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     No.29                                                                                                                  January 2003

                                                                             people like Joan and Jim, who are prepared to put in that extra
                                                                             effort, things would not run so smoothly and allow the rest of us
                                                                             to have such a great time. Your efforts were greatly appreciated.
                                                                             A lot of members turned up early on the Saturday to set up camp
                                                                             and settle in. The shady trees made a great spot to camp. With
       Brian & David’s Ride 1st December                                     only one key for the Ladies loo, a spot was soon found to hang
                                                                             the key in a central position for all to access. I guess only one
Some of the early birds decided to ride down early for a coffee
                                                                             key was needed because all through the weekend, and in true
and breakfast at BJ‘s. Of course Dusty had to have the BIG
                                                                             female fashion, every time one of them said they were off to the
Breakfast again!!
                                                                             loo there was also a heap of others that would jump up and head
Tonto was having trouble keeping his small pony up with Jacko,               off as well. The males present would sit and wonder at the
on the way to Busselton, but being the clever little chap he is he           meaning of this female ritual of group loo visits. I typical male
took a short cut through Wonnerup and ended up in Busselton                  style the Gents was not locked but some how Bert managed to
first. Just shows it not the size of the pony you ride that is               get his own key for the unlocked door. It pays to be prepared
important but the way you ride the pony. This is probably the                though.
first time that Tonto has beaten anyone anywhere.
                                                                             Jacko, Fred and Mary had set up their trailers, tents, kitchen
Dec 1 ride was to begin at the big M in Busselton and with a                 sinks and all on a slight hill overlooking the rest of the group
request to Jim and Joan to check Bunbury McDonalds and                       below while they enjoyed their luxury. What a shame that Dave
Mojo‘s for those who could not read.                                         Carroll‘s car alarm went off right next to them momentarily
                 Guess what ???? No straggler’s.                             disturbing their peace and tranquillity on the hill.
A roll up of 25 Bikes set us of to a good start from McDonalds               Maryanne decided to stir up sleep little Binningup so she set off
to the old Railway Station for a talk by Senior Constable Trevor             with her bike and sidecar. The problem was she had Brian
Dolan not Sgt. Moore (as one of us had called him ). His talk                Collett riding pillion and Dusty in the sidecar. Dusty was doing
was informative and I noticed that there was input from several              his best to keep the sidecar on the ground by leaning out on the
of the members. Good sign or just covering their buts for the                right hand corners. As Dusty said, ― Maryanne gave it stick!‖
future.                                                                      They did manage to return safely and some how Brian who had
From the station to Andy Sharp‘s car collection which brought                been hanging on to Maryanne for dear life had a bra in his
out a lot of ―I use to have one of those‖ comments. We only                  pocket by the time he got back. Try and figure that one out?
took the time to see half of his collection as he has a collection           A couple of brave souls tested the water at the beach. Leon
of old machinery in an other shed. The stomach took control                  managed to find the only rocks in the water to stub his toes on.
from there and it was off to the food hall at Broadwater for                 Well actually there were lots of rocks where he swam but as he
lunch.                                                                       was told, by one of the locals, after the painful encounter it was
                                                                             perfectly clear either side of where he chose to swim.
On arriving at Sues Road to wait for the Police a phone call was
                                                                             There was a bit of trouble with the state of the grounds around
received that the officers who were going to run the speed check
                                                                             the camping area. People had to keep dodging dog droppings on
were tied up with an operation and would not make it. We even
                                                                             the ground. No this was not the problem that it really seems as
had it set up so that Steve Springett would be able to do his run,
                                                                             it was all down to Terry Healy and his plastic dog poo. Every
with the strong wind behind him, so he could reach 110 kph.
                                                                             time someone new turned up Terry was snaking around
From there we had a quiet ride to Capel then on to Donnybrook                carefully placing his plastic poo or his rubber snake were the
                                                                             poor unsuspecting newcomer would stumble over them.
for a coffee and dispersed to our various directions from there.
