits to be made and if one was willing to put in the
research, find machines, locate them and operate them then they'd have a nifty little profit
producer. When our fiend had a mailing of 12,000 pieces he'd try calling the large "mailing
services" shops in our area and ... THEY WOULD NOT EVEN RETURN HIS PHONE CALLS!
Imagine, they wanted the accounts who mailed millions of pieces of mail, not the small
business who mailed 50,000. They wouldn't even talk to him. So, we ended up with a neat little
money maker.

 On occasion, when things would get slow we'd go out in search of new accounts. That was
not easy to do. first off, most business people we found were cheapskates. Then, a bunch of
these prospects thought they'd be better off picking our brains and setting up shop themselves
rather than engage us to do it. The best thing about the mailing equipment is WE GOT TO
USE IT FOR OUR OWN MAILORDER OPERATION! That was the best part of it. We'd
become frustrated looking for new customers to fill in the "down time", the time the machines
were not in use. Up until recently, we did not even try to get MLM people to use us as a
service. Now, we do. The end result is you have, at your disposal a firm, with all the necessary
equipment to mail, hundreds of thousands of pieces, even MILLIONS OF letters.

 The greatest part about knowing that is .. when you DO find a "winner" and want to REALLY
explode your business you know where to turn to for support of this type. Believe me, it is not
worth trying it yourself. And, it's expensive. One machine alone goes for 28 grand. If you have
a lot of spare time and a ton of excess cash, then maybe entering the mailing service is for

A funny anecdote. We never before tried to find active MLM mailing customers because we
knew NONE of them were making any money and prepared to go after the necessary
VOLUME of business required. Now you know that when you find a winner you can turn to us
to get help in the operational aspects of mailing.

 Isn't it funny that over the past few years a lot of MLM marketing has turned from personal to
rather impersonal. All sorts of fancy fax on demands, automated telephone lines, conference
calls. I think, quite honestly that it's a form of hiding. Rather than be upfront, those who do not
really believe other can make money seem to hide behind these impersonal marketing
strategies. I guess if you understand that chances are, those you put into a marketing plan,
someone who is NOT ARMED with THIS type information IS going to lose money. I imagine
that knowledge sends a lot of people into hiding, behind automated response systems,
prerecorded message lines and fax on demands.


 Jim mails out 1000 cassette tapes to a targeted MLM list. It costs him $1,500 for the tapes,
postage, labor and tape envelopes. Jim expects, because his sponsor told him to, to receive
about 25 replies to his mailing. The commission rate on first level sales on average amounts to
about $5 per customer. Most new customers are expected to buy this state of the art health
product for about 6 months. So, in effect, Jim spent $1,500.00 to make about $125 the first
month followed by about 5 more months worth of product purchases or a total commission of
$725. Using the above numbers, Jim lost about $775 on that mailing.

But everyone told Jim, including his sponsor that one or two of the 25 customers will be real
"business builders" and as a result, over the next year each will introduce more people and his
second level commissions will be about $1,000.00 over the next year due to THEIR efforts.

And his sponsor claims that these 2 business builders will introduce 50 new people in the next
6 months, 4 of which will be business builders that'll add another $1000 in commissions for the
next year.

So it's gonna take a few months and some doing to recoup his initial investment back, then
start making some real spendable dollars.

Jim then decides to make his second mailing of 2000 tapes this time knowing that it'll all come
back over the next year.

Only this time Jim gets just 15 customers. He feels sick. At this rate he determines it'll take
about a year JUST TO MAKE HIS INITIAL INVESTMENT BACK so he'll REALLY be working
for nothing for the first year or so, waiting till he pays his initial investment back and gets into

So Jim decides to call his sponsor "Mr. Big" the old pro at MLM. When Jim tells Mr. Big of his
mediocre results Mr. Big replies ....

"Jim .... cheer up .... it ain't that bad ... I have mailed 100,000 tapes and only now, after a year
and a half am I starting to make a profit, up until THIS POINT I have lost money ..... but I'll tell
you a secret .... so has MY SPONSOR ... it's the way MLM is .... you make mailings and lose
money ... knowing that a few of the people are going to believe you enough to also give it a
try .... so your job is to CONVINCE your existing business builders that their ship WILL COME
IN and that they should mail MORE TAPES .... it's the only way you and I are going to make
money ... if OTHER PEOPLE Are willing to bite the bullet, mail tapes at a LOSS but then get
OTHERS to take losses at well .. the more people who take losses ... the bigger OUR
COMMISSION checks will be .. eventually .. if you just hang in there with me"

Jim gets off the phone and feels confused and depressed. "If this is what MLM is all about ... I
do not want anything to do with it .. it seems like a game of convincing people they'll make
money one day .. knowing full well they will lose immediately and break even maybe, after
their first year"

If you agree with my philosophy here you can see why so many people continually lose money
in this business. They know that if they convince enough willing people to give it a try ... they'll
eventually make money .. and so on.

There are dozens of tape mailing programs out there that are FLAT OUT LOSERS. You mail
tapes, incur the expenses then sit and wait a year or more to get your money back and only
then will you go into profit. The idea being there WILL BE some people who'll be interested
enough to ALSO MAIL TAPES and LOSE MONEY and so on.

Personally, I am NOT into losing money. I am not interested in putting my money "at risk" for a
year or more waiting for the other "suckers" to mail tapes to put me into profit.

I dare you to do this next time you receive a tape in the mail. Immediately upon receiving it and
listening to it CALL the person who sent it to you. Tell them that you WANT TO SEE PROOF of
their profitability BEFORE committing to their program. Ask them to take 5 minutes .. make a
copy of their receipt for postage, their receipt for the tapes, their receipts for envelopes, etc. ....
and ALSO to send you a COPY of their current commission check.

Guess what? Nobody will do it even though it'll take but 5 minutes. The reason is obvious, they
are losing money by spending a lot more money than they are bringing in.

Ask for proof. Demand it. Most of them won't send you a thing because they'll be too
embarrassed to do so. They are just waiting for other suckers to mail out tapes at a loss and if
enough do it, maybe, just maybe they'll make money.

This is not only true for tape mailing programs but for advertisers, Intenet MLM people and so
on. Most of them are losing their shirt and trying to make a living at hyping it up so much others
join them.

When you get proof immediately send it to me. I want to frame it, tell everyone about their
programs and maybe, just maybe invest my own hard earned money into their pipe dream. I'll
bet though, it ain't gonna happen because the business is, has been, and will continue to be,
one of hyping, dreaming and getting others to do something they'll lose money at!
Now, of course their are going to be a few people who send you cop[ies of commission checks
that make it seem like what they are doing is worthwhile. Tell them the reason you want to see
the proof and the type of proof you want to see involves their efforts and their returns.
Someone who gets a $20,000 commission check and mails 500 tapes cannot quite claim they
make that kind of money from that mailing! You must judge the RESULTS of the mailing. How
many new people joined their first level? How much commission money was earned OFF OF
those particular people?

If by chance you DO get someone to PROVE to you beyond the shadow of a doubt I want to
talk to you because I have access to mailing list names that number in the MILLIONS and I
have the equipment, know-how and motivation to pursue that proven opportunity to it's limits
gaining the opportunity to earn commission checks of $250,000.00 A month.

So far, nobody has provided proof, ever, in 15 years!!! What's THAT tell ya?

That tells me that most of the mailing programs today never worked, continue to not work and
never will work. Brutal honesty but the truth, 100%. Don't get caught up in the hype and thrill of
the sizzle, go for the steak! The only way I know of to make a lot of money in MLM is to use the
tried and true approach of making money FIRST, then using MLM as a "back-end". And
everyone I know of who has made money consistently has SOLD THEMSELVES first, built a
massive mailing list of "followers", given to them high degrees of support and they have built
downlines in many different companies ... with the same "base" of customers, associates and

Build your list and sell yourself! That's the ticket! And all the while you are doing it find a way to
MAKE MONEY while promoting, using MLM as your "back-end" commission generator!

Some of the best and most successful MLM people[ple in the business can DROP one
program, get to the people on their list and be up and running with a huge percentage of those
people who were in the first program with them joining them in the second. Building a list,
selling yourself and using the tried and true methods will do it each and every time!

 Dear Friend, talk is cheap. Anyone can get on the phone and spew out how great their
program is, how much money they are making, how easy it is. The thing to do is to ask for
proof. Chances are you won't get any because of the standard rule of the game being "Get
enough others to believe you are making money and when they DO join you, you will make it,
eventually". If they are mailing tapes ask for a copy of their postage receipt, the receipt for their
mailing list, their receipt for tapes and envelopes followed by THEIR DOWNLINE printout that
has the new people, as a result of their promotion joining or ordering products. I know what is
gonna happen. You are going to get a "story", a bunch of hype but no proof. Listen, if you, or
anyone else had a system that MADE MONEY from the get-go why would you waste time,
there's several MILLION people out there on lists you could mail to. How come I haven't seen
your mega promotion yet? How come most of those people are still sitting at their kitchen table
dreaming of riches and mailing out a few hundred packages a week?

I am not saying it is impossible to make money using the various systematized approaches. I
AM Saying that out of the 17 million MLM enthusiasts - only one or two are doing it in VOLUME
enough to capture my attention. When and if you do perfect a way to do it in volume and to
make profits let me know! I'm serious. I just may venture back into the MLM side of the house
and join you in your program! And, I have the means and ability to achieve the type of volume I
am referring to. Send me proof. Put together a brief package of the proof and send it to me.


 Yes and no. Some want to learn. Some are tired of the game as played the old way. Yet some
refuse to deal with reality and continue to live in the fog dream of one day their ship coming in.
In order for their ship to come in they have to be in some sort of port, they have to know their
ship has set sail and they had better be prepared to assist the ship to safely dock. Don't wait
for your ship 500 miles inland like many people do filling themselves with fluff dreams and no

 The market is BIG. The current state of MLM knowledge and marketing know-how is a sad
one. Each week I receive many MLM pitches in the mail. Almost invariably, they are not
professional. No, I do not mean their sales pieces look unprofessional. I mean their approach
is not that of a professional business person looking to make money doing what they are
doing. Their brochures look great. their sales letters are fantastic. Most are delivered to me
using first class postage rates which means to me, they are not serious about making money in
their chosen field. But again, it's no wonder because someone probably convinced them to do
something they knew would lose money, but get enough money-losers working your program
and you WILL make money. Under other topics you will learn that prospecting using first class
postage no longer makes sense. I wonder if these people realize that they could DOUBLE their
business by simply switching to standard mail rates!!! Yes, I said DOUBLE. I know what the
problem is there. Nobody really knows HOW to do that. Please read and reread the topics
dealing with mailing, mailing services.


 If you have a quick copy center nearby then you're all set to make copies of this manual for
your customers. It'll cost a few bucks each plus a few to ship it. Personally, I prefer to use the
Priority Mail envelopes. You can stuff a lot of paper in them for $3 postage and, the envelopes
themselves are free from the post office.

 Some folks will opt to pay a few extra dollars and just have us create and ship off a copy of the
manual to their customers. We'll gladly do that. The fee as of this writing, including postage is
$10 each. All you must do is write the customers name/address on a slip of paper, send it
along with $10 for each manual and we'll do the rest. At $10 a pop, we are NOT going to make
a killing on this proposition but do it as a convenience to our dealers.


 You'll want to begin building your own list of prospects and ways to reap profits by
continuously following up. The follow ups can be specific MLM programs, informational
products, mailing lists .. our products and / or products that you both create yourself or acquire
from outside sources. If you do decide to market products of others, make sure they contain
the truth!!! That's a big one.

Having your own list takes you into the role of professional marketer. You will be deriving the
greatest satisfaction and rewards from doing so. You build the list by using techniques outlined
here to MAKE MONEY while you are "prospecting". The faster you build the list, the faster you
will profit. If you do not have a computer you can use 3 x 5 cards in the beginning but, as you'll
see, a computer can be a big resource for you to use. Our software can help too as well as
provide for a start to your own list building. I learned another valuable lesson about lists I want
to share with you. The list itself can be a source of income. It is not uncommon for list owners
( which you will become following this plan ) to generate a steady stream of profits. You can
start with a list from us. The software will allow you to begin building on top of it. You can add /
change / delete names as you go. In other sections we'll describe added ways to profit from
your lists themselves.

It is interesting to note that some mailorder / marketing firms make 50% of their revenue from
their lists themselves! Don't leave yourself out of this important source of income. I remember
asking an 'ol buddy who was a mailorder master how business was going. He replied with "Not
too good ... the last 3 tests I did were flops" ... he then went on to state "But my mailing lists got
rented 5 times this past month ... generating another $25,000.00". Now you know that having a
list and renting it out can be a tremendous savior in terms of getting you through the tougher
times. As a "professional" marketer you now know this.

Preferably you will begin to develop your own products. The profits of selling these can be
tremendous. The response rates from your OWN list can often top 20% every time you put a
new product out! As a "professional" marketer with "professional" understanding of the
business you know this and capitalize on this.

Your prospecting can be in many forms. As you've seen, direct mail is fast but classified ads
are effective and lower cost. Look at prospecting this way. If it "costs" you $5 for every new
prospect you place on your list it's a matter of follow up to first recoup that $5 then, as you
follow up make $5, then $10 for every name you have on your list, as long as they fit your
"profile". The big, professional catalog houses sometimes make a profit of only $3 per
customer.If it costs them $1.50 to reach them, they only make $1.50 a customer. But multiply
that by 5 million and you see the power of VOLUME and follow up.
I assume you see the reason I say the ONLY way you are going to EVER make any money in
MLM is to follow the scientific principles involved with the nature of your business. Volume, list
building and follow up. Anything else that does not follow suit can be rather pointless, wouldn't
you agree?

Prospecting can be over the Internet, via space advertising, whatever. The goal is to build a list
of people who will respond to you for years to come. Your list will outlast any particular MLM
program. Many will join you in the new program if you've done your homework and can
PROVE it makes sense for them to do so.


