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Mosaic Mosaic September


									                               Mosaic          September 2006 | Issue 1

                                                       MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT AND CEO

                                                       As Carlton Fields’ new President and CEO, I am very
                                                       pleased to inform you of the many efforts to promote
 This newsletter describes our                         diversity and inclusion in our communities and in our law
                                                       firm. Carlton Fields has always been a leader in diversi-
 ongoing diversity efforts with our                    ty, not a follower. The firm’s Strategic Plan renews our
                                                       law firm's long-standing commitment to diversity. In our
 clients, in our communities, and
                                                       Plan, we talk about making efforts to reflect this commit-
 at our law firm. We believe that                      ment in everything we do at the firm. This is an impor-
                                                       tant goal for us to keep in mind and to continue to work           Gary L. Sasso
                                                                                                                        President and CEO
 as we continue a dialogue we                          towards. This is not only the right thing to do, but our
                                                       commitment to diversity has helped make Carlton Fields the great firm it is,
 will create greater opportunities                     and it will help us become an even greater firm in the future.

 for advancement of diversity.                         Our Diversity Committee, the Minority Lawyer Network, and the Women’s
                                                       Initiative Network (WIN) work diligently to advance our efforts in recruitment,
                                                       mentoring and training, retention, and promotion of our minority and women
                                                       attorneys. Their work also includes active participation in our communities
The winner of the Diversity
Newsletter naming contest:                             and assuming leadership roles in Bar and civic activities.

 Mosaic                                                Our commitment to education prompted our collaboration with Stetson
                                                       University College of Law to create the Carlton Fields Diversity Fellowship
Thanks to the following
individuals who submitted this                         Program. Recognizing the importance of providing access to the practice of
winning name: Li Wang, David
Luck, and Kenn Carpenter.
                                                       law within a large firm environment for students who may have experienced
                                                       socioeconomic or cultural barriers to legal education, we employ a Fellow at
                                                       the law firm each semester.
                                                       We are pleased with our recent rankings and honors for our diversity efforts.
Diversity Profiles . . . . . . . . . . . . .    2-4
                                                       Each day we strive to make Carlton Fields a better place for members of our
Pro Bono Efforts . . . . . . . . . . . . .      5-6
                                                       team and to provide extraordinary service to our clients. We invite your feed-
Rankings and Awards . . . . . . . . .            6
Achievements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      7-8
                                                       back and look forward to working with you to advance these initiatives.
New Minority Shareholders . . . . .              9
New Minority Associates . . . . . . .           10
Embracing Diversity . . . . . . . . . . .       11
Diversity Committee . . . . . . . . . . .       12
Carlton Fields

By Henry G. Gyden

One of the core values of Carlton Fields is its appreciation of diversi-   Although Sylvia has accomplished a great deal
ty. As a member of the firm’s Diversity Committee, I have seen first-      in her career, there were obstacles that she
hand the efforts the firm has made and continues to make to ensure         had to overcome. One major issue she faced
that it “encourages and rewards exceptional performance and hard           early in her career was the male-only policy at
work without favoritism or prejudice based on family relationships,        downtown Tampa’s University Club. “I was not
gender, ethnic background, or the like.” A shining example of              permitted to go to lunch, which precluded me
Carlton Fields’ commitment to diversity and a driving force behind         from participating in lunch meetings and activ-
that initiative is Sylvia H. Walbolt.                                      ities that today are essential to lawyers progressing in their careers,”
                                                                           she said. Sylvia described the experience as “very demeaning.”
Her list of accomplishments is legendary and spans a period of over        Fortunately, several local attorneys, including Carlton Fields’ attorney
forty years in the legal profession.                                                                                  Reece Smith, were suc-
Sylvia graduated first at the                                                                                         cessful in getting that policy
University of Florida in 1963.                                                                                        changed.
She was the only female student
                                                                                                                      Often serving as a mentor
in her class. She was hired by
                                                                                                                      for young women, Sylvia
Carlton Fields in 1963, at a time
                                                                                                                      recognizes certain problems
when there were very few women
                                                                                                                      still exist for women attor-
attorneys in the Tampa Bay area.                                                                                      neys today. One of those
Sylvia quickly rose within the                                                                                        problems is the difficulty
firm’s ranks and became the                                                                                           women face in balancing
firm’s first female partner and                                                                                       the needs of family with the
later its first female chair of the                                                                                   demanding schedule of a
Board of Directors.                                                                                                   practicing attorney. “I think
                                                                                                                      that is the single most
Her accomplishments outside the                                                                                       daunting problem of today
firm are no less impressive. She                                                                                      that we have to figure out:
has been the president of several                                                                                     How do you ever get away
organizations, including the                                                                                          from the office to focus on
American Academy of Appellate                                                                                         your family responsibilities?”
Lawyers and The Florida Bar                                                                                           she said. She advises that
Foundation. She has also                                                                                              women should become com-
chaired numerous committees,                                                                                          fortable that they can take a
including The Florida Bar Antitrust                                                                                   few years to spend more
Committee, Supreme Court of                                                                                           time with their young chil-
Florida Committee on Standard                                                                                         dren. “There is plenty of
                                                                                                                      time later to work at a faster
Jury Instructions in Civil Cases,
                                                                                                                      pace and do all the things
and American Bar Association
                                                                                                                      that one needs to do to
Health Care Committee. Sylvia
                                                                                                                      advance,” she said.
has appeared as counsel in more
than 290 published opinions and                                                                                       Sylvia also advises that
frequently publishes and lectures                                                                                     women need to have a net-
on appellate practice, procedure,                                                                                     working operation. While
and advocacy. She has received                                                                                        she would never send
several awards, including the                                                                                         another woman business
2005 James C. Adkins Award,                                                                                           simply because she was a
which is presented to a member                                                                                        woman, as women move
of The Florida Bar who has made                                                                                       into positions of authority
significant contributions in the                                                                                      and power, they should help
field of appellate practice in                                                                                        each other develop business
Florida.                                                                                                              and move ahead in the
                                                                                                                      profession.                                                                                                         |2|
                                                                                                                     Carlton Fields


