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                                                                                             UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON                                                                           VOL. 58 NO. 4

MONCHON ON THE MOVE                                                                                                                                                          Students stage
                                                                                                                                                                             protest at local
MEGAN HARRELL                                  we are going to start experimenting           lar energy and hydrogen, according 
Lead News Writer                               with longer shifts like 10 or 11 p.m. 
                                               to 3 a.m.,” Arroyo said. “Depending 
                                                                                             to Arroyo.
                                                                                               The  Monchon  is  unique  not  just                                           Walmart
  A  campus  favorite  and  late  night        on  how  things  go,  we  might 
                                                                                                                                                                             WILL GARBE
sandwich  stop,  The  Monchon,  has            decide  to  open  even  earlier,                                                                                              Staff Writer
recently  moved  its  location  from           like at 7 or 8 p.m.” 
Stonemill  Road  to  Woodland  Av-               The  Monchon  began  in                                                                                                         Students  from  the  Univer-
enue. In addition to this change and           2007 as a joint business ven-                                                                                                 sity  of  Dayton  traveled  to  a  local 
a  possibility  of  longer  hours,  the        ture  between  UD  students                                                                                                   Walmart  Wednesday,  Sept.  8,  to 
company also is considering expan-             Arroyo  and  Adrian    Perez.                                               because  of                                       protest the imprisonment of labor 
sion to other universities.                    The  two  popularized  their  sand-           the sandwiches served, but also be-                                             organizers in Bangladesh.  
                                               wiches  through  handing  out  free           cause of the atmosphere.                                                            The  group  of  seven  students 
                                               samples  so  students  could  try  their        The business owners are interac-                                              led  by  senior  Bernadette  Mad-
                                               new creation and hopefully increase           tive  with  competitions  and  other                                            den delivered a letter to Walmart 
“We want the students                          future business.                              activities  on  campus  so  students                                            management  and  passed  out  f li-

 to enjoy going there as                         Three years later, there are eight 
                                               other student workers making sand-
                                                                                             can  enjoy  not  only  eating  the  sand-
                                                                                             wiches,  but  the  entire  experience,      
                                                                                                                                                                             ers  to  customers  at  two  store  en-
 much as enjoying our                          wiches at The Monchon with Arroyo             Arroyo  said.  Arroyo  said  he  hopes                                              “We know how our role as con-
                                               and  Perez.  Employees  are  paid  $10        students  will  remain  loyal  custom-                                          sumers impacts the lives of people 
 product.”                                     an hour, plus tips.                           ers to The Monchon at the new loca-                                             around  the  world,”  said  Madden, 

   Eduardo Arroyo, co-founder                    Business has been slightly slower           tion  and  said  he  still  is  working  to                                     a  student  worker  at  UD’s  Center 
                                               than  usual  since  the  early-Septem-        ensure that that will happen.                                                   for Social Concern and an intern 
                                               ber  move  to  Woodland,  but  Arroyo           “We want the students to enjoy go-                                            with  SweatFree  Communities, 
                                               said  past  customers  have  still  con-      ing  there  as  much  as  enjoying  our                                         a  national  campaign  that  works 
                                               tinued to demonstrate loyalty to the          product,”  Arroyo  said.  “One  of  the                                         to  raise  awareness  of  sweatshop 
  The  eatery  now  parks  in  front  of       business.  The  only  downfall  of  the       main  ideas  behind  this  business                                             working  conditions.  “We  want  to 
Ashworth’s  Beauty  Group,  close  to          new  location  is  safety  because  it  is    was to form a late night community                                              be proactive,” Madden said.
Brown Street. Moving to an off cam-            now  further  away  from  UD’s  main          of  students  that  enjoy  sharing  food                                            The trip to Walmart took place 
pus  location  will  allow  The  Mon-          campus, he said.                              and  experiences  late  night,  and  I                                          days  before  labor  rights  leaders 
chon to open at an earlier time, Edu-            Though  The  Monchon  currently             think we have been very successful                                              Kalpona Akter and Babul Akhter 
ardo Arroyo, one of the co-founders            has  only  one  location,  the  business      at doing so.”                                                                   were  released  after  being  taken 
of The Monchon, said.                          is interested in franchising. A group           To  learn  more  about  The  Mon-                                             into  custody  by  Bangladeshi  au-
  Although  the  previous  location            of students from The Ohio State Uni-          chon,  visit  or  the                                           thorities  on  charges  stating  the 
on  Stonemill  had  the  advantage  of         versity  have  been  looking  to  open        business’ Facebook page.                                                        pair  organized  protests  in  an  at-
a larger flow of customers, the new            their  own  late-night  snack  shop  in                                                                                       tempt  to  unionize  garment  facto-
                                                                                                     FOR AN EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
location  next  to  16  Woodland  Ave.         Columbus, according to Arroyo.                            AND PHOTO GALLERY                                                   ries. 
will allow The Monchon to increase               “We are trying to secure investor                         >>                                                  On  Mon.,  Aug.  30,  members  of 
its hours of operation. Owners now             money to start expanding our opera-                                                                                           the  U.S.  Congress  sent  a  letter  to 
have the option to extend their cur-           tions,” Arroyo said.                                                                                                          executives  of  six  corporations, 
rent midnight to 3 a.m. hours. If The            Another  possible  change  for  the                                                                                         including  Wal-Mart  Stores  Inc., 
Monchon  had  stayed  at  the  Stone-          future consists of plans to make the                                                                                          stating Bangladeshi garment fac-
mill  location,  it  wouldn’t  be  able  to    business  completely  self-sustain-                                                                                           tory  conglomerates  Nassa  Group 
open any earlier than midnight, Ar-            able, he said.                                                                                                                and  Envoy  Group  played  a  major 
royo said.                                       The  Monchon  workers  have  con-                                                                                           role  in  arranging  the  arrests  of 
  “If we stay in our current location,         sidered  achieving  this  by  using  so-                                                                                      the workers. 
                                                                                                                                                                                 Nassa  and  Envoy  are  garment 
                                                                                                                                                                             suppliers  for  Wal-Mart  Stores 
                                                                                                                                                                                 The protesters left campus in 

                                                                                                                                                                              See Protest on p. 3




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Mix mid-seventies weather with front porch
lounging to start your fall off right.
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2                                                                                                       NEWS
                                                                                 Flyer News • Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NATALIE KIMMEL                               now  equipped  with  a  new  storage      central  air  conditioning,  new                     The  first  phase  of   the  renova-              and watch TV.”  
Staff Writer                                 cooler.  The  front  desk  was  strate-   vending  machines,  restrooms,                     tion  took  place  over  the  summer                  “Although  I  didn’t  see  Stuart 
                                             gically moved to a more central lo-       new  seating,  furniture  and  a  fire-            of   2009  and  included  upgrades  to              prior  to  the  renovation,  the  new 
  Life on top of  the hill continues         cation, and the laundry room was          place.                                             air  conditioning,  windows,  rest-                 lounge is really beautiful and spa-
to  look  up  for  residents  of   Stuart    renovated with upgraded washers             According  to  Gerardi,  this  new               rooms,  central  gathering  areas                   cious,”  freshman  Stuart  resident 
Hall, as its second and final reno-          and dryers.                               lobby will help attract perspective                and space for campus ministry.                      Katherine Bickel said. “I just love 
vations  were  completed  this  sum-           Stuart  was  renovated  once  be-       students.                                            In  addition,  new  drywall,  car-                all  the  comfy  seating  throughout 
mer.                                         fore in the 1980s, but senior work-         “I  was  shocked  when  I  walked                pet, ceilings and lighting were in-                 the  lobby  and  the  homey  feel  the 
  Students  can  now  enjoy  a  new          place  consultant  Kathy  Gerardi         in  because  everything  about  the                stalled in all of  Stuart’s 316 rooms.              fireplace adds.”  
lobby,  elevators  and  common  ar-          said  one  of   the  reasons  Stuart      lobby has changed,” past resident                  The  total  cost  of   both  phases  for              With the completion of  Stuart’s 
eas.  Other  changes  include  the           Hall was recently renovated again         and  sophomore  Grace  Cummings                    the  Stuart  Hall  project  was  ap-                renovation over the summer, all of  
relocation  of   the  chapel  from  the      was to create a “new look and en-         said.  “In  fact,  it’s  practically  un-          proximately $16 million.                            the freshman residence halls have 
basement  to  the  first  floor  and         vironment for students.”                  recognizable.  I’m  glad  the  walls                 Gerardi  said  the  lounge  will                  been  renovated,  except  Founders 
moving  Stuart’s  Landing  further             “A  more  open  floor  plan  in  the    were knocked down because it re-                   prove  to  be  the  most  beneficial                Hall. 
back on the first floor to allow for         lobby  certainly  helps  accomplish       ally  makes  the  lobby  seem  much                renovation for Stuart residents.                      According to Gerardi, there are 
extra seating.                               just that,” Gerardi said.                 larger and more open. I’m jealous                    “[It  is]  more  advantageous  for                no  plans  at  this  time  to  renovate 
  In  addition,  Stuart’s  Landing  is         The lobby is now equipped with          I didn’t get to enjoy it when I was                group meetings,” she said. “But it                  other residence halls or build new 
                                                                                       a freshman.”                                       is  also  a  great  place  to  just  relax          ones. 


                      Perfect for the
                     people you love...
                     and relatives too.                                                The new lobby of Stuart Hall includes new tables, chairs, meeting areas and a fireplace. Stuart’s final renovation was completed this summer.
                                                                                       CRISTA KLING/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

                                                                                       Career Services finds new home on L Street
                                                                                                                                          the  values  of   the  institution  and            in  visibility  because  of   the  loca-
                                                                                       CARLY GOEBEL
                                                                                       Staff Writer                                       really  presents  a  welcoming  en-                tion.” 
                                                                                                                                          vironment  for  students  and  for                   The  new  location  is  home  to  11 
                                                                                         The staff  of  the Career Services               alumni.”                                           full  time  employees,  five  career 
                                                                                       office  now  greets  students  from                  The  building  holds  recruiting                 advisors, nine student interns and 
                                                                                       208  L  St.  after  moving  from  the              and  interview  rooms,  a  high-tech               one graduate assistant. 
                                                                                       Caldwell Street Center.                            conference room, a galley, a wait-                   “For  us  (Career  Services)  to 
                                                                                         When  the  university  made  the                 ing  area  and  a  porch  that  over-              have  the  opportunity  to  serve 
                                                                                       decision to demolish the Caldwell                  looks the campus.                                  students, to give career advice, to 
                                                                                       Street  Center,  Career  Services                    The  waiting  area  has  career-                 welcome employers into a univer-
                           1157 BROWN ST.                                              had the opportunity to fill the va-                oriented  literature,  a  flat  screen             sity house as opposed to an office 

                                                                                       cant Alumni House.  Built in 1910,                 television  and  mannequins  dis-                  setting  or  a  high  rise  building  I 
                                                                                       the  building  will  be  100  years  old           playing  how  students  should  pro-               think sets us apart from other ca-
                                                                                       this year.                                         fessionally  dress.  Not  only  does               reer centers,” Eckert said. 
                                                                                         “One of  [the] things that makes                 the  building  hold  all  of   these                 Students  have  noticed  the 
        2325 MIAMISBURG CENTERVILLE RD.                                                our university distinct in addition                unique  qualities,  but  the  location             change  in  location  and  have  posi-