 Over the course of my 15 years with mailorder there's a few marketing methods I found to be
effective. Have you ever sent MORE than one offer to a list in a promotion? I have, plenty of
times. You know, an offer for 3 or 4 different but related products. In the beginning I did this a
lot thinking "If they do not like one product chances are they'll like one of the others". The big
problem is when I did it, invariably I'd get a VERY BAD response rate. Sometimes as low as
0.01 %. This always puzzled me like you wouldn't believe. I'd take a flyer I was getting 4%
response to combine it with another I was getting 3% response to and one I was getting 1%
response to ( but a much higher priced product ) and I'd get a 0.4 % response. Same lists.
Same flyers. Just all in the same mailer. It irked me to no end.

Then, I started talking to other dealers and they would report the SAME RESULTS when they
did it with their products.

I decided to try it again in a controlled fashion. I'd mail 1000 to a random sampling from my "in
house" list of one offer and get 5%. Then 4% and 2% for two other offers to different names,
1000 each test. Then, I'd remail with the 3 offers in the same mailer. Results would plummet to
less than a percent.

Then it dawned on me what was happening. Instead of deciding on WHICH one product to
order, people would rather NOT make a decision at all versus agonizing over determining
which one. It seemed like it was too much work. The multiple offer mailers confused people.
After retesting I found that mailing ONE of the offers to the same names resulted in MORE
than the average response for that product. Go figure.

Much later on I learned that the increased response was simply do to the familiarity effect.
They saw my offer before, got comfortable with it and decided to then order.

Here's another tip from the "magic bag of tricks".

I was in a slump financially and mentally for a few months. My sales were down. My personal
life was plagued with problems. I had to make some money and make it fast. I calculated that
sending a particular offer would take approximately 10 weeks to make the kind of money I
needed. I had to make something work, big time and had to do it FAST.

Then, early in the morning, out of the blue, an idea hit me. Why not make my offer so special ..
so good .. that it needed a FORMAL INTRODUCTION !!! Yes, the creative juices flowed. What
I was to do was send a letter JUST TO ANNOUNCE to my prospect that another letter was
soon to head their way!!!
Imagine that! A letter just to introduce the NEXT letter, the one with the offer.

Sometimes "out of the blue" comes stuff that I think is inspired from somewhere other than

Anyway, it doesn't matter really what the second letter is .. the offer letter ... what was critical
here was the first, initial letter.

I give you an idea of what it looked like below.

( you are going to LOVE this one )

Dear Friend:

As you can see this letter has arrived to your door by first class mail. You will also notice there
is no clue or indication as to who sent it. Actually, it is not important at this time.

This letter is sent to you for one reason. that reason is because you will receive yet another,
second letter in about 4 days from today. It will arrive by first class mail much like this did. The
only difference is it will be marked with big red letters from a stamper that reads "URGENT" on
the lower left hand side.

Please, when the next letter arrives quietly remove it from your mailbox, take it inside where
other nosy neighbors may not see you, find a seat, open it up and read it.

I am sorry and apologize for the fact I cannot at this time disclose what is in the letter itself.
Just realize that the letter that will arrive by first class mail with the big red letters marked
"URGENT" will contain some extremely important information, that may effect you for the
duration of your life.

PS. My address, phone number and detail information is purposefully NOT to be found in this
letter because of the numerous phone calls. You'll just have to wait, a few days more, to
see for yourself.

That my friend is a SETUP. I mean, who on earth could receive THAT letter and then NOT
immediately open the NEXT letter they'd receive a few days later?

I tried many variations of that approach all to varying degrees of success. It's funny though to
note, I tried a version of that letter that simply included a phone number at the top of the letter,
no name, no further info. The phone nearly broke it rang so much. One guy begged, pleaded,
almost broke down in tears asking for me to tell him a little about what was in the second letter!
By the way, the first promotion while costing double had increased sales by almost triple.

Let me ask you something. Is your mail important enough to warrant a formal written
introduction? You may want to try a variation of that approach. Let me know the outcome! I'll
bet you can be creative and send a initial letter to your prospects that will drive them mad and
make them plead they receive the next letter ASAP.


Success in using an informational product as your "front end" vehicle by which you identify
customers happens to the degree in which you identify willing markets. The products
themselves can be simple and in the form of reports, manuals, books, folios, tapes, software or
whatever fits the scheme of things.

Here's how to develop a strategy along with some ideas that I always wanted to try.

 By far, the most cost effective way to generate "leads" is to use classified ads. In another
section we uncovered a way to get even more results from classifieds by using a small
classified ad network of savvy business people who SHARE their classified results with other
success minded individuals.

 The first thing to do is look for a business opportunity "theme". The goal is to identify would-be
buyers for your products and if you are doing so, enlisting them in your MLM business. Most of
the time you can fine tune a classified ad, two step, inquiry to purchase system until it makes
money off the "front end" .

There's a lot to be said about using non MLM sounding proposals to eventually turn the
prospects into MLM enthusiasts. Consider the following classified ad.

$200 Daily Mailing Letters from Home? ( YES ) I show you how, write:
John Doe, 1313 Mockingbird Ln, High Falls, TX, 20202

Everyone who writes for more info will be interested in a "system" they can use to mail letters
from home to make money. Of course, one of the paramount things you must do FIRST
devise a way that makes at least $200 daily, capture the "system" on paper, show them, step
by step what to do and naturally, place all of the inquirer names onto a a database for regular
follow up.

 Devising a way to make $200 daily should be easy for you at this point after understanding the
scientific approach. By nature of the proposition you'll want to follow up with higher priced but
much needed products. The mailing lists on diskette make an excellent ready made product
that accomplishes that. You can, by the way, after you have built your OWN database, slip that
file onto our software program and sell 10,000 names for as much as $900. The fact remains
that lists of MLM business builders are difficult to find and can bring a premium when it comes
to list rentals and sales.

 My experience has been that classified ads generate leads at about $2 per lead. A $100 ad
brings in 50 inquiries. And depending on the sales letter and offer that is sent, some 25 to 35
percent of the inquirers turn into buyers. So, with $100 ad, 50 inquirers end up into 5 to 8
buyers. A $20 product means this is at least break even and hopefully a profit situation.
There's ways to squeeze extra profits out of this by using the names, following up and the
residual income of the folks becoming MLM enthusiasts and business builders in your select
MLM plan.
 If you placed an ad that read: Do MLM from home. Great products / fast commissions. Write:
you could not expect that kind of results. The top ad is basically tapping the "generic" business
opportunity market.

Just think of the many possibilities. How about an ad that reads like this...

Computer Owners! Turn your PC into a money machine at home. Free Full Details: Write:

You'd now have tons of computer owners interested in a way to make money from home. Why
not create a "system" of files, a manual, sales letters, etc. package it all up and sell it, of course
with your MLM plan as a "back end" residual income builder.

You can further "target" your market to any market you define as being worthwhile.

Over the years, despite how well or poor a classified ad campaign appeared ... I always
managed to squeeze out profits.

I have tried classified ads that look something like this...

FREE DEALERSHIP ... Sell Computerized Mailing Lists on disk. Fast, easy profits, Complete
setup FREE. Write: ....................

That type of ad will generate folks just aching for a way to make money. Enlist them as dealers
for your own lists. And of course, the residual income factor of MLM may make it a goldmine.
In your info product you can more or less relate the idea of having a simple flyer about the
MLM plan you are working in the package to their customers. This freebie flyer rides along -
the only cost being for the printing.

There's an endless possibility for this type of operation. When you do try it and you generate
names of inquirers, be sure to TRADE them with us in the classified ad co-op to get 2 new
names for each of yours. A great way to build your list.

A lot of people that use classifieds do not always use the scientific approach. After the one
shot of following up, they never contact the inquirer again. Big mistake. At times the profits for
me came after mailing to the lists several times over the following year. Success in MLM,
mailorder and marketing is to lay out a full plan, then execute it. The plan should detail how
often it makes sense to mail to a customer. Remember your goal, to make money while you
are building a large list. The faster you build this large list, the better.


 Make it a point to GET ON as many MLM related mailing lists as possible. Write for
information wherever you see no matter what type of info, as long as it's related to MLM.
Then, like clockwork, other people will SEND YOU their offers. I usually take these offers and
pile them into a cardboard box in a nook in the basement. Then, when I am ready to send a
new, exciting offer, I have these names typed into a database and print off the envelopes with
their addresses. And, you'll start to get a lot of related publications. there's gold to be found in
them. I than have all the MLM names picked out of the advertising and have them too plucked
into the database. Then, when all's set and a new offer is ready, these names receive the offer
as one of the first things I do.

The offer for THIS manual was mailed to such a list with a 21% response rate! Imagine getting
21% from a cold list? Yeowee! The only problem is the numbers. You can probably only gleen
about 1000 names a month doing it this way. I wish I could get 100,000 of that quality lists

If you have such names, let me know! I will gladly arrange a trade - probably even offer you 2
similar names for each of yours! I just love that type of list!


 I have done more than my fair share of renting lists. The good lists rent for between $80 and
$120 per thousand. The best list is those that contain BUYER names. You find a lot of
companies offering lists at huge discounts. What happens in the list industry is a few owners
get together and often TRADE their names with one another. Junk lists get bigger and bigger
and of less quality. Sometimes these list firms state : all our names are from direct mail,
advertising for business opportunities" yet, I have NEVER seen them place ads, received a
single direct mail from them and I no longer believe the lists are what they claim. Who is going
to prove or disprove their claims?

 Yet, you CAN make money with rented lists. The secret is to start with a really low priced offer
and then capture the names of the buyers for YOUR OWN list. A lot of times this may very well
mean you take a loss on the front end promotions. It is possible though to glean names off the
"bad" lists at a rate of about $3 per buyer. $1,000 in direct mail costs can bring in over 300
buyers for the lower price item. This approach is time consuming and requires a lot of capital
infused in the system. At any one time you may have $20,000 wrapped up in running this type
of approach. While the initial big lists are mostly junk, you can use them successfully. So many
people are so angry at renting lists and list firms stemming from the fact they do not
understand the business. Some list firms make a killing on "one shot" rentals. It's no wonder
everyone complains about the current state of the mailing list business because of the
aforementioned facts. Again, would you be able to enjoy making money if you knew the
product ( junk mailing lists ) were going to result in a loss for your customers? The typical reply
to a complaint about the lack of response to a list is "Your offer must not work". Despite the
current sad state of the list business it is possible to make money renting "junk" names as
previously mentioned.

 A while ago I decided to take some action that resulted in something very good and very
lucrative. My prime names, the buyer names ended up going onto a list. Every 3 months, 4
times a year this list would be sent to a "service bureau" who's function was to first assure the
names were not duplicated in previous lists, count the names remaining and to contact the list
MANAGER with a count. The list manager would then place this info in his fact sheet ( or data
card if you want to get technical ) and in turn, alert his customers to the availability of the list.
He, as list manager would get a commission when any other broker ( or he himself ) would rent
the list. The list BROKER who rented the list would also receive a cut. As orders for list rentals
come in, he would FAX the service organization with the details, the customer name / address,
etc. and ship off the names. The service org would produce the list in whatever format
required, diskette, labels, tape, etc. They too would make a cut ( a much smaller cut ). The rest
of the revenue would come to me, the list OWNER. Alls it takes is to be able to produce at
least 5,000 names each quarter ( Good names of buyers ) and send off a disk every 3 months.
Sometimes the list would rent dozens of times a quarter producing pretty hefty royalty

All the mechanics, the list "seeding" and decoying, payments, orders would be handled by the
other parties. Believe me, it's possible to earn a good living off this type of activity alone. The
income from 5,000 buyers a quarter plus, the income from the follow ups, plus the income from
the list rentals amount to a hefty, hefty profit.

 Some people are scared to rent their own names out. they think someone is going to "steal"
the names. that does happen, but not as frequently as imagined. And then they may feel the
names themselves lose responsiveness. This is just not so. My determination has been that it
does make sense, business wise to rent your names out to other firms, including competitors.
The fact remains that, if your products are good, unique and well done, you have no
competitors just other businesses doing similar but not equal things. It is much more profitable
to rent your buyer names out.

To do this you will need at least 5,000 names as this is the minimal amount that anyone wants
to deal with. They gotta be good names because one slip up, one "bad" list will turn everyone
off to renting your names. A few firms rent every name available on the open market. As times
marches forth, your "house list" that is in the hands of the broker / manager grows. Many times
after a successful mailing to your hottest, latest list, the firm renting them will then go back in
time, renting every name you have on your master list. If you did the minimum of 5,000 names
per quarter, that's 20,000 names a year. After 2 years that's 40,000 names. One rental of that
entire list can bring you $2,000.00, easy. A royalty check for $2,000 every so often means
profits and success. Checks can come like clockwork. One guy I know literally retired and lives
on the revenue from rentals.

 I warn you though, don't "screw up" and mess with poor quality lists of your own. Don't even
decide to beef up your counts with lesser quality names. IT never makes sense to do that
because your reputation will sour in the marketplace. The mailing list world is a tight, small
one. Your name and reputation will become mud. It's better to wait until you DO have 5,000
quality buyer names. I have sometimes NOT sent in names in a particular quarter because
there were not enough.

Don't overlook the added revenue of renting out your own names.


 Over the past two years a father and son team of builders purchased a plot next door to me
and decided to build a house on "speculation". They complete the house and have a real
estate agent list it and hopefully eventually sell it through the network of Realtors.

They paid about $165,000.00 for the property. Add to that the closing costs of about
$8,000.00. So far, not a lick of work was attempted on the house and they got $173,000.00
wrapped up into it.
 Since father and son are experienced builders and this is the only project they have at the
moment they decide to do most of the "grunt" work themselves. Namely all of the excavation,
masonry work, footings and foundation, slab, etc. For the first 3 months they concentrate on
the foundation. It takes another $45,000 worth of concrete, block, mortar, professional layout
services, pipe, etc. to complete the foundation. They now have $213,000.00 wrapped up into it.

 Since they do not have the time or experience to do the carpentry work, they hire a crew to do
the rough framing. Another $19,000.00 to the crew and $41,000.00 for the materials. Next
come plumbing and electrical. They are already $273,000.00 in the red. The plumbing, permits,
electrical comes to another $51,000.00. They now have $314,000.00 into the project and have
spent 5 months of their own time.