By Fentrice D. Driskell

Carlton Fields’ President and CEO Gary L. Sasso knows the           school, Gary “felt different ethnically.” Gary’s high school years
importance of diversity all too well. The son of an Ecuadorian      were a time when ethnicity was becoming a more frequent topic
father, Gary overcame numerous childhood obstacles and socie-       of discussion. Because Gary grew up without his natural father,
tal constraints to become a prominent litigator and the leader of   Gary did not have the “cultural continuity” that his father could
a major southeastern law firm. Now as he leads Carlton Fields       have provided him. Gary remembers that in high school,
towards a vision of “national promi-                                              “everyone was trying to fit in, not emphasize dis-
nence” and “regional dominance,” Gary                                             tinctions.” Although he does not recall being sub-
is just as committed as ever to ensuring                                          jected to discrimination because of his ethnicity,
that Carlton Fields remains an industry                                           Gary felt “estranged” from his roots and that he
leader when it comes to promoting diver-        Gary believes that working        simply did not fit in. More than that, Gary was
sity in the workplace.                                                            acutely aware of the limitations that society placed
                                                 towards our goals for
                                                                                    on working-class families like his own. The odds
Humble Beginnings                                diversity compels us to            were stacked against him, but Gary knew the one
                                                                                    thing he had going for him was that he was a
Gary Sasso grew up in a working-class          “pull together for the overall       good student.
family in Miami, Florida. Gary’s natural
                                               benefit of the firm,”
father, Julio Mena from Ecuador, started                                           In his junior year, a counselor encouraged Gary to
his own import/export business in Miami.       ultimately contributing to an       apply to the Wharton School at the University of
He also taught Spanish classes at night,                                           Pennsylvania. Even then, Gary was unsure that
which is where he met his future wife,         environment where people            becoming a lawyer was a goal he should reach
Gary’s mother, Frances Marie Farro.                                                for. In his senior year, Gary sought out a different
Unfortunately, Gary’s father died when         of every background feel            counselor to ask for advice. The counselor told
Gary was very young. Gary and his                                                  him that it was. Gary went on to graduate magna
                                               like they “fit in.”
mother moved to Pennsylvania so that he                                            cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania,
could live with an aunt and uncle near                                             both as an undergraduate and as a law student.
Uniontown while his mother worked in                                               In fact, in law school Gary graduated with the
Pittsburgh. “Childhood was a difficult time,” Gary recalls.          highest grades in his class and served as Editor-in-Chief of the
Eventually, Gary and his mother were able to move back to            Law Review. Perhaps more importantly, Gary was the first per-
Miami, where his mother later married Gary’s adoptive father,        son in his family to receive a higher education.
Barney Sasso.
                                                                      Later, at Carlton Fields, Gary would work on a case that would
When asked whether he grew up conscious of his ethnicity and          take him to Ecuador. For Gary, being in Ecuador felt like
heritage, Gary notes that he “always felt a little different. I was   home. “Everyone looked like me,” he smilingly reminisces.
aware that I looked different.” For Gary, becoming a lawyer           Finally, Gary felt like he fit in. Gary believes that working
was something that did not feel obtainable as a child. Socially,
he did not feel like his “class allowed him the option.” In high

                                                                                                                     continued on page 4                                                                                              |3|
Carlton Fields