Minimum miles covered but a good outing.                                     Most of the Saturday night group ordered wood fired pizzas
                                                                             from the caravan park shop. Great Pizzas!!! Especially if you
The KID                                                                      turn up late , set up camp just in time to get a feed of left overs.
                                                                             Thanks guys!
                                                                             Later every one settled in around the imaginary fire ( pity about
                                                                             the fire ban ) to chat, drink and relax. The upper-class from the
                                                                             hill finally wandered down to join the rest of the peasants for the
                                                                             evening. Some started to drift off to their tents around 9:30pm
       Christmas Ride 7th & 8th December                                     and the rest were all snugly tucked in by 11:00pm.
A huge thank you must go to Joan and Jim for all the                         During the night a couple of our female members thought the
organization that they did so that we could all have such a great            drought had broken when they heard rain on their tents in the
time. The venue was great. The food and drinks were excellent.
Try to send one article, joke or cartoon to the editor this year.   Page 1                                           Email Editor
night but alas it was just leaves falling from the trees. Looks              God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked
like the farmers have to wait a bit longer for rain                          anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the
Around 4:30am the many and varied bird life decided it was                   eyesight to tell the difference.
time for us to be awake. By 5:30 am the birds had just about                 Now that I'm 'older' (but refuse to grow up), here's what I've
given up trying to force everyone out of bed but they did                    discovered:
succeed in waking Brian and Maryanne. They then set about
                                                                             1.   I. started out with nothing, and I still have most of it.
discussing at the tops of their voices how noisy the birds had
been. This was the final straw and slowly one by one more and                2.   My wild oats have turned into prunes and All Bran.
more Ulyssians emerged from their tents. It was not long before              3.   I finally got my head together; now my body is falling apart.
the B-B-Q was fired up and the snags and bacon were soon
sizzling away. Once a cook always a cook, Maryanne soon took                 4.   Funny, I don't remember being absent minded...
over to show us all how it should be done. In typical cook                   4.   Funny, I don't remember being absent minded...
fashion it was ― This is my kitchen and you can all stay out!‖.
No one complained and were all happy to sit back and have                    5.   All reports are in; life is now officially unfair.
Maryanne prepare a wonderful breakfast.                                      6.   If all is not lost, where is it?
Jim Renfree may have picked up the nic name of the SNAG. No                  7.   It is easier to get older than it is to get wiser.
that is not SENSITIVE NEW AGE GUY, but because Jim
developed a reputation as the person that would eat the last left            8.   Some days you're the dog; some days you're the hydrant.
over sausage at a B-B-Q. At breakfast time everyone was either               9.   I wish the buck stopped here; I sure could use a few...
too full or too polite to eat the last snag. Jim stepped in and
                                                                             10. Kids in the back seat cause accidents.
solved the problem of the last snag by eating it.
Soon it was time to start packing up the tents while some others             11. Accidents in the back seat cause kids.
set about preparing the delicious salads for lunch. There would              12. It's hard to make a comeback when you haven't been
be the occasional sound of a motorbike as gradually those who                    anywhere.
had not camped over started to arrive. Terry was out there again
                                                                             13. The only time the world beats a path to your door is when
with his rubber snake trying to scare the daylights out of some of
                                                                                 you're in the bathroom.
the new arrivals. Vicki tried very hard for the best actress award
after Terry had placed the snake next to her chair. Sorry Vicki              14. If God wanted me to touch my toes, he would have put
your attempt to be the damsel in distress was not convincing                     them on my knees.
enough and you will have to settle for best supporting actress.              15. When I'm finally holding all the cards, why does everyone
Some managed to get in several games of Boche around                             decide to play chess?
between the bikes and remaining tents.