 The finish work, trim, roofing. sheet rocking, siding and painting get em for another
$45,000.00. They have $359,000. wrapped into it already. Add to that another $60,000.00 in
appliances, flooring, carpeting, windows, driveway, stonework, landscaping and heating / air
conditioning work.

8 months have passed, not a dime of income and $419,000.00 in the red.

Plus, when the sell they can expect to pay 5% to the real estate agents.

 As things have it with any project the unforseeable happens. A glitch in a survey requires
another $25,0000 for legal, engineering, and other professional expenses. $444,000.00 in the
project, 10 months, and still not a dime.

 The house does eventually sell, for it's asking price of $635,000.00 leaving $191,000.00 in
profits to split between the firm itself and the two partners. The firm owns, maintains and
operates heavy equipment, has fuel bills to pay, insurance costs, equipment costs, rental fees,
trucks and cement mixers and various tools of all sorts.

 A years worth of time, sweat, headaches, a big risk, back breaking work - all to make a

 I want to draw a parallel. If you have almost $300,000.00 with which to work don't you think
you could, knowing what you know turn that into $700,000 in gross profits? Given 12 months
and $300,000.00 don;t you think you could turn that into a million, or more? I'd bet that you
could if you follow a scientific, proven approach to direct marketing.

 Hardly anyone in MLM has that kinda time or money to throw into the business. But you can
build to that level - a little bit at a time. What do you think your income would be if you practiced
these time honored methods and built a list of 500,000 people? I would venture to guess that
you could earn 10 times that over the course of a few years. You have to set goals "I will
generate 1000 names on my database by December 1" and then go out and do what is
necessary. Later on we'll describe that how, in our package we give you a good start with a
bunch of names complete with software, the mailing list distributor rights and the rest of our
unique but VERY powerful services. I can just feel it, I know it ... I have you absolutely
convinced THIS is the only way to go. It's allright. I told you the lights in your head would go
on. Build your list, build your business, build your income, strategies, associate with other
winners, develop your own group of like minded people with which to do business ( trade
names, products, etc. ) Don't forget to knock off the commission to the real estate agents when
you are figuring the final gross income. By comparison, home building and MLM have a lot in
common and, the costs versus income are very close too. It is rare that someone starts with no
outlay of capital but then goes on to earn a fortune. It takes a systematic, defined approach.
But it is possible to start with a smaller sum, build it up over time, to the point the machinery is
rolling and money flows back in like water.


 First off there's a lot, I mean a lot of BS, lies and total nonsense perpetuated about mailorder
in general. Again, it's the "Do what I tell you to do rather than what I do" mentality. I mean, the
TV is chock full of guru types saying how easy it is, how they did it, all you gotta do is purchase
their course. Their money comes from perpetuating the BS not in doing what they preach. In
fact, I'll venture to guess that 93% of all the stuff I've ever read about mailorder is pure, total,

 but each year tens of thousands of hopefuls buy someone's course thinking they are going to
get rich. They thin they are gonna get rich on the Internet, get rich by placing classified ads by
the thousands, get rich with 900 numbers, with telephone answering machines, with network
marketing, with phone cards, with all sorts of "stuff" I classify as pieces. In order to make
money in mailorder you must first have a goal of building a money machine. Nobody is going to
get rich writing one book. Nobody is going to get rich placing hundreds of classified ads ... if,
that is the only thing they are doing.

 A handful of smart people ARE going to get rich by building a money machine rather than
executing just one piece of the puzzle. Do you think that builder could make any money if he
left the roof off, or failed to put floors in? No. And you should not think you are going to get rich
unless you concentrate on building a money machine rather than a MLM business. That is why
having the additional services like being able to trade classified ad results, being able to sell
and rent your mailing lists, being able to obtain fast selling products is so important.

 That's why ads that state "Get rich mailing simple postcards" are so questionable. Nobody, I
mean nobody has ever gotten rich just mailing postcards. They may have gotten rich providing
the printing for others who THOUGHT they were going to get rich. They may have made a
bundle by renting mailing lists to OTHERS who thought they were gonna hit it big with

 Nope, the only way to make it in MLM or mailorder or any other marketing based business is
to build a money machine, the "house" that is going to stand the test of time, rather than one

 Do you see what I am getting at? Mailorder and MLM success is much much more than the
products, the sales letters, the ads. It is the COMBINATION OF REVENUE GENERATING
methods that make it so interesting, so alluring, so profitable and so much fun! Is it getting
clearer now? You must develop your money machine. You must develop your database. You
must develop ways and means of squeezing profits out of your operation.

STRATEGIES that allow you to reap fabulous rewards. Leave one piece of the puzzle out,
leave on bearing wall out of your house, and it is all gonna crumble!
That's why, I do not care if you are just starting, an experienced pro, a dabbler or what .... you
can make a fortune at will, if you follow the time tested, proven, scientific approach.

Don't try to run an effective mailorder business without a "back end" of similar products. Do not
even try it if you think one book is going to make you rich. Don't waste your time if you think
you'll create a fortune totally on your own! You'll need the cooperation, services and help of
dozens of people. An example is your mailing list manager, the other dealers you trade names
with, your vendors, etc.

 Do you realize what it is I have laid out for you? You can place classified ads and generate
fabulous income instead of relying on that one shot, sell them something. Mailorder like MLM is
a back-end business. In MLM you are selling either of two things, or both at the same time, a
business opportunity or products. But the rest of the stuff STILL APPLIES. Your success is
only going to be so much unless you build that strong foundation and house with all it's walls.

 That's what this manual is all about. It's giving you tried and true methods AND it is offering
you the other "missing links" that can often mean the difference between mediocrity and super
success. !!!

I know this is sinking in. I just know it.

 If there's anyone out there who thinks they are going to get rich with one MLM program and
not have in place all that's necessary - good luck! Still others ( hopefully not that many ) will
react with "Leave me alone, stop giving me the real picture here .. let me go on dreaming that
one day I'll strike it rich - enough of the truth - I just wanna dream" . to them, I apologize for
ruining your unrealistic dream. But one day you are going to thank me for painting a picture of
this in full Technicolor rather than the typical BS. You gotta face the truth before really getting

 Most super successful mailorder and MLM people have several steady streams of income. If
they try to conduct their business without one of them, their entire house falls down. See, the
beauty of it all is that most aspects of the business are contingent on others. More names
mean more sales. More sales mean more revenue from list rentals. More revenue means more
advertising. More business means more names on the database. More names mean more
MLM sign-ups. More sign-ups mean bigger commission checks which goes on to fuel the rest
of the operation, and so on, continually building, fueling, growing!

 And you thought you have heard just about everything there is to know about mailorder, MLM
and marketing! Technically you will want a bare minimum of 3 walls or legs to your structure.
Preferably you will have 4. Consider trying to support a bird house out in a field. If you slap it
on one single piece of two by four, chances are it's gonna fall down eventually, a strong wind,
heavy rain or something will knock it down. Add another two by four. Well supported on two
sides but, as you can imagine it's gonna eventually wobble over. Add another two by four in a
"tripod" arrangement and now you are cooking. That's gonna last a while. It's basically
supported in all sides but, not quite as strong as having four. With 4 your house will withstand
the test of time and whatever life and nature throws at it.

These preferable 4 sides are:
1) Your front end product sales and revenue

2) Your back-end follow up revenue

3) Your revenue from list rentals

4) Your ability to do more volume and build a large, large database ( trades, sharing leads,
etc. )

Choose any 3 and you'll be ok, for a while. Choose 4 and you're rock solid. Your MLM plan fits
into either of #1 or #2 and perhaps both. You might be silently remaking to yourself "Yes, fine, I
understand totally now but ... all this seems like a lot of extra work". Well, look at it this way, try
it any other way and you might as well kiss any hopes of success goodbye. To be truthful, it
may seem like more work, but once you get moving in that direction it is just part of doing

 Hey wait .. this is seeming more and more complicated. It is not complicated really. It's just the
truth. You have to build a solid house, a money machine, as it's the ONLY way.

Besides, you are going to get help right from us along the way.


 Self admittedly, I was a goldfish in a pond waiting for the next guru to feed me. I view that as
all part of the evolution of my mind and my own particular level of understanding. Please,
please understand that I am in no way bashing, trying to destroy or trying to stop anyone
else's marketing strategies. I "fell for" many a promotion and to be quite honest each DID bring
me closer to understanding and closer to success. It's all part of evolving as a human and
developing one's own level of understanding. There are some really good people out there with
various promotions inside MLM and out in fields like regular ol mailorder. I just want you to be
able to pick apart the marketing behind it, learn to grasp the truth about it and use it to move
on, closer to success than you were before. Any particular mention of a marketing plan, guru
teacher or marketing approach bears no resemblance to anyone living or deceased. Even
some marketing guru's are often misguided and have not come to a better evolution. Please
do not take everything I explain as gospel either. A smart marketer learns the concepts,
develops their own unique strategy and tests till perfection. In other words, things change and
individual circumstances are all different.

 One of the hopes for this manual is that it finds itself in the hands of every MLM enthusiast on
the planet and hopefully, the entire collective evolution of each, combined, takes a leap


 I used to hate writing. But after reading the work of others and learning that your writing did
not have to be "eloquent" I decided to try it. And with practice I do believe ANYONE can write
successful informational products. One must simply so it and develop belief in oneself.

 There's probably a thousand different "products" I can think of that might make great MLM
related informational products. These products, as you now understand will make up a "leg" of
your support structure. Grasp the ideas and run with them.

 How about a generic manual on marketing? The title could be 101 Tips For MLM Prospecting.
This 35 page manual could sell for $19, $29, even $39 and cause a large number of people to
purchase your front end product leaving you with a large number of prospects to pursue for
your MLM plan.

 Sometimes, according to the economy, world events or happenings in the world you can ride
an event, spin it a bit to fit into your product and run with it. How about "Forget The Stock
Market ... Here's How To Make 50% Return On Your Money, Year In, Year Out. My people
have watched their 401K plans and stock accounts plummet and are looking for a safe
alternative in the downward markets.

 There's a lot to be said for the wave of marketing using audio tapes. If you do not want to
produce a tape yourself, why not rise the wave of the current successes using them? Here's a
title and a theme ... $500 A Day Giving Away Cassette Tapes" sounds like a winner. In this
baby the mechanics of using a tape promotion are laid out, with an offer to get tapes, means of
sending them, etc. occur.

Postcards have been a favorite tool for many. As long as the underlying promotion works ...
why not write a manual about using them? I can see it now ... "All I DO IS Mail 100 Postcards
Each Day To Earn $127". As long as it truly does work, that sounds like a winner!

 Classified advertising is, in my book the safest, soundest, most effective means of building a
list. Why not come up with dozens of ads that are geared toward specific markets with your
MLM "behind the scenes" as a back-end product? 30 DAYS TO A FORTUNE IN CLASSIFIED
ADS. Don't forget to include info on TRADING classified ad results. You don't want to teach
people to be stingy with their names.

 Talk about "negative sell". Throughout the country people HATE their jobs, their bosses, their
financial lives. FIRE YOUR BOSS AND EARN A COOL MILLION could show people how to
wean themselves off of a routine, boring life of a 9 to 5 worker and get into something that'll
make them both happy and rich.

 There's a lot of confusion regarding MLM plans, commission structures, etc. HOW TO
SELECT A WINNING MLM PROGRAM TO WORK can end up being the authoritative
information on the subject. It'll take some research but I know you can lay out all the criteria
and a grading system that proves helpful.

 People love mailorder. And, as the industry has it, most also lose money in it because the
odds are stacked against them and nobody tells them all of the support legs they need. HOW
TO GO FROM ZERO TO $1,000 A DAY IN MAILORDER could be the light at the end of the
tunnel. Talk about a ready and willing market. A negative sell would do well.

 MAKE MONEY MAILING A SIMPLE ONE PAGE LETTER could be all about a prospecting
tool, a letter that offers a low cost booklet or report. Of course, the idea is to build a huge list of
buyers and follow up.

Every week someone calls me, or write me and asks if I can please send them some sort of
generic reports,manuals they can sell. Why not write a series of reports and offer reprint
rights? Or a manual with reprint rights? There's a ready market for this type stuff. I am
contemplating releasing a host of reprint right type tools myself!

 the computer market is hot. In fact, if you are marketing over the Internet one thing is for sure
ALL your inquiries own personal computers. A manual, disk and tools necessary to run your
particular MLM plan would sell like hotcakes. The sales letters, fulfillment manuals, etc. all on
disk make it a cinch!


Ideally, if you have followed these principles you will develop into your "money machine" at
least 3 profit centers or legs that support your house, preferably 4. Without at least 3,
preferably 4 you are stacking the odds against yourself.

I made it a point over the last 15 years to get my hands on everything and anything if it related
to success. You know, the hoards of books, tapes and courses on positive thinking, business
success psychology and creative visualization. They ideas and methods ranged from very
simple attitudinal change mechanisms to deeper, more hidden meditation techniques,
visualization strategies and mental clearing.

I don't discount any of the modern theories. Ideas like NLP and creative visualization work for
some. Most of the practices take a lot of time and, may have positive but limited results.

I found through this broad, extensive research one technique, one set of ideas and one
underlying set of principles that worked, in record time, without much change in those deeper
mechanics of one's mind. The ideas are great yet so simple. for me, it worked like nothing else.
It worked so well we can think of it as a "fifth leg" or yet another, important supporting center
for your entire business. I do not know how well my business would work without it.

The techniques take but a few minutes of time. There's nothing so mystical, magical about
them at all. They are based on sound knowledge of how our brain operates. And yet, I have
only been able to capture little glimpses of the methods in the body of work I've studied.

I will not go into detail here. For all I know you may not even believe that certain little things
you can do to feed your mind will work. I do not want to seem like a "crackpot" either. You may
think the ideas too far out so I will not spell it all out here.

I have written a tiny, 3 page report that may serve as a guideline for you to try them yourself.
It'll take but a few moments a day to try them. Results can be obtained in as little as 2 weeks,
real, perceivable results. I want to keep track of how well it works for others hence, I am going
to send you the report FREE if you agree to keep me posted on your results. All you must do is
send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope and I'll get the report to you pronto. I find the
results amazing. After trying it and determining that yes, it did work for me I want to share it
with as many people as possible. I was first "taught" that this theory worked by a very wealthy
multi-millionaire who claimed his success was springboarded by using the same techniques.

