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									Joining Wikispaces

Go to _ HYPERLINK ""

Complete the “Join Now! section

a. Put in username
b. Select a password that you will remember
c. Put in contact email
d. For space name (optional): because you are joining our wiki please
type in the following -
Select the Join button

You are done -now you just need to waif for an email from the
organizer giving you permission to join.

Creating/Editing Pages

To create a new page, click on the link called New Page
which is located on the left side under the Action tab.
You can create as many pages as you like just do
one at a time.

Once your page is created put in a name for
the new page- I created our sample “test1”

Then press the Create button

When the new page is created you can
type over or delete the words called: type in the
content of your new page here

Type in your information and make sure to
select the Save button because it will save your
new page and it will look like this once it has been created.
Adding Links

Click the Edit this Page link in the right hand corner.

Type in the text you want linked, or if you already have it
typed in highlight the text (Do this by placing the cursor
next to where you want to highlight, click the right mouse
button and drag the mouse).

In the taskbar, click the first button This will bring up a box
You can add two types of links to the wiki:
Internal or External.

Internal-This are links that are within the wiki
(ways you link to other pages)

The text you highlighted will appear in the page name box.
For example if I wanted to link the word campus, the pop box

The green arrow means there already is a campus link
on the website.
If the green arrow was replaced
It means this page is not yet created on the site.

Click OK.

External-These are links that are outside the wiki.

Click the circle next to External Link.

Type in you web address (Note: You do not need to type
in the http: because it is already typed in.

If you wanted to link to,
If you want to type in an email address you will have to click
the down arrow next to http: and scroll down to email.

Click OK. The text is now linked to Yahoo.
Adding photos to the site:

You don't have to add your photos using a website.
If you have photos saved to your computer you can
use them too.

Click on the button in the task bar that looks like a tree
This will bring up a pop box

You can either add a picture already in the list
by going through the pages or by clicking the letter
the file names begins with (If file name is
IUN picture you would click the letter I).

If the photo you want to add is new to the site,
click Browse under Upload New File.
This will bring up a pop up box.There you will chose
the place where your picture is located. The pop box

Click on the file you want to add to the site.
Click open. Your file will now appear in the box next to
the word Browse.

Click Upload. Your file will now appear with the other photos.

Click the spot where you want to add your picture
(Note: If you don't do this the picture will
automatically load to the top of the page)

Double Click the thumbnail of the picture you
want to add. Your picture will be added the site..

Managing Pages

This allows you to print, lock and unlock, delete, rename
and redirect the pages in the wiki. To do all these
tasks you must first:
Click Manage Space on the left part of the page.

Under Space Contents, click List Pages. This will bring up
a list of all the pages. It will look something like this:
As you can see all the tasks will be completed by clicking
the links in the Action column.
Printing Pages
Click Print. A page will come up with all the contents
on the page. Print the page as you would normally print
an item on your computer.
Locking and Unlocking Pages

As you can see the last four pages are locked because
it says Locked in the Locked column. The first three pages
are not locked. Choose the page you want to be locked, under
the actions column, click lock. The page will now be locked.

If you want to unlock the page, click unlock.

Deleting Pages
Click delete.
It tells you what other pages this page is referenced to.
Click Delete to delete the page or Cancel to not delete
the page.

Renaming Pages
Click Rename.
Type in what you want to rename the page.
Click Rename or Cancel to complete the steps.
Redirecting Pages
The Space text field denotes the wiki which contains
the page you will be redirecting to. The wiki is entered by
default. If you wish to redirect to another site,
enter the name here.
Enter the name of the page you wish to redirect to
in the Page Name text field (This is the page name,
NOT the url).
Click Redirect or Cancel.

Deleting Messages
In case a message pops up on the board that is not
suitable for the website it can be deleted. However
it can only be deleted by the organizers of the wiki
Click on the message or topic you want to delete:

Click delete. You will see a pop up box like this:
Click OK or cancel. The message is now deleted from the board

Editing Tables

Tables help organize the contents on the site.
In this box you can choose the number of columns
and rows you want your table to be. When you are
done typing in the amounts click Insert Table or Cancel.

It has light gray lines around the boxes. You can see it
2 columns by 2 rows.

Click the cursor in one of the boxes and begin typing your
information. You can edit your text by using the task bar.
Notice when you click on any box this icon shows up This box
is to further format your table or f you think you need to add
an extra row or column or need to remove rows or columns.

If you click This Cell you can: Change alignment, merge text
or make a header
If you click on Row you can: Change alignment, add row,
delete row, or make a header
If you click on Column you can: Change alignment, add column,
delete column, or make a header
If you click on Table you can: Change Alignment or delete
the table.

Note: For this cell, row or column you will only change
the information for the row or column you are clicked in,
for table you make changes to the entire table.

When you are done typing in your information click
Save in the task bar.

How to post a message

1. Click on the discussion tab at the top of the page.
(Note: This is one of the only times where you CANNOT
just click the edit button. Your information will not go
into the message board).
You will see a screen.

2. In the subject area, type your subject.
3. Type your message in the Message area.
If you wish to format your text
(make it bold, italic, change the font size),
click on help on how to format text.
Follow the instructions to format your text.

4. Click Post. You will then be able to see
your message on the memories page.

Look and Feel of the Wiki :

You have the option of changing/editing
the appearance and feel of the wiki.
You can change the colors, layout, and you
can add your own logos or remove the ads.

Under the Action section click on Manage Space
Under the section Space Settings, click on Look and Feel
You will see several options:
Theme, Colors, Wiki Stylesheet, Logo and Ads.

Works done by:
1- Nada saif nasser ALnofali........200600091
2- ainas saleem .................................200600008
3- wafa salim.......................................200600518
4- habiba musalam.............................200600163

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