                 937.432.9110                                                          to  the  Marianist  background  of  
                                                                                       the  institution  is  its  community 
                                                                                                                                          itself  also is another benefit. 
                                                                                                                                            “We  have  already  seen  a  differ-
                                                                                                                                                                                             tive feedback. 
                                                                                                                                                                                               “I  think  it’s  fitting  that  the 
                                                                                       feel  and  how  we  are  really  set  up           ence  in  terms  of   walk-in  traffic             Career  Services  is  in  university 
                                                                                       in terms of  being in the neighbor-                and  visibility,”  Eckert  said.  “By              housing,”  said  junior  Kara  Ste-
       FREAKY FAST DELIVERY!                                                           hood,” said Jason Eckert, director                 being  here,  this  feels  like  this  is          fanov.  “Not  only  do  the  students 
                                                                                       of   Career  Services.  “I  think  the             a  walking  path  for  students.  We               enjoy  the  neighborhood  but  now 
                                                                                       building we are in really matches                  have already seen a big difference                 faculty and staff  do too.” 
                                                                                                   NEWS                                                                                                     3
                                                                              Flyer News • Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marycrest garners dining award
KAYLEIGH FLADUNG                              its accessibility to students. Of  all      dining services on the map ... It is 
Staff Writer                                  the  food  items  sold  in  Marycrest,      good for the university and shows 
                                              70 percent are made in front of  the        we  did  things  the  right  way  and 
  The  University  of   Dayton’s              students,  who  often  offer  sugges-       were recognized for it.”
Marycrest  dining  hall  took  silver         tions and new menu ideas of  their            Winning the award spurred new 
this  summer  in  the  2010  Loyal  E.        own.                                        creative  approaches  to  enhance 
Horton  Dining  Awards  for  its  re-           “Employees  and  students  are  a         the  students’  dining  experiences. 
cent  remodel  and  innovative  din-          big  part  of   our  creative  forces,”     Marycrest employees worked hard 
ing concepts.                                 Sutphin  said.  “We  pulled  an  idea       over  the  summer  to  find  ways  to 
  The award is presented through              for  Indian  cuisine  from  our  sug-       cut  the  time  students  spend  wait-          Do you feel
The  National  Association  of   Col-         gestion  box  last  Monday,  and  we        ing  in  line  and  to  plan  a  special        depressed?
lege  &  University  Food  Services,          have  it  on  the  menu  today  (Fri-       event  about  once  a  week  in  the 
a  campus  dining  association,  and          day).”                                      dining hall, according to Eilbeck. 
contains  six  specific  categories             The  Loyal  E.  Horton  Dining              “We like to do something that is 
of   recognition.  Jim  Froehlich,  as-       Awards  are  presented  annually.           fun  for  the  students  to  break  the       Announcing a medical research study
sistant  director  of   systems  and          Six  judges  rank  the  submissions         monotony  of   the  week,”  Eilbeck               for people with depression
marketing  for  the  university,  and         and  award  a  gold,  silver  and           said.
Mary Eilbeck, general manager of              bronze to small, medium and large             Some  events  to  look  forward  to          Depression isn’t just feelings of sadness – it can a ect the
Marycrest Dining Hall, collaborat-            schools.  The  categories  for  sub-        include  a  Welcome  Back  Picnic              way you see the world. Your body may feel constantly
ed  to  create  a  submission  packet         mission  range  from  “Catering  —          this week and a celebration of  the 
                                                                                                                                         fatigued, and your mind may dwell on thoughts of worth-
                                                                                                                                         lessness and guilt. If you are currently depressed and not
for the award last year.                      Special Event” to “Residence Din-           invention  of   the  ice  cream  cone 
                                                                                                                                         taking an antidepressant, you may qualify for a medical
  “We  knew  it  (Marycrest)  was             ing  Hall  —  Multiple  Concepts.”          later in September.                            research study to determine the e ectiveness and safety
beautiful;  we  just  said,  you  know,       Eilbeck  and  Sutphin  are  espe-             Both  Eilbeck  and  Stuphin  said            of an investigational medication for Major Depressive
this  is  us,”  Eilbeck  said.  “We           cially proud of  Marycrest’s honor          they  are  proud  of   all  of   the  em-      Disorder. If you qualify, you’ll receive investigational study
should be able to do this.”                   because it reviews the dining hall          ployees  and  student  workers  that           medication, study- related medical exams and lab tests at
  Marycrest  won  the  award  for             as a whole and judges its everyday          made  winning  the  award  possible            no charge. Financial compensation for time and travel
“Retail Sales - Multiple Concepts/            appearance and accessibility.               and  are  ecstatic  over  this  accom-         may also be available. To learn more, please call an area
Outlets for a Medium Size School,”              “Our reaction is three-fold,” Ei-         plishment.                                     physician listed below:
losing  first  place  by  less  than  one     lbeck said. “We are proud we were             “It  is  another  recognition  for 
point  to  the  University  of   San  Di-     judged  on  our  day-to-day  perfor-        the university that says we are not 
                                                                                                                                                Midwest Clinical Research Center
                                                                                                                                                            Bernadette D'Souza, MD
ego.  Eilbeck  and  Marycrest’s  pro-         mance,  second,  all  employees  are        settling for what we could do,” Ei-                              1 Elizabeth Place, Suite G3
duction  chef,  Ted  Sutphin,  agree          part of  this award and third, what         lbeck said. “We are always looking                                      South Building
                                                                                                                                                              Dayton, Ohio 45417
that success came from the dining             makes  it  so  exciting  to  win  this      for something better.”
hall’s  summer  2008  remodel  and            award  is  it  put  the  university’s 

                                                                                                                                          It’s our incredible
                                              PROTEST                                     test  was  not  to  boycott  Walmart, 

                                              (cont. from p. 1)
                                                                                          but rather to raise awareness and 
                                                                                          place  pressure  on  the  company. 
                                                                                                                                         MID-MONTH Special!
                                                   a university-owned van short-          “We  have  an  obligation  to  stand 
                                              ly  after  1  p.m.  Madden  and  an-        up for justice.”
                                              other student delivered the letter, 
                                              which  was  written  on  University 
                                                                                             Patrick  Cashio,  a  graduate 
                                                                                          assistant  for  UD’s  Center  for  So-
                                                                                                                                        Medium 1-topping pizza…
                                              of Dayton letterhead, to an assis-          cial  Concern  agreed,  saying  the 
                                              tant manager at the store.                  group’s  actions  were  reparative 
                                                   Meanwhile,  members  of  the           work. 
                                              party  were  outside  passing  out             “My faith has pointed me here 
                                              f liers  to  customers  entering  and       the most,” Cashio said. “We’re re-

                                              exiting the store.                          storing order that has been lost.”
                                                   After a few minutes of passing            Both  the  local  Walmart  and 
                                              out  f liers,  protesters  were  asked      the  company’s  Bentonville,  Ark., 
                                              to leave by a store co-manager, at 
                                              which point the students boarded 
                                                                                          corporate  office  did  not  return 
                                                                                          Flyer  News’  requests  for  com-                       Only
                                              the  van  and  returned  to  campus.        ments.
                                              The protest lasted under an hour.              To  learn  more  about  Sweat-
                                                   “I  figured  it  was  going  to  be 
                                              quick,”  Madden  said.  “What  is 
                                                                                          Free  Communities  and  Ban-
                                                                                          gledeshi  workers,  go  to  http://
                                                                                                                                         This September 15th – and on
UD students pass out pamphlets at a local
Walmart on Wednesday, Sept. 8. PHOTO CON-
                                              important to focus on is reform,”                                the 15th of every month!
TRIBUTED BY WILL GARBE                        saying  that  the  point  of  the  pro-
                                                                                                                                                                  Choose your favorite topping!
                                                                                                                                                                  Additional toppings $1.00 each
                                                                                                                                                                  Pick up or delivery.
                                                         CORRECTION                                                                                               Starts at midnight – ends at midnight!
    In issue three which was published on Friday, Sept. 10, 2010, Flyer News published an article on page three                                                   Valid student ID required
    titled “College Democrats return to campus.” The story said this organization re-emerged on campus this
    fall for the first time in eight years. However, FN has since been informed and has confirmed that College
    Democrats has been an organization for several consecutive years on campus and was not just re-insti-                             298-3030
    tuted. FN sincerely apologizes to its readers and to past and present College Democrats members for this                          Valid at 531 Wilmington at Irving location
    error.                                                                                                                             WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS & FLYER EXPRESS
                                                                                                                                          VALID STUDENT ID REQUIRED FOR SPECIAL.
                                                                                                                                               CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS APPLY.
4                                                                                                                                            NEWS
                                                                                                                      Flyer News • Tuesday, September 14, 2010

                                                                                                                             UD MEDIA GROUP HONORED
                                                    SEPT. TUESDAY DANCE WORKSHOP
                                                          HIP HOP
                                                                                                                             IN NATIONAL COMPETITIONS
                                                    14 Join Dayton Contemporarydance from 8
                                                       Company to learn how to
                                                                                Dance                                        NATALIE FEHDER
                                                                                                                             Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                                                                              to  MPG  for  its  video  entered  in  a 
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Google  competition  to  win  a  high 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           projects around the Dayton area and 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           across  the  country  as  companies 
                                                            to 10 p.m. at the RecPlex. Free for UD                                                                                                            speed fiber network built in the Day-        discovered  its  work.  The  group  is 
                                                            students, faculty and staff.                                       The  University  of   Dayton  Media                                            ton  region.  It  worked  to  show  how      praised  for  its  professionalism  and 
                                                                                                                             Production  Group  recently  earned                                              well  suited  UD  is  to  take  advantage    ability to create videos clients desire.
                                                                                                                             four  awards  in  two  competitions,                                             of  such a network and what Dayton             “We  really  listen  to  what  [our] 

                                                    SEPT. WEDNESDAYSUCCESS WORKSHOP
                                                                                                                             distinguishing  it  as  a  leader  in  film 
                                                                                                                             and  media  production  on  local  and 
                                                                                                                                                                                                              would  do  with  the  network,  accord-
                                                                                                                                                                                                              ing to a UD press release. The second 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           clients  want  to  do,”  Kurtz  said.  “It 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           seems  like  a  no  brainer,  but  many 

                                                    15 Jointhis workshop series in LTC Studio
                                                             the Office of Multicultural Affairs                             national levels. 
                                                                                                                               Announced  last  week,  the  Media 
                                                                                                                                                                                                              video was created for Dayton Power 
                                                                                                                                                                                                              and  Light,  which  featured  aerial 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           others  want  to  make  cool  videos. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           We’re  much  more  concerned  with 
                                                            042 from 3 to 4:15 p.m.                                          Production Group received two Gold                                               shots  and  information  about  the          the objective of  our clients and pro-
                                                                                                                             EMPixx  Awards.  The  American                                                   largest solar array in Ohio.                 ducing something that will work for 
                                                                                                                             Pixel  Academy  sponsored  competi-                                                Out of  700 submissions, MPG was           their audience.”
                                                                                                                             tion  recognizes  excellence  in  the                                            selected as one of  the 126 Gold EM-           Since  it  was  founded,  MPG  has 
                                                                                                                             creation of  “moving pixels.” In June,                                           Pixx winners. Kurtz heard about the          won  over  50  awards.  According  to 
                                                                                                                             the MPG was honored with two Sil-                                                second annual competition after be-          its  website,  the  group  was  named 