                                                                             16. It's not hard to meet expenses... they're everywhere.
The everyone was assembled for a group photo. Brian Collet
will give a prize of a bottle of Tiger Port to the first person, who         17. The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.
was not at the Christmas ride, who can tell him why so many                  18. These days, I spend a lot of time thinking about the
people had their hands up to their ears in the group photo on                    hereafter. I go somewhere to get something and then
page one                                                                         wonder what I'm here after.
Now it was time to move over to the B-B-Q area and an attempt                19. I AM UNABLE TO REMEMBER IF I HAVE MAILED THIS
was made to neatly arrange the 25 bikes and 5 trailers for a                     TO YOU OR NOT!
group photograph. The fires were lit and carefully tended by a
few of the Blokes. This was the signal for the flies to start                20. Funny, I don't remember being, . . . absent minded...
gathering. The steaks , snags and onions were beautifully                    21. Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional
prepared and every one was cueing up for salads and meat and
so were the flies.                                                           Now I think you're supposed to send this to 5 or 6, maybe 10, oh
                                                                             send it to a bunch of your friends if you can remember who they
It was an excellent meal despite the flies and thanks must go to             are. Then something is supposed to happen, ----I think. ---------
the cooks, salad preparers and of course Jim and Joan. One                   Maybe you get your memory back.
sausage left again and who should have it? The SNAG stepped
in, problem solved. Well done Jim.
The raffle was drawn with the many bottles of wine being the
biggest attraction. With all the business out of the way people
settled in to chat and relax until the sweet tooth brigade started
to raid the shop for ice creams.
                                                                                        Maryanne’s Ride 5th January
With every on now fully satisfied gradually people started to say            Back under the Golden arches again as the Ride start point
their farewells and seasons greeting before they departed. For               returns to the McDonald‘s car park after a 6-month trial using
those that wanted to come but could not, you missed a great                  Mojos. The sun was shining brightly and the temperature
couple of days. For those that did not think about coming there              perfect for riding as first time ride leader, Maryanne, briefed the
is always next year and we hope to see you there.                            assembled group. 17 bikes set out for Busselton to meet up with
                                                                             other members there. David and Vicki Read were proudly
Chuck Upless                                                                 showing off their new bike after they each traded in their own
                                                                             bikes to buy the new one. There new Triumph 955i Sprint
                                                                             looked great in “Go Fast Red.” As Vicki said ―The trade in on
                 All about – Ageing                                          my bike probably only bought the back wheel and rear seat of
                                                                             the new one. If David does not behave I will take my wheel and
                               Sent in by Mike Smith                         seat and he can have the rest.‖
                                                                             Jim Pennington really expects a lot from the manufactures of
                                                                             motorbike as he was complaining about his muffler that dropped
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off his 20 year old bike. ―They don‘t make them like they use                all the way back to Gnowangerup. Spent the night at Franks
to!‖ With a bit of ingenuity and some fencing wire it was soon               place, Frank informed us that he was rejoining the club
wired back in place and survived the days ride. A new rider,                 Day five
John from Collie, joined us for the day.                                     Another cold day no rain very strong winds, once again 45
Maryanne put a small blemish on what was otherwise a very                    degree riding until we reach Kojonup. Still a bit windy when we
well organized ride by taking a wrong turn when entering                     reach Donnybrook so we sat in the sun to get some feeling back
Busselton and the procession of bikes formed a Congo line as                 in to the body. Then a short pleasant ride home.
they snaked through the car par to turn around and head back out             When in Esperance made a few inquires about the Odyssy in
to the road. Finally we joined up with the other 4 bikes waiting             September. Most of the onsite accommodation is booked up,
at McDonalds in Busselton. It was then off to Island Brook                   there are still campsites but it is filling very quickly. My advise to
winery for coffee and a few tastings. Dusty got excited as we                those thinking of going book tip now, and if you change your
entered Island Brook with the appearance of what seemed to be                mind cancel later. No deposit until June-July.
a gravel road. Much to his disappointment it was a well-formed               Bert Bartle.
bitumen road with pea gravel. Several members were seen
slipping well-wrapped bottles of wine into their panniers.
