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									                            Taft Robotics Timeline

3500 BC   Greek Mythology Hephaestus and Pygmalion(living mechanical bird).
1400BC    Babylonians develop a water clock called clepsydra.
 420BC    Archytas of Tarentum constructs wooden steam pigeon.
 200BC    Chinese artisan develop automata ( orchestra ).
725 AD    Chinese engineer and monk build first true mechanical clock.
1495 AD   Divinci built first humanoid robot ( the armored knight ).
1525 AD   First android report to have been built by Hans Bullmann ( female lute
1725 AD   The word android is coined by German philosopher and alchemist
          Albertus Magnus.
1738 AD   Jacques Vauscanson builds three automata one that plays the flute, the
          second played the flute and drum, and the duck digested food.
1773 AD   Pierre Jacquet- Droz creates first automata that can write.

1801 AD   Joseph Jacquard builds an automated loom that is controlled with punch
1818 AD   Mary Shelly writes Frankenstein.
1822 AD   Charles Babbage demonstrates his “ Difference Engine” considered to be
          the Father of Computers.
1890 AD   Nikolia Tesla creates the first remote controlled vehicles.
1898 AD   Nikolia Tesla built and demonstrates remote controlled robot boat.
1921 AD   The word robot is used in a play called R.U.R.( Rossum’s Universal
          Robots) written by Karel Capek.
1926 AD   Fritz Lang movie Metropolis is released (female robot Maria).
1936 AD   Alan Turing introduces concept of the Turing Machine (beginning of
          modern computing).
1940 AD   Isaac Asimov wrote a series of short stories about robots
1942 AD   Isaac Asimov creates the three laws of robotics
          1. a robot may not injure a human being, or , inaction allow a human being
          to come to harm.
          2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings as long as they
          do not conflict with the Fist Law.
          3. A robot must protect its own existence.
          0. A robot may not injure humanity or through inaction allow humanity to
          come to harm.
1950 AD   Alan Turing come up with the Turing Test to determine whether or not a
          machine can gain the power to think for it self.
1954 AD   George Devol and Joe Engleberger design the first programmable robot
1956 AD   George Devol and Joe Engleberger form the world’s first robotic
1956 AD   The term artificial Intelligence is coined.
1962 AD   The first industrial arm robot is created.
1968 AD   Stanley Kubrick makes Arthur Clark’s, 2001: A Space Odyssey.
1970 AD   Shakey the first mobile robot control built by SRI.
1970 AD   Stanford produces the Stanford Cart designed to be a line follower .
1976 AD   Robot arms are used on Viking 1 and Viking 2 space probes.
1977 AD   Star Wars is released by George Lucas introduced C-3PO and R2-D2.
1982 AD   Blade Runner is released by Ridley Scott base on Philip Dick book “Do
          Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”.
1989 AD   Genghis is unveiled by MIT Genghis is a walking robot.
1992 AD   Dr. John Adler comes up with concept of the CyberKnife a robot that
          images a patient.
1993 AD   Dante and eight legged walking robot is developed by Carnegie Melon
          University ( Mt Erebus Antarctica, broke when dropped 20 feet.)
1996 AD   RoboTuna designed by David Barrett of MIT.
1996 AD   Honda unveils P-2 a humanoid robot that can walk, climb stairs, and carry
          a load.
1997 AD   The first node of the International Space Station is placed into orbit.
1997 AD   Pathfinder Mission land on Mars. Robotic rover Sojourner take samples of
          Martian Soil and is still relaying information back to this date.
1998 AD   Furby is introduced to toy market by Tiger Electronics.
1988 AD   Lego creates Mindstorm robotic kits.
1988 AD   Campbell Aird received first robotic arm.
1999 AD   Sony build Aibo K9 for the next generation first robot for the consumer
2000 AD   Honda debut ASIMO next generation of its series of humanoid robots.
2001 AD   International Space Station Robot Arm is successfully launched into obit.
2005 AD   Cornell University claim they built the first self-replicating robot.
2005 AD   DARPA issues the GRAND CHALLENGE “create a completely
          autonomous robot to transverse the desert in ten hours
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