towards our goals for diversity compels us to “pull together for        decisions that are made in bad faith, but decisions that fail to
the overall benefit of the firm,” ultimately contributing to an envi-   “take advantage of opportunities to create more diverse groups.”
ronment where people of every background feel like they “fit in.”       One tangible result of Carlton Fields’ commitment to diversity has
                                                                        been an increase in the number of minority attorneys and staff
A Courageous, Conscious Commitment to Diversity                         over time. While Gary is pleased to see an increase, his hope is
                                                                        for the firm to “get past numbers, on a firm-wide basis.”
Gary believes that law firms are “more conscious today than
even ten years ago, and significantly more so than 20 years             “The more you mix people together, the more it becomes natural.”
ago” when it comes to addressing issues of diversity. The Brown
v. Board of Education cases were watershed events and the Civil         Gary recalls discussing the role of women attorneys ten years ago
Rights Movement brought promises of stamping out discrimina-            with sophisticated lawyers in the Northeast. The others seemed to
tion. However, the Supreme Court’s edict that schools desegre-          be struggling with gender issues in their legal practice. By con-
gate “with all deliberate speed” did not result in the progress that    trast, Gary reflected that he was working with women lawyers at
most expected. “Many thought the social issues would be                 Carlton Fields who played key roles in every matter he had. For
resolved more quickly,” says Gary.                                                      a firm in a southern city to achieve a level of gen-
                                                                                        der diversity that was almost as natural as breath-
Now, the dialogue has shifted from                                                      ing was very impressive.
“ending discrimination to embracing
diversity.” While there is still a great
                                              “Before it was                         Gary hopes that the firm reaches a point where it
deal of debate among law firms sur-                                                  is just as expected and natural to work with attor-
rounding the best ways of dealing with                                               neys and staff of diverse ethnic backgrounds as it
diversity, Gary notes that Carlton Fields     Carlton Fields made                    was for him to look around and see women
has been successful, foremost, because                                               lawyers in positions of leadership. Instead of look-
of its courage. “Before it was fashion-       gutsy moves in the                     ing to see if we are quantitatively diverse, Gary
able, Carlton Fields made gutsy moves                                                believes we must ask ourselves whether we can do
in the area of diversity.” Gary believes      area of diversity.”                    a better job at reflecting diversity in everything we
that this is because Carlton Fields had a                                            do. Diversity should be so much a part of our
strong commitment to “doing the right thing.” Gary also notes     lives that it is reflected throughout our practice groups, our client
that because the firm has long valued diversity, “we have been    teams, law firm committees, CLE programs, in-house training pro-
able to build on past successes,” which not only benefits present grams, and other law firm endeavors. Additionally, we must con-
and future generations of lawyers, but also ensures that “we      tinue to reflect diversity in staff and staff leadership.
practice what we preach.”
                                                                        Gary says that he does not know “if our efforts at Carlton Fields
Where Do We Go From Here?                                               will benefit society at large, but those efforts will contribute. We’ll
                                                                        continue to do the right thing. And the more people who do the
Gary believes that the biggest hurdle for any organization is           right thing, the better.”
“overcoming the kind of decisions that may hinder diversity”—not                                                                                                   |4|
                                                                                                                             Carlton Fields


By Cristina Alonso

This summer, members of the Minority Lawyer Network joined               with a substantial Hispanic workforce or
with other members of the firm, across practice groups and               customer base, including citrus growers.
offices, in a pro bono effort to challenge an ordinance pro-             Challenging the Ordinance, the Carlton
posed in the City of Avon Park that was based upon unsub-                Fields team submitted a letter to the City
stantiated and highly discriminatory allegations regarding the           Council on behalf of Graciela and Amador
purported negative impact of illegal aliens and illegal immigra-         Islas, residents of Avon Park, who own rental property which was,
tion on the City. The stated purpose of the Ordinance was to             until proposal of the Ordinance, rented to migrant farm workers.
resolve a variety of problems confronting the City, both real            The Islas believed their renters vacated the premises as a result of
and imagined. However, the manner proposed to resolve the                the proposed Ordinance. In the letter, Carlton Fields urged the City
issues would have gone far beyond eliminating illegal immigra-           Council to reject the Ordinance on the basis that it was unconstitu-
tion in the City, a job reserved for the federal                                               tional and may result in discriminatory prac-
                                                       In a terse and conclusory fashion,
government in the first instance, and opened                                                   tices based upon national origin which would
                                                       the Ordinance stated:
the door for unlawful discrimination, whether                                                  preclude lawful residents from obtaining ade-
intended or not, based on national origin.                                                     quate dwelling accommodations and inhibit
                                                                [I]legal immigration leads     the development and use of farm worker
To address these unsubstantiated allegations,                   to higher crime rates,         housing in violation of Florida law and the
the Ordinance would have prevented city offi-                                                  City’s ordinances, among many other
                                                                contributes to overcrowd-
cials from licensing any business that “aids and                                               grounds. The letter emphasized that by pass-
abets illegal aliens or illegal immigration” any-               ed classrooms and failing      ing the Ordinance, the City would overstep its
where in the United States “for a period no less                schools, subjects our hos-     delegated authority, in that, illegal immigra-
than five years from its last offense.” It also                 pitals to fiscal hardship      tion is an issue that should be handled by the
provided for “aggressively prohibiting and pun-                                                federal government.
                                                                and legal residents to
ishing the acts, policies, people, and businesses
that aid and abet illegal aliens,” including fines              substandard quality of         Ultimately, the Ordinance was defeated by a
of no less than $1,000 on people or companies                   care, and destroys our         narrow 3 to 2 vote at a July 24th council
that knowingly rented or leased property to ille-               neighborhoods           and    meeting.
gal immigrants. Finally, the ordinance called
                                                                diminishes our overall
for establishing English as the city’s official lan-                                           The Carlton Fields team, led by Nancy
guage and barred conducting any municipal                       quality of life.               Ciampa, included Ray Allen, Alina Alonso,
business in any other language. The controver-                                                 Cristina Alonso, John Blue, Gus Bravo,
sial Ordinance generated national media atten-                                                 Danet Figg, Daniel Hernandez, Angie
tion, led to protest rallies and caused a divide between its sup-        Puentes, Chris Smart, Chantell Vichot, and Sylvia Walbolt.
porters, led by Mayor Tom Macklin, and those who vehemently              Others ready to help in the event of the Ordinance’s passage were:
opposed it, the City’s Hispanic community, the Avon Park                 Lori Baggett, Dave Cannella, Michael Donaldson, Karen
Chamber of Commerce and many local companies                             Persis, Kenya Reddy, and Tom Warner.                                                                                                      |5|
Carlton Fields


