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									                                                                                                                                               April 1, 2005

              H TLINE
  A Bulletin of Career, Educational, and Reentry Information and Opportunities for RPCVs

                                                                 Résumé Challenge:
     RESOURCES                                     Matching Peace Corps Skills with Employers’ Needs
                                                                                                  Thomas R. Dezell
                                                                                        Certified Professional Résumé Writer
      Career Event

 May 18—Washington, D.C.                            eturned Peace Corps Volun-          seeking. The more informed you are          mented and how they affected the
                                                     teers often face an obstacle       about the requirements of a particular      community. This demonstrates to an
             See page 8
                                                     similar to that of military per-   position, the easier it will be to relate   employer your ability to be success-
                                            sonnel completing their tours and re-       your Peace Corps experiences to these       ful in the most technologically chal-
                                            entering the job market in the United       requirements. Do not assume an em-          lenged situation.
                                            States. Employers immediately have          ployer will make that connection.
       Returned                             an appreciation for their service, but                                                  Step 2. Objective vs. Summary.
 Peace Corps Volunteer                      unless the particular employer has      Job postings, position descriptions, and        Each résumé typically opens with a
                                            served in either sector, he or she may  resources from the U.S. Department of           section outlining the objective or
        FAQs                                not be able to relate the candidate’s   Labor, such as the Occupational Out-            overall qualifications of the job can-
                                            skills to their immediate personnel     look Handbook, provide a good start to          didate. This section often determines
                                            needs. This often shifts the burden of  obtain information about the qualifica-         how much of the résumé will be read.
   To answer your frequently                proof on the résumé writer to demon-    tions and skills needed for particular
    asked questions, such as                strate how his or her experiences trans-jobs. Do not limit yourself to these.           When addressing the merits of an
                                            late to the employer’s needs.           Talk to as many people as possible who          objective vs. a qualifications sum-
    “How can I get assistance                                                       work in your targeted field. Ask them           mary, I’ll quote’s
       with financial and                   Résumé as a Marketing                   for specific information on which skills        ResumeWizard’s take on each. The
       medical issues?”                     Document                                are necessary for the jobs or fields that       ResumeWizard points out that an ob-
                                            Any job seeker must first understand you seek.                                          jective (generally one to two lines)
 “How can I get a copy of my                exactly what a résumé’s purpose is.                                                     can usually serve only to tell the
description of service (DOS)?”              Fundamentally, it is a marketing docu- Collect “Inside” Information                     reader which job the candidate seeks.
                                            ment. I like to use the analogy of a Also, talk to employees at the organiza-           A qualifications summary is longer
   “How can I stay connected                marketing brochure. Good marketing tion at which you wish to apply. They                (five to eight lines) and, therefore,
    with the Peace Corps?”                  brochures target particular customers can not only tell you which general               provides a much better opportunity
                                            and address their needs. The goal is skills are required for the job, but also          to demonstrate what the candidate
           visit                            usually to generate some type of ac- may be able to provide valuable insight            can do for the organization. Custom-                tion from the customer, such as a into the organization’s hiring prefer-                ize this section for each targeted em-
                                            store visit or a test drive.            ences, the department’s culture, and the        ployer based on what you know about
                                                                                    supervisor’s work style. Imagine how            his or her needs.
Peace Corps HOTLINE                         The “customer” for a job seeker is a impressive you’ll be in your interview
                                            potential employer, and the goal of a when you’ve prepared for it with this             While bullet statements are effective
            Patricia Licata                 résumé is to obtain a job interview. “inside” information.                              for the remainder of the résumé, this
Manager, Returned Volunteer Services
                                            Résumés that are written specifically                                                   is one section that works better in
                                            for the employer’s needs are the most For example, suppose you helped launch            paragraph format. Paragraph format
          Heather Groome                    likely to result in interviews.         a computer center in Armenia and you                                Continued on page 5
          Editorial Assistant
Admin. Ass’t, Returned Volunteer Services                                           are now seeking employment in the
                                            Formulated with the RPCV in mind, information technology (IT) field. If
  To place job announcements, visit           the following tips should help make you found out from various sources that                Lillian Carter Award
              or contact                    this task easier for you.               a particular employer performs a large
             Peace Corps                                                            amount of consulting to new IT users,                    Call for entries
     Returned Volunteer Services            Step 1. Research. This step is ex- indicate in your résumé the unsophisti-
       Phone: 202.692.1430 or
       800.424.8580, ext. 1430              tremely important. Find out as much cated technology conditions you ini-
   E-mail:                                                                                                                 See page 8
                                            as you can regarding the required tially faced in this assignment. Then
         Fax: 202.692.1421
                                            skills and abilities of the job you are stress the system upgrades you imple-

