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									       October 24,

                                      The Script

                                                         A Publication of the Communication Technology

Students deliver for Hurricane Rita victims
By Jordan Frey                                                                                                  region so that families could                                                                                                 have temporary housing,”
                                                                                                                Antonik said. “I got permis-
   Students in the Transporta-                                                                                  sion from the college to have
tion Technology, along with                                                                                     a couple student volunteers
Commercial Transportation                                                                                       help deliver the trailers.”
Instructional Coordinator Chris
Antonik, delivered two camper                                                                                      Delivering the trailers
trailers to victims of Hurricane                                                                                doubled as a project for
Katrina as part of their                                                                                        Fluery-Charles and Lloyd.
capstone project.
                                                                                                                   They calculated the dis-
    Patrick Fluery-Charles and                                                                                  tance from Georgetown, Del.
James Lloyd, both transporta-                                                                                   to Marshall, Texas, planned
tion students, volunteered to                                                                                   the route and had to adhere
drive Delaware Tech’s 45-foot                                                                                   to all state and federal
long flatbed tractor trailer over                                                             Photo submitted   transportation regulations
                                  Students of the Transportation Technology lend a helping hand to victims of
2,700 miles to Marshall, Texas, Hurricane Katrina by delivering camper trailers to Texas.                       while making the journey.
where they delivered the
camper trailers to a mission                                                                                        The students and Antonik
camp offering shelter to          what he could do to help. After Patty Pollatos Fund, Inc.                     left for Texas on Wednesday,
displaced families.               contacting many relief agen-                                                  Sept. 21, where the trailers
                                  cies to determine if they were               “The fund was working on         were loaded by the Patty Pol-
   Antonik said after Hurricane in need of transportation ser-            the donation of camper                latos Fund in Frederick, Md.
Katrina, he felt he had to see    vices, he was directed to the           trailers to be shipped to that        Continued on page 2

 In This Issue:                       To withdraw or not to withdraw...
 ◊   Student Senate………….p.2           By Colleen D’Ambrosio             to just stop showing up                 financial aid specialist, said
 ◊   Meet Tom Butterly……pg.4                 rather than officially with-            that there is no
                                                                        drawing. Doing this, how-               predetermined number of
 ◊   Ballet ensemble...…         Oct. 31 isn’t just the day for ever, greatly affects students’         classes students may miss.
 ◊   Coping with stress…….pg.5        trick or treating, or ghosts and eligibility for financial aid
                                      ghouls, but it’s also the last    awards.                                     Rakes said that near the
 ◊   Art show………..……… 5          day to officially withdraw from                                           end of October instructors
 ◊   Tutors………….………          classes at Delaware Tech.             Because the federal                 will report students who have
                                                                        government requires colleges            stopped showing up. Rakes
 ◊   ESL program………..….pg. 6              Students have lots of         to keep accurate attendance             said the financial aid office
            Editor:                   reasons to withdraw from          records of its students, in-            recommends instructors con-
                                      classes. Some may decide          structors must turn in                  tact the students because
       Jessica M. Farley              they are no longer succeeding attendance reports to the                   sometimes it is something
           Reporters:                 in the course, or they may        financial aid office several            the student can’t control, like
  Colleen D’Ambrosio, Jordan          decide to change programs.        times a semester.                       an accident or illness.
   Frey, June Rose Futcher,
   Holly White, Ben Wodiska              But some students decide             Melissa Rakes, senior                Continued on page 2
October 24, 2005                                                                                                                                     Page 2