PRO BONO EFFORTS                                                         RANKINGS AND AWARDS
                                                                          2007 Vault Guide to the Top 100 Law Firms
GUARDIANSHIP                                                              Carlton Fields is ranked in the 2007 Vault Guide to the Top 100 Law
                                                                          Firms as one of the best law firms in which to work. The firm ranked in
CASE SUCCESSFUL                                                           the “Diversity” categories:
Miami shareholder Ana Harris, with the
                                                                                    • 4th in “Diversity Issues with Respect to Women”
assistance of paralegal Chris Martinez,
                                                                                    • tied for 6th in “Diversity Issues with
obtained the guardianship court orders
                                                                                      Respect to Minorities”
necessary for a 15 year old boy, Shawade, to
                                                                          The firm also ranked in the “Quality of Life” categories:
apply for permanent residency in the United
States and avoid being deported upon turning                                        • 3rd in Pro Bono
18. Shawade was born in the Bahamas and                 Harris                      • 4th in Informal Training/Mentoring
was brought to the United States by his mother
                                                                                    • 5th in Overall Satisfaction
when he was five years old. Shawade’s mother died of cancer when
                                                                                    • 7th in Office Space
Shawade was nine years old, and since then he has been living in
Miami, Florida with a relative without proper immigration status.                   • 13th in Associate/Partner Relations

Ana and Chris obtained the appointment of a legal guardian for
                                                                          Minority Law Journal’s 2006 Diversity Scorecard
Shawade, and an order from the probate judge that it would be in
                                                                          Carlton Fields ranked #26 overall on the 2006 Diversity Scorecard. The
Shawade’s best interest to stay in the United States. With this order,
                                                                          firm ranked #2 for the percentage of Hispanic American attorneys in the
Shawade’s legal guardian will be able to apply for permanent resi-        firm.
dency status for Shawade.

                                                                          MultiCultural Law’s 2006 Top 100 Law Firms for Diversity
                                                                          Carlton Fields ranked 73rd in MultiCultural Law’s 2006 Top 100 Law
HONDURAN DEATH SQUAD LEADER                                               Firms for Diversity list. In addition, the firm ranked in the following
ORDERED TO PAY $47 MILLION                                                categories:
Carlton Fields recently obtained a $47 million verdict on behalf of                 • 35th for Partners
torture survivors and relatives of civilians murdered by Honduran
                                                                                    • 12th for Associates
military forces in the early 1980s.
                                                                                    • 2nd for Hispanic Americans

The lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of
Florida, alleged torture, abduction, and non-                             Florida Trend's 2006 Florida Legal Elite
judicial killing by the leader of a Honduran
                                                                          33 of the firm’s attorneys were selected by their peers as Florida Trend
death squad. Tampa shareholder Sylvia                                     magazine’s 2006 Florida Legal Elite. This represents the top 2% of
Walbolt asked Miami shareholder Ben Reid                                  lawyers in Florida. Of those, the following nine minority and women
                                                                          attorneys were recognized:
to handle this case from the American College
of Trial Lawyers.                                                         Alina Alonso, Cristin Conley, Nancy Linnan, Wendy Lumish, Lu
                                                                          Prats, Gary Sasso, Patricia Thompson, Sylvia Walbolt, and Gwynne
Carlton Fields worked with the Center for
                                                           Bravo          President and CEO Gary Sasso was selected as one of the “Top
Justice and Accountability, a San Francisco
                                                                          Managing Partners: Head of the Firm” in Florida Trend.
based organization that works to deter torture
and other severe human rights abuses around
the world by helping survivors hold their perse-                          2006 Florida Super Lawyers
cutors accountable. Ben Reid and Miami asso-                              45 Carlton Fields attorneys were recognized for 2006 Florida Super
ciate Gus Bravo tried the case along with                                 Lawyers. Of those, the following 12 minority and women attorneys were
associate Angie Puentes, who worked on the                                recognized:
case at an earlier stage with the assistance of                           Katy Bell, Ruth Barnes Kinsolving, Nancy Linnan, Laurel Lockett,
Miami paralegal Terry Rogers.                                             Wendy Lumish, Marsha Madorsky, Jason Murray, Edith Osman, Lu
                                                                          Prats, Gary Sasso, Patricia Thompson, and Sylvia Walbolt.