Changes abound for FN website                                                                                                ver Telly Awards, one of  the highest 
                                                                                                                             honors industry leaders can achieve.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              ing  called  by  a  man  who  was  famil-
                                                                                                                                                                                                              iar  with  Kurtz’s  work  and  wanted 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           by  members  of   the  Greater  Dayton 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Advertising  Association  as  the  best 
                                                                              In  addition,  news  stories  are  more          “I  am  extremely  thrilled  to  win                                           him  to  be  a  judge  in  the  competi-     video/film/post-production         com-
Web Managing Editor                                                         enhanced  with  the  help  of  videos,           top awards,” said Mike Kurtz, senior                                             tion. Kurtz researched the man and           pany at the Mercury Awards in 2007, 
                                                                            also  available  on  the  site.  Past  topics    producer at MPG. “We don’t set out                                               learned  he  had  a  successful  history     2008 and 2009.
JACQUI BOYLE                                                                include  interviews  with  student  ath-         to  win  awards.  We  want  to  produce                                          in the industry and founded the Tel-           MPG’s  team  is  comprised  of  
Editor-in-Chief                                                             letes, an exclusive feature with TOMS            videos  to  achieve  the  goals  of   our                                        ly  Awards.  MPG  was  allowed  to  en-      Kurtz,  Brian  Mills  (editor)  and  UD 
                                                                            founder Blake Mycoski and a behind               clients.  But  when  we  find  out  from                                         ter three videos, with Kurtz serving         senior  Emily  Cooper  (production 
  The  2010-2011  Flyer  News  staff  is                                    the  scenes  look  at  the  Porch  Profile       award  programs  or  our  peers,  and                                            as a judge.                                  assistant).  Three  or  four  students 
actively working to give its online edi-                                    houses. A new exclusively online fea-            get awards based on quality, it’s very                                             Created  in  1988,  MPG  was  devel-       normally work with MPG during the 
tion a stronger presence in the Univer-                                     ture is “Dorm Days,” video interviews            satisfying.”                                                                     oped to be a resource for the univer-        year.  Kurtz  said  their  students  are 
sity of Dayton community.                                                   with  underclassmen  living  in  dorms             MPG’s  Silver  Telly  Awards  were                                             sity  to  carry  out  video  production.     critical to what they do and value the 
  Technology  allows  journalists  to                                       and  apartments.  Photo  galleries  also         given in the “Online Video” category                                             MPG  is  in  charge  of   promotional        energy they bring to brainstorming 
keep  readers  informed  on  a  number                                      accompany  a  number  of  stories,               to  “MPG  Holiday  Greeting,”  a  mar-                                           videos  and  a  variety  of   other  vid-    sessions  and  production.  In  return, 
of  levels,  and  it  is  FN’s  intention  to                               showing  readers  more  than  what  is           keting  piece  with  interactive  live                                           eos  that  highlight  events  occurring      students  gain  hands  on  experience 
embrace  these  tools  to  the  fullest  ex-                                in  print.  To  view  photos  and    videos,     video sent to clients, and “We’re All                                            around campus. Videos, featured on           and  learn  about  the  field  in  ways 
tent.                                                                       click  on  the  tab  titled  “More”  on  the     Flyers,” a video of  the UD basketball                                           the university website, are regularly        they  couldn’t  in  the  classroom,  he 
  Each section now has its own blog,                                        homepage.                                        team’s Red and Blue scrimmage, in-                                               about  UD’s  faculty,  staff   and  stu-     said.
with the addition of a pop culture blog                              is updated between               tended  to  build  excitement  for  the                                          dents..                                        “It’s  awesome  to  work  hand  and 
written  by  On  the  Fly  member  Erin                                     issues over the course of the week. FN           2009-2010  season,  according  to  a  UD                                           “We  think  individual  stories  tell      hand  with  a  senior  producer  who 
Phelps and a weekly entry from SGA                                          uses  Facebook  and  Twitter  to  keep           press release.                                                                   stories  about  [UD]  because  it’s  the     wins national awards,” Cooper said. 
president  Jim  Saywell.  In  “Global                                       readers  informed  about  when  the                The annual Telly Awards, founded                                               people that make up the fabric of  the       “To be part of  a distinguished group 
Connection,” the news staff is collabo-                                     changes are made, so the UD commu-               in 1978, receives about 14,000 entries                                           university,” Kurtz said.                     is an honor and the best learning ex-
rating  to  feature    national  and  world                                 nity can access the news immediately.            each  year  from  across  the  country                                             MPG  began  taking  on  outside            perience I could ask for.”
news with a connection back to cam-                                           While FN has already made numer-               and  internationally.  Submissions 

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Crime Log
pus. Nate Waggenspack, long-time FN                                         ous improvements to its site, it is still        are  judged  based  on  their  merit. 
sports  writer,  also  returns  with  his                                   a  work  in  progress.  Keep  checking           MPG  has  earned  14  Bronze  Telly 
perspective  on  all  things  athletics  in                        throughout the year to             Awards  before  winning  its  two  Sil-
“Spack  on  Sports.”  These  blogs,  and                                    see  more  web-exclusive  stories,  read         ver Telly Awards, according to a UD 
several  more,  are  updated  with  new                                     the  developing  blogs  and  witness  the        press release.
posts every Thursday and Saturday.                                          facelift of the layout itself.                     A  Gold  EMPixx  Award  was  given                                              The following incidents were reported to the Department of Public Safety on Sept.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               2. This log was compiled by Flyer News from actual police reports obtained from the
                                       arisFranceAthensGreeceKumbaCameroonFlorenceItalyBuenosAiresArgentinaLondonEnglandLeipzi                                                                                 Department of Public Safety.
    ndLeipzigGermanParisRomeItaly BangaloreIndiaP

                                                                                                                                                                   gGermanyLubweZambiaShanghaiChina Bangalo

                                                                              SEND US YOUR PICTURES!                                                                                                           Theft                                       Criminal Damage
                                                                              ArtStreet and the Center for International                                                                                       Sept. 2, 11:07 p.m.                         Sept. 2, 10:24 p.m.
                                                    CALLING ALL                                                                                                                                                Officer Pease was dispatched                Officers Orrill and Roth were
                                                                              Programs need YOUR photos for this year’s
                                                    INTERNATIONAL             Citizens of the World photo exhibit which
                                                                                                                                                                                                               to Marycrest Hall in response               dispatched to a landlord
                                                                                                                                                                                                               to a theft report. The                      house on a report of criminal
                                                    TRAVELERS                 showcases UD students’ incredible journeys into                                                                                  complainant had left his room               damage. The complainant
                                                                              Europe, South America, and beyond.                                                                                               at 8 p.m. to take a shower,                 stated that he heard three
                                                                                                                                                                                                               and upon his return at 8:10                 thuds and then an unknown
                                                          sion deadli         For information on how to submit photos, visit:                                                                                  p.m., he noticed his black                  object struck his bedroom
                                                       mis            ne                                                                                                                                       leather wallet was missing.                 window, breaking the glass.
                                                    sub                 :                                                                                                   The wallet contained $5, a                  No one was seen outside the
                                                      September 19                                                                                                                                             Kentucky driver’s license and a             window.
                                                       at midnight            6th Annual International Exhibition                                                                                              PNC Bank ATM card.
                                                                              Citizens of the World 2010
                                                                              November 2 - November 23
                                                                                                 NEWS                                                                                                                             5
                                                                           Flyer News • Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CLICK!                                       Think you’ve got an eye for photography? Here’s your chance to get it
                                             published. Just send your ‘CLICK’ picture to along
                                             with your first and last name and a brief description. Click away!
                                                                                                                                                       1             4
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Challenge Level: Easy

                                                                                                                                                     9 4 3           7 6   5
                                                                                                                                                                       7 3
                                                                                                                                          5 3                    7     1 8
                                                                                                                                          6 4                      1     9 7
                                                                                                                                            1                  8     5   6 3
                                                                                                                                            8                  3
                                                                                                                                          4                    5 2   9 8 7
                                                                                                                                                                 5     3
Students learn the steps during a salsa dancing lesson on Saturday, Sept. 11 at ArtStreet. MONICA ARCARO/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER                                                      Puzzle by
                                                                                                                                                                SOLUTIONS AND PREVIOUS PUZZLES ON WWW.FLYERNEWS.COM

Human rights professor urges citizens to raise religious tolerance
ANNA BEYERLE                               in Florida and a mosque being built        on  Sept.  12,  2001,  in  order  to  trace      lack  of   opposition  to  torture  and           member  the  way  they  felt  on  Sept. 
News Editor                                near the site of  ground zero in New       the evolution of  terrorism and help             planned killing attacks on terrorist              11,  2001,  for  those  who  died  in  the 
                                           York City.                                 the  public  understand  where  such             leaders.                                          World Trade Center and the Penta-
  Dr. Mark Ensalaco wants Ameri-             “No  one  should  live  under  a         violence could come from.                          According  to  him,  many  Ameri-               gon.
cans to be more aware.                     cloud of  suspicion because of  their        According  to  Ensalaco,  a  very              cans are not aware of  these actions                “Above  all,  we  felt  grief,”  Ensa-
  Ensalaco,  director  of   UD’s  hu-      religion,”  Ensalaco  said,  discuss-      small  percentage  of   Muslims  in              though  they  are  well-documented.               laco  said.  “Americans  were  dying 
man rights studies program, spoke          ing Muslim victims of  persecution.        the  world  are  members  of   radical           He  urged  the  audience  to  research            and  for  a  brief   moment,  we  were 
to students, faculty and staff  in an      “Hate  has  no  place  in  America  ...    groups such as al-Qaida, the terror-             these acts and to speak out against               united  in  a  sense  of   commonality 
address on Friday, Sept. 10, regard-       It’s  something  that  ought  to  con-     ist  group  responsible  for  the  Sept.         them.                                             and  common  purpose.  I  hope  we 
ing the impact of  Sept. 11, 2001, on      cern us.”                                  11  attacks.  Some  Americans  tend                “It’s reasonable for us as Ameri-               can recapture this as we remember 
the United States. In his talk, given        Ensalaco,  who  is  currently  on        to  lump  all  Muslims  into  this  cat-         cans  to  demand  information  –  for             those  Americans  who  perished  on 
on the eve of  the ninth anniversary       sabbatical  for  the  semester,  re-       egory,  which  contradicts  the  stan-           some  information  about  intel-                  Sept. 11.”
of  Sept. 11, he called for citizens to    cently  released  an  academic  book,      dards  of   freedom  the  country  was           ligence  and  legality  [of   these  ac-            To  learn  more  about  Dr.  Ensala-
make an effort to learn more about         “Middle  Eastern  Terrorism:  From         founded upon.                                    tions],”  Ensalaco  said.  “Does  the             co’s book, visit http://www.upenn.
terrorism  in  today’s  world  and         Black September to September 11.”            “If   we  surrender  to  prejudice,            president ... have the power to con-              edu/pennpress/book/14374.html. It 
what America is doing to combat it.        It  was  selected  as  “an  outstanding    bigotry,  hate,  we  erode  the  core            demn someone to death?”                           is available for purchase at the UD 
  He  also  urged  attendees  to  fight    academic  title”  by  Choice  maga-        principles  of   America,”  he  said.              According  to  Ensalaco,  a  way  to            Bookstore.  To  read  a  Flyer  News 
religious  intolerance  of   Islam,        zine,  according  to  a  university        “Freedom of  religion is at the heart            fight  religious  discrimination  and             staff   member’s  opinion  on  this 
given  recent  controversial  events,      press  release.  According  to  Ensa-      of  the American creed.”                         raise awareness is through solidar-               topic,  go  to  http://www.flyernews.
such as the planned Quran-burning          laco, he began research on the book          Ensalaco also discussed the U.S.’              ity.  He  asked  the  audience  to  re-           com/blogs/news.