Recycling program denied; ATM and Wi-Fi proposals considered
By: Holly White                                                                                                                Jay Soto, student body presi-                                                                                                           dent, said, “I recycle at my
                                                                                                                           house, and I was looking for-
   Owens Campus students Jay                                                                                               ward to it. I’m disappointed that
Soto and June Rose Futcher                                                                                                 they didn’t give the students a
were introduced and congratu-                                                                                              chance. I still think it could
lated as the 2005 Student Body                                                                                             work, and I’m sure other people
President and Vice President                                                                                               feel the same.”
during the Student Senate
meeting on Wednesday, Oct.                                                                                                    Participants at the meeting
12.                                                                                                                        also discussed the possibility of
                                                                                                                           installing an ATM machine near
    Chad Wheatley, student ac-                                                                                             the bookstore and wireless
tivities coordinator, said Jay                                                                                             internet in the dinning hall.
Soto, president, and June Rose                                                                         Photo by H. White
Futcher, vice president, will hold From left : Student Body President Jay Soto, Student Activities Coordinator Chad           Lastly, the membership
                                      Wheatley, and Student Body Vice President June Rose Futcher.                         status of a proposed Muslim
office hours for any students
who want to meet or talk with                                                                                              Student Association was
them in Room 964 next in the         run system for recycling on the said, “was because, in the past,                      discussed. The club has been
Student Services Center.             campus. The program                         students forgot or did not have           granted temporary status until it
                                     proposed that bins be placed                time to empty the recycling               can be approved by the Student
     In addition, after meeting      near the bookstore, dining hall, cans, causing them to over-                          Senate, Student Activities
with Linford P. Faucett, III, direc- and the dinning area in the                 flow.”                                    Executive Board and
tor of administrative                William A. Carter Partnership                                                         Administrative Council.
services, Wheatley said a            Center. These bins would need                  “It’s not the school’s
recycling program for the Owens to be emptied every week by                      responsibility to empty the bins,            The next Student Senate
Campus was denied.                   volunteer students.                         it’s the students, and they have          meeting will be held on
                                                                                 busy schedules,” Wheatley                 Wednesday, Nov. 9, in Room
    The recycling program would         “One reason for the                      added.                                    977 in the Student Services
have had established a student program’s denial,” Wheatley                                                                 Center.

Transportation students deliver trailers to victims
Continued from page 1                     Antonik said the 60-hour
                                       round-trip journey was
   After the trailers were             challenging both physically
loaded, each trailer was filled        and psychologically.
with bottled water, clothing,
food and other necessities.          The students drove most
                                  of the journey, while learning
   Antonik said, “Marshall,       practical skills such as driv-
Texas, is about 50 miles from ing in various conditions,
Shreveport, La. It’s far enough handling aggressive drivers
off the coast that it wasn’t in a and recording their driving
devastated area.”                 and rest time as mandated
                                  by law.
   They took the campers to a
Church of Christ mission              The students and Antonik
camp working to provide tem- arrived back in Georgetown
porary housing for families       around 1 a.m. on Saturday,
displaced by the hurricane.       Sept. 24.

   “They’re in the process of              “The students did a fine
putting about 30 camper                job,” Antonik said. “They are
trailers in place on the               to be commended for their                                                                        Photo submitted
campground. They now have              desire to do a good turn and Two camper trailers were loaded onto a 45-foot flatbed trailer by the Patty Pallatos
                                                                     Fund, Inc. in Frederick, Md.
about 20 trailers in place,”           their sense of adventure.”
Antonik said.
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Pumpkins fly and money lands for engineering scholarships
By JuneRose Futcher                                              faculty and students decided    with the Punkin Chunkin Asso-                   Civil engineering student,   to act on the growing need      ciation.
                                Jordan Dickerson, won            and went to work on a com-
   College students are         $1,000 from the 2004 com-        prehensive topographical           The world famous competi-
landing scholarship funds as petition. Students are required     survey of the “Punkin          tion attracts participation from
the pumpkins are catapulted to submit a detailed applica-        Chunkin” site and presented    all of North America. The
across a field in Sussex        tion stating their academic      it to the planning committee   competition presents many
County.                         and professional goals and a     of the competition.            engineering principles in the
                                faculty letter of reference in                                  mechanics of machines and
   Each year the Annual World order to be considered for the        Roach said the committee human power.
Champion Punkin Chunkin         scholarship.                     was so impressed with the
competition brings in $70,                                       presentation they were im-        Mechanical design and
000 of revenue, roughly 100       John Roach, P.E., civil        mediately willing to support   development, surveying and
machines and 20,000 people engineering instructor at the         Delaware Tech.                 physics- pressure, load and
to Sussex County, according to Owens Campus said the Engi-                                      distance are the fundamental
the Cape Gazette.               neering Department wanted           Engineering Department      concepts making the competi-
                                to increase student enroll-      Chair Dr. Doug Hicks asked     tion an engineering bonanza
   More than $10,000 of the ment in the engineering tech-        the committee for money. As for three days. The catapults
revenue generated is awarded nology.                             a result, Jordan Dickerson     and human machines shoot
to engineering and agricultural                                  continues his studies in civil and fling the popular holiday
students in area colleges and       “We thought providing        engineering and surveying at food near Lewes every year in
universities.                   scholarship funding to           the Owens Campus.              November.
                                students in need would be
   Delaware Tech’s Engineer- helpful,” he said.                     Roach thinks the relation-    This year’s event will be
ing Department is one of                                         ship is a great arrangement, held in Millsboro on Nov. 12.
them.                               In 2003 Delaware Tech        and they hope to do more