                                                          Puentes                                                                                                           |6|
                                                                                                                                 Carlton Fields


EMY MONDESIR TO JOIN CARLTON                                                        CARLTON FIELDS’ LU PRATS RECEIVES
FIELDS AS NEXT DIVERSITY FELLOW                                                     AWARD FROM STETSON UNIVERSITY
By Christina Kunz

Carlton Fields’ Diversity Fellowship Program at Stetson University        Tampa shareholder, Lu Prats, was selected as the
College of Law will once again continue during the 2006-2007              2006 recipient of the Paul M. May Meritorious
school year. Emy Mondesir, who is entering her final semester of          Service Award by the Stetson Lawyers
law school this fall, will be joining the firm’s Tampa office in
September as the next Carlton Fields                                      This award is presented each year to an alumnus
Diversity Fellow.                                                         of the Stetson University College of Law who
                                                                          shows continued support and commitment to the
Over this past summer, Emy served as a                                    University and to the profession of law. The award            Prats

legal intern at the Home Shopping Network                                 was presented to Lu at the Stetson College of Law Alumni Reception dur-
in St. Petersburg. During the spring of this                              ing The Florida Bar Annual Meeting on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at
year, she served as a judicial intern with The                            the Boca Raton Resort and Club. Lu is the president of the Stetson
Honorable David Demers, Chief Judge for                                   University National Alumni Association. He also serves on the Stetson
the Sixth Judicial Circuit, and with                                      University Board of Trustees and the Alumni Board executive committee.
Magistrate Keela Samis. Prior to attending
law school, Emy earned her B.S. in Mass Communication from
Florida International University in 2003.                                                 TALLAHASSEE BUILDINGS NAMED
“I am thrilled about the opportunity to learn from experienced legal                         THE “BOB MARTINEZ CENTER”
practitioners and to apply the concepts I learned in class to real
legal cases. I am certain that through this experience, I will obtain
the expertise and knowledge needed to serve clients in the future,”       Two office buildings are designated as the “Bob
                                                                          Martinez Center” named after the firm’s
said Emy.
                                                                          Managing Director, Government Consulting, Bob
Carlton Fields created the Diversity Fellowship Program at Stetson        Martinez by the Florida Senate.
University College of Law in 2004, with the help of St. Petersburg
shareholder Bob Biasotti. The program attracts students that have         The buildings are located at 2600 Blair Stone
experienced barriers during their pursuit of a legal education and        Road in Tallahassee, Florida and house the
                                                                          Department of Environmental Protection and the
are interested in serving as a fellow with the firm. The Carlton                                                                      Martinez
                                                                          DEP lab complex. Governor Martinez served as
Fields Diversity Fellowship Program is open to applicants regardless
                                                                          Florida's 40th governor from 1987 to 1991 and was the
of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual   state’s first Hispanic governor.
orientation, marital status, or veteran status.
                                                                          As governor, Bob supported several major environmental
“We are committed to supporting students in their pursuit of legal
                                                                          programs. Under his administration, additional protections for Florida’s
training by providing opportunities to perform real legal work and
                                                                          surface waters were created. He also supported the Solid Waste
access to the network of our attorneys who mentor them. We are            Management Act and Preservation 2000. After leaving the governor’s
delighted that Emy will be joining Carlton Fields as our next fel-        office, Bob served as the Director of the National Drug Control Policy
low,“ said Jason Murray, Carlton Fields Diversity Committee Co-           (“Drug Czar of the U.S.”) under President George H. W. Bush. He is
Chair.                                                                    still actively involved in a number of corporate and non-profit
                                                                          organizations throughout Florida. He has also remained a prominent
                                                                          participant in politics locally, statewide, and nationally.

                                                                                                               More Achievements continued on page 8                                                                                                          |7|
  Carlton Fields



                                                                Circuit is best known for its recognition
SECTION OF LITIGATION                                           of constitutional rights of all citizens.
                                                                Judge Wisdom’s decisions establishing
Tampa shareholder Sylvia Walbolt is one of the recipients of
                                                                the right to vote, implementing equal
The John Minor Wisdom Public Service and Professionalism
                                                                educational opportunities, and strength-
Award. The award was presented at the American Bar
                                                                ening the right of effective counsel are
Association Section of Litigation annual meeting on April 20,
                                                                marked by wisdom and compassion.
2006.                                                                                                           Walbolt

                                                                Each year the Section honors Judge
The John Minor Wisdom Public Service and Professionalism
                                                                Wisdom through the selection of outstanding individuals and firms
Award was established by the American Bar Association
                                                                to receive the award that bears his name. The recipients of the
Section of Litigation in 1990. It is named for Judge John
                                                                Wisdom Awards have made outstanding contributions to the
Minor Wisdom, a scholar and jurist of the highest integrity
                                                                equality of justice in their communities, ensuring that the legal
whose tenure on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth
                                                                system is open and available to all.


One of the key ongoing initiatives of the American Bar          the project will locate
Association Commission on Women in the Profession is its        existing oral and video
Oral/Video History Project - “Women Trailblazers in The Law:    histories of leading
                                                                                                 Young              Cruz-Brown
Our Visions, Our Voices.” The Women Trailblazers project        women in the
involves audiotape-recording the oral histories of leading      profession and facilitate
women private practitioners, government and public interest     access to them.
attorneys, judges, and legal academicians, and transcribing
those interviews. Resources permitting, brief videotapes will   Tampa shareholder Sylvia Walbolt has been selected to provide
also be made to preserve interviewees’ living images for        an oral history in this project. Tampa shareholder Gwynne
posterity. In addition,                                         Young will be interviewing Sylvia. Both Gwynne and Tallahassee
                                                                shareholder Kelly Cruz-Brown have participated in the project’s
                                                                interviewer training.                                                                                         |8|
                                                                                                                             Carlton Fields