Classifieds                                                                    Flyer News  reserves  the  right  to  reject,  alter  or  omit  advertisements.  Advertisements  must  conform  to  the  policies  of  Flyer
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                                                      Thursday times. Pay is $150 per week. Please             BABYSITTER WANTED                                            aration. Full reimbursement for driving
              HOUSING                                 call or e-mail Adrienne ti set up an interview           Babysitter wanted for our son who’s almost 4                 expenses incurred while transporting
HOUSE FOR RENT for 5 students: 459                    at (937)581-0310 or adrienne-d-brooks@                   years old. Must be caring, fun and experienc-                children. Earn paid time off. If interested
Lowes; Available Summer/Fall/Winter                                                       ed. We live in Centerville, and we need a sitter             please call 937-344-8648 after 5:00 p.m.
2011-2012                                                                                                      on various weekend nights.
Call 937-546-3991                                     SECRETARY, PART TIME: Woodland Cemet-                    Call 937-271-4120.                                           HANDI/YARD WORK OAKWOOD. FALL 4-6
                                                      ery, Flexible Hours. Excellent, (above average)                                                                       hr/wk $11/hr. RELIABLE, own TRANSPOR-
                                                      PowerPoint/Publisher skills required. Prefer             Part Time Nanny in Centerville                               TATION required. 294-7768 (voicemail).
        HELP WANTED                                   local Sophomore or Junior who can work                   Professional Centerville couple with 5                       Describe experience. LEAVE TELEPHONE
                                                      year round for the next 2 or 3 years. Send               children ages 6-15. Need of Nanny Tues-                      AND E-MAIL.
                                                      resume to                      day, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons/
Nanny/sitter needed immediately for three-
                                                      $10/hr to start, 15 hours/wk. Exam weeks                 early evening (approx 3 p.m.-7PM) - and                       Don’t miss your chance to advertise
year-old set of boy/girl twins in Centerville-
                                                      off. Free park and walk to classes. Must be              every other Friday evening for date night.                                in the FN!!
Springboro area, approximately 15 minutes
                                                      dependable.                                              Approximately 16 hrs per wk.
from campus. Times needed are Tuesday                                                                                                                                                CONTACT US TODAY!
                                                                                                               Children well/behaved/active. Must have
and Thursday afternoons and all day Friday.                                                                                                                           
                                                                                                               reliable transportation and provide some
Parents will be flexible with the Tuesday and                                                                                                                                          937-229-3813
                                                                                                               transportation to activities. Meal prep-
6                                                                        ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
                                                                              Flyer News • Tuesday, September 14, 2010

                                        dinner on Wednesdays, and our                                                                                                           how it looked, so I took it and ar-
                                        Thursday community meeting, and                                                                                                         ranged it, and then I wrote “There is 
                                        then Amish Hour.                                                                                                                        beauty in the broken.”
                                        KS: Yeah, we’re required to have one                                                                                                                   
                                                                                                                                                                                SR: And it’s fitting too, because I was 
                                        hour per week where we’re at home,                                                                                                      in a class, and they said the most 
                                        no electricity, just to get back and                                                                                                    beautiful image we have of Christ is 
                                        reflect.                                                                                                                                him broken on the cross.
                                        SR: And, you know, it’s been great.  
                                        Like, it’s required, but I’m really glad                                                                                                FN: And how are your neighbors?
                                        to do it, ‘cause no matter how hectic                                                                                                   KS: We’ve got this really big, great 
                                        your schedule gets, you can just say,                                                                                                   space in back that not many have.  
                                        “I gotta go home for this,” and it’s                                                                                                    SR: We actually don’t have a front 

                                        like this little oasis.                                                                                                                 porch, and when you look down 
                                        Kristin Mullen-Muhr: We go to the           Roommates: Juniors Sara McCrate, Kristin Mullen-Muhr, Jessie Hanley, Ligia Lopes, Jessica   College Park, everybody else has 
                                        Second Street Market on Saturday            Teater, Shayn Roeder and Kelli Schimmoeller ETHAN KLOSTERMAN/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER             porches at the same spot.
                                        mornings.                                                                                                                               JH: So we’ll go out back, and talk to 
                                        JT: We didn’t this week.                    cause they could see us, and were              SR: We have a wicker room with               Sig Ep (425 College Park) because 
      COLLEGE PARK                      SR: Semi-tradition. We did, until two       like, “Umm, what’s going on?”                  wicker furniture, which came with            they have the same (setup) as we 
                                        of  our bikes got stolen.                   SR: Last night, I was with a friend of         the house. It’s kind of a tradition.         have.
                                        JT: Yeah, we need to invest in bike         mine, and he went, “So what was                People buy things for this house, and        SR: We live across from Albert Em-
House Specs: Living room                chains.                                     up with you guys having seizures in            then they leave them. Like the guys          manuel, where all the tours start, 
with picture window, 4 bed-                                                         the back?”                                     who lived here before left us an icon        so if anything bad happens, like the 
rooms, laundry chapel, 2                FN: So what is your porch commonly                                                         and a set of dishes, and the couch in        paint starts to chip, the university 
refrigerators, wood-paneled             used for?                                   FN: Are there any shared activities            the chapel.                                  immediately takes care of it.
den with wicker furniture               SR: We’ve had several cookouts.             you do?
                                        KS: We also had the first Club 6            JT: We have jam sessions. So many              FN: Tell me about the chandeliers.           FN: I walked past your house and 
Flyer News: What should we know         party. There were over 400 kids there.      of  us play the piano or the flute.  Our 
                                                                                                                                   SM: (Demonstrates) They’re not on            noticed you hung up your clothes.
                                                                                                                                                                                JH: Yeah, even though we have a 
about you?                              SR: To get from the front room to the       house is kind of  a middle ground              the same switch.
                                                                                                                                                                                washer and dryer, we’re still pretty 
Ligia Lopes: We like to Irish dance.    deck, I actually had to walk around         between the Ghetto and the Dark-               JH: And it really lights up our world 
                                                                                                                                                                                environmentally conscious.  It adds 
Kelli Schimmoeller: We love to          the house.                                  side, so we’re like a meeting place for        peace wall. We’ve got Gandhi and 
                                                                                                                                                                                to the ambiance of the place. 
Irish dance.                                                                        people from the Darkside.                      “co-exist” and a world map. And, so          SM: It’s so Amish.
Shayn Roeder: We’ll have dance          FN: What’s been the most memo-              JH: Yeah, like one time a friend of            much of us speak Spanish, or are 
parties in the wicker room.             rable moment in this house so far?          ours was conducting a (laughs) busi-           taking Spanish classes, that we put          FN: What about the fireplace?
Jessica Teater: You also should         All: Irish dancing in the wicker            ness meeting in our kitchen.                   these labels up to learn it.                 LL: It doesn’t work. It looks pretty, 
know we’re the Faith and Vocation       room!                                                                                      SM: And we talk to each other and            though.
Leadership house, so we’re all about    Jessie Hanley: We had just had              FN: So, what are some of  the advan-           listen in Spanish, and respond to it,        JT: But we can hang stockings from 
faith and shared community.             quiet hour, and it was right after we       tages to living here?                          on varying levels of understanding.          it at Christmas time.
SR: Yeah, our door’s always open.       prayed, and suddenly, Shayn goes,           SR: Do you know any other house                                                                                         
                                                                                                                                                                                JH:  We could actually fit a real 
                                                                                                                                                                                Christmas tree in here this year.
                                        “Let’s Irish dance!”  So, we did for        with two chandeliers?                          FN: How about the broken mirror
                                                                                                                                                                                SR: Let’s do it!  Let’s carol too!
FN: Any traditions you guys have?       like 25 minutes straight.                   SM: It’s a house with character.               pieces in the dining area?
                                                                                                                                                                                All: Yeah!
Sara McCrate: We have lots of                                           
                                        SR: Jess was flopping on the floor          Yeah, like all these new Ghetto                JH: Ligia had this full-length mirror 
traditions already. We have Tuesday                   
                                        like a dead fish.                           houses have light blues and light              that broke, and she was ready to                FOR AN EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
prayer at 9 p.m. and community          SM: Friends came in off  the street,        yellows, and we’re a green house.              throw it out.  But I saw it, and I liked              >>

                                                                                    Piano man to tickle ivories at Sears tonight
                                                                                    Heirloom piano, acclaimed musician take stage in latest art series presentation
                                                                                    SARA DORN                                      meet him, he doesn’t seem stuffy,”           College-Conservatory of  Music, 
                                                                                    Staff Writer                                   she said.  “He still maintains his           will lecture at 1 p.m. in the Sears 
                                                                                                                                   own personal style which is a very           Recital Hall on Wednesday, Sept. 
                                                                                      Michelle Obama, President                    contemporary, relaxed style.”                15. Preceding Pratt’s performance 
                                                                                    Clinton, “The Today Show” audi-                  Pratt, a graduate of  the Peabody          that evening, the Bosendorfer 
                                                                                    ences and packed theaters around               Conservatory of  Music, holds                piano will be blessed.  
                                                                                    the world have witnessed Awada-                degrees in piano, violin and con-              The piano, a gift from the estate 
                                                                                    gin Pratt’s piano playing, and on              ducting. He has been featured in             of  university friend and former 
                                                                                    Tuesday, Sept. 14, the University              Newsweek and People magazines                Kettering musician and music 
                                                                                    of  Dayton community will too.                 and on “The Today Show,” among               teacher Madonna Wine Goss, has 
                                                                                      Pratt’s 8 p.m. performance in                other notable publications and               a unique distinction, Carr said.
                                                                                    Sears Recital Hall is in honor of              talk shows.                                    “The piano is a little bit un-
                                                                                    the UD music department’s new                    Pratt’s concert will include               usual and different from other 
                                                                                    Bosendorfer grand piano. The                   pieces from some legendary and               pianos,” Carr said. “It has three 
                                                                                    performance is sponsored by the                well-known composers.                        extra keys at the bottom of  the 
                                                                                    University of  Dayton arts series, a             “The concert will feature the              register; there’s some music 
                                                                                    subsidy of  the College of  Arts and           composers Schumann [and]                     where you can play a few extra 
                                                                                    Sciences.                                      Beethoven, my own arrangement                very low notes on those keys. 
                                                                                      “It’s a real honor; he’s an ex-              of  Bach’s ‘Passacaglia and Fugue            Those extra keys would ordinar-
                                                                                    ceptional pianist,” said art series            in C minor,’ a Chopin nocturne,              ily be white, but the white keys 
                                                                                    coordinator Eileen Carr.                       and a Liszt sonata,” Pratt said.             are actually black so the pianist 
                                                                                      Pratt’s performance and per-                 “Schumann and Chopin celebrate               doesn’t get confused.”
                                                                                    sonal style also caught Carr’s                 the 200 year anniversaries of  their            For more information on Pratt’s 
                                                                                    attention.                                     birth in 2010, Liszt in 2011.”               upcoming performance, go to 
                                                                                      “He’s a pianist with great classi-             Pratt, an artist in residence    
                                                                                    cal style, but I like that when you            at the University of  Cincinnati             artsseries.
                                                                           ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                                                   7
                                                                                Flyer News • Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday’s extravaganza brings diverse lineup, thousands of dollars to Dayton area

Surf’s up! A Red Line Chemistry fan leaves her third row seat for a crowd’s eye view during Sunday’s X-Fest at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. Red Line Chemistry was one of several bands playing at X-Fest, including Papa
Roach, Seether and Paper Tongues. X-Fest is the nation’s largest rock festival, bringing over 10 groups together to perform. HILLARY CUTTER/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