From Island Brook it was off to Margaret River for fuel then on
                                                                             Geraldton Group make their mark
out to Caves Road and back up to the Bootleg Brewery for                        and set the record straight.
lunch. Maryanne had organized a large table with umbrellas so
                                                                             Article taken from Midwest Times December 18, 2002
every one settled in for lunch and a couple of samples of the
local brew.                                                                  THE annual Salvation Army Christmas Toy Run has been hailed
                                                                             as a major success with the weekend‘s event attracting over
It appears that some of us were not suppose to be eating the
                                                                             eight thousand dollars In donations. Nearly 30 motorbikes and
takeaway food from the B-B-Q at the reserved table and Vick
was singled out by the waitress for a tongue lashing. Which was              some classic back up vehicles wound through the streets of
then ignored by the group as we continued to enjoy our meals.                Geraldton‘s central business district on Saturday culminating in
                                                                             a presentation at the Clock Tower in the Marine Terrace Mall.
There was debate over why Vicki was singled out to be told of
                                                                             Event coordinator Linda Hacon said she was thrilled with the
our wrong doing. Some thought it was because she looked like
the weakest, least threatening one of us, while others reckoned it           outcome of the event that she claimed was on par with any from
was because she looks so organized and thus must have been in                previous years. The Christmas Run was coordinated by the
                                                                             Ulysses Motorcycle Club Geraldton chapter with the Salvation
charge of this rabble. You decide!
                                                                             Army Emergency Relief handling the distribution of gifts to
If after all this we hadn‘t had enough to eat and drink it was then          needy Mid West families.
off to Broardwater at Busselton for more coffee and food. There
was a repeat of the previous trip here and many got stuck into               From Letters to the Editor Midwest Times
the Ice cream Sundaes. Obviously Maryanne was feeling very                   As a member of the Ulysses Motorcycle Club (Geraldton
pleased with the way the ride had gone and must have decided to              Group), it was with pleasure that I read your article on the Toy
reward herself as can be seen in this photo.                                 Run that was organized by my club recently. It is very much
From Broardwater there was the usual scatter for home after a                appreciated that the media is prepared to cover such events,
really excellent day.                                                        which express the generosity of the general public and the biker
                                                                             community in supporting a charity that benefits those less fortu-
From Maryanne – Thanks to everyone. I had a great day and                    nate than ourselves.
hope you did too.
                                                                             May I clarify a minor point that has more sinister connotations.
                         Esperance Run                                       The Geraldton Group in your article was referred to as the
Four bikes consisting Jon Bidelle Bert Bartle Jons son Daniel                Gerald-ton ―Chapter‖, which is a terminology that is not used
and two young riders. Jonos drifter with son up behind him and               within the Ulysses Club. This terminology usually conjures up
towing a trailer. Bert towing a trailer on a long trip for the first         images in the public eye, of outlaw motorcycle gangs which the
time, Robbie riding a 1000 sports bike loaded with camping                   Ulysses Club certainly is not. We are a group of 40s plus, bike
gear, Lana riding her 250 only had room for her personal gear.               enthusiasts, (with an Australian membership of over 20,000)
An uneventful but pleasant run to Gnowangerup. Some of the                   who enjoy riding together and growing old disgracefully (our
older members might remember Frank Martinac, he was a                        club motto). Our nominated charity is the Arthritis Foundation
member of the Bunbury group in 1996. We spent the night at
Franks place                                                                 (God knows we will all need them sooner than later) and the
                                                                             main aim is to have fun whilst we are still able.
Day two
                                                                             Again, I thank the media for helping us raise the profile of an
Left Gnowangerup at 6-3Oam a very pleasant ride to Esperance                 already large club and wish one and all a very merry Christmas
Cool breeze good road and a break every lOOks or so, fill the                and a safe and prosperous new year.
bikes feed ourselves and good company. Arriving at Esperance
at lunch time set up camp in Bathers Paradise Caravan Park.                  New members are most welcome. Phill Morgan Membership
First night it poured down and very strong winds ,blown out by               No 18284 Information supplied by Jacko
Morning. Good day had in the national park.
