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					Volkswagen Touareg Laser SB3 Grand Prix - Sunderland

This second event in the Volkswagen Touareg Laser SB3 Grand Prix Series 2008 is to be hosted
by Sunderland Yacht Club, over the weekend of 24th/25th/26th May 2008.

Sunderland Yacht Club is situated on the sea front at the mouth of the River Wear, at the
root of the Old North Pier and overlooking the harbour entrance. The general racing area is
just offshore of the harbour entrance, is accessible at all states of the tide and provides
racing on the North Sea coast in a bay with relatively even tides. Subject to the wind
direction this racing area is about 15 minutes sailing time from the yacht club moorings and
the marina, although with an offshore wind the start area may be the length of the course

Pre-event Information

At present it is intended that racing during the Sunderland Grand Prix will take place on:
Saturday, 24th May 2007, first race 1155hrs, 3 races,
Sunday, 25th May 2007, 4 races, and
Monday, 26th May 2007, 2 races.
No race sequence will start after 1400hrs on Monday, 26th May 2008.

It is anticipated that facilities to test sail and demonstrate the Laser SB3 will be offered to
surrounding yacht club members during Friday, 23rd May 2008, and after racing on each

Pontoon berthing will be provided close to Sunderland Yacht Club in Sunderland Marina,
The event entry fee will include mooring fees for the weekend.
Several launching facilities are available:
          Club crane – with access at all stages of the tide,
          Slipway – courtesy of Sunderland Marina, at the entrance to the marina, and
          Subject to number of entries an additional crane may be brought in and operated
          directly into the marina basin.
It is intended that volunteers will be available to provide launching using the club crane from
midday on Friday, 4th May 2007. Competitors arriving earlier than this time will be helped to
launch using the club crane but should contact John Outhwaite (07760 136544) to agree a
crane time.
The event entry fee will include launch at the start of the event and recovery after the event.

Parking and Trailer storage:
Sunderland City Council has kindly agreed an allocation of an area in the seafront car park
next to the Yacht Club, sufficient to provide parking and storage for trailers during the event.

Parking Between Sunderland GP and Largs National Championships
If boat owners would like to leave boats and/or cars in the NE of England after the
Sunderland event and before the Largs event please contact John Outhwaite (07760 136544
as soon as possible.

Food and Refreshments
Food and refreshments are available in the Sunderland Yacht Club galley and the bar will be

Travel to Sunderland:
Air – regular flights to :
        Newcastle airport, - EasyJet, Ryanair, FlyBE, Jet2,
               British Airways, Eastern Airways;
        Durham Tees Valley airport, - Ryanair, BMI.
        Collection of passengers from either airport may be possible; again please contact
               John Outhwaite (07760 136544).
Train – direct to Sunderland or East Coast mainline to Newcastle upon Tyne (direct Metro
               train connection to Sunderland).
Road – excellent road system via the A1 and A19 provides dual-carriageway to within 2 miles
        of the Yacht Club.

Directions to Sunderland Yacht Club:
From the A19:
        Leave the A19 at the A1231 junction and drive East.
        Follow the brown tourist signs for 'National Glass Centre'.
        After a few miles you will reach the roundabout off which the Glass Centre is located (the sign
        for the Glass Centre is black on white).
        Go straight on.
        Turn right at the next roundabout to 'Beach'.
        Go to the bottom of the hill then turn right at the yellow shed. You are now facing Sunderland
        Yacht Club.
See the map at the end of this document.

Weather forecasts:
South Shields live weather
Sunderland BBC forecast
Met Office Inshore
Wind Guru, Blyth beach

Chandlers and Boat repairs:
Storrar Marine, Newcastle
Trident, Gateshead
Ovington Boats    

Sailmakers and repairs:
Storrar Marine, Newcastle
Trident, Gateshead   


Limited camping and parking for camper vans is available on the Yacht Club site, on a first
come first served basis subject to space; please contact the Yacht Club.

City Council list:

          Lemonfield Hotel                     1.1 mile
          Mayfield Hotel                       1.1 mile
          Sunderland Marriott Hotel            1.1 mile
          Tavistock Roker Hotel                ½ mile
          Premier Travel Inn (Sunderland NW)
          Premier Travel Inn (Sunderland W)

Guest Houses:
       Abingdon Guest House                    ½ mile
       Anchor Lodge                            ½ mile
       April Guest House                       ½ mile
       Areldee & Abbey Guest House             ½ mile
       Ashborne Guest House                    ½ mile
       Balmoral Guest House                    ½ mile
       Belmont                                 ½ mile
       Brendon Park Guest House                0.8 mile
       Terrace Guest House                     ½ mile
       The Chaise Guest House                  ½ mile

Self catering:
        Parkside                               0.6 mile
        22 Topcliff                            1.0 mile
        Mill View                              2.5 miles
        University of Sunderland               3.0 miles

For those with a partner in need pampering: than
7 miles from the Yacht Club, Seaham Hall is said to be the leading luxury hotel and spa
destination resort in Northern England. AA Hotel of the Year 2004, it is a place to ‘indulge
yourself where service is founded on instinctive hospitality, where the food is pure delight and
where quality and attention to detail keep us awake at night, not you’. Linked to the hotel
by a magical underground walkway, The Serenity Spa is oriental in design and inspired by
Feng Shui. Voted Best Spa for Style by The Sunday Times and Best UK Spa Destination by
Conde Nast Traveller, The Serenity Spa offers over forty five different treatments. Together
they provide the indulgence of a luxury boutique hotel and a unique oriental spa resort.
Compare it with what you sampled in Monaco!

Attractions local to Sunderland:
        Sunderland City Visitors Guide:
        Sunderland City Council:    

       attractions include galleries, museums, theatres and the National Glass Centre,

       attractions include a working windmill, and the North East Aircraft Museum.

       attractions include bowling, carting and greyhound racing


       The Bridges
       Metro Centre

Newcastle and Gateshead are easily accessible by road (18 miles) or by Metro trains.

                                             Yacht Club


                        National Glass