BRADY ASHE                                                                    
                                                Sunday  was  Seether’s  fifth  X-Fest       putting  on  X-Fest  since  2001.  The        ter fountain and had a steady supply          however,  when  front  man  Aswan 
Chief A&E Writer                              performance,  making  its  members            show  attracts  a  large  crowd  and          of  water.                                    North dedicated the performance of  
                                              the  band  with  the  most X-Fest  ap-        brings  money  into  the  Dayton  area,         WXEG  radio  personality  Nudge             its single “Trinity” “to the troops.” 
  Thousands  of   Dayton  rock  fans          pearances.                                    grossing  an  estimated  $600,000  with       preached to the crowd to stay hydrat-           Dallas-formed Drowning Pool, the 
piled  into  the  Montgomery  County            However,  Shinedown  band  mem-             over 10,000 tickets sold, according to        ed on several occasions.                      Australian  band  Sick  Puppies  and 
Fairgrounds Sunday, Sept. 12, to wit-         bers  are  no  strangers  to  X-Fest  ei-     Kemer.                                          “Keep  getting  that  water  in  you,”      Red  Line  Chemistry,  from  Kansas 
ness some of  their favorite acts at X-       ther.  After  making  back  to  back  X-        “I think it’s always good for an area       he said. “It’s hot as hell out here.”         City,  Mo.,  also  peformed  on  the  X-
Fest 15.                                      Fest  appearances  in  2003  and  2004,       anytime  you  get  this  many  heads            Warming  the  crowd  up  for  the           Fest’s mainstage. 
  X-Fest  is  the  region’s  largest  rock    the  Jacksonville,  Fla.-based  band          contributing to something,” he said.          headliners was American Bang, who               In addition, the festival featured a 
festival  put  on  by  103.9  WXEG  and       was back to perform this year.                  Preparations  for  the  show  began         won fans over with a high-energy set          side  stage  that  acted  as  a  showcase 
Live Nation. The festival lasted eight          The  festival  also  featured  lesser       on Wednesday, Sept. 8. Over 400 peo-          list.                                         for local bands. 
hours  and  was  headlined  by  Papa          known  bands  that  are  making  their        ple were involved in the production,            The  name  American  Bang  was                Drawing  in  smaller  crowds  were 
Roach, Seether and Shinedown.                 mark in the rock community, such as           from handling security, to volunteer-         also appropriate to the band’s sound.         the bands Desallit, Admitted Dilem-
  Dan  Kemer,  the  vice  president  of       American Bang and Paper Tongues.              ing and being involved in ticket han-         The  group’s  Nashville,  Tenn.  roots        ma and Superkreep. 
booking  and  marketing  at  X-Fest’s           “We  come  up  with  the  line-up  in       dling.                                        came through with songs like “Wild                Kemer  said  he  was  pleased  with 
concert  promoter,  Live  Nation  Indi-       January based on who’s up and com-              “It’s  a  huge  event,”  Kemer  said.       and Young” and “Whiskey Walk.”                the turnout for X-Fest 15.
ana,  said  he  was  pleased  to  see  the    ing  and  making  a  lot  of   noise,”  Ke-   “That’s  why  we  only  do  it  once  a         Paper  Tongues,  who  hail  from              “It  isn’t  bad,”  he  said.  “These 
bands return to the festival.                 mer said. “We also try to bring back          year.”                                        Charlotte,  N.C.,  also  got  the  crowd      things always come out alright.”
  “It’s good to see some of  these big-       the bigger names that have done the             Having had customers come down              going  with  their  unique  hip-hop/in-
name  bands  headline  X-Fest  consis-        festival before like Seether.”                with  dehydration  problems  in  past         die rock style.                                  FOR EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS
tently,” he said.                               WXEG and Live Nation have been              years, the festival provided a free wa-         The band received a mixed ovation, 

                                              WHEREFORE ART THOU,                           DON’T MISS THIS: DATV, a com-                 HEY, FIRST-YEARS! Don’t miss                  DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!
                                              ROMEO? In the park! Shake-                    munity forum that encourages citi-            Henry Sugimoto’s wood block prints            Auditions for the fall production of
                                              speare in South Park presents an              zens to express themselves through            exhibition, now through Friday, Oct.          “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”
                                              outdoor performance of “Romeo                 electronic media, is presenting               29, on the Roesch Library’s second            will be from 7 to 9 p.m. in Room 104
                                                                                                                                                                                        of the Music and Theatre building
local and global                              and Juliet” at 8 p.m. Friday, Sept.           the Media That Matters Short Film             floor. This exhibit is presented
                                                                                                                                                                                        Wednesday, Sept. 15. Auditioners
                                              17, through Sunday, Sept. 19,                 Festival at 7:30 p.m. Thursday,               in conjunction with the first-year
arts and events                               at the South Park Green located               Sept. 16, at The Neon. The festival           required read, “When the Emperor              will sing a few bars of a song and
                                              on Hickory Street, off of Wayne               showcases 12 nationally award-                Was Divine,” a novel about the life           perform a quick monologue, both of
                                              Avenue. The performance is free               winning short films that focus on             of a Japanese-American family’s               their own choice. “Rocky Horror” is
                                              and open to the public. Bring a               important topics of today. Tickets            internment during World War II. To            an annual event performed at Timo-
                                              lawn chair and enjoy the show.                are $15 with proceeds going to                see more of Sugimoto’s work, go               thy’s Bar and Grill, and its organizers
                                              To learn more, go to historic-                DATV. To see the festival’s lineup,           to           promise that “There is nothing else
                                                                    go to               henry-sugimoto-collection.                    like it on campus.”
8                                                                                                         OPINIONS

                                                                                             Flyer News • Tuesday, September 14, 2010

                                                                                                                           “Printing the facts about friend or foe, without fear or favor, in good
                                                                                                                            times and in bad, in peace and in war - the journalist who does that is
                                                                                                                            not a traitor. He is a patriot.”

                                                                                                                            Michael Gartner, owner, Iowa Cubs, and former news executive, 1933

LUXURY:                                                                                            Disaster:
LOW QUALITY DORMS CREATE HIGH QUALITY EXPERIENCES                                                  Lack of coverage of international catastrophes creates questions of values
                                                                                                                                                   loss of 23 percent of the entire year’s       out food or medicine and no one be-
     Air  conditioning,  new  carpeting,  refurbished  bathrooms  ...  What                                                                        harvest  means  there  will  be  little       ing up in arms or at least taking up 
isn’t to like about a brand spankin’ new freshmen dorm?                                                                                            bread  to  be  sold  even  if  people  had    a  collection  plate.  And  yet,  perhaps 
     The  recent  renovations  to  the  first-year  dorms  are  nothing  short                                                                     the money to buy it. But there is pov-        only because their accent is not quite 
of  luxurious. For the first time, these students leave the comforts of                                                                            erty,  too,  throughout  America,  and        as  cool,  the  New  Zealanders  who 
home  for,  well,  the  comforts  of   home.  Who  wouldn’t  want  this  life-                                                                     much land and life destroyed by Hur-          experienced  a  7.2  magnitude  earth-
style?                                                                                                                                             ricane Katrina has yet to be rebuilt.         quake last week seem to be receiving 
                                                                                                    REBECCA YOUNG OPINIONS EDITOR
     While we here on staff  understand the lure of  the remodeled fresh-                                                                            The  idea  of  local  politics  doesn’t     the  same  silent  treatment  from  our 
men dorms, we also are left slightly nostalgic for grungier times.                                   One  and  a  half  million  homes             just  include  tax  breaks  and  pork         shores. 
     Let us explain.                                                                               lost. Eight hundred thousand people             barrel spending; it means that what             Though it seems as though our air-
     Even though most of  the upperclassmen lived — gasp — nine whole                              stranded  from  any  assistance.  It’s          matters most are the things directly          waves and attentions remain focused 
months without air conditioning, modern furnishings or any hopes of                                estimated the area will take years to           affecting us. Thus, in a way, doesn’t it      on  other  subjects,  it  is  important  to 
floor  space,  we  still  had  an  amazing  freshmen  year.  We  didn’t  have                      rebuild. No, this isn’t another reflec-         make sense that because the waters            note that the United States has sent 
a  first-class  dining  facility  in  our  dorm,  or  even  microwaves,  but  we                   tion on Hurricane Katrina, five years           of the Indus River can’t seep into our        71  million  dollars  in  aid  as  well  as 
still managed to enjoy Cousin Vinny’s at all hours of  the night.                                  later,  but rather a question as to why         surroundings,  our  perspective  stays        over  a  dozen  high  tech  helicopters 
     As great as these renovations are, the dorms had something great                              knowledge of and concern for one of             focused  here  helping  the  people  we       since the flooding began in July.  But 
just the way they were. They brought students together in a way that                               the  worst  flooding  disasters  in  his-       can, in the ways we can?                      it seems more could be done. 
new-fangled  updates  cannot.  Ask  any  upperclassmen  who  lived  in                             tory hasn’t washed up on our shores.              Or perhaps the anthropologists got            Why  not  channel  all  the  energy 
Founders pre-AC. All the residents sweated through the first months                                  Ban  Ki-moon,  the  secretary  gen-           it right when they have argued that           and anger we use remembering our 
of   freshmen  year  together  in  the  halls.  Even  on  a  campus  like  this                    eral of the United Nations, has called          people are naturally inclined to only         tragedies  and  rallying  against  com-
one, you cannot script that kind of  community.                                                    the flooding in Pakistan the worst di-          care  about  their  own  groups.  When        munity  centers  to  combatting  the 
     So as you bask in your climate-controlled room and eat your gour-                             saster he has ever seen. At one point           humans  existed  primarily  in  tribes,       real  causes  of  the  extreme  terror 
met pastries fresh from the Crestaraunt, remember that there is more                               following  the  flooding,  one-fifth  of        it  made  sense  that  everyone  was          we  decry?    The  roots  of  extremism 
to college than living in the lap of  luxury. Leave your door open, and                            the  entire  country  was  underwater.          hard wired to try to preserve the peo-        are not in a Manhattan mosque but 
hang out in your hallways. Venture out to dining halls other than the                              Yet in the United States, concern has           ple like them at all costs against the        throughout  the  flooded  plains  of  
one that is 100 feet from your room. You only have four years here —                               been limited and coverage even light-           outsiders. Is that what is happening          Pakistan filled with the extremes of  
Make the most of  them.                                                                            er. What accounts for our ignorance             today? How do we define the group of          homelessness, hunger and hopeless-
                                                                                                   of this inundation?                             people we will choose to care about:          ness. 
                       TAKE TWO                                                                      Perhaps  our  apathy  toward  the             By nationality? By religion?                    When  humanity  only  existed  as 
                       WOLVES CONSIDER STUDENTS AS SNACKS ON CAMPUS?                               events on the other side of the world             It is tempting to say that for better       tribes, it was easy to be oblivious to 
                                                                                        /blogs     simply proves the old adage that all            or worse, we find it easier to sympa-         the  suffering  of  a  people  far  away. 
                                                                                                   politics  are  local.  Does  it  matter  if     thize  with  people  who  look  like  us,     But  the  world  is  global  community 