Students “beware”: Withdraw period ends on Halloween
Continued from page 1           class or classes would impact GPA,” Butterly said.                   withdrawing. Before it was
If a student stops going to     them based on the type of                                            like they were disappearing,
class and does not submit a     financial aid they have.             Jessica Farley, communica-      and it didn’t matter because
withdraw form at the Regis-                                       tion instructor, said that those   they thought they would get
trar’s Office, the student may     “We get a lot of inquiries     who did had stopped coming to      an R anyway,” Young said.
receive an unofficial withdraw  about how withdrawing would her classes did officially
grade, or U grade. A U grade    impact them. The student          Withdraw this semester.                If students wish to
is calculated into the stu-     starts to think about sticking it                                    withdraw from a class, they
dent’s GPA as an R grade        out and bringing up his or her       “It’s up to the student to      must get an official withdraw
would, but it indicates that thegrade,” Rakes said.               make that decision. I give         slip from the registrar's office
student stopped showing up                                        credit to the students who         and turn it in. Students do
rather than having finished        Instructors have noticed a realize they’re not doing well in      not have to have their
the course.                     decrease in the amount of         a class and does something         instructor’s signature.
                                unofficial withdraws since the about it,” Farley said.               Students who complete this
    Rakes said, “An official    policy went into effect about                                        process before the deadline
withdraw, or W grade, will not two years ago.                        Diana Young, English            on Oct. 31 will receive a W
affect GPAs. We will look at it                                   department chairperson, said       grade for the course on their
with your satisfactory pro-         Tom Butterly, economics       today more students officially     transcript, which will not
gress. However, we will look at instructor, said there have       withdraw because an unofficial     affect their GPA.
an unofficial withdraw as the been more official withdraws withdraw will result in a U on
student not taking the action since financial aid began its       their records which will affect       Students with financial aid
he or she should have.”         request for instructors to track their financial aid and GPA.        should talk to a financial aid
                                attendance in their courses.      Originally students would          representative to find out
    Rakes recommended that                                        receive an R which didn’t affect   how they will be affected.
students should always come        “It feels like it makes        their financial aid.
to the financial aid office to  sense. Some people are smart
see how withdrawing from a      enough to think about their          “I feel more students are
October 24, 2005                                                                                                                                  Page 4

Economics and politics made fun with instructor Tom Butterly
By Colleen D'Ambrosio                 Germany, where he met                                                                            improving what                     his wife whom he will be                                                                         he’s doing.
                                      married to for 19 years in
   As the clock strikes 9:30          November. He said the                                                                               He said he
a.m., he enters, joking about         Army made him grow up.                                                                           also gets to
how cold it is in the classroom.                                                                                                       spend more
Turning on the lights, he awak-            After returning from                                                                        time with his
ens the half asleep students.         Germany, Butterly                                                                                family including
Shoving his hands in his pock-        attended Delaware State                                                                          his two daugh-
ets, a serious look goes on his       University, where he                                                                             ters, Elizabeth,
face meaning it’s time to get to      received his teaching                                                                            a high school
work.                                 degree. He said he                                                                               sophomore, and
                                      decided to become a                                                                              Alex, an eighth
   Although he occasionally           teacher because even                                                                             grader.
rambles about a subject, the          though he had other
students find humor in his joke       jobs, such as working on                                                                                  He said he
                                      a clam boat, he always                                                          Photo by C. D’Ambrosio wants to get
and are interested about what
                                                                  Tom Butterly currently teaches political science economics, and sociology
he has to say.                        felt very comfortable                                                                                  involved with
                                      around people.                                                                                         community
   This is Tom Butterly, and it is                                       less daily pressure.                           projects and maybe one day will
what he does to make                      For 11 years, Buttery taught                                                  get involved in politics.
economics and political               psychology and sociology at             After the retirement of
science interesting.                  Milford High School. While at economics and political science Butterly commented on his
                                      Milford, he was the assistant      instructor Jim Lavelle last                    philosophy of the student–
   Butterly was born and raised       coach for boy’s tennis, wres-      semester, Butterly stopped                     instructor relationship.
in Rehoboth Beach. After gradu-       tling, soccer, and swimming.       teaching psychology and picked
ating from Cape Henlopen High                                            up Lavelle’s classes.                              “Not only am I going to have
School in 1976, he continued             Although he loved teaching                                                     to deal with them in the
his education at the University       high school, in 1999, Butterly         Butterly said things have                  classroom,” Butterly said, “but
of Delaware, where he received        left Milford to teach psychol-     come easily to him, and he is                  one day I may have to deal with
his bachelor’s degree in history      ogy and sociology at the           happy where he is today. Now                   them at their job, so I treat them
and joined the Army.                  Owens Campus.                      that he has a new office window with respect and hope to receive
                                                                         and is teaching the classes he the same respect in the future.”
  During his four-year enroll-            His said his main reason for was intended to teach, all he
ment, he spent two years in           leaving was because there was wants to do is work on