 Jaret Fuente and Daniel Vega were elected       Daniel Vega is a                                Leonor Lagomasino joined
 shareholders with Carlton Fields in             member of the                                   Carlton Fields in July
 February 2006.                                  Construction practice                           2006 as a shareholder
                                                 group. Dan was born                             in the Miami office.
                                                 in Santiago, Chile and
 Jaret Fuente is a member of the                 grew up in Miami.
 Pharmaceutical and                              Prior to college, Dan                           Leonor Lagomasino is
 Medical Device,                                 served in the United                            a member of the firm’s
 Products and Toxic Tort                         States Army and                                 Insurance practice
 Liability, and Business                         participated in                   Vega          group. She recently
 Litigation and Trade                            Operation Desert Storm.                         joined the firm after            Lagomasino
 Regulation practice                             Following his service in the Army, he           practicing for 10 years
 groups. Jaret joined                            graduated from Florida International            with Mark Greenberg, who also recently
 Carlton Fields in July                          University in 1994 with a degree in             joined the firm as a shareholder. Leo and
 2001. Prior to joining                          Criminal Justice. In 1998, he graduated         Mark were partners in the firm Greenberg &
 the firm, Jaret                                 cum laude from the Florida State University     Lagomasino, P.A. in Miami. Prior to arriving
 practiced with Bavol,                           College of Law. Dan was hired as a sum-         at Carlton Fields, she had connections to the
 Bush & Sisco, P.A. He grew up in Tampa          mer associate by Popham Haik Schnobrich         firm through shareholders Tony Pelle, Ana
 and graduated from the Florida State            & Kaufman in 1997. He became an asso-           Harris, David Drobner, and Bill Rohrer, all of
 University College of Business with a           ciate of the firm upon graduation from law      whom she knew while she was an associate
 degree in Marketing in 1994. In 1998, he        school, following Carlton Fields’ acquisition   at Katz, Barron, Squitero & Faust, P.A. in
 graduated from the Florida State University     of Popham Haik’s Miami office.                  Miami. When Mark Greenberg began dis-
 College of Law.                                                                                 cussing a potential move to Carlton Fields,
                                                 Dan is involved in an array of professional
                                                                                                 Leo initially was resistant, but changed her
 Jaret is a member of numerous profession-       organizations, including The Florida Bar,
                                                                                                 mind after hearing great things about the
 al organizations, including The Florida Bar,    American Bar Association, Dade County
                                                                                                 firm from Tony, Ana, David, and Bill.
 American Bar Association, Hillsborough          Bar Association, and Latin Builders
 County Bar Association, Defense Research        Association. When asked if there were any       Leo was raised in Bethesda, Maryland and
 Institute, and Florida Defense Lawyers          individuals in the firm who have been           attended Loyola University. In 1983, she
 Association. He also has been an active         instrumental in his success, he expressed       graduated from Loyola cum laude with a
 participant in several firm committees and      particular appreciation for the contributions   B.B.A. in Accounting and Philosophy. She
 serves as the head of the Carlton Fields        of Jose Loredo, Bruce King, Patricia            graduated from the University of Florida
 Summer Associate Program. He devotes            Thompson, and Paul Nettleton.                   College of Law in 1987. She is a member
 time to numerous volunteer causes, the                                                          of the American Bar Association and Federal
                                                 In his free time, Dan enjoys playing basket-
 most significant of which is the American                                                       Bar Association.
                                                 ball, participating in fantasy football and
 Diabetes Association (ADA). For the past
                                                 baseball, and honing his skills as a steak-     Leo’s hobbies include oil painting, photogra-
 several years, he has been closely involved
                                                 house connoisseur.                              phy, and gardening. She also is trying to
 in fundraising activities for the ADA and
                                                                                                 take up golf.
 has been a Carlton Fields team leader in
 America’s Walk for Diabetes.

 In his free time, Jaret enjoys running, work-
 ing out, watching football, and fishing.                                                                                                   |9|
Carlton Fields



The firm also welcomes four new minority             Derek Harris is a member                            American Bar Association Health Law Section
associates: Fentrice Driskell, Derek Harris,         of the Business Litigation                          and the American Health Lawyers
Nestor Rivera, and Eden Essex.                       and Trade Regulation                                Association. Nestor recalls that what attracted
                                                     practice group. He spent                            him to Carlton Fields when he moved back to
                                                     the previous four years as                          Atlanta was his familiarity with the firm’s rep-
Fentrice Driskell is a member of the                 an associate in the Atlanta                         utation when he worked in Tampa. He want-
Business Litigation and Trade Regulation prac-       office of Jones Day.                                ed to work at a firm with a friendly, collegial
tice group. She joined Carlton Fields follow-        Derek grew up in                                    atmosphere and be surrounded by high qual-
ing a two year clerkship with The Honorable          Wilmington, Delaware and                            ity lawyers who were also high quality indi-
Anne C. Conway, United States District Judge         attended the University of                          viduals. As an added bonus, for him,
for the Middle District of Florida, Orlando          Delaware. He graduated                              Carlton Fields is “a piece of Florida in
Division.                                            in 1999 with a major in Criminal Justice and        Atlanta.”
Fentrice grew up in                                  a minor in Legal Studies. He subsequently           When he is not working, Nestor loves to trav-
Lakeland, Florida.                                   graduated from the Georgetown University            el, visit museums, and attend the theater. He
Following high school,                               Law Center in 2002.                                 also enjoys watching sports and fine dining.
she attended Harvard                                 After working primarily on tobacco litigation
University, from which                               at Jones Day, Derek joined Carlton Fields
                                                                                                         Eden Essex joined the St.
she graduated cum laude                              because he believed it would give him the
                                                     opportunity to branch out in his practice and       Petersburg office as an
in 2001 with a degree in
                                                     become a better, more complete attorney. He         associate in the Real
Government. While at
                                                     also was attracted by the office culture and        Property Litigation practice
Harvard, Fentrice served
                                                     the friendly and inviting nature of everyone in     group.
as President of the
Undergraduate Council,             Driskell          the Atlanta office.                                 Eden grew up in Indiana
Harvard’s student government organization.           Derek is actively involved in pro bono work         and attended the
She has the distinction of being the first Black     on behalf of the Truancy Intervention Project,      University of Notre Dame,
woman to serve in that capacity. Following           both in representing children having delin-         where she graduated,
college, Fentrice attended the Georgetown            quency problems and mentoring them as well.         magna cum laude, in                Essex

