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					                                                      Make Gucci
                                                      your go-to for
                                                      easy glamour

                                                                        Read our
                                                                        guide to the
                                                                        art world
         Be inspired
         by our shoot

         this week’s
Gucci is here! Master easy elegance with the
urban-chic collection of preppy polo tops, slinky
jersey gowns. Then read our Art Class feature –                        We show you
from the names to drop to the fairs to visit, it’s                     how to get the
the ultimate guide to art now. Plus recharge your                      art girl look
tailoring portfolio with Stella McCartney’s sharp-
cut blazers and pants, versatile enough to be mixed
and matched to suit any occasion. And the perfect
finishing touch? Alexandre Birman’s wow heels
will add exotic glamour to every look.
                                most wanted

CALL of the
ALexAnDre BIrmAn’s sculptural
  shoes are modern masterpieces

               old, glamorous, exotic:
               Alexandre Birman’s
               handcrafted heels are
               causing a stir with footwear
    fanatics, and it’s easy to see why.
    Embodying the vibrant spirit of his
    native Brazil, Birman’s cruise ’11
    collection is a striking interplay of
    canvas, wood, braided trims and
    trademark python skins. Winner of
    the 2010 Vivian Infantino Award for
    Emerging Talent, Birman has already
    won the hearts of style-setters such
    as Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester. From
    sandals in glossy black to eye-catching
    orange, Alexandre Birman shoes spell
    future classic.
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                                                                    trend flash

              pick                                   mix
           Recharge your tailoring portfolio with
                    Stella McCartney’s sleek new collection
                      A seamless blend of feminine charm
                      and razor-sharp cuts, Stella McCartney’s
                      cruise line is your go-to for perennial
                      chic. From classic one-button blazers to
                      elegant wool-twill tuxedo jackets and
                      figure-flattering streamline pants, each
roll                  piece is versatile enough to be mixed and
Spi to                matched as you wish, available in a classic
   n                  palette of navy, black and taupe.
                      Can’t decide which pieces to pick?
                      Simply spin the wheel to create your
                      perfect Stella look.

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                                                     trend flash

  It’s hot, it’s glamorous
        and it’s here!
Gucci… with one word, a world
of glossy sophistication is imagined.
With Frida Giannini at the creative
helm, Gucci is all about elegant
femininity. Delving into the archives       More
for inspiration, she has transformed        styles
the traditional equestrian iconography     coming
into new, super-wearable designs.           soon!
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For cruise, preppy polo tops come          now4
in pop-bright colors and urban-chic
jumpsuits are cut from parachute silk
(a key fabric for SS11), while floor-
skimming Grecian gowns in slinky
jersey are worn with sky-high heels
and sleek clutches. There are rolled-
hem boyfriend jeans and python peep-
toe sandals too – all guaranteed to fast
track your wardrobe to easy elegance.
sHop tHe story4
                           photographs by DaviD Dunan

 Leather jacket + glamorous gown =
   the new way to do eveningwear

                                     Skirt by Oscar de la Renta;
                                  jacket by Burberry; sandals by
                                   Christian Louboutin, earrings
                                  by Oscar de la Renta; rings by
                                    Aurélie Bidermann, Erickson
                                        Beamon and Irit Design
Gown by Jason Wu; sandals by
 Christian Louboutin; earrings
  by Ileana Makri; necklace by
      Oscar de la Renta; rings
            by Dominic Jones
 Blouse by Antonio Berardi;
pants by Gucci; necklace by
 Rosantica; earrings by Yves
               Saint Laurent
 Jacket by Versus; blouse by See
      by Chloé; pants by Balmain;
sandals by Alexander McQueen;
 necklace by Oscar de la Renta;
   rings by Alexander McQueen
     and Maison Martin Margiela
Jacket by Burberry; blouse,
skirt and earrings by Oscar
de la Renta; necklace by
Irit Design; rings by Aurélie
Bidermann, Erickson Beamon
and Irit Design
Dress by Erdem; jacket by Rick
Owens; belt by Alaia; necklaces
 by Burberry and Kenneth Jay
  Lane; bracelets by Burberry
  and Bottega Veneta; rings by
         Alexander McQueen
  Jacket by Joseph; gown by Preen;
earrings by Oscar de la Renta; cuff
    by Burberry; ring by Tom Binns
     Dress by Lover; pants by
Joseph; shoes by Jimmy Choo;
      necklace by Irit Design;
      bracelets by Alexander
McQueen, Bottega Veneta and
 Burberry; rings by Alexander
                  Dress by Emilio Pucci; jacket by

                  Alexander McQueen; necklace by
                  Lee Angel; rings by Dominic Jones

Rock & Romance
the essential kit
Contrast pretty with tough to master
urban evening style

                              Motocross pants are
                              the sleekest way to
                              work the biker trend.
                              Soften the sharp cut
                              with a billowing blouse.