Ensemble premiers performance at the Owens Campus
By Jordan Frey                                                                                   “This is the first  ing a world premier in choreog-                                                                               time in Delaware that raphy with dancing set to com-
                                                                                              chamber music and      poser W. Alwyn’s “Naiads.”
    The two musicians                                                                         ballet have been
glanced at each other, and                                                                    combined.”                 Kristina Kambalov, co-
the flautist nodded for them                                                                                         founder of First State Ballet
to begin. Anne Sullivan, the                                                                     Throughout the      Theatre, choreographed the
harpist, slid her fingers                                                                     performance, Sparx     dance performed by 12
across the strings of her tall                                                                played various musi- members of the dance
floor harp. Joan Sparks lifted                                                                cal selections from    company. The dancers were
her flute to her mouth, and                                                                   many eras of classical given a standing ovation by the
her expressions matched the                                                  Photo by J. Frey
                                                                                              music, and dancers     audience of about 60 people.
music as the duo played.             Joan Sparks looks on as dancers accept applause from from the First State
                                     the audience.                                            Ballet Theatre             Grenfell said a performance
    Sparx, a chamber music                                                                    performed several      of the Nutcracker would be
duo, opened the presentation               Robert Grenfell, president traditional dances, including held at Delaware Tech on
of Point-Counterpoint: A Con-          of the First State Ballet                   portions of the Nutcracker.       Saturday, Dec. 10, at 7 p.m.
versation of Music and Dance           Theatre, explained to the
on Oct. 1 with a selection of          audience the significance of                      Grenfell also told the         To purchase tickets, call
J. S. Bach’s music.                    the performance.                            audience they would be see- 302-858-5475.
October 24, 2005                                                                                                                                          Page 5

YMCA’s stress workshop teaches students coping mechanisms
By Holly White                                                                        Participants

     Helping Owens
                                                                                 learned how to iden-
                                                                                 tify positive and nega-
                                                                                 tive stress. Positive
                                                                                                                        9 Ways to
Campus students cope                                                             stress includes getting
with stress was Karen
Twilley’s goal Sept. 20
                                                                                 married or having a
                                                                                 baby, and negative
                                                                                                                         Cope with
during the YMCA’s                                                                stress includes death,
Coping with Stress
                                                                                 divorce or a serious
     Karen Twilley, pro-                                                                   Twilley discussed
gram director for the                                                Photo by H. White with the participants
                                                                                                                 •     Take a bubble bath
Rehoboth YMCA and          Karen Twilley, program director at the YMCA conducted the things in their lives
speaker for the work- coping with stress workshop on Sept. 20                          that cause stress such
                                                                                                                 •     Buy trail mix and
shop, said, “I think it is                                                             as school work, jobs,           granola bars from
important to notify anyone of          liver releases seven times                  finances, relationships,
the importance of stress be-           the normal amount of fats                   traffic and cleaning.               snack machines
cause it is related to many            and blood sugars, the stom-
other things such as high blood ach shuts down and diges-                              Twilley said, “To deal    •     Eat a breakfast high
pressure. It is a service to let       tion slows.                                 with stress, people have
people know how to get a han-                                                      to learn how to say no or           in protein
dle on stress,” Twilley added.                 Twilley said stress can             to delegate small projects
                                       be related to medical prob-                 to others and keep the
                                                                                                                 •     Eat less red meat and
   She said stress occurs when lems such as heart problems, larger projects for your-                                  more poultry and fish
an event occurs or when                chronic back pain and head- self, so they are done the
someone is confronted with a aches, and ulcers.                                    way you want them to          •     Eat more fiber
demand or a change. The                                                            be.”
results are physical, chemical               The human body can                                                  •     Reduce refined sugars
and psychological changes.             sometimes experience the                         For information about
                                       ‘Fight or Flight’ mode of                   wellness programs, call       •     Exercise
   She also said when                  action during stress where                  the YMCA at 302-302-
confronted with stress, the            the body prepares itself to                 296-YMCA or visit the
                                                                                                                 •     Set aside quiet time
heart pumps faster, arteries           either fight the situation or               Web site at                   •     Talk out your worries
constrict, blood clots faster, the prepares itself to escape.            