                                                                                                   our mindset is focused internally on            who speak our language, who share             now – When will we extend our inter-
                                                 2010-2011                                         troubles  here  at  home?  People  live         our  culture.  It’s  hard  to  imagine        est  in  and  compassion  for  our  own 
                                                                                                   in such poverty in Pakistan that the            800,000  Australians  stranded  with-         people to our neighbors far away?
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                                                                                                   OPINIONS                                                                                                               9
                                                                                   Flyer News • Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Drunken attempts at pickup lines send potential partners packing
                                              treat  the  opposite  sex  like  pieces        and it’s time to make your move.           with you, for items a through c.            for a minute, and consider it.
                                              of   a  porterhouse  steak.  I  know           “Hey  girl,  come  over  here.  Don’t        I think the general female pop-             Of  course, at the time, all’s fair 
                                              how  much  you  love  your  “man               ignore me, baby. Hey bitch, I said         ulation  on  campus  would  agree           in  love  and  Natty.  Just  another 
                                              laws,”  but  it’s  time  to  brush  up         don’t ignore me.”                          when  I  say  it’s  simply  infuriat-       girl who can’t take a joke, right?
                                              on “girl code.”                                  Let’s  break  this  down.  You:          ing.  Can  you  fathom  how  ridicu-          Well the joke is on you.
                                                There  comes  a  time  in  the  av-          a)  are  a  stranger,  b)  are  visibly    lous  you  look  to  us,  standing  on        You  have  not  generated  inter-
                                              erage  young  lady’s  weekend                  cloudy  in  the  head,  c)  have  ex-      the corner leaning slightly to one          est;  rather,  you  have  given  her  a 
                                              when  she  has  had  enough:  Her 
                                                                                             “                                                                                      good  story  to  tell  the  girls  about 
                                              sky-high  heels  are  pinching  her 
                                                                                              “Men, being drunk does not give you li-                                               the  creeper  who  tried  to  get  her 
  Perhaps Fergie Ferg said it best            feet,  she’s  not  even  remotely  on                                                                                                 attention  hollering,  “Aiyo  red 
in  “My  Humps,”  with  the  decla-           the same level as her friends and                cense to act like a blathering idiot and                                             skirt.”  (True  story.)  You  have 
ration,  “don’t  pull  on  my  hand           has no desire to be, the week has                treat the opposite sex like pieces of a                                              made  yourself   look  insensitive 
boy/  you  ain’t  my  man  boy.”  Or          been tough and tiring, and, to her                                                                                                    and  crude.  She  has  no  inten-
maybe  it  was  Cher  Horowitz  in            disappointment,  the  night  isn’t 
                                                                                               porterhouse steak.”                                                                  tion of  getting her “fine ass over 
“Clueless”  shoving  the  dreaded             going as planned.                                                                                                                     there.”  It’s  strutting  proudly  in 
high  school  boys  off   her  waist,           And  then  you  come  along.  You                                                                                                   the  other  direction,  and  you  are 
crying “As if !”                              are  dressed  to  the  nines  in  a  re-       SEETHA SANKARANARAYAN, JUNIOR                                                          sorely  mistaken  if   you  take  that 
  Whoever  it  was,  the  message             cently  pressed  button  down,  and                                                                                                   power walk as a retreat with her 
remains  the  same:  Men,  being              spills  have  nearly  dried  from              acerbated  her  bad  mood,  d)  have       side,  pointing  your  fingers  and         tail between her legs.
drunk does not give you a license             your  mandals.  Your  boys  sur-               just berated her on the basis that         throwing  salacious  barbs  in  our           Let  this  be  a  lesson:  Liquid 
to  act  like  a  blathering  idiot  and      round  you,  rowdy  as  all  get  out,         she  did  not  come  over  to  speak       direction?  Stand  in  our  stilettos       courage is not liquid game. 

                                                                                             Lack of star power in fall television line-up
              letter to the editor                                                           leads viewer to question casts’ credentials
DATING DAMAGES SELF STANDARDS                                                                                                           pay attention for once and found 
                                                                                                                                        myself   totally  annoyed  —  not 
                                                                                                                                                                                    I’m honestly not too surprised to 
                                                                                                                                                                                    see them. But I still think it’s just 
  After the long Labor Day weekend,           sometimes they say they blacked out                                                       surprised, just annoyed.                    silly to call her a star. 
I  noticed  two  girls  from  my  classes     (and)  don’t  remember  what  hap-                                                          Don’t  get  me  wrong;  there  are          Another name that was annoy-
sporting  big,  shiny  rocks  on  their       pened. And they don’t know how to                                                         some  very  smart,  entertaining            ing  to  see  was  Mike  “The  Situa-
left ring fingers.  This is in addition       change it.”                                                                               shows out there. But other shows            tion”  Sorrentino.  Some  of   you 
to  three  friends  within  my  inner           What  strikes  me  so  deeply  about                                                    just make you question television           might  know  him  for  his  “perfor-
                                                                                              DAN CLEVELAND ASST. OPINIONS EDITOR
circle who are engaged, the handful           this story is how familiar it sounds.                                                     casting.                                    mances” on the popular TV show 
of acquaintances planning to tie the          We’ve  all  seen  beautiful,  intelli-           Although           you     probably        “Dancing  with  the  Stars”  was          “Jersey Shore.” Yeah, right. This 
knot  and  the  barrage  of  Facebook         gent girls, who are well spoken and            couldn’t  tell  with  all  the  warm       one  of   the  so-called  “hot  shows”      guy  is  not  a  star.  He  became 
announcements  all  indicating  more          friendly in class morph into sloppy,           weather,  we  are  entering  into          of   the  season.  So  I  checked  out      somewhat  famous  by  making  a 
and more of my peers are blissfully           wasted, sex objects under the light of         fall,  which  means  three  things:        the  all-star  cast  for  this  season      fool  of   himself   on  a  ridiculous 
setting aside singledom forever.  And         the Ghetto moon.                               beautiful,  color-changing  au-            and spotted the name Bristol Pal-           TV show. I mean, the guy used to 
I’m  very  happy  for  them.    They’ve         Women in the 1960s fought for sex-           tumn leaves, brisk autumn winds            in.  Surely,  I  thought  it  couldn’t      be an exotic dancer. 
escaped  from  the  jungle  of   college      ual liberation and women’s equality.           and  a  whole  new  season  of   TV        be  referring  to  Sarah  Palin’s             But  again,  maybe  that  kind 
relationships, a jungle in which I’m          Surely  this  wasn’t  what  they  were         shows.                                     daughter.  But  it  was.  How  does         of   casting  is  just  good  business 
still  stuck  without  breadcrumbs.           fighting  for.  The  hook-up  culture            The last of  these things can be         that happen?                                to  attract  viewers  for  “Dancing 
It’s  also  fruitless  to  look  to  Mom      doesn’t  liberate  women;  it  turns           exciting  for  the  avid  television         I  understand  that  Sarah  Palin         with  the  Stars.”  People  like  see-
for guidance because this sure ain’t          them  into  disposable  objects.  And          fan.  However,  don’t  be  surprised       has  been  a  political/celebrity           ing the faces of  members of  other 
your mama’s dating scene.                     this  culture  is  accepted.  What  does       if   the  cast  of   these  TV  shows      figure recently. This still doesn’t         shows,  even  if   those  shows  were 
  In her book, “Are Men Necessary”            it  say  that  women  today  are  better       leaves something to be desired.            even  qualify  her  as  a  “star.”  So      terrible. 
(she  concludes  they  are,  fear  not!)      educated than any other point in his-            Now, I am not a huge TV watch-           how,  then,  is  it  even  possible  for      This  begs  another  question: 
New York Times columnist Maureen              tory but that they still feel the need         er.  Of   course  I  like  to  look  up    her  daughter  to  be  labeled  as  a       Is  television  too  saturated  with 
Dowd explores the nature of college           to “put out” in order to garner male           some  of   my  favorite  episodes  of      star?  Is  there  some  movie  that         the  same  faces?  In  some  cases,  I 
dating.    She  relates  a  story  from  a    attention? We seem to be a culture of          “Scrubs”  or  “It’s  Always  Sunny         she  starred  in  that  I  missed?  It      think so. I’m just saying maybe it 
friend of hers who is an Ivy League           instant gratification, texting, e-mail,        in Philadelphia” when I’m avoid-           is  my  understanding  that  she            should  be  called  something  else, 
professor.  He  observes  the  college        Twitter  —  Is  instant  gratification         ing homework. But I usually uti-           hasn’t  done  anything  in  her  life-      like “Dancing with the Stars and 
dating  rituals  and  is  completely          courtship only the next logical step?          lize the Internet.                         time to merit stardom.                      Really  Lucky  but  Not  Talented 
dumbfounded.    He  says,  “These  ex-        It  seems  paradoxical,  that  in  an            As far as switching on the tele-           I  realize that there’s a point to        People.”
tremely  powerful  girls  outperform          environment  dedicated  to  self-cul-          vision  to  indulge  in  currently-        bringing someone like her on the              Either  way,  it’s  the  casting  of  
boys  all  day  long  in  class.  They’re     tivation,  a  cocktail  of   casual  sex       airing  primetime  entertainment,          show  to  get  people’s  attention,         “stars”  like  this  that  make  me 
talkative  and  nicely  dressed.  Then        and  binge  drinking  is  the  norm.           I really couldn’t tell you much.           raise ratings, etc. That is why, as         happy  that  I  don’t  own  a  televi-
at  night  they  put  on  as  few  clothes    Shouldn’t  a  girl  be  able  to  cultivate    However,  I  decided  to  actually         much as these castings annoy me,            sion.
as  possible,  looking  so  skimpy  it        herself without getting plowed?!  
must be chilly.” Then he goes on say-
ing the night culminates with these 
intelligent,  attractive  women  get-
                                                               ANNIE SCHUERMAN               Flyer News is the student-run newspaper of  the University of  Dayton. It works to serve the campus 
ting  drunk  and  “hooking  up.”  He’s 
                                                                                             community and offers a forum for opinion. The university makes no representations or warranties 
heard  girls  talk  about  it  later,  and                                 SENIOR
                                                                                             regarding  products  or  services  advertised  in  Flyer News.  Flyer News  reserves  the  right  to  edit  or 
“their intelligent eyes cloud over and                      INTERNATIONAL STUDIES
                                                                                             reject  all  copy. Flyer News  does  not  necessarily  uphold  or  advocate  the  opinions  in  the  columns, 
                                                                                             letters or cartoons appearing in the opinion pages. Send 50 to 350-word letters to the editor at:
                                                                                    Submissions must include name, major, year and phone number.
                                CONTROVERSIAL HIGH COURT RULING
10                                                                                                         SPORTS
                                                                                      Flyer News • Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dayton Sports

Red Scare changes spirit points, hopes for more participation
MARISSA MALSON                                    basketball  chair  Michael  Miller           “[We  also  want]  to  encourage  stu-
Sports Staff Writer                               said.  “Now  Red  Scare  will  scan          dents to support our athletic teams 
                                                  during a specific time at the begin-         by  staying  and  watching  most  or 
   University  of   Dayton  students              ning of  the game for half  the avail-       all  of   each  game,  and  to  reward 
are  going  to  have  to  work  a  bit            able points, stop, and then scan for         students  who  do  consistently  stay 
harder  this  fall  sports  season  for           a  specific  time  at  the  end  of   the    to watch a majority of  the game by 
their men’s basketball tickets.                   game  for  the  rest  of   the  available    having  the  second  half   of   points 
                                                                                               available  during  the  second  scan-
                                                                                               ning period.”
 “With more fans at the games, we really feel                                                      However,  this  means  students 

  this will improve the performance of the Flyers.”                                            must  stay  for  a  majority  of   the 
                                                                                               game  if   they  want  the  full  points, 
                                                                                               and  not  everyone  is  willing  to  do 
     Jon Colbert, Red Scare president                                                          that.
                                                                                                   “There  will  obviously  be  some 
                                                                                               opposition  because  many  stu-
                                                                                               dents  don’t  want  to  stay  at  events      University of Dayton students and the Red Scare cheer on the Flyers men’s basketball
    Recently, Red Scare implement-                points.”                                     longer  than  they  have  to,”  senior        team during the 2009-2010 season at UD Arena. PHOTO CONTRIBUTED BY JON COLBERT
ed a double scanning policy to the                     The purpose of  the spirit points       men’s  soccer  chair  Collin  Brown           versus Ohio State on [Friday,] Sept.         Scare hopes will lead to successful 
spirit  points  system.  In  the  past,           system  is  to  award  the  most  dedi-      said.  “The  system  does  need  some         3,  there  were  over  620  students  in     seasons.
students  had  their  identification              cated and loyal Flyer fans with the          time  to  work  more  effectively,  so        attendance,  which  is  a  significant            “We’ve had great turnouts to all 
cards  scanned  during  a  set  period            best  men’s  basketball  tickets.  The       students  know  when  the  scanning           change from previous years where             of   our  events  so  far  this  year,  and 
in the game and were thus award-                  more  points  that  students  accu-          times  begin  and  end.  I  do  think         on  average  a  couple  hundred  stu-        I think double scanning has led to 
ed  the  spirit  points  for  that  event.        mulate, then the closer to the front         that  attendance  has  increased  so          dents  would  attend,”  she  said.  “I       many  fans  staying  at  the  games,” 
Now, students will have to swipe in               they will be.                                far  this  year  and  the  spirit  point      noticed  students  not  only  staying        junior  Red  Scare  president  Jon 
and swipe out if  they want the full                  “By  implementing  this  new             system  has  to  be  at  least  partially     for  most  of   the  game,  but  also  ac-   Colbert  said.  “With  more  fans  at 
point value.                                      scanning  process,  we  are  hoping          responsible.”                                 tively watching it and cheering the          the  games,  we  really  feel  this  will 
    “Many  students  would  come  to              to  eliminate  much  of   the  swiping           Malson has also noticed a spike           team on. I think so far that this has        improve  the  performance  of   the 
sporting  events  only  to  scan  their           and  leaving  that  has  occurred  in        in  attendance  at  women’s  soccer           been a positive, beneficial change.”         Flyers.”
ID card for spirit points and imme-               past  years,”  sophomore  women’s            home games.                                        More fans at games means more                After all, supporting the Flyers 
diately  leave,”  sophomore  men’s                soccer  chair  Kaitlyn  Malson  said.            “At  the  women’s  soccer  game           support  for  the  teams,  which  Red        is what Red Scare is all about. 