                                                           Step into buckle-
                                                           embellished boots
                                                           and for an extra shot
                                                           of urban attitude.

Nothing says romance
like a tumbling chiffon
dress. Toughen yours
with a leather jacket
for rock’n’roll finish.
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The names to drop, the fairs to visit; everything
you need to know about the art world now
In the Frame
Take fashion cues from four of the art world’s most stylish dressers
                                                                                                         The ColleCTor:
                                                                                                         China Chow
                                                                                                         For actress and model China
                                                                                                         Chow, collecting art is in the
                                                                                                         blood. her art connoisseur
                                                                                                         father ‘Mr’ Michael Chow’s
                                                                                                         restaurant was a mecca for
                                                                                                         artists like andy Warhol and
                  The GallerisT:                                                                         Keith haring in the ’80s, and
                  Dasha Zhukova                                                                          China even doodled with
                  art collector, museum                                                                  family friend Jean-Michel
                  founder, fashion designer and                                                          Basquiat as a child.
                  mother at 29. There’s nothing
                  Dasha can’t do. she founded
                  Moscow’s Garage Center for
                  Contemporary Culture in 2008.
                  russia’s equivalent to the Tate,
                  it shows art from David lynch
                  and Damien hirst.

                                                                        The ColleCTors To KnoW
                                                                        Reed Krakoff new York
                                                                        designer who collects classic art.
                                                                        Ydessa Hendeles Canada’s
                               The GallerisTs To KnoW                   biggest and best collector.
                               Iwona Blaswick of Whitechapel Gallery.   Eugenio Lopez Alonso
                                                                        nicknamed the Mexican Medici,
                               Victor Pinchuk of Ukrain’s Pinchuk art   he has over 2000 works of latin
                               Centre.                                  american art.
                               Alison M Gingeras at the Guggenheim.     Valeria Napoleone italian
                               Massimiliano Gioni of Milan’s nicola     collector who champions female
                               Trussardi Foundation                     artists.
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                                                                                The arTisT:
                                                                                saM Taylor wooD
                                                                                always immaculately dressed, sam
                                                                                Taylor Wood is a photographic
                                                                                and video artist who has turned
                                                                                our obsession with celebrity into
                                                                                poignant emotion – David Beckham
                                                                                and robert Downey Jr star in past
                                                                                works. Taylor Wood made headlines
                                                                                with her brilliant feature film debut
                                                                                Nowhere Boy last year.

                                                                                                                                              The exhiBiTionisT:
                                                                                                                                              shala Monroque
                                                                                                                                              st lucia-born shala Monroque is the
                                                                                                                                              most fashionable woman in art. Pop
                                                                                                                                              magazine’s editor-at-large and a keen
                                                                                                                                              blogger, she’s a regular on the gallery
                                                                                                                                              circuit. The 31-year-old used to date
                                                                                                                                              larry Gagosian, turning her into art
                                                                                                                                              world royalty.

                                                                                                          The exhiBiTionisTs
                                                                                                          To KnoW
iMaGes: GeTTY iMaGes, rex FeaTUres

                                                                                                          Jasmine Guinness The
                                     The arTisTs To KnoW                                                  model is hot on the art trail.
                                     terence Koh nYC artist who                                           Olympia Scarry artist, it
                                     makes everyday style a work of art.                                  girl and friend of Dasha Zhukova
                                     Francesco Vezzoli italian artist                                     Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld
                                     with a love of celebrity.                                            The son of French Vogue editor
                                     Chiho Aoshima surrealist painter                                     Carine runs his own art space.
                                     who collaborated with issey Miyake.                                  Hope Atherton
                                     Julie Verhoeven British artist                                       new York artist and one of
                                     and ex-fashion designer.                                             Vanity Fair’s best dressed women.
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 The exhIbITIons
                                                                                                                                 ART CLASS

                                                                                                 what to wear:
 From manga-inspired prints to op art paintings, we spotlight                                    Gallery Girl
 the latest must-see exhibitions from around the globe                                           Channel downtown chic with
                                                                                                 softly tailored separates
                            HAUNTED                                                              and neutral accessories.
                            Guggenheim Museum
                            Bilbao, Spain, until
                            March 13, 2011
                            With works by robert
                            rauschenberg, and
                            Gerhard richter,
                            Haunted examines
                            the ways in which
                            photographic imagery   CY TWOMBLY: CAMINO REAL Gagosian
                            is incorporated into   Gallery, Paris, until December 23, 2010
                            contemporary art.      art impresario larry Gagosian opened his
                                                   Parisian outpost last month. head there now
                                                   to check out a never-seen-before series of
                                                   abstract paintings by Cy Twombly.