Art shows off creative side of Delaware Tech employees
By JuneRose Futcher                   a part of the people we work      The Adult Plus                     with,” she said.               program put on
                                                                     the art show be-
   The faculty and staff art              Forty-seven pieces of art- cause of previous
show featured in September            work in the form of photogra- experience with
and October on the Owens              phy and watercolor were hung senior citizens art
Campus was a delight to the           in the hallway across from the shows in
eye of any student or visitor in      theatre. The images range      Delaware.
the Arts & Science Center.            from the outdoors, to sports,
                                      to animals, including local       “We had the
   Linda Forte, Adult Plus            scenic areas.                  technical experi-
program manager, said the art                                        ence,” Forte said.
show is intended to reflect the           Forte added the show was “It’s just awe-
creative diversity of the faculty     a way of appreciating her col- some and fun to
and staff of the Owens                leagues, some of whom are      put together                                                                 Photo By J. Futcher
                                                                                                    Anthony Wrykard, first-year criminal justice student, stops to
Campus.                               maintenance workers, clerical events with the                 admire the sunset scene captured in this photograph.
                                      staff, as well as administra-  Adult Plus
     “We wanted to appreciate         tors.                          seniors,” she said.
October 24, 2005                                                                                                                                                 Page 6

Students and tutors celebrate National Tutoring Week
By Holly White                           located in the Arts & Science                “We start                         Center, holds free tutoring for           training the tu-
                                         Delaware Tech and University              tors before
    To celebrate National                of Delaware students.                     school begins
Tutoring Week, students met                                                        and throughout
in the Executive Dining Hall on Bivens said the Learning                           the semester,”
Wednesday, Oct. 5, to support Center’s funds come from a                           said Bivens.
Owens Campus tutors.            grant by the Department of
                                Education through Student                               The training
    Lawrence Bivens, educa-     Support Services.                                  can be in the
tional lab specialist, said the                                                    form of speak-                                                         Photo by H. White
campus should have had an        “We are able to [tutor] all the                   ers, lectures,        Educational Lab Specialist Lawrence Bivens (center) poses with
event like this years ago:      main basic courses,” said                          videos and            student tutors Christopher Dockins (left) and Scot Barnett (right)
                                                                                                         at The Learning Center’s open house on Oct. 5
however, this year, the Owens Bivens. Due to the fact that                         interactive
Campus had money in the         most graduates don’t come                          events, he
budget to do it.                back, it is hard to offer tutor-                   added.                                         “The instructors and tutors
                                ing for graduate courses, he                                                                  track the progress of the
    “The function helps         added.                                                 Some of the tutors are                 students with monthly
students recognize who the                                                         volunteers, graduates and                  summaries,” he added.
tutors are and helps tutors        The Learning Center aver-                       instructors.
see they are needed,” said      ages 260-280 students and                                                             “Wherever I’m at, students
Bivens.                         35-40 tutors per fall and                              Bivens said the tutors stay and tutors will come up and
                                spring semesters, Bivens said.                     in close contact with the in-   thank me for what we have
    The Learning Center,                                                           structors of those they tutor.  done for them. It makes a big

International students benefit from the ESL program
By JuneRose Futcher                                                                                                                 professionally.
                                                                                                                                       Sauser, who is fluent in
   The English as a Second                                                                                                         Spanish and is a language
Language (ESL) certificate                                                                                                         specialist, said she has the
program teaches international                                                                                                      best students. Sauser
students critical English skills                                                                                                   teaches basic reading to
in order to complete their                                                                                                         international students from
technologies at Delaware                                                                                                           Russia, South Korea, Haiti
Tech’s Owens Campus.                                                                                                               and Honduras.