I won't inundate you with the details here because it's 3 pages and, quite frankly you might not
care. I will send it to you free upon your request. Send the SASE to my office address, I.O.S.
Inc., 21 Cook Avenue, Madison, NJ 07940. This may be the most powerful 3 pages you have
ever read and the most powerful "success" theory you've ever encountered.
You must do me a favor. After receiving the report and putting the theory into practice for
yourself you must agree to keep me posted at least once, 2 months after receiving it. This can
be a simple letter of your experience with it that'll take just a moment or two to send off to me.


A major problem with MLM as well as mailorder is the fact that the hype mongers put an idea
into everyone's mind that they are going to get rich in less than a year. Nearly everyone puts
their efforts, energies and money into a plan where they expect to hit a grand slam home run
right away. And, when they don't they give up in frustration. No wonder why business
opportunities and MLM get a bad reputation.

Using scientific, proven, tested techniques and strategies it IS possible to hit a homer. But not
without learning the more hidden "secrets" to business. You've learned that in order to sure up
your success that you have to develop several profit centers and, that they each can feed the
other. By that I mean developing a front-end system that makes a profit and feeds names to
your other profit center which brings in more back-end sales followed by more and more
residual income as the result of building a massive database. The idea is to develop a cycle
then repeat it over and over. This may mean that you start small and build to unprecedented
new heights of success. Rarely does it happen overnight so you should not get your sights set
on overnight riches.

I would love to claim that one day I read a book about mailorder then set out to make a fortune
in 6 months. I cannot say that. It took years to get to the point of real success. The reason is I
had to sieve through the BS, hype, marketing ploys, unworkable and unrealistic theories
presented by others. I used to believe without question some of the methods that the "guru
types" had set forth.

All of my initial efforts were attempted while working at least one full time job!

I suggest that everyone move slowly until the powerful theories begin to work and your "money
machine' is put into place so you can sure up your success. The major reason MLM left me so
sour was that the hype, BS, untruths and dishonesty was causing so many people to lose
money. This manual and the techniques herein will go a long way to change all that for
whoever reads it.

Strewn throughout is the idea that you can develop at least 3, preferably 4 profit centers each
feeding the others, each generating profits. Heck, most MLM people try to do it with just one
"leg" and are doomed miserably to failure, over and over and over again until they get the
understanding that they need the support structures in place.

Just think ... if you DO develop 4 profit centers and each is doing it's job for you ( with a little
fine tuning ) then you are 4 times more likely to succeed! You have several hundred percent
MORE THINGS gong for you. It's gonna be very, very difficult to fail! While most, unknowingly
MLM people are out there trying to make their thing work, you will have placed methods that
sure up your success. You move from the ranks of someone "following the leader" to a
professional marketer status. Being professional to me means you do your homework, self
educate yourself, are of the utmost honesty and integrity and go forth and create unbelievable
success for yourself and others. Please drill the concepts of 3, 4 or 5 "legs" supporting your
business into your mind as soon as possible. Like a cold water spring found in a hot dry desert
that theory, more than any other will quench your thirst and desire for true success. It would be
one thing to just, simply give you the theories. We try to take it a step further and provide the
workings of the other support structures.

In my study of the wealthiest, most successful I have never, ever, found one that did not
prescribe to that theory. Never. They may not have really known that what they were doing is
assuring their success by participating in the profit center ideas or "legs" supporting their
business, but nevertheless, they did.

Once you do obtain a measured degree of success nobody on the planet will be able to sway
you otherwise no matter how good they make their way seem. The proverbial truth has set you
free from the hype, BS, underhanded tactics used by so many in MLM.

In my experience most MLM people are honest, forthright and interested in creating income
from something they enjoy, a lifestyle of working from home and a better than average living.
For the better part of my career and successful practice of the more scientific approach, my
goals were simply to create a lot of extra, spendable income. It's not really what you make
that's important, it's what's left over after living that counts. I hope that your own application of
these scientific principles allows you too to obtain massive investments, real estate holdings,
sorted toys ( like boats, I just love deep sea fishing ), extensive vacations and most
importantly, you are able to enjoy more of life and take good care of your family. It is the only
business I know of where you can take a few hours off whenever you want to take your kids to
the pumpkin patch, take them fishing, go on a bike ride, or whatever, when others are toiling
away working their 9 to 5 doldrums lives. You do not necessarily have to hit a homerun right
away. Building your nest egg and generating a lot of discretionary income an be just fine!

True, unadulterated success can and will be yours, if you do things right!

foundation of a winner. A collection of your outstanding findings in the world of MLM marketing.

MLM MILLIONAIRES. This would be along the same path as my previous manual. Find 10
super networkers, send for all their marketing stuff. Pick it apart, generically and write about it.
Tell where the spin is, the BS, why the marketing works and finally, what can be learned to
make anyone's marketing better.

 Sometimes humor wins over peoples minds. MLM can sometimes be funny. How about a
manual that depicts all the things that can go wrong. HOW TO CHASE AWAY YOUR
may seem a bit ridiculous but, in most experiences that IS what happens. Oh no, here comes
Johnny with another get rich plan. Make it funny so the value is in the humor. Make it real, and
prospects can relate to it well. How about THE SURPRISE SECRETS OF A SNAKE OIL

Once you get a single report under your belt, the rest is EASY. sometimes info just flows.
Other times it's painful.

COPYWRITING METHODS OF THE MOST WEALTHY can be a expose' on the actual sales
copy techniques used.

There's tons of ideas that I'm sure would work.


Dollars to doughnuts you've seen offers out there hyping some "system" for tapping the
tremendous marketing power that lies within the Internet. I already explained that in 1992 a
very well known marketing guru was hyping his Internet Millionaire courses and tapes
seminars but that later, after it was pointed out that the stuff he was hyping just didn't work, he
retracted his hype and basically told everyone he was sorry for leading them a little bit astray.

Seems like you cannot turn a corner without someone, ESPECIALLY the regular legitimate
media, hyping the Internet.

 I virtually grew up, as a marketer, over the Internet, various online services, BBS systems and
the like. Back between 1991 and 1995 I had tons of little ads running all over the place. The
result... the Internet, online services and other computer related media WAS JUST ANOTHER
PLACE to advertise. In fact, because it was so easy for someone reading my ads to click on a
button and respond, the QUALITY of the responses declined dramatically. Given a list of
inquiries generated by regular, run of the mill, old classified ads versus a list of the same size
generated via the computer and, you guessed it, the classified responses would buy to the
tune of upwards of 40% versus only 10% of the computer generated leads. In other words
since it was so easy to use the PC to send off for more info, it too meant that they did not jump
through a hoop to do so and, the results proved that the quality of responses was poor.

But, don't discount the Internet and various online services from the picture, just yet.

The majority of my leads were generated by placing my own classified ads. I placed them
everyone I could when they were free and placed 2 to 3 on the "pay a fee to advertise" places.
I'd generate about 100 names a week. But as I found out, that was the same as generating
about 25 through classified ads. No great shakes. But nevertheless you can count on the
Internet for "at least" being able to generate some leads, rather quickly. But be forewarned that
the quality of the prospects will be less than those generated by some form of regular media

Onward and upward. Upon learning the almost "secret" technique of TRADING names with
other dealers I decided to try TRADING names with other online advertisers. Instead of
searching through the various message boards, chat rooms, etc., I spent my time reading other
ads. When I spotted one that held promise as one that may be generating the TYPE of names
I'd be interested in, I'd send a simple, brief Email to the advertiser. It would go something like

Dear Advertiser:

Today I noticed like myself, you are engaged in marketing a business opportunity and you are,
like me, using various electronic media to accomplish that. Me too. The only problem I have is
generating the number of new prospects I'd prefer. So I contacted a few advertisers and posed
a simple solution to our similar problems. A few of them took me up on the offer. I now have a
database of over 5,000 names, all recent respondents to online ads for business opportunities.
When I tried some of their names, to my delight my offer worked. I'll bet they'll like your offer
too. what I do now to make things easier is TRADE names with other dealers. I offer 2 for 1
making it a great deal for you. You get double the fun and profit because for every 100 names
you supply, you get 200 back. I make it a point that this is done fairly. I can supply references if
requested. To find out more, how you can tap the potential of many other advertisers FREE ...
just write me an Email. I'll send you the full details promptly. Sincerely JBG IOS Inc.

Guess what?

About 15% of the advertisers WOULD go for it! I soon found myself swamped with more
names than I could possibly follow up to in a reasonable amount of time. I found that instead of
the countless hours of doing it the old way, in a matter of minutes I could get hundreds,
sometimes even THOUSANDS of new, quality, fresh names! Dollar for dollar, pound for pound,
hour for hour this proved to be the most cost effective use of my time. In a few hours I'd have
the results it took me a month to do otherwise!

The details would show the other advertiser what they'd have to do, format a file, send it
electronically and tell them how they'd get the trade names and how they could put them to
use right away. I often wondered though what on earth was going through the minds of the
85% of the advertisers who wouldn't go for it? Was it that old stingy attitude that somehow
they'd be giving up gold? No wonder so many people fail at marketing over the Internet, they
cannot even take advantage of a great thing when it's dropped in their lap. Sometimes it would
take a little convincing.

I am not talking about Email addresses but regular old Postal addresses with real names.
email marketing is pretty nonproductive no matter what they are selling that "Email mass
mailing" software for. I delete ALL my mail and so do most people! and the idea of joining
Email lists and chat groups is a total waste. see how one person teaches a hype method and
others "follow the leader". The best way to market anything over the internet is to accumulate
the interested parties REAL home addresses!

Now you know a way that is the most productive electronic marketing method ever found!


 When you get to the goal of being able to conduct your business in any volume there's some
things you need to be aware about mailing lists. Our mailing equipment takes files, on
computer format into it, does a bunch of stuff to the files like presorting, etc., and then prints
the names /addresses directly on the envelopes or sales pieces. In order to do that the names
have to be in certain format.

 When we trade names with other firms and individuals the lists ALSO have to be in certain
formats. The industry standard formats are basically 3. They are DBASE format ( this is for the
most highly compatible software programs ) ASCII DELIMITED format ( this type is more or
less generic and this type file can be imported and exported in and out of many software
packages and SDF format, another type of standard format files. We prefer DBASE files with
certain characteristics and sizes. Our software that allows editing, adding, deleting and
exporting names uses DBASE format and ASCII DELIMITED formats.
If you are going to create some sort of list the fields and sizes we recommend are:

NAME           30
STREET         30
CITY           18
STATE          2
ZIP            10

This is not only the bare minimum you should try to use it is the "core" of the info you should
supply and expect with trades, exchanges, etc.

Our software package is included with any name order and a copy is also included with PART
TWO of this report.


 As you are totally well aware, the best plan is to develop a "front-end" marketing approach that
makes money, feeds the other support structures in your house, your money machine. This is
often done in MLM with the marketing of a product or service that is related to business
opportunities or even related to MLM - like an "info" product, a report, series of reports,
manual, book, tape, etc. Invariably, the BEST product is one that educates, fulfills and
motivates. The problem is that to a certain degree many of the products are "slanted" in favor
of a particular MLM plan, a particular MLM group and not so "generic". A lot of the "front end"
techniques allow the promoter to make money WHILE they are "back-ending" the prospects
with a particular MLM plan. Fine, if the MLM plan stands on it's own and the prospect CAN
make money. Come on, do you REALLY want to make a living perpetrating a "system" you
know will have your prospects lose money? I know you don't and just like me, you looked to
MLM as a way to get your own business, possibly achieving financial freedom doing something
you enjoy, from home.

 This manual was developed to give MLM people a clearer understanding and to help "evolve"
their mind into getting more from their chosen pursuits. Since we are not directly involved with
ANY MLM plan, any particular group, organization, marketing guru or facet that causes us to
"slant" this information in any self promoting manner, we are free to take the concepts deeper
than any others can. You can use the sales of this manual as part of your "front end"
marketing. And, built in, are additional items, products and services that translate to "back-end"
sales. Add to that the other supporting arrangements covered elsewhere, like list building,
dealerships and further education and this entire approach can be a bog, tremendous boom to
your marketing. You get font-end support, back-end support and you can combine them with
your existing, or future MLM plan. Add to the mix the idea that you can immediately increase
your advertising power by the lead sharing program, build a large database with help of our list
services and using our examples develop your own two-pronged, front-end, back-end
business. Those that choose can also get our newsletter as part of the package. More about
the newsletter itself.


Just like the MLM industry represents a huge market so does the "computer owner" market.
There are an estimated 45 million personal computers in use and that number is growing. In
identifying possible markets I choose the "{computer owner market" as one with tremendous
potential. My marketing was geared toward them hence, the newsletter, the only newsletter I
put out is called "The Computer Profit Report" or CPR for short.

 The personal computer is really just a tool. It, in and of itself cannot make any money. The
computer operator, the person with the brain that uses the computer CAN use it to make
money. It's a monthly newsletter that focuses on way a person can use it to make money.
Naturally, it has a lot to do with self-publishing, mailing lists, marketing, etc. This newsletter is
perfect for you as a multilevel marketer.

 Don't let the "personal computer" part of it scare you off. If you have a personal computer ( I
think anyone with a desire for success in MLM SHOULD have one ) because the ideas are
those involved with marketing, publishing, mailorder, etc. This is perfect for the MLM person.
The newsletter just started in June of 1998 so the best of it has yet to be revealed within it's

It's part of the package offer that accompanies this manual. Alone it costs $97 a year.


 I said before that as part of our total service package our massive mailing machine is at your
disposal. At some point and as a direct result of you learning how to profit from the "hidden"
methods of making added income there's no doubt in my mind that one day soon you are
going to want to achieve the VOLUME that most people only dream about. It's going to
happen. Up until now you probably did not realize that you NEED a method of getting your
direct mail out into the industry fast, responsibly and economically from a trustworthy source.
You can take a look in your local yellow pages for "mailing services" but expect to get the
same treatment our buddy did. Our prices are extremely reasonable and we stake our
reputation on doing what you pay for. While we cannot guarantee results from your mailings
we can guarantee no other firm will try as hard or be as willing to do what is humanly possible
on your behalf. The rest of this writing should do a great job of showing you HOW to come up
with a winning promotion you can run with.