University Law Center, from which she gradu-         He also is a member of the State Bar of             2002 with a B.A. in
ated in 2004.                                        Georgia’s Children & the Courts Standing            Government and International Studies. She
                                                     Committee.                                          recently graduated from Harvard Law School
When asked why she chose to come work at
                                                     In his free time, he enjoys fantasy football,       in June 2006. While at Harvard, Eden
Carlton Fields, Fentrice replied that diversity
                                                     traveling, and reading. He also is enjoying         worked as a research assistant for Alan
made all the difference for her. Although
                                                     preparing for the arrival of his first child with   Dershowitz, worked with the Harvard Project
many other firms touted diversity as a value,
                                                     his wife, Kelly.                                    on Wrongful Convictions, and was also
she did not sense that they embraced a true
                                                                                                         named an ABA Legal Opportunity Scholar.
commitment to diversity as part of their firm
                                                                                                         This past school year Eden was actively
cultures, unlike Carlton Fields. Explains            Nestor Rivera is a
                                                                                                         involved with the Hale and Dorr Legal
Fentrice, “I wanted to work somewhere where          member of the firm’s
                                                                                                         Services Center where she assisted low
differences are not only accepted, but               Health Care practice
                                                                                                         income homeowners in litigation through the
respected and valued. [At Carlton Fields,]           group. He joined us fol-
                                                                                                         Center's Predatory Lending Division.
diversity is reflected on many fronts.”              lowing six years as an
                                                     associate in the Health                             Eden is excited to begin her legal career at
In her free time, Fentrice enjoys fishing, listen-
                                                     Law group at Fowler                                 Carlton Fields. When she is not working,
ing to music, reading, and playing tennis.
                                                     White Boggs Banker, P.A.                            Eden enjoys spending time with her fiancé,
She is also currently learning how to play the
                                                     in Tampa.                                           Cory, as well as their two golden retrievers,
                                                     Nestor grew up in                 Rivera            Champ and Daisy. Eden also enjoys playing
                                                     Miami and attended the                              tennis, going to the beach, and watching
                                                     University of Miami, from which he graduated        Notre Dame football.
                                                     with honors in 1997 with degrees in Political
                                                     Science and Business Management. He
                                                     graduated from Emory University School of
                                                     Law in 2000. He is actively involved in the                                                                                                            | 10 |
                                                                                                                                   Carlton Fields