   According to Allison Burris,                                                                                                         The English skills
ESL instructor, the program                                                                                                        prepare them for the
was founded several years                                                                                                          critical reading and
ago to serve the growing                                                                                                           composition courses,
international student                                                                                                              Sauser added.
population at the Owens
Campus.                                                                                                                               The certificate program
                                                                                                                                   requires successful
                                                                                                             Photo by J. Futcher
    Burris, who is fluent in      Nataliya Kirby is a beginning reading student from Russia who says learning English is hard      completion of listening,
Spanish, said, “It’s a great      work.                                                                                            speaking, writing, reading
experience to watch these                                                                                                          and grammar courses
students progress in their       their associate degree, Burris Russia, said it’s hard work.                                       before students can move
English speaking, reading and added. The students are                          “There is too much I don’t                          into their programs of
writing skills.”                 learning the basics of reading understand,” she said.                                             study.
                                 in English from many foreign
When they apply their new        languages.                                         Another ESL instructor, Mary
skills to their course of study,                                               Ellen Sauser, said she wouldn't
it is exciting to see them get      Nataliya Kirby, who is from choose to do anything else
October 24, 2005                                                                                                                                    Page 7

Nursing job fair demonstrates need for health care professionals
By Holly White                  College was on hand to inform                students about its bachelor's
                                program at the college.
    A nursing job fair and
educational seminar was held       “Wilmington College has an
to inform and educate nursing   RN to bachelor of science
students in alternative         program. Students can
medicine and job availability   transfer to Wilmington College
on Oct 13.                      after completing their RN or
                                after completing the diploma
   The job fair and             program at Beebe Medical
educational seminars were       Center,” he said.
co-sponsored by the Nursing
Department at the Owens             Kathryn Byrne, RN and
Campus and Corporate and       director of Inpatient Services
Community Programs.            at Beebe Medical Center said
                               she was a Delaware Technical                                                                                Photo by H. Whiite
                                                                 From left: Jerry Artesona, professional recruiter at Bayhealth Medical Center, Trish Tandski,
   “The seminar was            & Community college student       nurse recruiter and human resources generalist for Nanticoke Health Services and Lori
delightful and well received.  and graduated with her            Wescott, program developer for Corporate and Community Programs.
Students were so delighted to associate’s degree in nursing.
know how many job
opportunities are out there,”      “I had a great experience
said Lori Wescott, program     there,” she said. “I went to
developer for Corporate and    Wilmington College and
Community Programs.            received my bachelor of
                               science degree, and now I am
    Gina Nana, assistant       working on my master’s
administrator for Wicomico     [degree].”
Nursing Home said, “As many
people know, there is a           The six- hour seminar was
nursing shortage, and it is    conducted by Sally Laux, an
good for our company to        acupuncturist and RN who
network and to let students    works as a personal trainer
know that there are other      helping people to embody
opportunities for them such as healthy living; Jane Sherman,
nursing homes, home health sole proprietor of a holistic
                                                                                                                                           Photo by H. White
care and private nurses.”      nursing practice; and Ran         Recruiters, students and administrators from several local leading health organizations
                               Greim, a retired nursing          were on hand to network with upcoming nursing graduates at the job fair on Oct. 13.
     Kennan Lubeley, recruiter instructor who has practiced
for Peninsula Regional         Shiatsu and other modalities         Nurses were awarded 5.7                       Care, Wilmington College,
Medical Center, agreed and     for the last nine and a half      nursing contact hours and .4                     Bayhealth Medical Center,
said, “It’s great for us to be years.                            continuing education credits for                 Peninsula Regional Medical
here because we want to                                          their attendance.                                center, Beebe Medical
meet all the students and           Students were also                                                            Center, and Department of
recruit them to work for us    educated in the basic                The job fair had representa-                  Health and Social Services.
and to educate them about      principles of acupuncture,        tion from Wicomico Nursing
what we have to offer.”        shiatsu, stress management,       Home, Home Health Corpora-
                               alternative therapy and           tion of America, Nanticoke
    Jim Hartzell, marketing    massage therapy.                  Memorial Hospital, Life Care of
manager for Wilmington                                           Lofland Park, Griswold Special

                        HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
October 24, 2005                                                                                                                                        Page 8

