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					Registration Form for the 2011 IB Mathematics Preparation Course

   1. Before printing, type in details and / or select options in the grey boxes to fill
      in the form.
    2.   Print completed form along with signed terms and conditions form (below). Return
         both by post with payment. If paying by bank transfer, a copy of the bank receipt
         must be attached to the application form.

Please note the grey boxes will expand to accommodate your typing.


student first name
last name / family name
gender                                      please select
date of birth
present school
type of school                              please select
student email address


name of parent / guardian
postal address
full telephone number (as from UK)
parent / guardian email address
willing to communicate by email?     please select
emergency contact number during course, in case of emergency
how did you hear about the course?


Course 1 - 21 August to 23 August 2011
Course 2 - 24 August to 26 August 2011

course required                                                       please select
level to which you have currently studied Mathematics
predicted/actual grade(s)
level of Mathematics that you will be taking for the Diploma          please select
school at which you will be studying the IB Diploma


Please select                       please select

Please complete only if requiring boarding accommodation:

Type of accommodation required (if available) please select

If shared, please give names of any friends of the same gender you wish to share with


We want to make your Maths preparation course as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Please
help us by answering the following questions:

Do you suffer from any physical disabilities / illnesses / allergies? please select
If yes, please give details

Do you have any special dietary needs (eg vegetarian, food allergies)? please select
If yes, please give details


How do you intend to pay? please select

Personal cheques should be made payable to ‘Sevenoaks School’ and sent to:
                           Nigel Haworth, Course Director
                           IB Mathematics Preparation Course
                           Sevenoaks School
                           High Street
                           Kent TN13 1HU

Bank transfer (copy of bank receipt required) to:
                               IBAN: GB30NWBK60190225848070
                               BIC: NWBKGB2LXXX
                               NatWest Bank
                               67 High Street
                               Kent TN13 1LA
                               Sort code: 60-19-02
                               Account no: 25848070
                               Reference: Mathematics Preparation Course
Please be sure to include the reference ‘Mathematics Preparation Course’ AND, IN UPPER CASE
LETTERS, THE NAME OF THE STUDENT when sending payment.

It is recommended that students are fully insured for medical treatment and loss or damage to
their personal property while they are completing a preperation course. It is also advisable to
insure against late cancellation, in case of illness for example.

Reminder of fees for one course
Boarding                                  £550
Day                                       £390

Last date for payment:                    Monday 1 August 2011

Terms and conditions
Terms and conditions of admission to and participation on the courses are detailed below. The
form must be printed, signed and returned to the course director with a hard copy of the
completed application form and fees payment. You are asked to commit to these terms and
conditions before the course starts.



Student’s full name:                                    Course One/Course Two
                                                        Please delete as applicable


Students must agree to behave in a responsible manner, and to abide by the following rules.
Students must:

·   Attend all classes for which they have enrolled and paid, and arrive punctually for the start
    and re-start of each class.
·   If boarding, sign in each night (including on the day of arrival) by 23.00 and remain in the
    boarding house.
·   Not bring or consume alcohol on school premises, nor in the view of supervising boarding
    staff be suffering from the effects of alcohol consumed on or off the school premises, nor
    use any illegal substances during the course.
·   Comply with the day-to-day rules of the course from time to time necessarily imposed by
    the Course Director.
·   Not smoke in any school buildings, or outside, except in restricted designated areas.

Parents or guardians are fully liable for any damage, loss or injury to persons or property,
however caused, by students.

Sevenoaks School reserves the right to ask any student to withdraw from the course and leave
the premises for behaviour which, in the view of the Course Director, does, or is likely to,
prejudice the safety and smooth running of the course. In the rare event of a student being
asked to withdraw and leave, no refund of fees will be made. Parents or guardians will be
informed, and students expected immediately to return home at their own expense in terms of
travel and accommodation costs.

Sevenoaks School will not be liable for any loss or damage to personal property or injuries to
persons, however caused, except when such liability is expressly imposed by statute and
cannot by law be excluded.

Students will be responsible for their own medical insurance cover and are urged to take out
insurance which fully covers them for damage or loss of their personal belongings for the
entire duration of the course, including fees in the event of cancellation after the final payment

In the event of cancellation by the applicant or parent/guardian before 2 July 2011, £100 of each
course fee is non-refundable. After this date, once payment of fees has been received by
Sevenoaks School and the student accepted on the course, fees are non-refundable.

The parent and student signing this document thereby agree to the terms and conditions
above, and to indemnify and to hold harmless Sevenoaks School and its agents, staff, officers
and representatives against any failure by them to comply with these conditions and any rules
reasonably imposed by the above in connection with the operation of the course.

I/We* agree for medical treatment to be given to my/our* son/daughter* if required and
recommended by a qualified medical practitioner.

I/We* have read and accept the terms and conditions above.
* Delete as appropriate

--------------------------------------------        ---------------------------------------------------------
Student signature                                   Parent signature (mandatory)                      Date

If student is not available, the school will ask for a signature on the first day of the course. The signature
of a parent and return of this terms and conditions form are mandatory to secure a place on the course.