                                              “We need men who can dream of things that never were.”—John F. Kennedy
                                                             ness of Peace Corps programs; provides presentations         *CAMPUS RECRUITER · Columbus, OH
              PUBLIC SECTOR                                  to student and community groups; evaluates applica-          Position available at Ohio State University, 20 hours/
                                                             tions and conducts interviews; maintains a working           week, nine months/year. Duties: designs and imple-
CHEMIST, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST,                            relationship with the Dallas regional Peace Corps of-        ments recruitment plan to increase awareness of Peace
AND CHEMICAL ENGINEER • DC                                   fice; submits reports and recruitment plans. Qualifica-      Corps programs; provides presentations to student and
Positions available with the United States Environ-          tions: B.A./B.S.; excellent communication skills; ini-       community groups; evaluates applications and con-
mental Protection Agency, Toxics Release Inventory           tiative and ability to work without close supervision.       ducts interviews; establishes and maintains a working
program. Duties: analyze and track toxic chemical            Compensation: monthly stipend; graduate students may         relationship with the Chicago regional Peace Corps
releases in the environment and the potential impact         be eligible for tuition waivers; campus office and           office. Qualifications: enrolled at Ohio State Univer-
on human health or the environment. Qualifications:          administrative resources; use of staff car. Position         sity, preferably in a natural resource or agriculture-
B.S., B.A., or M.S. in chemistry, chemical engineer-         begins 7/1/2005. RPCVs are given priority consider-          related area (College of Food, Agriculture, and Envi-
ing, or environmental chemistry, or degreed by               ation. Send letter of interest, résumé, and two letters of   ronmental Sciences); must be an RPCV; excellent
6/2005; good written and oral communication skills;          reference to Ms. Nani Pybus, School of International         communication skills; initiative and ability to work
team player; energetic and motivated; passion to use         Studies, 204 Wes Watkins Center, Stillwater, OK 74078;       without close supervision. Compensation: assistant-
skills and talents to protect the environment. Salary:       phone: 405.744.5662; fax: 405.744.8973; e-mail:              ship salary includes tuition waiver plus monthly sti-
$35K–56K with benefits and promotion opportuni-    ; website:         pend. Position begins 9/2005. Deadline: 5/1/2005.
ties. Send cover letter and résumé to Dr. Stephen C.         sis/pc/openjob.htm.                                          Send letter of interest, résumé, and two letters of
DeVito, U.S. EPA (mail code 2844T), 1200 Pennsyl-                                                                         reference to Dr. Mark Erbaugh, 113 Agriculture Ad-
vania Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20460.                      PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER • Bay Area, CA                         ministration Building, 2120 Fyffe Road, Columbus,
                                                             Position available with the Oakland Teaching Fellows.        OH 43210; phone: 614.292.7252; fax: 614.292.1757;
AGRICULTURAL STEWARDSHIP                                     Duties: teaches science, math, and special education in      e-mail:
COORDINATOR • Riverhead, NY                                  the city’s under-performing classrooms. Neither prior
Position available with Cornell Cooperative Exten-           coursework in education nor teaching experience re-
sion Suffolk County. Duties: provides leadership in          quired. Qualifications: B.A./B.S.; minimum 2.75 GPA;                     PRIVATE SECTOR
the planning, delivery, and evaluation of the agricul-       legal to work in the United States; strong written and
tural stewardship program. Qualification: M.S. Send          oral communication skills. Benefits: intensive pre-          COMMUNITY ORGANIZER • Billings, MT
résumé to PA#367, Box 26, Kennedy Hall, Cornell U,           service training with stipend; network of talented, com-     Position available with the Northern Plains Resource
Ithaca, NY 14853; website:              mitted new teachers; path to California teaching cre-        Council. Duties: helps organize Montana citizens
careerops/pa367.htm.                                         dential while teaching; teacher’s salary and benefits.       to protect water quality, their family farms and ranches,
                                                             For more information and application, visit                  and their unique quality of life. Qualifications: good
VEGETABLE AND NATURAL RESOURCES                                                  people skills; desire to make a difference; political,
EDUCATOR • Warsaw, NY                                                                                                     volunteer, or nonprofit experience. Salary: $20K–35K
Position available with Cornell Cooperative Exten-           VARIOUS EDUCATION POSITIONS •                                with health insurance, four-week vacation,
sion Wyoming County. Duties: provides leadership             New York City                                                pension, and a sabbatical program. For information
for planning, implementation, and evaluation of ex-          Positions available with the N.Y.C. Department of            and to apply, call 406.248.1154; website:
tension educational programs in vegetables and natu-         Education for teachers, guidance counselors, social
ral resources. Qualification: M.S. Send résumé to            workers, paraprofessionals, and secretaries for College
PA#366, Box 26, Kennedy Hall, Cornell U, Ithaca,             Board Schools. Five new N.Y.C. public schools, grades        FINANCIAL EDUCATOR • Philadelphia
NY 14853; website:            6–12, are being developed in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and        Positions available with Primerica Financial Services.
pa366.htm.                                                   Queens by the College Board, N.Y.C. Department of            Duties: teach basic money management skills to poor
                                                             Education, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and        and middle-income families. For information and to
CAMPUS RECRUITER • Stillwater, OK                            the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. Qualifica-            apply, call Paul Castan at 215.816.0964.
Position available at Oklahoma State University, 20          tions: must meet New York City and New York State
hours/week for a 12-month contract. Duties: designs          requirements for certification in subject areas. Apply at    ACTIONS–RECRUITING COORDINATOR • DC
and implements recruitment plan to increase aware-                               Position available with Greenpeace. Duties: contrib-
                                                                                                                          utes to the development of the action team’s tactical