Day three
Second night you guest it down it came, but the wind was kind to
Day four                                                                            Leon & Lizzy’s Ride 19th January
Up about 6am and was it cold,we got packed and ready to roll                 A few started off with breakfast at Mojo's at 8 o'clock, then
then up came the wind, on went the cloths including wet weather              ventured to MacDonalds for the 9.30 start. Leon lead the group
gear. Strong winds and rain for 50kms, then the rain stopped but             of about 24 people in cloudy and doubtful conditions.
the wind got stronger so we rode the bikes at a 45 degree angle
Try to send one article, joke or cartoon to the editor this year.   Page 3                                            Email Editor
Down to Capel, oh oh oh oh someone wanted to kiss the                            out of some of us — and didn‘t even have a beer on the bar at
bitumen and did in a particularly spectacular fashion. Bike bits                 the hotel when we arrived. The daunting spirit of the lady
everywhere. Picked himself up and the bike, tappet cover broken                  Ulyssians didn‘t stop Lizzie, Vicki and Joan driving over to join
oh oh oh looks like a trailer job here. In the meantime everyone                 us. After sorting out rooms, a cuppa or a drink of beer and hugs
stopped to see if they could help. Tom and Franz stayed behind
to help with organizing of a trailer and return to Busselton.                    and kisses all around we settled down to wait for members from
                                                                                 the Fremantle and Denmark/Albany group to arrive. It was just
The rest of the group went on. Heavy rain between Capel and                      so relaxing sitting up on the balcony. Once the other groups
Donnybrook forced a stoppage (but not John and Jan who were                      arrived we moved out into the beer garden.
saturated, where's the wet gear?) It was decided to continue on
giving the bypass to Kirup a miss. At the highway several riders                 The Denmark/Albany group had planned to stay at the Caravan
decided to go back home. The rest continued on to Kirup where
Leon thought there were only three bikes behind him, so he                       Park but the lovely grassed area and the great company was to
stopped and by the time he got his helmet off 12 bikes were                      good to pass up. They set their tents and camper trailers up in a
there behind him. A lovely ride to Nannup for coffee at                          corner of the beer garden with plenty of room to spare.
Hamish's.                                                                        Thirty three of us sat outside on a beautiful evening eating
David and Vicki returned home and the rest on to Greenbushes                     nibbles — provided by Leon and Lizzie —a big thank you to
via Bridgetown with no more rain.                                                them. Lizzie organized a raffle, which Graham Day won. Mine
                                                                                 hosts John & Coral Cooper cooked fish and calami for entrée
Several people were already waiting at the Exchange Hotel in                     and we cooked our own BBQ tea which we ate under a
Greenbushes, including (dare we say it?) Jim and Joan and Liz                    magnificent clear sky. All sat around a fire drum telling a few
who turned up driving CARS.                                                      lies before retiring. Due to last year‘s little incident we checked
                                                                                 our bed and found a regulation army style short-sheeted bed,
After a great meal a number went to visit the Greenbushes mine                   professionally made — we were most impressed. The offenders
lookout and then all headed off home. Thanks Bert for being                      were caught in the act by the ever watchful reporter.
Tail End Charlie. Bert kindly donated his raffle winnings back                   Franz and Chris found sleeping out on the balcony most
to the club. Good one Bert!!!!                                                   enjoyable, drifting off to sleep while gazing at the stars, setting
                                                                                 the scene for next year.
Editor - Some people will use any excuse to get a new bike. Jim
Pennington who had had trouble with this exhaust on Maryanne’s ride              We awoke to another beautiful day and several chose to have a
thought that after 20 years that was good enough excuse to buy a new             walk around the town before we all enjoyed breakfast cooked by
bike, so he turned up to show off his near new BMW. We are unsure                our hosts.
what Tony and Barb’s excuse was but they also turned up on a new bike.