 When you invoke our services you'll have to have ALREADY done your testing. Then, you are
going to have to test again by doing a 5,000 piece mailing. If you've done your homework,
you'll get your expected results. Then, it's a matter of keeping your finger on the pulse and
snowballing; your profits performing more and more quantities of mailings until you have gotten
your desired goal.

Our mailing services package will explain more in detail.


 There is no doubt that your marketing, as a result of this manual is going to soar. Furthermore,
you are going to be placing yourself in the midst of other very successful marketers. And, if you
choose to, as a dealer for these products and services, chances are several of your
associates, business builders or customers ARE going to invoke our ability to achieve
VOLUME by conducting massive mailings. We reward those efforts with a 10% commission on
mailing services. So, when and if someone you introduce to us DOES massive mailings, you
can make a lot of money in the process.

The best way to utilize mailing services is first, to find something that works then,
progressively, methodically "roll out" the campaign, starting small and building bigger and
bigger thus achieving the massive volume.

 Let's say a party you introduce begins mailing. They have a tested, tried and proven mailing
technique. Their first mailing of 5,000 pieces generates a commission to you of 10% or from
$150.00 to $300.00. As results come in our customer prepares for their next mailing. If results
prove out, this next mailing should be between 10,000 and 20,000 pieces generating another
$300.00 to $600.00 in commissions.

 If we've all done our job right our customer is happy because it sure beats licking envelopes
and laboriously putting together their owen mailings. They get their mailings done in record
time and at extremely fair, low prices. As they "roll out" their mail campaign it is quite possible
to generaqte $1,900.00 in commissions - perhaps more ... a lot more. A 100,000 piece mailing
may generate upwards of $3,000.00. Now, not every one of your business builders, customers
or associates ARE going to do that kind of volume but, if every tenth or twentieth do, you are in
for a hefty, hefty commission.

 As professional mailers we can perform regular mailings, printed materials in standard
envelopes as our super automatic stuffer / sealer machines process them at supersonic
speeds. The prices depend on all sorts of things. We can insert order cards, return envelopes,
and our supersonic addressing machine places the barcoding, address / name, sequencing
info directly on the envelopes. In addition, mailings that have a different look and feel can be
processed as well. To do mailings with folded, printed matter ( you know, the kind that does
NOT come in an envelope ) we have to place little paper or plastic tabs on the folds in
accordnce with USPS specifications. Postcards, audio tapes, flat mailers, books and a host of
other materials can be mailed t reduced rates.

 I want to make sure I say it again .... the new classification of "standard mail" has been cost
effective, efficient and relatively easy to accomplish. Of course, you can do all this yourself but,
prepare to purchase many tens of thousands worth of equipment, software, strapping, shipping
materials, etc.

 You may be wondering "if" we perform cooperative mailings. The answer is yes, if WE
OURSELVES are involved and we can predetermine results rates and ONLY one other [party
is combining their mailing with us. We suggest testing a mailing before trying it. We've seenthat
mass mailings with 3 or more offers in it confuse prospects and often, the resulting response is
minimal. I don't care how cheaper "print and mail outfits" are, I've never heard of, nor never
have myself, experienced a windfall profitable response rate.

 A goal in your own marketing should be to come up with a proven, tested, profitable mailer
and then roll out to get the VOLUME you'll need to make it big. A lot of people get bogged
down in the day to day operation of their business and lose ight of their goals.


It is possible to have 4 supports, 4 legs, 4 walls to your house each pouring resources and
profits back into the money machine. It's possible to be 1) Placing $20,000 worth of advertising
2) Trading with others to get $80,000 worth of results 3) conducting 50,000 piece mailings and
4) renting out your names deriving added, sure-fire income bback into your business 5)
Generating tons of "back end" sales wile 6) your "front end" machine doubles or triples your
capital investment 7) Deriving a hefty, residual income as the result of your MLM promotions.

 In the research for "Millionaire MLM Wealth Methods" I have personally seen people have
$300.000.00 in the form of advertising, mailing costs, follow ups that derive $700,000.00 back
in gross profits. It is not surprising that, in that example the gentleman started with one small
classified ad and ran the money machine continuously for 10 years generating millions in

 I must say it all again because it is of the utmost importance. Your "Money machine" will be
successful to the degree that you follow tested, proven methods and techniques. It is
impossible to make it any other way. Did that sink in? Impossible to make it running one MLM
plan without the 3 or 4 supporting business elements.


 As an astute business person your wheels are probably turning. You are figuring that I
probably have a database of educated, savvy, powerful marketing folks second to none. If only
you could somehow get ME to get involved in your MLM plan, then, this army of the smartest
marketers on earth will then promote YOUR MLM plan and your commissions will skyrocket to
perhaps $300.000.00 a month or more!

 Well, y6ou are right. MY database consists of what I believe to be some of the savviest, most
successful, most highly educated ( PHD';s from the school of hard knocks ) people on the
planet. And, the numbers of which ARE large. And, quite honestly it's worth a king's ransom.
the only way you can have access to those type names is by TRADING UP with us which will
build your database as well as ours. Please do not send me info on any MLM plan with the
idea that we may join it. I can tell you invariably we won't. You can however send me MLM
plan info with the idea to keep me informed as a favor. I will take a look at it but won't ever join.
My responsibilities are to the loyal cusrtomers who look for information from me that is not
slanted, contrived, or otherwise put forth in favor of any one MLM plan. Part of the big package
will be access to the ever groweing database of MLM enthusiasts who, as a result of reading
this manual can be considered second to none in terms of their level of understandind and
marketing power. The idea is to BUILD YOUR OWN database and we can help.


What prices should be set for front-end products, back-end products and the like?

The answer is - it depends.

 An important distinction is WHAT TYPE OF CUSTOMER are you trying to reach? How
important is your back-end? In other words, if you have a MLM plan as your back-end the idea
is to present as many people as humanly possible with that offer. So if you price a product too
high, you automatically knock 90% of your prospects out of the running. It all depends.

I know, there's a mailorder rule of thumb that states a product should be 20 times cost. A
report aht costs $1 to produce or print, should sell for $20. The fact is, depending on your
overall approach and what you are trying to accomplish, $20 may be too high, or too low.

 There's some well known marketing types who state the product should be 10 times cost. And
that's fine if the numbers prove out. If what you are trying to do is build a list of high spenders,
then that $20 product might be better off priced at $40, as long as the value is still there. My
rule of thumb is to start at 7 times cost. A hot product should do well at that figure. If you are
running a classified ad campaign, generating inquiries for $1 each, then $100 brings in 100
prospects and you can convert 40 percent of them to buyers then a product that cost $1 and
sells for $7 makes sense. Or, if that same product at $14 still allows for a greater than 20%
conversion rate, then that makes sense to. You have to test prices to find the maximum
potential. This task is further support for either of your two legs supporting your money
machine house, your back-end and front-end. In one test I dropped the price to below half of
what already proved profitable and the result .... I got less then double the orders. I found
myself working my tail off for less income! There's a point at which you have to stop lowering.

 The fac remains that "junk" offers brings in "junk" names. There's a story I heard about a
marketer who purposefully put together bad, pie in the sky offers that attracted "something for
nothing" type prospects but, the idea was to produce a list of buyers who'd buy virtually
anything. On the other hand I was told that certtain grand marketers had built a list of over
5,000 people who'd spend up to $3,000 each. Their idea was to work this "high end"
 list in following up with high-end offers. It worked! Imagine dealing with a list of only 1000
people. Your follow up direct mail to 1000 would cost about $400 give or take. But, at a 5%
response rate, some 50 people ordering a product with a price tag of $1000 translates to fifty
thousand dollars in gross profits! See, it all depends. Adjust your prices to reach the optimum
profit and value to price ratio.

There are marketers out there selling various mailorder courses for as much as $700 each.
Again, I feel like a goldfish because what I have gotten from them are only pieces of the
puzzle. They fail to tell you things like the importance of mailing list revenues, etc. They focus
on the sizzle and leave huge portions of the big picture unpainted and quite honestly, that's
good for them, but bad for goldfish like me.

 By far the best approach, tried and proven, for multilevel marketing IS by offering front-end
AND back-end products that educate your customers versus "Feed off" of them. As you can
see the products do not hve to be "pretty" they just have to have a lot of value. This information
in this manual alone cost me years of aggravation and probably several hundred thousand
dollars worth of mistakes, trials and errors. It certainly has value many, many times the small
comparative cost of it.

 There's a lot to digest here. Perhaps you are like me and like to read it all, try to digest it then
read and reread it again each time more sinking in. The methods of using "funded proposals"
or making money WHILE you are marketing is but one part. You, due to the fact you have full
unlimited reprint rights to this manual AND have a full, 50% dealership on the PART TWO of
this package should give you a great start toward your goals. If you choose to you can sell this
manual. Evrey sale that comes in for Part Two generates more income from you. But all of
these "pieces" do not make up the entire puzzle. You'll want to get part two. See, you know
realize that you need the other support mechanisms in order to succeed in your business. You
need to be able to build a large list. You need the software that assists you in creation of your
lists. You need the ability to trade names. You need the benefits of being able to trade your
classified ad results 2 for 1 with other classified ad results. You need to find out EXACTLY how
to generate revenues by renting out your lists. that's what Part Two is all about - helping you
pull in all the pieces needed to be a success.

 Included in this manual are several dealerships that, if for some unkown reason you choose
NOT to get Part Two ... you can still use to generate front-end and back-end sales. Where this
manual. Part One has opened up a brave new world and shed light on the missing ingredients
in most people's marketing, Part Two will cement everything in place for you and provide the
necessary tools.

 Part Two in and of itself would be worthless. The techniques and theories are advanced.
Someone reading ONLY Part Two would be lost. They would not see the significance of it all.
Part Two provides more examples. The Computer Profit Report newsletter, which is a portion
of part two ( when you get part 2 you also get a years subscription to CPR ) is designed to
keep you on the pathway to riches and smart techniques.


 You may be using your newly grasped knowledge to do a inspection of OUR mrketing itself.
You may be asking yourself ... what's in it for these guys? Well, first off, because we give full
unlimited reprint rights to Solve All Your MLM Problems Forever there's not a lot of profiot for
us there. And, when our dealers also market Part Two, there's not a lot of profit for us there

So how do we profit and benefit.

 Clearly, this body of work is going to help an awful lot of people. There's value in knowing that
this work has assisted some people to stop losing money and start making money like they
should. Another aspect is we'll be able to use our own scientific formula to use the same
benefits you will get to further our own mrketing power. Hey, a ton of people are going to use
our classified ad results exchange program. Only a fool would pass that up. And still others are
going to create a flow of income from representing our mailing lists. so, in effect, we are going
to work the same system over time to reap the rewards just like you are. There's no hidden
secret profit for us. We've laid it all on the table for you to inspect. We'll have to work the
system just like you to derive the greatest benefits.

 Of course there's a tiny bit of profit running the mailing service which is, hopefully the service
you'll utilize when you acheive the kind of volume you desire and that should be your goal. Ao
all in all, we'll make a little bit of profit from the several "support legs" that go to hold up our


In this "information age" the ability to aquire and use knowledge is all important. There' a
plethora of information available on any subject. If you were to obtain all information from all
sources on any givensubject, then sort through it to locate the meat versus the potatoes, then
set about to use the information somehow, you'd be the "expert" in your choosen endeavor.
But nobody has that kind of time, or energy.

If you were to wipe out my memory banks, cast me off to some remote island, tell me I had one
year to come up with something to make money and give me the opportunity to bring ONE
BOOK with me, I know which one I'd bring.

It's titled Building A Mail Order Business - a Complete Manual for Success, Fourth Edition by
William A. Cohen, Ph.D.. I got my copy at the local Barnes and Nobles. I think the only way
you can get one is through the regular bookseller outlets. It is over 500 pages in length.
Usually, I've found such large bodies of work to contain "fluff" or stuff that's put in the book just
to give it bulk, to fill out the pages. Not so with this one. I find myself reading and reredaing it
over and over. There's tons of examples from some of the greatest direct marketers on the
planet. The SBN is 0-471-10946-D and I suggest that if you have any desire for the ultimate in
success that you get a copy. It's published by John Wiley and Sons, Publishers.

We as marketers must. if we are to maintain any level of success, keep our minds happy and
continually learn. This book willtake you far along the path to greater success.


Each year it seems like more and more promoters of "how to get rich in mail order" type
courses pop up. Some of them make millions promoting their courses. Each has their own
unique way of doing it. The unfortunate thing is what they usually sell is some hype, some
outdated techniques and some outrageous methods but, in almost all cases the buyer of these
courses is left to fend for themselves. Even worse, some of them do offer a "what to do next"
plan whereby the buyer has to send more and more money to the promoter to learn more and
more methods. When is it all going to end? Some of these promoters get into big time trouble
with various government type agencies. Is it any wonder why so many people get soured on
MLM, mail order, marketing? There's a lot to be wary of out there in the world of marketing!
Learn to pick apart the marketing :"ploys" whether it's MLM you are dealing with or the latest,
greatest crash course on mail order.


We are going to use the promotional techniques I use to test and perfect the sale of this
manual. I am going to assume first class postal rates but as you already know, you can cut that
figure down by 40%.

My "front end" product is a free report or manual. It's entitled "How To Get Filthy Rich In
Multilevel MArketing Without Getting Dirty". It gets sent to MLM entusiast mailing lists. Let's
deal with a mailing list of 1,000. But, as you may be aware there's about 3 to 4 million names
that would work with this offer.

Since the report is free, I expect at least a 4% response rate. My experience has been much,
much higher but, lets stick with that figure. That means out of 1,000 MLM prospects, 40 people
get the freebie. I then have 40 new names for my database. As the result of getting that
freebie, 15 find it so fascinating that they order. So far I have $500 wrapped up in mailing
costs, printing, etc. 15 orders times $54 asking price is $810. A gross profit, before fulfillment of
the manual of $310. Not bad. In 3 million names there are 3,000 groups of 1,000 names, and
$310 gross profit times 3,000 is .... $930,000.00 . That's if all 3 million names were at least
equally responsive and costs could be kept at a minimum.