                                                                     BRIDGET RILEY:
                                                                     PAINTINGS AND                       STYLE TIP
                                                                     RELATED WORK                        Pay attention
                                                                     National Gallery, London,           to detail: gold
                                                                     until May 22, 2011                  hardware and
                                                                     highlights of this show             textured trims
TRANS-COOL TOKYO Singapore Art                                       include two large-scale             are instantly hip.
Museum, Singapore, until February 13, 2011                           pieces that riley has
Don’t miss Yashitomo nara’s cult Pop art                             painted directly onto
paintings and Kohei nawa’s taxidermic deer                           the museum’s walls.
sculpture, which the artist has painstakingly
covered with thousands of crystals.

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                                                                                                                            ART CLASS

                    The auCTIon
                    guIDe                                                                                 r
                                                                                                         the ollover
                    Five facts you need to know                                                              d es i
                                                                                                                    gne r

                    by Cheyenne Westphal,                                                                     M
                    Chairman of Contemporary                                                                    O

1 4
                    art at sotheby’s europe

                                                                  art wish list
         Decide what category
         you’re interested in
         then look on auction

         house websites for
         their calendar. For
         up-to-date global info,                                     the grey Mondrian from
                                                                      the recent ysl auction


                  Do your research:
                                           High profile sales
                                           happen in the                or a black on gray
                  catalogues are
                  published 2-3 weeks
                                           evening and are
                                           glamorous affairs,
                                                                        rothko. i like the
                  ahead of an auction;     so be sure to              ambiguity of gray – is it
                  and the exhibition       dress up.
                                                                         light dimming or

3 5
                  opens 5-7 days before.
                                                                         darkness fading?
                                                                                            riCK oWens
         If it’s your first                 an invoice is sent
         time, bid in person –              out the day after
         you’ll have a better               the auction with

                                                                                                                                        iMaGes: GeTTY iMaGes
         sense of what’s                    30 days to pay.
         happening if
         you’re there.

PSST… Auction catalogues make for beautiful coffee-table books. Phillips de Pury & Company’s glossy
tomes include artist interviews and can be ordered via an annual subscription at
                                                                                                                                     ART CLASS

WhaT To buY noW
artists to invest in, recommended                                                          the collaborators
by art Consultant adam gahlin
                                                                                                            POLLY BORLAND
                      MARCIN                                         DAMIáN ORTEGA                          AND BELLA FREUD
                      MACIEjOWSKI                                    Mexican artist                         australian photographer Polly
                      Polish painter                                 whose sculptural                       Borland is famed for her candid
                      represented by                                 works range from                       portraits. she teamed up with
                      Meyer Kainer                                   £20,000 – £160,000.                    Bella Freud to shoot her
                      in Vienna and                                  he’s represented by                    fall ’10 campaign.
                      Thaddaeus ropac                                the White Cube
                      in Paris and                                   in london and
                      salzburg; paintings                            Kurimanzutto
                      sell for £10,000                               Gallery in Mexico.
                      – £50,000.

                                                                                                BRUCE WEBER
                                   GERT AND UWE TOBIAS                                          AND CHRISTOPHER KANE
                                   romanian brothers who work together                          Christopher Kane revisited
                                   on woodcuts and sculptures, which range                      legendary photographer Bruce
                                   from £2,000 – £19,000. They’ve been                          Weber’s archives to produce
                                   picked up by Maureen Paley in london.                        super cool T-shirts.

                                                                                                       LINDER STERLING AND RICHARD
          naMe to know:                                                                                NICOLL
                                                                                                       linder sterling emerged from the Manchester
          Fru tholstrup                                                                                punk scene as a feminist photographer and
                                                                                                       artist. richard nicoll used one of her graphic
         The art advisor you need on speed dial, Fru is a director                                     face prints emblazoned across T-shirts and
         at haunch of Venison in london and has been collecting                                        dresses in his fall collection.
         contemporary works for the past 15 years.
rIsIng sTars
                                                                                                   ART CLASS

                                                                              what to wear:
     The hottest new names to know                                            openinG niGht
     CYPRIEN GAILLARD                                                         Make an entrance in sequins
     Parisian Cyprien Gaillard’s fascination                                  teamed with tough accessories.
     with history, architecture and decay,
     has garnered him serious admiration
     and France’s top art award this
     october, the Prix Marcel Duchamp.
                                                                           STYLE TIP
     POLLY MORGAN                                                          offset an elegant
     30-year-old english rose                                              dress with a leather
     Polly Morgan has turned                                               jacket and sculptural
     the old-fashioned art of                                              wedges.
     taxidermy into something
     new and collectable –
     gaining fans like
     Kate Moss and Damien
     hirst along the way.

                                               RALLOU PANAGIOTOU
                                               rallou Panagiotou is one
                                               of Greece’s hottest new
                                               talents, with her dark
                                               of minimalist sculpture.