By Nestor J. Rivera

From hiring its first female lawyer in 1963, to hiring its first Black   Each year, Carlton Fields participates in or donates scholarship funds to
lawyer in 1971, to being the first large Florida law firm to elect a     the Professional Opportunities Program, which provides Black law
female Chair of the Board of Directors in                                                                 students with summer judicial internships
1999, Carlton Fields has a long-standing                                                                  and associate program opportunities
                                                    Carlton Fields Diversity Facts
history of embracing diversity in the work-                                                               in Florida.
                                                • Carlton Fields’ current President and Chief
place through the hiring, promotion, and                                                                  • Retention of Female and Minority
                                                   Executive Officer is Hispanic
advancement of women and minorities.                                                                      Attorneys: In an effort to retain female
                                                • Four members (23.5%) of Carlton Fields’ 17-
Over the years, Carlton Fields has                                                                        and minority attorneys, Carlton Fields
                                                   member Board of Directors are women, and
implemented many initiatives aimed at                                                                     created the Minority Lawyer Network and
                                                   three members (18%) of the Board are
creating a climate of inclusion, growing its                                                              the Women’s Initiative Network. Both
talent pool, fostering innovation and                                                                     groups promote socialization among the
                                                • Attorneys currently at Carlton Fields were born in      female and minority lawyers, and provide
creativity, and becoming the employer
                                                   16 countries and speak 12 languages
of choice for female and minority                                                                         outlets to voice concerns and receive
attorneys and staff. Highlights of Carlton      • 80% of the attorneys promoted to shareholder            feedback from other female and minority
Fields’ diversity initiatives                      status at Carlton Fields in 2005 are women             attorneys and senior management within
include the following:                                                                                    the firm. The groups also promote
                                                • 40% of the attorneys promoted to shareholder
                                                   status at Carlton Fields in 2006 are minorities        professional development through
                                                                                                          mentoring and educational seminars
                                                • Four of Carlton Fields’ firm-wide Practice Groups
• Recruitment and Hiring of a Diverse                                                                     with more experienced lawyers and
                                                   are headed by female or minority attorneys
Workforce: Carlton Fields recruits at                                                                     provide assistance in identifying outside
minority law school job fairs and law           • Carlton Fields’ Tallahassee office is headed by a       organizations that can facilitate career
schools with diverse populations. In               female minority shareholder                            development and networking
addition, the firm actively seeks referrals                                                               opportunities.
of minority attorneys from other attorneys,
                                                                         In 2005, the firm piloted an Outside Mentoring Program for its minority
and legal search firms who work with Carlton Fields are strongly
                                                                         attorneys with business professionals from the community. The program
encouraged to submit resumes of minority attorneys.
                                                                         allows the attorneys to become familiar with established minority profes-
In 2004, the firm established the Carlton Fields Diversity Fellowship    sionals in the community and receive valuable advice from them.
Program at Stetson University College of Law, with the goal of
                                                                         • Collaborative Efforts with Communities and Bar Associations:
providing access to the practice of law within a large firm environ-
                                                                         Carlton Fields’ attorneys are actively involved with and have held leader-
ment for students who may have experienced socio-economic or
                                                                         ship positions in a wide variety of organizations that foster diversity in the
cultural barriers to legal education. Each semester a student is
                                                                         legal field and in the community in general, including: the George
selected to receive a paid law clerk fellowship position with the
                                                                         Edgecomb Bar Association, Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. Bar Association,
                                                                         National Association of Women Lawyers, Florida Association of Women
                                                                         Lawyers, Georgia Association of Women Lawyers, Georgia Asian Pacific
                                                                         American Bar Association, National Bar Association, and Cuban
                                                                         American Bar Association.                                                                                                         | 11 |
                                                                                                                                       Carlton Fields



The Diversity Committee is co-chaired by Miami shareholder Jason Murray,                                              Atlanta
and Tallahassee shareholder Michael Donaldson.                                                                        One Atlantic Center
                                                                                                                      1201 W. Peachtree Street
                                                                                                                      Suite 3000
        Cristina Alonso, Miami                                   Henry Gyden, Tampa                                   Atlanta, Georgia 30309
                                                                                                                      Phone: 404.815.3400
        Bob Biasotti, St. Petersburg                             Ana Harris, Miami
                                                                                                                      4000 International Place
        Johanna Wills Clark, Orlando                             Deborah Jensen, Tampa
                                                                                                                      100 S.E. Second Street
                                                                 Director of Human Resources                          Miami, Florida 33131
        Ana Craig, Miami                                                                                              Phone: 305.530.0050
                                                                 Christina Kunz, Tampa
        Kelly Cruz-Brown, Tallahassee                            Director of Attorney Recruitment                     Orlando
        Chair, Women’s Initiative Network                                                                             450 S. Orange Avenue
                                                                 Nancy Linnan, Tallahassee                            Suite 500
        Alex del Russo, West Palm Beach                                                                               Orlando, Florida 32801
                                                                 Jason Murray, Miami                                  Phone: 407.849.0300
        Mike Donaldson, Tallahassee                              Co-Chair, Diversity Committee
                                                                                                                      St. Petersburg
        Co-Chair, Diversity Committee                            Chair, Minority Lawyer Network
                                                                                                                      200 Central Avenue
                                                                                                                      Suite 2300
        Penelope Dixon, Tampa                                    Gary Sasso, Tampa                                    St. Petersburg, Florida 33701
                                                                 President and CEO                                    Phone: 727.821.7000
        Danet Figg, West Palm Beach
                                                                 Don Schmidt, Tampa                                   Tallahassee
        Jaret Fuente, Tampa                                      Chair, Recruiting and Retention Committee            215 S. Monroe Street
        Chair, Summer Associate Program                                                                               Suite 500
                                                                 Shuman Sohrn, Atlanta                                Tallahassee, Florida 32301
        Joanna Garcia, Tampa                                                                                          Phone: 850.224.1585
                                                                 Sylvia Walbolt, Tampa
        Tom Grewe, Orlando
                                                                                                                      4221 West Boy Scout Boulevard
        Director of Professional Development                     Elizabeth Zabak, Tampa
                                                                                                                      Suite 1000
                                                                 Director of Client Services                          Tampa, Florida 33607
                                                                                                                      Phone: 813.223.7000

                                                                                                                      West Palm Beach
The material contained in this newsletter is general and summary in nature, and consists of highlights and            Esperante
information pertinent to clientele of Carlton Fields. It is not intended to be specific legal advice on any matters   222 Lakeview Avenue
discussed. If you have questions regarding the content of this newsletter, please contact your attorney at Carlton    Suite 1400
Fields. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before   West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
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                                               Carlton Fields Diversity Newsletter, Mosaic, please contact:

                                Jason M. Murray at 305.539.7425 or by email at
                            Michael P. Donaldson at 850.513.3613 or by email at

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