 In Friday, Sept. 10’s issue, we inaccurately attributed the men’s soccer photo
 to Jared Szechy. The photo was actually taken by Assistant Photography Editor,
 Mike Malloy. Flyer News sincerely apologizes for this error.                                  FANTASY FOOTBALL GROWING IN FORCE
                                                                                                                                             football  team  earns  points  and  wins     rights, championship trophies, hilari-
                                                                                                                                             games against other similarly assem-         ous arguments, etc. It can be a rite of  
                                                                                                                                             bled squads.                                 passage for some, as it is in my com-
                                                                                                              There  are  two  main  methods  of       petitive league, or just a fun thing to 
                                                                                                                                            selecting  players  for  your  team.  One    do on the side with some friends.
                                                                                                            is  a  traditional  snake  draft  where           Multiple  websites  promote  free 
                                                                                                      teams choose their NFL players in a          leagues  across  the  Internet  for  new 
                                                                                                JACOB ROSEN, SPORTS EDITOR
                                                                                                             continuous order and the other is an         learners  such  as  the  one  created  by 
                                                                          The end of  summer brings about           auction style where participants have        the  University  of  Dayton’s  intramu-
                                                many  changes  in  the  Rosen  house-         a mock budget to compose their own           ral  sports  department  at 
 Daniel Demko                                                              hold.  In  this  Akron  family  of   base-    dream team.                                  While  these  are  the  most  popular 
 Amy Heck                                                                          ball-loving  parents  and  three  sons,           Snake  drafts  remain  the  most         ways  to  join  the  fun,  it  is  not  always 
 Christopher Luckhaupt                              Bradley Boyd
 Sarah Stapleton                                                                               the  majority  of   these  differences  re-   common, but the auction style is gain-       the case for everyone.
                                                                         volve around the sports world.                ing ground. The new method provides               Betting  is  something  that  tradi-
 Elizabeth Chan                                                               Among them include my two older           more room for strategy and competi-          tionally  goes  along  with  the  game 
                                                    Daniel Daykin
 Emily Claricoates                                                                             brothers and I historically heading off       tion  as  teams  bid  until  the  highest    and  there  are  grand  prizes  upwards 
                                                    Molly Hobbs
 Jacqueline Goggins                                                                            to our separate colleges, beginning to        price receives the desired player.           of  $300,000  in  well-marketed  inter-
                                                    William Kingsolver
 Amanda Theado
                                                    Amber Niekamp                              attend Ohio State football games, suf-            Since the player selection process       net  tournaments.  Recently  as  well, 
 Yilun Zhao
                                                    Timothy Trushaw                            fering through another Cleveland In-          occurs before the start of  the season;      Bloomberg  Businessweek declared 
                                                                        dians season and the endless discus-          however,  success  in  fantasy  football     it  “The  New  Internet  Porn”  and  es-
 Tim Bergant                                                                       sions about fantasy football.                 is a relative term. Fans can plan out        timated  that  the  industry  costs  busi-
                                                    Clair Labutta
 Andrew Martin                                                                                     I joined a competitive league with        their  dream  team  and  accomplish          nesses up to $1.5 billion in lack of pro-
                                                                  my  brother’s  friends  four  years  ago,     that through either method, but inju-        ductivity from workers.
                                                                                   and  the  tradition  has  become  a  new      ries  and  disappointments  always  do            That  is  certainly  an  understand-
 Ryan Shirley                                       Brad Borchers
                                                    Shelby Elking                              way  of  life.  From  spending  10  days      occur in any professional sport.             able  conclusion  for  those  who  are 
                                                                             in Europe creating a new strategy to              During  the  season,  fantasy  foot-     familiar  with  the  Rosen  family.  My 
                                                                                   countless  hours  updating  and  revis-       ball is an exciting way for fans to cope     brothers  and  I  are  passionate  about 
                                                    Patrisha Castrataro
 Paul Bozsik
                                                    James Hankenhof                          ing rankings, it has become an obses-         with  a  poor  season  from  their  favor-   the  sport,  the  strategy,  the  competi-
 Sarah McCormick                                    
                                                                  sion beyond my wildest expectations.          ite teams or even improve upon their         tion and the intense playoff  struggles. 
                                                    Megan Fitzgerald                               In a nutshell, fantasy football is a      playoff-caliber  favorites.  Born  and            Fantasy football is a bourgeoning 
 Melissa Ehrbar
                                                                    sports  game  where  participants  se-        raised in Northeast Ohio, there is no        trend  that  transcends  generations, 
                                                                                              lect active NFL players for their team.       better way to actually pay attention to      cultures,  hateful  rivalries  and  socio-
                                                    Stephen Hurst
                                                                                              Based  on  how  well  those  quarter-         the season than fantasy football.            economic  boundaries.  The  game  is 
                                                                                              backs, running backs, wide receivers,             The various scoring systems differ       free for all, and sports fans are always 
                                                                                              tight ends, kickers and defenses per-         greatly, and the competitive nature of       encouraged to create their new team, 
                                                                                               form during the season, your fantasy          the  game  usually  leads  to  bragging      join the fun and get excited! 
                                                                                                           SPORTS                                                                                                                  11
                                                                                       Flyer News • Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Men’s Rugby Club                                                                                                                                  Volleyball

NO. 4 FLYERS START SEASON UD struggles in Nebraska
NATE WAGGENSPACK                                 off  their  season  at  Stuart  Field  with       years  to  come.  It  has  taken  on  more     DAN VOHDEN                                      Yanz  finished  with  29  assists 
Assistant Sports Editor                          a  match  against  Ball  State.  They  are        members each year with 18 freshmen             Assistant Sports Editor                     and eight digs, but the dominating 
                                                 planning on playing at least one more             joining the team this year, almost half                                                    Illinois defense held the opposing 
    Fresh  off  its  best  season  ever,  the    game  at  Stuart  Field  this  fall,  possi-      the club. The rugby club was not even          JACOB ROSEN                                 team to a .104 attack percentage in 
                                                                                                                                                  Sports Editor
University  of  Dayton  men’s  rugby             bly their match against Xavier in two             at the Up the Orgs event at the begin-                                                     the final two sets.
club  is  looking  to  push  its  way  even      weeks.                                            ning of the school year, it has just de-           Another  weekend  meant  an-                The tournament concluded  for 
further into the national  tournament                 Barger  said  the  team’s  expecta-          veloped a reputation.                          other difficult tournament for the          UD  on  Saturday,  Sept.  11,  against    
for this year.                                   tions are high for this season. Accord-               “Honestly, they came to us,” Barg-         University  of   Dayton  volleyball         the  Western  Michigan  Broncos, 
    The rugby club, one of the fastest           ing to the senior, rugby is not a sport           er said. “A lot of people contacted me         team.                                       another  team  that  defeated  UD  in 
growing  clubs  on  campus,  made  its           that has too many unexpected upsets               or  e-mailed  me  during  the  summer              Fresh  off   the  Dayton  Flyer         the 2008 NCAA Tournament at the 
mark  on  the  national  scene  last  year       due to the amount of strategy involved            saying they wanted to play rugby. It’s         Classic two weeks ago and the Diet          Frericks Center.
by beating Miami University, the No. 1           and  the  length  of  the  game  (90  min-        the largest group of freshmen the club         Coke  Classic  in  Minneapolis,  the            After the first ever three-game 
ranked team in the country, and then             utes).                                            has had.”                                      Flyers  travelled  to  Lincoln,  Neb.,      losing  streak  since  2008,  the  Fly-
losing by a point in the regional finals              The  fall  season  consists  of  teams           Numbers  are  extremely  valuable          for the Ameritas Player Challenge           ers  finally  prevailed  by  sweep-
in a rematch with the Redhawks. With             playing league games. The league sea-             for the club because 15 players are on         this past weekend.                          ing  all  three  sets.  The  team  col-
a wealth of experience and talent com-           son leads to the spring season, more of                  
                                                                                                   the field at a time for each team. Hav-            UD  began  the  event  Thursday,        lected  a  three-set  season  high  of  
ing  back  for  the  2010  year,  they  are      a  tournament  leading  to  nationals.  If        ing  such  a  big  group,  especially  with    Sept.  9,  with  a  contest  against        11.5  blocks  overall,  led  by  an  All-
looking to improve on last season.                                                         
                                                 UD  is  able  to  win  its  league  or  finish    some young talent, is helpful in mak-          No. 7 Nebraska, the tournament’s            American performance. 
    “We  have  a  really  good  team  this       in the top two in the state, they will be         ing substitutions.                             host.  Nebraska  led  early  before             Senior  middle  blocker  Lindsay 
year,” club president Alex Barger said.          invited  back  to  the  Midwest  Tourna-              Armed  with  a  huge  group  of  tal-      dropping  the  first  set,  but  rallied    Fletemier  recorded  seven  block 
“We  have  a  really  smart  team;  we’re        ment in the spring, where they lost to            ented  veterans  and  rookies,  the  UD        to  win  each  of   the  next  three  in    assists  in  the  contest  along  with 
really experienced, and so we’re rely-           Miami last year.                                  men’s  rugby  club  is  ready  to  make  a     taking the crucial match.                   15 kills and only one attack error.
ing on that.”                                         “Fall  [season]  is  more  contending        run at a national title.                           Senior setter Jessica Yanz, who             The  season  continues  this 
    This  year’s  team  is  loaded  with         for the spring season, but it’s still very                                                       transferred to Dayton this year af-         weekend  with  the  Adidas  Invita-
experienced members, featuring nine              important,” Barger said.                               FOR AN EXCLUSIVE VIDEO                    ter spending the past two seasons           tional at Notre Dame from Friday, 
seniors and 10 juniors.                               After  last  year’s  success,  the  club          AND PHOTO GALLERY                         with  the  Cornhuskers,  recorded           Sept.  17,  through  Sunday,  Sept. 
    The  No.  4  ranked  Flyers  kicked          appears to be in good hands for many                                                             an impressive double-double with            19.  The  Flyers  will  take  on  Santa 
                                                                                                                                                  35 assists and 17 digs.                     Clara, Delaware, and Notre Dame 
                                                                                                                                                      The  Flyers  renewed  an  old  ri-      in their three contests.
                                                                                                                                                  valry  in  the  second  game  against           UD will then return to the Fre-
                                                                                                                                                  No.  3  Illinois.  The  Illini  defeated    ricks Center for the second week-
                                                                                                                                                  Dayton in the 2009 NCAA Tourna-             end  of   Atlantic  10  Conference 
                                                                                                                                                  ment  and  again  claimed  victory,         play on Friday, Oct. 1, against the 
                                                                                                                                                  sweeping all three sets.                    Rhode Island Rams.