                                               ROSSON CROW
                                               Based between nYC
                                               and la, Texan Crow
                                               creates sell-out shows of
                                               giant canvases showing
                                               decadent interiors.

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                                                                                                                                                                   ART CLASS

                                                                                                                 the art
                                   la: the new                                                                                                             CuBISM:
                                   scene                                                 ABStRACt
                                                                                                                                                  Pioneered by Pablo Picasso
                                                                                                                                                     and Georges Braque,
                                   all art eyes are looking to la. The city’s        ExPRESSIONISM:                                                Cubism involved reducing
                                   art market is booming and celebrities            Developed by american                                             objects to abstract
                                   from James Franco to Brad Pitt are                 painters in the 1940s                                           geometric outlines,
                                   lining up for gallery openings as if they       including Jackson Pollock,                                      revolutionizing european
                                                                                    Willem de Kooning and               SuRREALISM:                  painting and sculpture
                                   were film premieres. Even New York’s                                             a cultural movement that
                                                                                    Mark rothko. They were                                               in the process.
                                   art world is heading West. Big dealer          interested in spontaneous        began in 1920s Paris, when
                                   Jeffrey Deitch gave up his private gallery     or subconscious creation.         artists, poets and authors
                                   in nYC to become the director of                                                  became fascinated with
                                   la’s Museum of Contemporary art.                                                the subconscious. salvador
                                   Check out local artists ed ruscha, John                                             Dali, rené Magritte
                                   Baldessari and Mike Kelley, all packing                                             and Max ernst were
                                   in crowds on the international                                                          all innovators.
                                   exhibition circuit.
                                                                                                                                                       StREEt ARt:
                                                                                       POP ARt:                                                   originating from new York
                                                   the la                         Characterised in Britain                                         graffiti, today street art is
                                                                                                                                                  a worldwide phenomenon
                                                   it Girl                        and america by themes
                                                                                                                                                  with artists such as Banksy
iMaGes: Jeana sohn; rex FeaTUres

                                                                                   from popular culture              YOuNG BRItISH
                                                  Gallery owner and              such as advertising, comic                                          producing stencil art
                                                                                                                     ARtIStS (YBAS):                and large-scale murals.
                                                  la native heather              books and music from the             in the late 1980s and
                                                                                 ’50s and ’60s. Key players                                         Urban art is its saleable
                                                  Taylor launched                                                  ’90s, a group visual artists              equivalent.
                                                  her contemporary              included Peter Blake, David         including Damien hirst,
                                                                                 hockney, roy lichenstein            sarah lucas and Tracey
                                                  Culver City art
                                                                                     and andy Warhol.                emin started exhibiting
                                                  space Taylor De
                                                  Cordoba in 2006,                                                   together, shocking the
                                                  focusing on young                                               British art scene with their
                                                  emerging artists.                                                 provocative installations.
                                                       arT basel mIamI:                                                                                           ART CLASS

                                                       The ulTImaTe arT FaIr
                                                       Every December art aficionados, style setters and sun worshippers
                                                       head to art Basel Miami Beach for cool contemporary exhibitions and
                                                       fabulously fashionable parties. This year’s highlights include rosemarie
                                                       Trockel’s installations and antony Gormley’s supersized sculptures.            Get planninG...
                                                                                STAR SPOTTING              HOT TICKETS:
                                                                                                                                      essential art
                                                                                                                                      dates 2011
                                                                                expect to see the          Make sure you’re on
                                                                                likes of DJ and model      the guest list for the
                                                                                leigh lezark, r&B          Visionaire Fairytale
                                                                                star Beyonce and           Party, and Vogue’s latin
                                                                                designer Tory Burch.       america brunch for
                                                                                                                                       ART HONG KONG
                                                                                                           enrique norten.
                                                                                HOT HOTEL:                                             26-29 May
                                                                                SOHO HOUSE,
                                                                                MIAMI BEACH                CONFIDENTIAL
                                                                                                                                       BIENNALE, VENICE
                                                                                Beach chic meets           The fashion definitely
                                                                                                           competes with the           June 4-November 27
                                                                                vintage glamour
                                                                                                           art here. Don’t leave
                                                                                at this exclusive
                                                                                ocean-front hotel.         home without a
                                                                                                                                       ART BASEL, SWITZERLAND
                                                                                                           draped dress and
iMaGes: GeTTY iMaGes, CoUrTesY MCh sWiss

                                                                                                           Lanvin flats for            June 15-19
                                                                                                           day, plus statement
                                                                                                           sandals for after
                                                                                                                                       FRIEZE, LONDON
                                                                                                                                       14-17 October
                                                                                                                                       HYERES FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE
exhiBiTion (Basel) lTD

                                                                                                                                       MODE & DE PHOTOGRAPHIE, FRANCE
                                                                                                                                       25-27 April
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