As usual Leon manage to turn on the rain for us all. Good to see that he         We assembled outside the Hotel with our bikes for a big photo
has not lost his touch. I hear he is going to do his future rides under a        shoot which we will send John Cooper to put behind the bar. We
false name so that people don’t get scared off by the high chance of rain        drifted off to all points Denmark, Albany, Perth and Bunbury.
on his rides NEVER NEVER clean your bike before one of Leon’s rides.             Bunbury crew stopped at Boyup Brook for coffee where further
PS Just goes to show if it looks like rain, put on your wet gear.                split to their respected homes.
Lizzy & Leon ―Soggy‖ Whelan                                                      Arrived home at 1.00, clocking up 572km — what a great
                                                                                 Looking forward to next year‘s run.
                                                                                 John and Jan McDermott.

       John McDermott’s Cranbrook Ride
              25th - 27th January
Twelve bikes headed off from the Entertainment Centre,
Bunbury on a glorious summer‘s day. Neville from the
Kellerberrin group, who was holidaying in Busselton, heard
about the ride and joined us.                                                    With the start of a New Year for Bunbury Ulysses I would like
                                                                                 to point out the great voluntary work that is being done by some
Arthur River was our first planned stop — but it is a long way                   of our members. It is these people that help to make everything
when you start thinking about how you are going to manage                        flow along smoothly and lets the rest of us have a great time.
your bladder, so Collie became our first stop. It is amazing when
only one person needs to go and gets ribbed about it and all of a                Grant Brookes our Club coordinator is there up front, at
sudden others decide to go as well! Traveled up through Darkan                   Highway Hotel meetings, running the day to day matters but he
onto Arthur River where we met up with Leon who came across                      also puts in time and effort on correspondence and mailing of
from Greenbushes. Arthur River was a planned morning tea stop                    form for new members.
but some thought it was lunch —claiming it was brunch!                           Brian Collett apart from collecting dirt on us all for his fines
Once the round-a-bouts were behind us Dave took the ‗bars‘                       sessions he puts in a lot of effort organizing the ride calendar.
from a very brave Brian. Dave commented how he enjoyed                           This often involves having to twist people‘s arms to be a Ride
being on the ‗back‘. He bore the taunts very well — good on                      Leader. It is not an easy job filling a Ride Calendar so next time
you Dave.                                                                        he asks you to do a ride give it a go and put your name down.
Stopped at Wagin for lunch — those who had had their lunch,                      Franz for organizing the Walpole ride. Weekends away take
windowed shopped — we wondered if Franz and Chris were                           that bit of extra effort to organize and coordinate so that we all
looking at buying a rental property! Broomehill was our next                     reap the benefit.
stop for a leg stretch and wee break.                                            Jim & Joan Renfree have brilliantly organized two Christmas
                                                                                 Rides lately. If they want a break next year consider putting
30 km out of Cranbrook a few guys decided to blow a few
cobwebs out of their machines — scaring the living daylights
Try to send one article, joke or cartoon to the editor this year.       Page 4                                           Email Editor
your hand up to take over the job. If we share the load it allows                        COST IS $40.00 PER PERSON PER NIGHT
everyone to enjoy themselves.                                                          INCLUDES BED DINNER AND BREAKFAST.
John McDermott for the Cranbrook ride.                                                   BOOK YOUR OWN ACCOMMODATION
                                                                                            PHONE 9827 1013 FAX 9827 1045
                                                                               FURTHER INFO CONTACT POSTIE BARRY EMAIL
Ride Leaders – We see the same names on the Ride Calendar
time and time again. Perhaps some of our other members (
myself included ) need to put their hand up and have a go
Bert Bartle our regular Tail–End–Charlie who is ever reliable
in making sure we all make it to the destination.                                         EMU ODYSSEY 2003
Tail–End–Charlies any one else who fills in when Bert is not
doing it.                                                                                            INFORMATION
Grub ( even if we don‘t see much of him ) for organizing the                 The Odyssey this year will be held in Esperance on the long
RFDS Poker Run.                                                              weekend of Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th and Monday 29th 2003 at
                                                                             the Bathers Paradise Caravan Park. The event is for Members of
Steve Springett for all the photos, burning them to a CD and                 the Ulysses Club of Australia inc, their partners and invited
getting it to me by the deadlines, so that the newsletter can be             guests. No children are permitted.