I use scientific methods and know that in follow up, by spending another $20, 8 more people
will eventually buy the manual. Another $400 in gross profit approximately.

And out of the buyers, about 15% of them will buy the higher priced package that brings in
$100 in profit. That's another $300 in profit. At this point I'd also be able to introduce at least 5
of these folks to join me in my MLM, and make residual income of about $500 over the next
year. So far the promotion, while costing $520 up front, brings in about $1,500.00 in gross

All tolled, if the entire promotion to 3 million followed suit in terms of response rates ... the
promotion is worth $1,500 times 3,000 or a whopping 4.5 million dollars!

But, response rates vary. All sorts of unforseen things happen. The good part is, using
standard mail the real costs go down as well. So, the potential for this promotion is almost 5

That seems fine on paper but it hardly ever holds true. And most people will NEVER get that
far because of their lack of ability to acheive that kind of volume! That's a lot of mail to put out.

However, I've seen the response rates of my similarly structured offers go as high as 15%. Of
course, this is to highly select lists.

There are actually over 17 million known MLM enthusiasts but not are all inclined to do their
thing via the mail. There's only about 3 to4 million mail responsive types.

You want to keep the very important "numbers" and "value" and "potential" of your marketing
plan in your mind, because it'll be the end goal you are shooting for. As you "toil" doing the leg
work, that knowledge will keep you motivated.

A valuable lesson ... usingknown figures, numbers of lists, etc., you can almost predetermine
the POTENTIAL profit of any marketing promotion.

* Note ... your response rates may vary greatly that's why we recommend testing to the Nth
degree before comitting any serious money.

Now of course, you have to subtract the costs of fulfilling the product however, if you've done
things right your info product will have a realdollar cost much lower than the real value. No


It all happens with a tested, proven marketing formula. Who says you have to automatically
enlist for huge mailings. You can start with mailing 100 pieces a day. Each day more and more
money rolls in, and you can then increase to 200 a day, 1000 a day, 10,000 a day. As long as
the "numbers" work out, you can start small and "snowball" your way to huge success.

In my experience, if you find a list that generates a percentage response that makes it prove
profitable and worthwhile, chances are you can mail to the same list again, and get roughly the
same response rate. that means the total universe of 3 million become the same net effect as
6 million!

I am now going to prove to you, beyond the slightest, shadow of a doubt that following this
prescribed combination of methods works, and assists you in suring up your success.
Remember, a big profit center for your business as a professional marketer will be the revenue
gained from RENTING your own lists of customers. These days, with all the business
pressures on us, unless you have developed a "cash cow" and money flows like water, you'll
need these added profit centers to put your head above water. The better you are at putting
together several profit centers, the more success you will obtain. That's just the way it is. The
heavyweights in this industry sometimes make AS MUCH income from their mailing list rentals
AS THEY DO with their front-end products! I hope that has sunk in. It is virtually impossible to
make it as a professional marketer of any type by overlooking this cash rich source of funds.

For instance .... my mailing lists are available for rent. Through regular industry standard
channels. By that I mean my list is represented by one of the industry giants in the list
brokerage / list management business.

In fact, my list manager represents some of the highest profile lists in the business opportunity
field. He has so for years. Now, please understand my request for you to DON'T MESS with
my list manager. Don't try to get over on him, sell him something, bother him in any way, shape
or form. His business consists mainly of working with some of the nation's top income earners
in the field of mailorder, direct marketing and MLM. You can find him in the industry
publications, ads, etc., on your own but because I am telling you about him I do not want some
novice calling him and bothering him. You had better be serious in your business and, you had
better be prepared to rent at least 5,000 names he recommends for your offer. He may ask
youfor a fax copy of your offer. He may aszk you to explain in detail what type of customer you
are after. Regardless, you had best be prepared to act, respond and conduct yourself as a

My own names are in his brokerage services along with the lists of other top firms. He
represents the lists of several top notch marketers. I'm sure that he can match your needs to a
specific list. The prices for list rentals range from $80 to $130 per thousand. But I do not know
of any other source for lists that are equally responsive.

His company is Mega Media Associates. His name is Stuart Cogan. If you call ask Stuart
about the I.O.S. lists for rent He may also recommend other lists but if it's the I.O.S. list you
want to try, ask for it specifically.

In any given month, there are approximately 100,000 "hotline" names available through his
own represented sources. You will have to have already done your homework and have a
tested mailing piece. Don't try testing a mailing piece with these lists. They are much too
expensive to be fooling around with testing. Have it tested already. Next, you do not have to
mail all 5,000 names at once. You can see if the list matches your needs by mailing a few
hundred at first. when you arrive at a winner combination of mailing piece, offer and find that
those type lists are good for it ... youcan then put yourself on a schedule of mailing, to virtually
all the names available. The IOS master list is over 60,000 names so there's a lot of money to
be made when you find a winning combination.

Stuart's telephone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. You can tell him I told you about him. But
please, conduct yourself in the utmost professional of manner. This tip alone I just know
someone is going to run with and make a fortune as a result. It's an "insiders" secret to finding
the best of the best lists! ! !

To make life easier we've packaged everything into one grand offer. The request form that
follows should be filled out, pyment enclosed to our independant and authorized distributor
who's name is on the request form.

Remember, there's a lot of "hidden" opportunity tucked away behind what appears to be
regular marketing. The ability to TRADE your names alone, can mean the difference between
dismal failure or stunning success. That one concept can mean a world of difference.

You will get the complete information on trading names with our dealer network.

You will get the complete "classified advertising" lead sharing info.

A setup of the dealerships including the mailing list / software combo, the CPR newsletter offer,
and the classified ad lead share program. Your name will be laser printed on the forms.

A flat, unbound copy of this manual you can use as a "master" copy of which you make your
own copies and start making a profit.

A setup for the sales letter to offer THIS manual to others.

A complete flat, unbound copy of "How To Get Filthy Rich In MultilevelMarketing Without
Getting Dirty" which is a front-end product that sells THIS manual complete with a customized
sales letter.

Information how to tap our mailing machines / mailing services for maximum VOLUME
including a unique dealership opportunity. Basically, you'll most likely get this manual into the
hands of some people who are going to use it to earn a fortune and who are going to use the
mailing services to acheive maximum volume in minimum time. Before allowing anyone to use
the services they are polled for the information of who got this info into their hands hence, we
know who to pay the commissions to as the marketing plan unfolds.

Information on the lucrative commission plan associated with marketing our mailing services.

1000 names WITH our software that'll give you a big jump on building your own lists.

You will get 12 issues of the newsletter CPR which contains hefty information on MLM,
mailorder and direct mail marketing.

All for $197

This "part two" offer will also contain some goodies that we've not even told you about here
and, it's fully commissionable. When you make sales of PART TWO you get to keep $100 on
every sale!

We are already working on PART THREE! This third part will be fully commissionable and will
contain a bunch of ready to market informational products, tape sponsoring system
( complete ) sales letters, computer files, and more exciting reviews of existing VERY
successful MLM practices being used by several people to amass literal fortunes.

The remainder of this manual will consist of questions and answers. We find it easier to explain
additional detail and hope you get the answers to your questions of utmost importance. But if
we do not anser what may be your most looming questions, please write. It may take a few
weeks to get your answers but we’ll do our level best to accomplish that task. Write: IOS Inc,
Dept Q, 21 Cook Avenue, Madison, NJ 07940

Question - I don’t have a lot of money to work with. Can I still take advantage of these

Answer - It’s highly suggested that you never begin any marketing promotion full force,
dumping hard earned money into it from the start, without TESTING it to make sure it works for
for you.
so the answer is ALWAYS start small to perfect the profitability then you can continually add
more and more resources, time nd energy.

Question - I have a bunch of old downline printouts ( names / addresses ) from a MLM plan I
no longer work. What should I dowith them?

Answer - First off, put them on your new database! If the names are less than 2 years old, you
can trade them with our database names 2 for 1. Every one you send us, you get two back.
This is an excellent way to increase your database.

Question - You seem to reflect on the sad fact that as a MLM promoter, often you’d enlist
people who lost money as a result. Clearly, MLM is intended to be a vehicle that virtually
anyone can use to make good money from home. What can be done about the “loss factor” as
I do not want to potentially cajole people into losing money?

Answer - The best thing to do is educate others. A fine way to do that is to have them GET ALL
OF OUR products. If all that happens as a result of this manual is people are smarter, and
fewer lose money then I’ve done my job and I’ll be satisfied. That’s why we let authorized
distributors sell this manual via full reprint rights.

Question - Isn’t it counterproductive to let my names out to othyers by trading, selling and
renting them?

Answer - No. If you are doing your job as a marketer and leader, none of the prospects,
associates and team members will leave you. The income and database building aspects of
using your names to trade with others leads to far greater rewards than “hoarding” names
does. If you have 50,000 names you build your database to 150,000 by trades alone. That’s a
huge increase in marketing potential.

Question - Are there any other new products scheduled for 1999 and the year 2000 and

Answer - There is a huge demand for “on target”, generic, incredibly informative manuals,
courses, informational type products. We have plans to release similarly marketed materials on
a regular basis. The way to get the info is to get on our active mailing lists which is done by
using our existing products.

Question - There’s a lot of MLM related information publishers out there. What makes this

Answer - We are not affiliated nor market MLM plans in and of themselves. One day, we might.
But to remain noncompetitive with our customers we choose not to enter into MLM plans
themselves. We do however, purchase products, research plans thoroughly and keep a finger
on the pulse of the industry. You’ll find some of the other MLM related products of lessor
benefit due to the “slant” and the fact they want you to join their MLM plan.

Question - I’ve tried MLM before the “old way” by focusing on a particular plan and working it
and deid make some money. However, the business stopped growing. What happened?
Answer - Chances are your MLM plan reached it’s peak in terms of growth. Ideally, you want to
enter into plans that are on the verge of experiencing the huge growth rather than at the tail
end. Due to that fact, your best bet is to have at least 3, good, stable plans to work at any time.
The one you are working on the verge of growth and should either of the other two take off,
work them too.

Question - What’s your biggest “peeve” about other MLM information publishers?

Answer - That’s an easy one. I’ve seen many of them learn concepts from other mail order and
MLM gurus only to begin telling the same stories. In other words, a great many of them
perpetuate ideas, methods, strategies and techniques without any idea of whether they
actually work or not. I have an inkling of an idea this is because they run out of things to write
about and simply write “stuff”, right or wrong to be able to put togther a package to sell. An
exam[ple of this is the idea that first class mail beats bulk by a longshot. Simply not true but
you’ll find MLM publishers insisting on it .. because they read it somewhere.

Question - This entire body of work seems to focus on marketing, business building, database
building rather than MLM itself. How come?

Answer - MLM is MArketing with a Multilevel commission structure. You must get the
marketing, business building and all the ingredients right before you can make tremendous

Question - Can you “boil down” this approach to help me understand it better?

Answer - Yes. The goal here is to put together the necessary pieces of the puzzle. You’ll be
successful to the degree you can promote to the largest audience at the lowest cost in the
least amount of time! This is done by following the rules of good marketing business practice.
Hopefully, you’ll build severalprofit centers each responsible for bringing in money. Each acting
as a safety net for the others. Most MLM folks rely on one plan, one way, one avenue to
profit ... their commission check. It’s better to be making money the other ways and to use
MLM as just another avenue. This idea offers protection as you never really know how long a
plan will remain profitable. I have never, ever, ever heard of, or met anyone with a high degree
of success who failed to follow the guidelines!!!

Question - This all seems logical but also difficult. Can I somehow get away with not doing all
this business building, database building, profit center building?

Answer - You can try it some other way. It is far easier to use proven success principles than it
is to continually fail. It’s a little more effort, but not that much more. If you are thinking about or
trying to build a grand money making organization without the backbone or principles behind
you, the road ahead for you is going to be filled with strife. Have the “legs” or support centers
or profit centers foremost in your mind and thinking. These legs become part of you. Running
your business this way become stable and infinitely more profitable.

Question - Doyou offer “consulting services” ?]

Answer - I used to work with MLM firm owners in setting up the mechanics of their overall
business. I entertain offers and requests to dothat, but so far in the past few years none of
the offers I felt I could sink my teeth into, really believe in. See, no matter what fee you can
charge as a MLM consultant if you cannot sink your teeth into it, or believe in it, it’s not worth it
at all. I’d rather work with people like me, individuals with a burning desire for success. It’s
more personally rewarding.

Question - What are some of the other things you did with MLM?

Answer - Way back when there were no real software packages companies could rely on to
get their processing work done, I decided to produce my own. I produced and marketed MLM
software. That’s how I got to know some of the heavy hitters and company owners.

Question - My printer will not copy “copyrighted” mterials without some sort of authorization
from the author or publisher. Can I get some sort of authorization form?

Answer - Yes. It’s a good thing some printers are worried about copyright infringement! They
could get into a heap of trouble copying copyrighted works. You can get a standard
authorization form by writing: IOS Inc. Dept C, 21 Cook Ave, Madison, NJ 07940. We’ll send
you one pronto!

Question - It appears that you get the benefit from name trades. Is it going to have a negative
effect on my business to trade names with you guys?

Answer - Think about YOUR business. You are going to get 2 new names for each you supply
to the “bank” of names. Plus, you are going to have the ability to access the larger database of
names through us. Since we do not promote MLM plans in and of themselves, your MLM
business should not suffer. But there’s another hidden benefit. Since we work our own system,
you can rest assured that every effort will be placed into educating the larger database of
people to the highest degree possible. That’s what you want, isn’t it? To have a never ending
supply of smart business builders?

Question - You talk a lot about the use of a personal computer. Is it necessary to have one at
this time.

Answer - You want every advantage possible but, it’s possible to use the methods without one.
It’s just 10 times easier with one. Estimates prove that some 65% of winning MLM people
doown and use a PC in their business. And, some 49% of all “business opportunity seekers”
either own one or have access to one. In this day and age, it’s very difficul;t to do without one.