Dayton men’s rugby club president Alex Barger avoids a tackle with a pass during a contest against Ball State at Stuart Field on Friday,
Sept. 10. UD enters the 2010 season as the No. 4 team in the nation. CLAIRE WEIGAND/MANAGING EDITOR

 DID YOU KNOW?                                   PERFECTION                                        the All-Tournament Team of the Penn
                                                                                                   Invitational after posting a 2-0 record
                                                 The women’s cross country team                    to win the tournament.
                                                 posted a perfect score of 15 points at
TWIN TOWERS                                      the Miami Invitational in Oxford, Ohio,
                                                 over the weekend. The top 10 finishers
                                                                                                   STRONG SWING
Men’s cross country senior runners                                                                 Senior Chris Woeste and junior
Chris and Matt Lemon placed first and            in the meet were all Dayton Flyers.               Michael Oberschmidt of the UD men’s
second, respectively, for the second
consecutive meet. This weekend at                FEARSOME FOUR                                     golf team tied for ninth individually,
                                                                                                   and senior Jeff Hodapp placed 16th to
the Mel Brodt Invitational in Bowling            Women’s soccer seniors Jerica                     help pace the Flyers to a second place
Green, Ohio, the twin brothers both              DeWolfe and Kelly Blumenschein,                   finish at the Fossum/Spartan Invita-
broke the UD 8K record for seniors.              junior Emily Kenyon, and sophomore                tional in East Lansing, Mich.
                                                 Colleen Williams were all named to
12                                                                                                    SPORTS
                                                                                  Flyer News • Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Cross Country

Lemon leading team in classroom, on the course Bulgrin excited about UD’s hot start to 2010 season
SCOTT McADAMS                                           of   the  Year  in  2009  and  aims  to  repeat  the    CHRIS MOORMAN                                                  A-10  personally,”  she  said.  “I  want  to  be  the  first 
Sports Staff Writer                                     performance this season.                                Lead Sports Staff Writer                                       female finisher. And we would like to have a better 
                                                             In  terms  of   how  the  two  sides  compare,                                                                    showing at regionals. Last year we were 13th, and 
Sports Editor                                           Chris  said  the  necessary  skills  are  very             Here’s  some  advice  for  opponents  of  the               I think we are much better than that. I would also 
                                                        similar while running and in the classroom.             University of Dayton women’s cross country team:               like to get at least two or three runners to nationals 
    Senior  Chris  Lemon  is  no  stranger  to          He said he and Matt try to lead by example for          Watch out.                                                     this year.” 
competition.                                            the team, not necessarily being the loudest or             Senior  captain  Maureen  “Maura”  Bulgrin  is                  First-year  head  coach  Sarah  Hinkley 
    The  University  of   Dayton  men’s  cross          most boisterous.                                        the main reason for this warning. Bulgrin was last             believes  Bulgrin  can  accomplish  her  goals,  if  she 
country  team  captain  has  excelled  in  the               But in the end, it is all about how the two        week’s  Atlantic  10  Conference  Performer  of  the           concentrates on the little things.
early  part  of   the  2010  season,  and  a  family    function together and try to make each other            W e e k      for  her  second  place  individual  finish           “She has the talent to be the best runner in the 
connection has pushed him to this point.                better on a daily basis.                                                  at the 12th annual Meijer Flyer 5K           A-10,” Hinkley said. “I really believe that, but we’ve 
    Growing  up,  attending  college  and                    “A  long  time  ago  we                                               Challenge in Kettering Saturday,            got to start refining things.”
teaming with his twin brother Matt is the key           talked about this: What if                                                  Sept. 4.                                       The  combination  of  Hinkley  and  Bulgrin 
assistance,  leading  the  Flyers  to  esteemed         one of  us is better than the                                                   She led the Flyers to a second         appears  to  be  working  already,  despite  the 
recognitions in the year’s first two events.            other?”  Chris  said.  “Any                                                 place finish out of twelve teams.          short  amount  of  time  the  two  have  known  each 
    To begin, Chris broke the course record at          team  in  the  United  States                                                 The  team  that  beat  the  Flyers,      other.  They  admitted  they  have  a  give-and-take 
14:56 in the Flyer 5K Challenge in Kettering,           would  love  to  have  Matt:                                                          Miami          University,       relationship. Hinkley has been an integral part of  
Ohio,  on  Saturday,  Sept.  4.  Co-captain  Matt       he’s just that good.”                                                                     hosted  the  Miami           Bulgrin’s  quest  to  finish  first  at  this  year’s  A-10 
earned  second-place  honors  in  finishing                  The         twins’                                                                     I n v i t a t i o n a l    Championships, and Bulgrin has stepped up in the 
just five seconds after, and the Dayton team            performances                                                                                  last  Saturday,          leadership role to help out the rookie head coach.
finished in second overall.                             have garnered                                                                                   Sept.  11,  and            “It’s awesome,” Hinkley said. “I mean, stepping 
    Chris  earned  Atlantic  10  Conference             n a t i o n a l                                                                                    B u l g r i n       into this, she’s just a natural leader, and it makes 
Performer of  the Week honors for the event,            a t t e n t i o n                                                                                    and  her          my  job  and  the  transition  easier.  She’s  really 
and  didn’t  waste  any  time  getting  back  to        and  are                                                                                                               leading the girls, along with Liz Coorey and one of  
work again this past weekend.                                                                                                                                                  our other captains [Brigitte Sherman].”
    At  the  Mel  Brodt  Invitational  in  the                                                                                                            t e a m m a t e s        The  leadership  role  is  nothing  new  to  UD’s 
Lemons’ hometown of  Bowling Green, Ohio,                                                                                                        looked  forward  to  a        fastest  woman  harrier.  For  four  years,  Bulgrin 
on Saturday, Sept. 11, UD took first place with         contributing  to  help                                                                little payback.                  has assisted her teammates and turned UD cross 
a low score of  23 points. Chris and Matt again         make  a  name  for  the                                                                    “I’ve      got     ‘Red’    country into a championship contender.
finished  in  first  and  second,  respectively,        Flyers  cross  country                                                                  written  on  my  hand,”            She said the leadership she and her two other 
each breaking the UD program record for an              team.                                                                                    Bulgrin       said.     “I    co-captains, Coorey and Sherman, have shown over 
8K time by a senior.                                        “It’s part of  a twin                                                                mean,  you’re  always         the years has marked the change in the program.
    “[They  are]  very  goal  driven;  they  are        brother act that I can’t                                                                looking ahead at those             “The  three  of  us  coming  in  kind  of  marked  a 
always trying to improve the team’s standing            really  explain,”  Davis                                                               RedHawk  runners  in            turning point for the team,” Bulgrin said. “It’s been 
in  the  A-10,”  head  coach  Rich  Davis  said         said.  “We’re  blessed  to                                                           front  of  you,  and  that’s      great.  It’s a really big honor.”
about the Lemon brothers. “They have both               have  them  both  here                                                             what  we’ve  been  talking              Bulgrin  would  like  to  be  recognized  as  one  of  
been to nationals; now they want to bring the           at  UD.  There  are  days                                                       about mostly, and we’re going          the conference’s best again this year, and the early 
team with them.”                                        I  can’t  predict  which                                                     to try and beat them.”                    efforts this season are just proving how strong the 
    Chris  is  the  reigning  A-10  individual          Lemon  brother  is  going  to                                                 Bulgrin  followed  through  on           entire UD women’s cross country team is.
champion,  claiming  the  first-ever  such  title       run  the  best,  [but]  they  are                                          her hopes and finished first at the             “I mean, when I turned around at the finish line 
in  Dayton  Flyers  history.  He  led  the  squad       clearly  head  and  shoulders                                               event with a time of 18:26. All of         I saw five of my teammates coming in right behind 
in every single race last season and was the            above their competition.”                                                   the first 10 runners to cross the          me,” she said. “That was the best — just knowing 
team’s  Most  Valuable  Runner  for  a  second              Chris  said  his  goals  for                                            finish line were from Dayton, as           that I’m not out there running by myself, and I’ve 
straight year.                                          this  season  are  to  win  the  A-10                                       the team beat out Miami for the            got my whole team with me .”
    The  athletic  success  is  only  part  of   the    championship  and  to  place  within                                       title. 
equation  for  Chris,  however.  As  a  John  W.        the  top  10  nationally.  As  a  captain,                                      Entering  her  final  year  in  a 
Berry  Sr.  Scholar  in  the  University  Honors        his hopes are high for an overall team                                      Flyers  uniform  as  a  reigning 
Program,  he  is  pushed  to  do  his  best  in  the    effort over the course of  the next three                                     first  team  All-Atlantic  10            CLEVELAND—I PROBABLY SHOULDN’T EVEN
classroom  while  continuing  work  on  his             months.                                                                         Conference selection, Bulgrin          SAY ANYTHING ABOUT CLEVELAND. THEY’VE
senior thesis project.                                      “Keep  your  eyes  on  the  Flyers,”                                         hopes  the  season  will  end         SUFFERED ENOUGH THIS SUMMER WITHOUT
    The  Spanish  and  education  double                Chris said. “We’re going to kick some                                              just as well as it has started.     ME BRINGING IT UP.
major  was  the  conference  Student-Athlete            butt.”                                                                                 “I would like to win the 
                                                                                                                                                                               SPACK ON SPORTS
                                             PHOTOS BY ERIK SCHELKUN, CONTRIBUTED BY KRYSTAL WARREN

Men’s Basketball
UD Arena selected to host NCAA Tournament’s first four games
DANIEL VOHDEN                                  Wabler  said.  “It’s  a  great  opportu-      tournament’s  No.16  seeds,  while                  Only  the  Municipal  Auditorium               UD Arena had planned to install 
Assistant Sports Editor
                                               nity for Dayton to showcase itself.”          the  other  two  games  will  pit  the          in  Kansas  City,  Missouri,  has  host-        them in a few years, but the oppor-
    The NCAA announced last week                   Dayton  has  hosted  the  Open-           last  four  at-large  teams  selected  to       ed  more  men’s  NCAA  tournament               tunity to host the First Four means 
that  the  University  of   Dayton  will       ing  Round  “play-in”  game  since  its       the field,” the NCAA said through a             games than UD Arena, but with the               that project will need to be complet-
be  the  inaugural  host  of   the  newly      inception  in  2001  when  the  tourna-       press release.                                  new  expanded  field  coming  to  Day-          ed before March.
created  First  Four  for  this  season’s      ment  expanded  to  65  teams.  With             UD Arena is no stranger to post-             ton, UD will take over the top spot.               “One of  the key things for us is, 
men’s  basketball  championship                the  recently  created  68  team  field,      season  play  as  it  also  hosted  first           The  First  Four  also  will  bring         we’re  going  to  have  to  go  out  and 
tournament.                                    UD  Arena  was  once  again  selected         and  second  round  games  most  re-            an  improvement  to  the  arena.  A             fund  those  video  boards,”  Wabler 
    “We’re ecstatic to be able to bring        as the host site.                             cently  in  2009,  and  has  signed  on         new  NCAA  rule  this  year  requires           said. “We’re also going to hopefully 
the  First  Four  to  the  Dayton  com-            “Two  games  will  feature  teams         for first and second round games in             that all tournament venues must be              have  an  opportunity  to  get  them  in 
munity,”  UD  athletic  director  Tim          battling  to  advance  as  two  of   the      2013.                                           equipped with video screens.                    there before the First Four starts.”

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