                                                                             ARRIVAL AND REGISTRATION
Glyiniss Linaker for keeping track of our finances.
                                                                             You may register anytime up to 5.00pm Friday at AUTOPRO
Vicki Read for organizing all our raffles. There has been an                 71 Dempster Street, Then from 10.00am Saturday at the
interesting variety of prizes at our dinner meetings. This                   caravan park, a marquee will be near the campers kitchen
finances our newsletter and other functions. The result being we
do not have to pay a subscription for the newsletter as other                SATURDAY AFTERNOON
groups do. When Vicki finally deserts us and heads off to live               Should there be enough riders a tour around the district will
in Albany we will need someone else to put up their hand for                 leave around 1.00pm arriving back in time get ready for the
this job.                                                                    dinner and dance Please register at the marquee
Newsletter Contributors – those of you who write Ride                        SATURDAY EVENING MEAL
Reports, send articles, jokes and cartoons in for me to use.                 This is to be held at the Esperance Bay Yacht Club, located on
Without these contributions the newsletter becomes dull and                  the Esplanade. Pre dinner drinks are at 5.00pm and the meal
boring. I ask all of you to try and find one article etc to send to          will start at 6.00pm after the meal we have a fifty-sixty‘s disco
me some time in the course of this year. 140 plus members                    so bring your dancing shoes. Entry will be wristband, this will
means 140 plus interesting items for me to use in your                       be given to you at the registration marquee. Remember No
newsletter.                                                                  wristband No eats
Newsletter Editors from other Ulysses Groups who let me steal                SUNDAY MORNING
article from their newsletters. I would have to do this less often
if our members sent me more stuff.                                           The best bike competition will be held outside the War
                                                                             Memorial on Dempster Street After the judging a tour will
All my victims – Those of you who do stupid things for me to                 leave for those who want to see our great town and surrounding
write about and then take the ribbing with good humour. I have               areas.
not had any death threats yet!
                                                                             SUNDAY AFTERNOON
There was always a risk when started to name people who
should be thanked that some would be left off. That probable                 The games will start around 2pm the venue will be advised
has happened because as a relative newcomer to Bunbury                       during registration
Ulysses I have not seen a lot of the great work that was done                SUNDAY EVENING
before but my point is :
                                                                             The meal will be catered by the Rotary Club of Esperance
           Do what you can to help the people doing the                      starting around 5.00pm This will take a little time so please help
           Put your hand up for the jobs when they need a
                                                                             by staying calm
           rest.                                                             Prize giving will take place after the meal, and then the skits will
           Get involved.                                                     take place, as those who were at Albany will remember this is
           Show your appreciation to those doing the work.                   not to missed, the Esperance group performed a little skit some
           Don’t complain how things are organized unless                    years ago at Merredin and this year they have a new production
           you are prepared to do the job yourself.
                                                                             which I am told will be much better
Dave Carroll            5 Nairne Place Australind 6233                                           SUBJECT TO CHANGE
                        Ph 97258115 Email

         st nd rd
                     1 , 2 & 3 March                                                Tom & David’s Ride 2nd February
                                It’s on again!!                              Obviously God is not a motorcycle rider. For the second time
                                                                             this year a ―SUMMER” ride has been rained out and we can‘t
THE ESPERANCE GROUP INVITES YOU ALL TO JOIN WITH US                          even blame Leon for this one. 8 bikes turned up at McDonalds
FOR SOME FUN AND RIDES IN SUNNY DOWNTOWN                                     in Busselton. The brave little group headed off to Nannup for
GNOWANGERUP                                                                  breakfast. After breakfast everyone decided to go their own way
      WE ARE STAYING AT THE GNOWANGERUP HOTEL                                so they dispersed and headed for home.