Question - Wht about Web pages, Email advertising and all the hyped up hoopla about the

Answer - The Internet is just another vehicle. A Web page must be advertised like crazy to
attract any substantial business. As previously mentioned, hour for hour, dollar for sollar
“surfing the Net” , identifying advertisers with names of prospects that would benefit you and
trading / purchasing or otherwise aquiring the names is the best use of time. It’ll bring the best

Question - Do you foresee any vast changes in the industry over the next few years?
Answer - Yes and No. There’s going to be glaring advances in technology. But that should and
never will replace good marketing concepts.

Question - I’m ready to acheive VOLUME. What should I do?

Answer - For every 1 MLM person who has learned the lessons and who’d ready for the big
leagues, there’s a hundred sitting home at their kitchen table licking stamps, making calls, etc.
If you are ready please have the following stuff down pat. Your MLM marketing plan must be
thoroughly tested. You must have a source of VOLUME names on a mailing list. You must
have the ability to create a mailing schedule and stick with it, while continually taking the
“pulse” of the plan, keeping accurate records to prove or disprove the effectiveness of it all. but
if you are ready, send us a note with your phone number. Someone will get back to you about
perfomring huge, mass mailings.

Question - I am not a writer. Sohow do I come up with good “front end” informational

Answer - I’ll bet with practice you CAN write. Just try it. Then, if you are not satisfied try it
again, and again, until your info product is what you expect. You can however shoose to simply
market the info products supplied by others which is ok, as long as it proves profitable.

Question - I’ve learned several techniques that I know will just skyrocket my income. Are
there any more “advanced” techniques, methods or strategies?

Answer - First, I’m very happy to have assisted you. I really am. The personal satisfaction of
knowing I’ve helped someone is one of the reasons I do this. There are a few “advanced”
methods that I explain in Part Two.

Question - I notice you do not offer a “guarantee” on your products. What gives? Isn’t that one
of the lessons the guru mailorder people will tell you?

Answer - If you are marketing a product to the “general public” versus a “market sector” like
MLM it’s probably wise to give a guarantee, money back variety. Several years ago while in the
midst of selling various producst heavily through mailorder I began to notice that a handful, a
certain percentage of all customers ordered the product, learned from it, perhjaps even made
copies of it only to send it back asking for a full, immediate refund. Maybe they thought they
were getting over on me, I don’t know. Maybe their entire lives consist of finding an “angle”.
Anyway, I soon found the time, energy and work involved in playing “letter tag” and the fact I
knew some people were simply trying to learn with no intent on paying me for my blood, sweat
and tears I decided to stop with the money-back guarantees. I found the lesser number of
problems, less time involved outweighed the lack of response depicted by NOT offering one.

Question - What are you going to do if some of your dealers rip off other customers?

Answer - If I receive proof I am going to enact the revocation clause of the reprint rights. In
other words, they will be politely asked to stop marketing our products. IF that does not work,
there’s always legal recourse.
Question - Okay, I’m sold. I realize now that I have to build a business, a money machine
rather than just try to make one MLM plan work. Can you help me?

Answer - It may sound like a “pitch” but what you should do is order PART TWO. The request
form should accompany this manual. The CPR newsletter alone will assist you over the next
year! The software, mailing list, classified ad cooperative lead share, and mailing service
benefits will take you that much closer to your goals.

Question - Can I alter, change, edit, delete, add to this manual?

Answer - No. Thje reprint rights to this manual dictate that the only way it can be copied and
sold is in it’s entire length, every word, no additions, or deletions or changes. But you may add
your own, separate documents along with it in it’s entirety.

Question - I need crisper, cleaner copies of the marketing flyers. Can I get them?

Answer - Write to us requesting the “laser printed” copies with your name as you’d like it to
appear in the “order from” boxes. Include $5 and that’ll cover several of each form with your
name in it as you’d like it to appear.

Question - You mentioned that YOU GUYS also work this promotion? Aren’t you competing
with me if I do it too?

Answer - In order to test, perfect and prove the marketing, we do at times partake in the
marketing. But afterwhile as you can imagine there’s many dealers. The universe of MLM
people is 17 Million and there’s no way, over a 5 year period that all of them are reached with
this marketing. We are contantly developing the “alternative” new marketing should at any time
it lose it’s lustre in the marketplace. You’ll find out about it when we hit another winner!

Questions - Instead of making copies myself, I’d rather have IOS ship copies to my customers
on my behalf. Can this be accomplished?

Answer - Yes, currently there’s a $10 charge per copy. This includes forms where the “order
from” portion is blank. You still must send a copy of the order forms with your name on it or, a
letter instructing your customer how to order products, part two, etc. That $10 includes
shipping. It’s best to write asking for current “drop ship” pricing as this may change.

Question - Is it possible, in your opinion to make it in MLM without following the business
building practices as outlined here?

Answer - Yes, but it may take you 5 times longer, cost you 10 times more and result in intense
headaches as you “trial and error” an effective approach.

Question - I am already very suiccessful. Can this still help me?

Answer - What if your existing downline obtained the ability to triple theirsales, sign-ups and
earnings? Perhaps you already have an effective approach however, just implementing a few
of the business building practices amongs your organization can have a gigantic effect.
 If each member of your organization started trading names, getting incredible mailing lists
( from the classified advertising lead exchange program ) and started doing their business is 20
or 50 times their current volume ... you’d probably receive 20 times more success!

Question - I hear and read a lot about the various newspaper based classified ad networks.
Are these a good deal?

Answer - You have to figure your “cost per inquiry”. I’ve placed classified ads in appropriate
magazines and got the “cost per inquiry” down to about $1 each. A $100 ad generating 100
leads. I also placed a lot of ads through a State Classified Network. The ads appeared in
weekly newspapers and the “cost per inquiry” became about $7. $700 in costs resulted in 100
inquiries. If your operation can take a $7 lead and profit from it then yes, it’s a great deal. In
most circumstances the cost per inquiry is too high. The hype about placing these type of ads
is most successful only in the sales pitch, in real life, it hardly ever works that way. But it’s
worth a try. In my case, the ad agency resricted what I could say. They did not really want to
promote any business opportunity so the ad had to be more generic.

Question - Can I do thi business building without a MLM plan as a “back end” residual income

Answer - Yes. I do it. Anyone working our approach canmake commissions on follow up sales
of PART TWO, mailing lists, mailing services, etc., and make a net profit.

Question - How come hardly anyone else in the MLM industry offers this type of education?

Answer - Most of the time due to the fact they are trying to get new recruits to join and promote
a MLM plan of some kind their approach is slanted. Follow the leader is easier than using tried
and true techniques that are a little bit more complicated. But try it for month of two and you’ll
see amazing results.

Question - Are there any plans for am audio tape to use as a tool?

Answer - We are testing an audio tape that covers the scientific methods, outlines the business
building techniques and explains in detail how to build a business first with sdeveral profit
centers and gives info on how we ( you as a distributor and us as the service company ) can
help anyone build a much more solid business. This audio tape will require testing for about 5
months, changes, etc., until it clearly acheives the desired result.

Question - What about the various “downline building groups” and cooperatives?

Answer - If they cannot make it in just one MLM plan, what makes them beleive they’ll make it
in several?

Question - You talk a great deal about the ‘truth and honesty” in this business or lack thereof.
Can you explain that a little more?

Answer - It boils down to dividing the entire industry, al promoters, all plans, all marketing
techniques into two categories. The first catagory, which is much more abundant in numbers is
the “follow the leader” type. A promoter uses hype, untrue statements about income,
and a number of “tactics” all geared to get anough people to believe it enough to try it. Only
through large numbers of people, ( who, by nature of the marketing will lose money ) join and
also promote, perpetuating the dishonesty even further. Try the marketing. If it does not earn a
flat out profit chances are the entire thing is based on hype. The other type which is rare is
based on providing methods to help others by educating them in how to build a lucrative
business. This is by far better. Who REALLY wants to get others to join their business if they
know they’ll lose money as a result? It’s time to heighten the integrity of MLM.

Question - What’s a typical obstacle and problem for MLM promotions in general?

Answer - Sometimes the distributors and companies make it extremely hard to order products
and sign-up as a distributor. You have to jump through multiple hoops. The more simple it is to
get product and sign-up the easier it is to build a business.

Question - In the manual there’s a theory that any marketer should promote themselves and
their business first. What does that mean?

Answer - In the world of MLM companies come and companies go. Tostake your entire future
on that one company is business suicide. If you follow this plan and build a large database of
great people, learn to go for the VOLUME, develop your sevrealprofit centers you will outlast
any MLM plan. You should build a business revolving around yourself rather than around any
one company. All sorts of terrible things can happen to the company taking you down with it if
you focus on it, only.

Question - the suggested retail price of this manual, $54 is a little steep in my opinion. Can I
sell it for less?

Answer - You may but I wouldn’t. Here’s why. You do not want to attract the people with big
ideas and dreams who are afraid to invest in themselves. You can sell it for $10 but, you’ll get
a bunch of lazy people who won’t really have too much going for them. You want business
builders, smart people who can take solid information and run with it. For that reason it is $54
which, as you probably agree is the best $54 they could spend in the arena of self education.

Question - What added advice can you give me to keep me thinking about success?

Answer - On the wall in front of your workstation take 5 sheets of paper, write on each in big
letters “PROFIT CENTER”. The 4 elements recommended are: Database building, Front-end
marketing, Back-end marketing, MLM Residual income building and lastly, Volume. Under
each write specific DAILY things you can do to improve the cash flow of each! Name trading,
making the MLM plan easier, advertising, classified prospect exchange, testing mailings so you
can get Volume eventually, etc., etc., etc. Do something in each category each day and you’ll
see amazing results. Eventually your income factors will rise dramtically. It’s possible to earn
$1000 a week from each category after the first year and $2000 to $3000 a week from each
after the first and second years.

Question - I have a tested, proven direct mail promotion. How can I get more information on
rolling out in huge quantities?

Answer - Part Two will contain the details about getting the volume you’ll need.
Question - I generate about 1000 prospect names a month from my classified and space ads.
What can mediately to increase my business even more?

Answer - You can invoke the “classified advertising lead share program” that’s detailed in part
two.Since 75% of the names most likely will not respond to you, you can trade the names with
other classified ad results for 2 for 1. Send in 1000 names, get 2000 back! This will help you
build your personal database faster than any other method I know of.

Question - The newsletter I’ll receive in Part Two you call the Computer Profit Report. I don’t
want to know all about computers, is it for me?

Answer - CPR is about making money, marketing, MLM, direct mail and all those things you do
WITH THE HELP of a personal computer not the computer itself. If you want the latest info
from us, then it’s a safe bet it will provide you with a continuing education.

Question - Since I.O.S. is a small company and this manual will find itself in the hands of most
of the successful MLM people in the country aren’t you guys going to reach your peak and
have trouble keeping up with the demand?

Answer - Currently, we run only one shift, 9 to 5. There’s plenty of room for growth. There’s two
more shifts in a day. We will move in that direction and have ample resources to expand
beyond that. But true, at times we may have a backlog so, it’s important that you use us to
assist you as soon as you can. We may have to temporarily turn work away until the demand
can be handled better!

Question - How comes I have not read about IOS in the trade magazines, etc.?

Answer - For the longest time we performed our business strictly using direct mail. That’s how
we got so good at it. Since there’s no affiliation with any one MLM company, there’s no “hype
appeal” so the “pay for press” publishers don’t really care about us. If you are astute though,
you will have seen many various classified ads running all over the place for years.

Question - You guys must have one enromous database. Is there any way I can use it, rent it,
buy it or otherwise disseminate my information to the giant list of smart business buikers?

Answer - Yes, we DO have a very large database. In fact, one of our goals is to have the
world’s largest of it’s type. Many of the same names are available to you through trades,
through the classifed lead exchanges. In addition, one of our revenue streams is from rentals
through traditional brokers. If you have info or material that will not harm our customers, will
educate them and make their businesses better, by all means contact us about it. We may
allow certain endorsed mailings, etc. Let us know what you got!

Question - This manual has helped breathe new life into my marketing. Finally I can see the
light at the end of the tunnel and, by putting things into perpective I know I am on the verge of
huge success. How can this be, after years of MLM the “old way” ?

Answer - If your heart was never REALLY into “follow the leader” and you gelt the least bit
aprehensive about marketing to people who would lose money - you are now in possession of
methods you can be certainly proud of and will benefit you as well as others!
Question - What is, in your opinion the best benefit you personally get from all this?

Answer - first, I am happy just to be able to assist in others getting a very good education.
That education will last a lifetime for them and it creates a great sense of accomplishment.
Another incredible result is I get to work with other smart, like minded doers and there’s a great
deal of satisfaction from that too.

Question - How did you get into mailorder in the beginning?

Answer - At the ripe age of 15 I cajolled my Mother into writing a check for $10 so I could buy
a book I saw advertised by a full page ad in the Newark Star Ledger. The book was Joe
Karbo’s “The Lazy MAn’s Way To Riches” and that had a dramatic impact on me. 4 years later
I launched my first successful mail order venture - after having created and produced a booklet
on how to start, own and operate a fishing tackle business. I advertised in the “outdoor” type
magazines and found it as fun as it was profitable and interesting!

Question - There are a great deal of promoters who use the audio tape mailing approach.
What’s your opinion on that way of attempting MLM?

Answer - Elsewhere in the manual I spell out possible problems with that approach. Mailing
tapes is expensive. I know I can reach 5 times the amount of people with a simple slaes letter
for the same money. So why not try mailing an OFFER for a FREE TAPE versus sending the
tape itself? At current “standard mail” rates I could reach 5,000 prospects at the same cost of
reaching 1000 mailing tapes. The idea is to get your prospect eager to receive the tape. That’s
better than sending unsolicited tapes out.

Question - What’s the best thing about MLM?

Answer - As you are aware by now I am nt in love with MLM, per say due to all the problems,
hype fil;l;ed promoters, follow the leader ploys. I am in love with helping anyone with a smidgen
of desire to create a fantastic income from home with all that means - personal freedom,
financial independence, time to enjoy their other pursuits, etc.

Question - If you had $1000 with which to work, how would you go about it?

