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					Neo 2 by AlphaSmart
The simple, portable, low cost computer companion.
Neo 2 is the newest Neo from AlphaSmart! It includes all the features that set
the award-winning Neo apart from other writing and keyboarding tools plus a
whole lot more.
Introduce Neo to your students and increase their learning potential. Whether you need more
computers for your classroom or a rugged alternative to a laptop, Neo provides the smartest solution
to meet your needs. Neo is the easy to use, lightweight, affordable learning device with built-in
LCD screen and a full-size keyboard. Its extraordinary battery life, combined with a 50% larger
screen and twice as much memory as its predecessor, makes Neo the ideal solution for maximizing
classroom computer resources.
Neo offers a wide range of classroom-friendly capabilities including:
        • An easy-to-read display—50% larger than the AlphaSmart 3000—
            and support for displaying from two to six lines of text onscreen in
            AlphaWord Plus
        • Instant on/off and autosave to eliminate startup delays and
            accidental data loss ensure students spend more time writing and
            less time distracted by the complexities of a computer.
        • AlphaWord Plus, an enhanced word processor that includes spell check, thesaurus, word
            and page count tools, Spanish-English word lookup, and more
        • Easy transfer of text to any Macintosh or Windows computer with a single keystroke
        • Built-in IrDA port for direct printing and sending to infrared-enabled devices
        • Superior battery life—more than 700 hours of use from three standard AA alkaline
            batteries, or 200 hours on a charge—for extra cost savings and convenience • 3-year
            warranty (see for complete warranty information)
Students can take this lightweight and rugged learning tool anywhere -
the classroom, home, or even on field trips—to write stories, take notes, brainstorm, journal, and
more. With 700 hours or more of operation on 3 AA alkaline batteries, Neo can go anywhere and
run up to a full school year.
The Neo 2 includes:
   • NEW Responder SmartApplet for instant wireless classroom response to teacher questions
   • NEW Wireless Printing so students print documents without leaving their desks
   • NEW 2Know! Toolbar for graphing on-the-fly student responses (Optional; included with
      the Renaissance Receiver Kit or Neo 2 SmartOption Mobile Lab; runs on teacher’s
   • NEW AccelTest Integration for access to 8,000 content items (Optional; included with the
      Neo 2 SmartOption Mobile Lab; runs on teacher’s computer)
   • AlphaWord Plus SmartApplet – this feature-rich word processor helps students write, edit
      and store hundreds of pages of text, and retrieve them again just as easily
   • AlphaQuiz SmartApplet – an integrated classroom quiz solution to help teachers quickly
      assess student performance. Includes quiz design, delivery, automated grading, reporting,
      and analysis.
   • KeyWords SmartApplet – keyboarding and typing tutor provides language-based lessons,
      including key instruction, accuracy builders and speed builders
          83 Cornwall Street, Dianella WA 6059; Phone: (08) 9375 8810; Email:
                                            A.B.N. 13 940 383 861
   •   Beamer SmartApplet – allows Neo 2 (and Neo) users to exchange text files with each other,
       with Dana Wireless devices and with other Palm OS devices
   •   Write-On! – onboard writing tutor includes over 387 writing lessons to help students break
       through the “blank-page syndrome” that often intimidates students at the beginning of a
   •   Calculator with 5 functions for assisting students in their math assignments if desired
   •   3-Year warranty for protection that is unequaled in the laptop business.
Each Neo 2 package comes supplied with Neo 2 User Manual, SmartApplet Quick Guide ,
Documentation CD-ROM, 3 AA batteries (or rechargeable batteries with AC Adaptor for
rechargeable units).
More than just mobile
Neo’s enhanced display and new font technology allow you to display up to twice as much text as
its predecessor. Neo enables students to see more of their work on screen without scrolling. You can
configure AlphaWord™ Plus, Neo’s built-in word processor, to display from two to six lines of
text. Use a larger font for younger students, or add more lines of text per screen for enhancing the
writing and editing process for more advanced writers. Students can save hundreds of pages of text
while still having extra room for SmartApplets®— software programs for extending Neo’s
versatility in the classroom. To fine-tune writing skills, students can use AlphaWord Plus to spell
check, reference the thesaurus, perform word or paragraph counts, or look up Spanish-English word
Affordable and expandable
Neo offers a remarkably low total cost of ownership compared with other computer technology.
You can provide one-to-one computing solutions to an entire classroom at a fraction of the cost of
laptops. Plus, Neo’s SmartApplet architecture allows you to easily add new functionality—
keyboarding instruction, classroom quizzing, and outlining—so you can get more from your Neo
Cost Savings with Neo
Neo offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership because, in addition to its exceptional purchase price
value, it includes a three-year warranty and toll-free technical support. Neo’s extraordinary battery
life and rugged design, along with its ultimate simplicity of operation, make its life-cycle costs for
support and training the lowest possible.
Neo comes standard with AlphaWord Plus, a feature rich word processor that provides:
   • Eight active file spaces for one key file access
   • Named files (in addition to eight files) for convenient file management
   • Spell Check and Thesaurus
   • User dictionary for adding additional words and terms
   • Linked files for rubrics, homework instructions, or reference materials
   • Find/replace and word count
   • Spanish-English word lookup
   • Built-in help system for quick access to commands
Neo Products Include:
- One USB cable
- One Neo User’s Guide
- 3 AA batteries or rechargeable battery pack (as appropriate)
- AlphaSmart Manager Software

           83 Cornwall Street, Dianella WA 6059; Phone: (08) 9375 8810; Email:
                                             A.B.N. 13 940 383 861