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Here‘s hoping for better weather on the next ride.                                         Brian also had arranged a quote for a Bunbury
                                                                                           Ulysses Banner to be used when the group goes
                                                                                           on rides. It will be 900mm x 3000mm with the
                          New Members                                                      Old Man logo at one end and the Bunbury logo at
Please make the following new members welcome when they                                    the other. The words BUNBURY W.A. will be
turn up for a ride. Darren Brand – Bunbury, Neville Whitsed                                between the two logos. Those present at the
Kellerberrin, Des Clarke – Australind, Michael Le_Mon –                                    meeting gave the go ahead to purchase the banner
Australind.                                                                                at a cost of $280.00.
David Slapp turned up for his first ride on Leon‘s rather damp               Grant         The main Ulysses organization is aiming to raise
ride, hope that does not put him off!                                                      $80,000 for the Arthritis Foundation this year.
                                                                                           This works out to be about $4.00 per member
                                                                                           Australia wide. Grant called for suggestions to
        Coral Bay Ride – June                                                              raise money as part of Bunbury‘s contribution.
                                                                                           The Moto Madness in Manjimup is still going
                2003                                                                       ahead and an update letter from the organizers
                                                                                           shows that it looks like being a great event.
                                                                                           Check your ride calendar for the ride.
Brian Collet and Dusty are planning a ride to Coral Bay leaving                            Grant requested the we all make an effort to look
8th June and planning to be away for approximately 2 weeks.                                after new members and make them welcome.
The ride will go from Bunbury to Geraldton to catch up with the
Geraldton Ulysses Group, then on to Carnarvon. From there to                              For some reason we are still not receiving the
Coral Bay. The return trip will be via Shark Bay, Kalbarri and                            new member rebate from the Ulysses head office.
Jurien Bay.                                                                               This will be followed up again.
                                                                             Brian Collet Fines time! As usual Brian had his little black
Anyone interested in going should contact Brian                                           book out and was busy fining everyone for their
Collet on 97562040                                                                        rather small misdemeanours. Some how the fine
                                                                                          has been raised from 50 cents to $1.00 and of
                                                                                          course Brian once again ended up contributing
                                                                                          the most. This was also without the fact that he
                                                                                          was recently showing off in front of his grand

       Thank you!                                                                         kids on his trail bike. Riding in thongs –
                                                                                          SHAME SHAME!! – and manage to drop the
                                                                                          bike. Great example for the kids Brian!
To all of our fellow Ulyssians a great big thank you for the get
well wishes, flowers, cards, phone calls, visits to me both in the
hospital and at home. A special thank you to Vicki and Joan
who made up some soups and casseroles for us and they have
proved a boon on those days when I am unwell. The
chemotherapy knocks me about a bit for a while, but at the end
of the six months of treatment I will be celebrating. I miss being
on the rides and also appreciate the many messages of best
wishes passed on to Leon at these times. It just goes to show
what a great group of people we are and the depth of care for
someone who is not quite up to par.

Hugs to you all. - Liz Whelan.

                                                   5th February 2003
Glyniss       Financial Report – At present $520.31 in the
              bank with a further $200.00 from the ride raffles
              to be banked. Tradelink will also be adding
              another $200.00 for their sponsorship and
Brian Collett Bunbury Ulysses Flags – Brian showed a sample
              of a small sized ( 300mm x 600mm ) flag suitable
              to put on your bike. It is a double sided black
              flag with the Old Man logo in white and
              BUNBURY W.A. in red. Cost is $35.00 each.
              Contact Brian on 97562040 to order one.

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