Answer - I would place $600 worth of well tested classified ads. This would bring back about
$1200 in profit from the sale of a good front-end product. I’d use $100 to get flyers for various
back-end products printed up and another $100 to mail to those names form the ads over and
over, until they did not prove profitable. I’d have a few letters printed offering to echange
names with other dealers. This probably would result in earning another $1200 in front-end
sales plus give me more names to trade. I’d continue trading names as much as possible. As
money rolled in I’d place more ads in specific magazines. When the time came, I’d make my
mailing lists available for rental. As my database grew I’d continue to profit by making back-end
sales. I’d spend a few dollars in getting my owen name on as many mailing lists as possible.
Soon, I’d get tons of new names that way. It’s possible to start small and within a few months
snowball to a healthy full time income.

Question - How can I find out more? Answer - Get Part Two of this course!
Question - Do you ever use first class mail to prospect?

Answer - Yes. First class mail, while more expensive is ok to use to prospect to your “A” and
“B” prospect lists. I use a ranking system where all of the classified inquiries become “A” type
prospects and all the names form the mail I receive and the names of known MLM enthusiasts
become “B” names. The rest get classified according to their quality. Rented lists are “C”
names and sometimes they are mailed to using first class mail, to test but never to “roll out” in

Question - Clearly, the approach of building a business first makes sense. And nobody ever
explained the importance of building several “legs” or profit centers before. Just how important
are these concepts?

Answer - While it may be possible to earn money without them, it’s a heck of a lot easier to use
the concepts to start profitting enormously. When you have the “ball rolling” and are earning
money from several souirces it’s hard to fail!

Question - I still see a lot of marketers using an approach of “follow the leader” and in the past
few years I’ve seen a decline in marketers using mail order techniques, how come?

Answer - A great many MLM marketers continue touse “follow the leader” tactics because
nobody ever showed them there’s a better way! One of the principles in those type of
campaigns is to show others how easy it is to use them and make money. It’s been going on
for years although it’s gotten a bit more sophisticated. Some marketers even sold courses on
using mail order MLM but with a “follow the leader” flair which also does not work except for
the top promoters who rely on enough people trying it. Without building a business BEHIND
the marketing the system is doomed to fail.

Question - I feel like new life has been breathed into my marketing mind! What can I do right
now, today to start building a business?

Answer - Compile your prospect names and trade them off to get more. Study some classified
ads to see if you can come up with one that generates a lot of inquiries and then place the ads.
When you get results, follow up and also trade off the prospect names after you used them
initially through the classified lead share program to get a lot more names! Work toward
building a large database with emphasis on renting it out one day to generate even more profit.
Begin thinking about creating a front-end or back-end product line. You can start along those
lines today!

Question - This all seems to require a lot of extra work. Can I get by doing less?

Answer - This may seem like that to you but consider this... In order to enjoy the fruits of a
successful business you have to first build a business. Most of the elements of this approach
are what you should be doing anyway as normal, routing, everyday tasks. It’s much harder to
make it by not adapting these methods. I’ve seen many relatively smart people continue tofail
miserably, year after year. If only they got off the “follow the leader” mentality and got down to
business the difference would be night and day. MLM success is not easy, nor is it a matter of
following the leader. What most people fail to realize is an added 5% effort along the correct
lines could result in umparalleled success beyond their wildest dreams.
The following pages contain exmaples of the sales promotional materials from earlier chapter.

Example 1 - The singe page flyer for “How To Get Rich In Multilevel Marketing”. This was a
very simple report style publication that got excellent response rates. It was the first attempt at
MLM self publishing.

Example 2 - The flyer for the “MLM BUSINESS SUCCESS REPORTS”. This is one of the
early publishing attempts too. You’ll notice the style was very similar to a group of reports that
were selling very well about regular mail order.

Example 3 - The complete sales letter for “Power MLM Methods”. Believe it or not this manual
is STILL used today by some very successful dealers. I gave reprint rights to a handful of
others when I decided not to pursue it myself.

Example 4 - The flyer for “Millionaire MLM Wealth Methods”. This “back end” product flyer was
only sent to people whoordered the reports or MLM Power Methods. It had a high conversion
rate. This is when I found the golden key to mail order in building a back-end goldmine! It was
a real lesson in using “back end” sales to make a constant profit!

Next, we have some flyers for product you, as a associate and customer
can market for yourself. You can have your name/address overtyped in
the “order from” portion of the flyers.

Dealership Flyer 1 - Mailing Lists. You can sell fully computerized MLM lists that come
complete with software. We will ship the order to your customer for you. You keep 50%
commission. Send us the remaining 50% and the customers name.address.

Dealership Flyer 2 - The Computer Profit Report. This is the yearly newsletter where we “tell
all” our findings, techniques and strategies for MLM and mail order. Again, it has a 50%
dealership option. Have your name typed or printed over the “order from” portion and start
getting orders!

Dealership Flyer 3 - The Classified Advertising Exchange Program. This is another 50%
dealership. At only $20 you should be able to sell plenty.

Dealership Flyer 4 - Offer for Part Two of this manual. There are two blank versions that you
can place your name/address on. Again, it’s a 50% dealership. Include one of these with every
copy of this manual you sell if you are participating as a dealer. Fantastic “back-end” potential.
                               HAVE EVER MADE!!


I was just like the majority of MLM enthusiasts - trying different programs, spending my hard earned
money promoting them not to mention my time and energy. After 5 long years I recall how I got one
result - I lost money! Still, I knew of a few well respected people who were making money. What was the
difference? Why did I hussle and work hard to no avail, year after year? There HAD TO BE an answer
and I was determined to find it.

                                             I GOT SERIOUS

I devoted all of my free time to studying the fine art of making money in MLM. I knew I could find out
what made some people successful and others, dismall failures. I launched several attempts to simply
talk to the successful people. I wanted to see what made them stand out from all the rest! I got my
hands on every book I could on the subject of MLM. I read all the magazines. I spent the bulk of my time
researching rather than losing money promoting MLM plans. I wanted to be a success and wanted to
learn what others did to be successful! The lessons, study and research paid off!


I knew a lot of other people were in the same boat as me. I put together and action plan based on what I
had learned and, in threee short months was promoted to NUMBER ONE NATIONAL SPONSOR in an
up and coming new MLM plan! I got so excited I decided to share the info with others! I am willing to
share it with you! all I ask is that after finding out my methods work, that you also take a look at the MLM
plan I am now promoting. that’s it! Look, learn! I figure if I put everything down on paper I could teach
others, help them and help myself as a result. Once you see the incredible potential you will want to use
the methods yourself! and with a little luck you’ll also join my select MLM plan!!! Why not. This way, we
both make out. And the cost is just ten bucks for this 45 page manual.

How many ten dollar bills have you wasted up to this point. Ten bucks is a small price to learn the true
methods of super success, wouldn’t you agree? The future is ours! Fill in the coupon below!

Send me the comprehensive 45 page manual “How To Get Rich In Multilevel Marketing”. Enclosed find
$10 plus $2 S/ H. ( Total $12 ) I may return it within 60 days if not satisfied.



Send order to:         J. Griffin, 241 Crystal St. Dover NJ 07801    Copyright 1987

Included are 2 copies each of...

The sales letter for “How To Get Filthy Rich In Multilevel Marketing Without Getting Dirty”. If
you are going to become a dealer you can use these as masters for your own promotions.
There’s also 2 copies of the sales letter for “Solve All Your MLM Problems Forever” that you
can use as you see fit if you choose to become a dealer.

                      REPRODUCTION RIGHTS FORM

You willwant to request a signed copy of the reproduction rights form should your printer need
to have a copy of this on file. Since our work is protected and proprietary you may require this
form. Simply fill it out and send it back to us for a speedy reply.

                          PART TWO REQUEST FORM

The last form that is in yo0ur packet should be a request for Part Two form provided by the
dealer who sent you this manual. This is the form you use to ORDER your Part Two.
Remember, part two inclues a full year of CPR and a host of other incredible benefits.


                                                        Proven, Powerful, Little Known
                                                                  “Secrets” Revealed!
Dear Friend:

  While it has long been known that the marketing concepts called MLM or Multilevel MArketing have
been used by many to aquire a lot of wealth, for the VAST MAJORITY it has not been that easy!

    That is, Until Now! See, most people try the “traditional” methods in running their MLM business.
They rent mailing lists and promote their plan via the mail. They place ads in MLM publications and
follow up with literature about their MLM plan. They try recruiting over the phone and through hosting
MLM opportunity meetings. They even attempt tpo sign up friends, neighbors and relatives!

   If you have ever tried any of the above methods then you know firsthand that they do not work. After
experiencing lot’s of pain, frustration and loss, many turn to other ways that seem like they may be
better - the “downline building groups” and cooperative advertising methods. We’ve conducted
numerous interviews and have done extensive research into MLM marketing methods, techniques,
strategies and have found.....


   But that may be no surprise to you. If you have ever tried the methods yourself you know this to be
true and accurate. Okay .. we know MLM has more than it’s share of problems but.....


   Our carefully conducted research spanned a timeframe of 7 years. Through that time we
encountered many people. Some were making huge sums of money. Others were barely getting by and,
the VAST MAJORITY were .....


   Even worse, most people continually drudge along doing all of those same things that have been
PROVEN not to work! They think “Perhaps it was the mailing list I used”. They may say “The mailer just
did not work that well” or, “The ad did not pull enough responses”. Often they go from one losing
prposition to the next never realizing that all of the methods combined that most MLM people use are
not what they are cracked up to be. Yet someone, somewhere saysthey work so they must work. Sadly
enough these hard working, honest folks go on for years losing valuable time and money. If they only
knew the “secret” methods used by a select few that results in vast wealth and success!

   We researched and picked apart the successful marketing concepts, made numerous phone calls to
the “super successful” and sent a constant flurry of correspondence over the 7 years with
just one goal ..........
.......... to seek out, locate and report on the absolute best, lowest cost, most effective and
easiest to succeed using methods, techniques, strategies and then to compile them into one,
concise, hard hitting “success” manual that anyone can use!

   The results were conclusive and amazing! Several techniques and methods seemed head
and shoulders above thr rest. They turned out to be lower cost, easier, more effective and
incredibly many times more powerful than those old, worn out, unprofitable “traditional”
methods like mass mailings, placing ads, etc., etc., etc.. We called the new success manual
“Power MLM Methods”.

   Knowing that some of the “secrets” were revealed by a select few who were using them to
earn vast fortunes we decided to try them ourselves. Do they work? Man ‘o man do they
EVER! That’s why we had to ask whether it was sinful to use ‘em!

    Relax, the methods and strategies not only are the most powerful, they are extremely
honest, ethical and professional. Now forgive me for being blunt but, MLM DOES seem to
attract more than it’s fair share of con artists, rip-off experts, BS Artists and otherwise “criminal
element” types however .....


   Due to special requests and unprecedented demand we have compiled thecomplete, step-
by-step formula into one hard hitting manual filled with the proven effective methods. The step-
by-step formula can help you...


   That’s right - use the exact same methods with your existing MLM plan and see for yourself!
No Bull. No Gimmicks! Just the incredible fool-proof formula for making it BIG in MLM without
the headaches.

     We’d be foolish to turn this powerhouse manual loose without a “sales pitch” for you to also
take a look at the multilevel program WE USE these same methods with. After all, would YOU
consider letting information out to the public KNOWING EXACTLKY HOW POWERFUL IT IS
AND WHAT IT CAN MEAN TO THEM without making a pitch to get them on your team? See
our point? These methods are so powerful we’d be foolish to turn them loose without also
backing it up with a proven MLM plan. We’ll send you a bried description of how we use these
little know but PROVEN methods so you can see the technique in action. It’s not a requirement
to join us. ? Using the methods with your own program is totally okay!

   Propare yourself to learn some of the most powerful, most incredible techniques known to
man. You may even have trouble BELIEVING IT! They are so good you too may question “Is it
Sinful to actually use these secret technique?” so we reassure you they are honest, ethical and
extremely professional.

   You may be asking yourself - “Do these methods really actually work?”. You be the judge!
Consider all the folks involved in the MLM business who sadly enough continue to use the old,
worn out methods that will never work. Ask yourself how many of these people are doing all
those things that are PROVEN to reasult in failure and loss. Ask yourself how many times you
are willing to give it just one more try, using those same old methods?

   Ever wonder WHY, EXACTLY most of the “traditional” methods do not work that....
well? Consider the following:

   When you place ads in MLM publications several things happen. Your audience consists of
other MLM people who are ALREADY INVOLVED in a MLM plan of their choosing and they
feel THEIR choice was smart and right for them. Only a tiny, minute portion of the readers will
REALLY BE IN NEED of a MLM program to work. Most will already be in love with THEIR
OWN MLM plan and you’ll have a hard time ever convincing them that your pick may be better!
After all, who are YOU to tell them their choice was a bad one?

   Same thing holds true for mass mailings. Most people on the lists are ALREADY in a MLM
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   Let’s make an analogy here... Suppose your MLM “prospect” was walking through the
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days without water or food. The LAST THING they would need from you is....


  If you tried to sell them a bag of sand you’d have two chances ... slim and none. They
ALREADY HAVE enough of what you are peddling. You cannot sell a bag of sand to someone
who’d stuck in the desert.

    But now, after a few days, the prospect DOES have a few certain needs. Same thing holds
true for MLM people. The last thing a MLM prospect wants is another MLM program. They
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person in the desert would certainly, have a strong desire for...

   A tall, cool glass of sparkling spring water!

   Do you think you could sell them a nice cold refreshing drink?

   The “desert” land of MLM is filled with “Starving and thristy” prospects so the key is to be
able to sell them something to quench their thrist! That’s a rather simnple analogy but it
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If you are involved in any way, shape or form with mail order, direct response, multilevel marketing or
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It’s one of the safest ways to build a mail order / MLM business known to mankind! It is not without it’s own
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                       THE PROBLEMS THAT NEED TO BE SOLVED
If you could place a never ending number of ads that pull profits soon you’d find yourself generating more
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On top of that, our experience has shown that follow up to inquiries can often convert approximately 25%
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Our experience has shown that placing the inquiry names onto a database and folliwing up regularly can
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