Students help the fight against heart disease
By Colleen D’Ambrosio                                                               walked.                                   How To
                                                                                       More than $3,300 was                   Reduce
    On Saturday Oct. 2, students
from the Owens Campus helped
                                                                                    raised by students, which the
                                                                                    American Heart Association will          Your Risk:
fight heart disease when they                                                       use toward research.                     Increase your
participated in the 13th Annual                                                                                             physical activity
American Heart Association’s                                                           “We could always have more
Heart Walk.                                                                         walkers, but if we get anyone           At Home
                                                                                    involved, it’s a success,” Howell
                                                                                    said.                                   • Work in the garden or
   Approximately 40 walkers                                                                                                        mow the grass
gathered at Redden State                                                                                                    •      Walk the dog
Forest in Georgetown early Sat-                             Photo Submitted     According to the American
urday morning, including stu-      The American Heart Association holds its Heart Association, cardiovascu-                 •      Park farther away at the
                                   annual Heart Walk the first Saturday of                                                         shopping mall and walk
dents from the International                                                lar disease is America’s Number                        the extra distance
Club, Respiratory Care, and                                                         One killer. More than 64 million
Physical Therapy technologies.                                                      Americans are afflicted, and            At the Office
                                   treated patients with heart dis-                 more than 930,000 lives are
                                                                                                                            • Take the stairs instead
   Joanne Howell, department       ease and strokes, and she had                    claimed every year. That’s one                 of the elevator
chair of the Physical Therapy      a family member who had a                        life taken every 34 seconds.            •      Walk to speak to
Technology, was in charge of       stroke.                                                                                         someone instead of
the event. Howell, who has                                                              “It’s important for                        phoning them
been involved with the Heart           Howell was responsible for                   everyone to get involved in com-        •      Walk around buildings
Walk for eight years, said the     recruiting captains who would                    munity activities. This is such                for a break during the
cause is personal for her.         then recruit walkers. It was                     an opportunity; plus it’s a                    workday or during lunch
                                   then the walkers’ job to                         healthy thing to do,” Howell
  As a physical therapist, she     collect donations for when they                  said.

Student clubs organize drive to help hurricane victims
By Colleen D'Ambrosio                                                               and stuffed animals, but I                                                                   haven’t seen that great of a        Priority Needs
                                                                                    turnout,” she said.                 • Disposable diapers
Students of the Owens Campus                                                                                                    (all sizes)
are being asked to donate                                                        According to the                       •       Baby wipes and bottles
items to help the victims of                                                 Pittsburgh Post Gazette,                   •       Ready to use formula
Hurricane Katrina.                                                           when Hurricane Katrina hit in
                                                                                                                        •       Toothbrushes
                                                                             late August, it left 300,000
                                                                             families homeless, and that                •       Children’s toothpaste
   Nursing students, in
partnership with members Phi                                                 number grew after Hurricane                •       Adhesive bandages
                                                     Photo by C. D’Ambrosio
Theta Kappa and Alpha Beta         Phi Theta Kappa member Diane Hitch is one Rita.
                                                                                                                        •       Hair brushes/combs
Gamma, placed donations            of the leaders of the Hurricane Katrina relief
boxes throughout the Owens         effort at Delaware Tech’s Owens Campus.             “What if this happened to        Kids School Packs
Campus in which students can                                                        your own family? Wouldn’t           • Composition notebooks
drop off donations.                                                                 you want someone to help?           • Erasers
                                   tion, said she got involved with
                                                                                    Even if you go to the dollar
                                   the donations because of her                                                         • Packages of 12-15
   The bins are located in the                                                      store and buy a pad of paper,
                                   father.                                                                                      colored pencils
Arts & Science Center, Student                                                      you’re helping,” Hitch said.
                                                                                                                        •       Hand-held pencil
Services, the dining hall, and        Her father owns a trucking                                                                sharpeners
the Jason Technology Center.                                         Donations bins will be
                                   company and has already made
                                                                  placed around campus for
                                                                                                                        •       Blunt-nosed scissors
                                   one delivery to the Red Cross
  Diane Hitch, a nursing                                          another four weeks. For large
                                   Distribution Center in Mobile,                                                       Other Items
student and a member of Phi                                       donations, contact Brenda
                                   Ala.                                                                                 • Infant toys
Theta Kappa is in charge of the                                   Agee at 856-5400 (ext 5521)
event.                                                            or Dr. Mumford at 855-5937.                           • Board games
                                      While some donations have
                                   been made, Hitch feels                                                               • Story books
    Hitch, who also coordinates    disappointed with the results.                                                       • Stuffed animals
community service efforts for                                                                                           • High chairs
the Student Nursing Associa-           “I’ve collected a lot of toys

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