; Mediation Agreement - Harley Mediation Mediation
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Mediation Agreement - Harley Mediation Mediation


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									                   HARLEY ASSOCIATES, Inc.
                       718 965 1804 917 833 7360
                           Mediation Agreement

       The undersigned attorneys, on behalf of themselves and their clients
agree to engage Robert Harley (the “Mediator”) to act as a mediator to assist in
attempting to reach a settlement agreement in the case of
They acknowledge that the Mediator is being similarly engaged by all attorneys
and parties in this case, adverse or otherwise.
       They acknowledge that the Mediator owes neither a duty nor a
responsibility to them, nor to any attorney or party in this mediation other than
appearing and talking to the parties. They understand that the Mediator neither
represents them, their client(s) nor any other attorney or party, but will serve as
an impartial mediator. They agree that under no circumstances will they accept
any statement or action by the Mediator as the rendering of legal information,
advice or services to them, or to any other person. They acknowledge that the
Mediator’s participation as a mediator does not in any way constitute the practice
of law by the Mediator.
       They acknowledge that they have read the annexed fee schedule and
acknowledge their responsibility to pay whatever fees are incurred pursuant to
that schedule. They understand that the fees are due and payable whether or
not the mediation is successful. They understand that if the fees due in advance
are not paid that the mediation will not go forward and that any expenses that
may have been incurred in scheduling the session will be their responsibility to
       The parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of the mediation and shall
not rely on, nor introduce as evidence in any court, arbitration, or other
       a. Views expressed or suggestions made by another party or the
           Mediator with respect to a possible settlement of the dispute or any
           other aspect of the controversy;
       b. Any purported admissions made by any attorney or party in the course
           of the mediation proceedings;
       c. Proposals made or views expressed by the Mediator;
       d. The fact that another party had or had not indicated willingness to
           accept a proposal for settlement made by the Mediator, or by anyone

      ________________________                   _______________________
      Attorney for Plaintiff(s)                   Attorney for Defendant(s)

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