                                                                                                                          capabilities to achieve campaign objectives; respon-
                                                                                                                          sible for team productivity; develops, implements, and
                                                                                                                          oversees recruitment and development to ensure avail-
                                                                                                                          ability of activists for nonviolent direct-action training
                                                                                                                          and further development; liaises with the actions-
         GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP/PEACE CORPS RECRUITMENT • University Park, PA                                             training coordinator in preparing and identifying ac-
         Pennsylvania State University offers a graduate assistantship. Duties: promotes and disseminates                 tivists for further development through the Greenpeace
         information related to Peace Corps opportunities and assists candidates through the entire application           U.S.A. training program; coordinates special events,
         process; develops, organizes, and implements recruitment activities, including information sessions and          protests, investigations, and direct actions; uses these
         special events; participates in career fairs in assigned region; conducts preliminary interviews and             events to recruit and develop activists. Salary: starting
         forwards applicants to regional recruiting office; prepares periodic activity and evaluative reports.            at $40K. Send cover letter, résumé, and salary require-
         Qualifications: must be a returned Peace Corps Volunteer; must be accepted into a graduate program               ments to Toni Wright at
         at Pennsylvania State University. This part-time position, 20 hours/week, will run from 8/15/2005 to             (Include job title in the subject line.) Website:
         5/12/2006. Send cover letter and résumé to Catherine S. Dufour, Associate Director for Recruiting and  
         Employer Relations, Penn State University, 235 MBNA Career Services Center, University Park, PA
         16802; e-mail:; phone: 814.863.0225.                                                            MENTAL HEALTH THERAPIST • Portland, OR
                                                                                                                          Position available with Morrison Child and Family
         PROGRAM ASSISTANT • DC                                                                                           Services. Qualifications: M.A./M.S. in social work or
         Position available with International Foundation for Election Systems. Duties: reviews and submits field         related field; experience in family, group, and indi-
         expense reports and consultant payments to the program officer for approval. Qualifications: B.S./B.A.           vidual therapy required; bilingual in Spanish and En-
         with one year of experience in international development or related field; foreign language skills and           glish is preferred. For more information and to apply,
         experience with the Asia region preferred; introductory program experience preferred; experienced with           visit; fax: 503.736.9759;
         Microsoft Excel and Word; familiarity with USAID regulations preferred; detail oriented; excellent               e-mail:
         organizational skills; ability to prioritize, take direction, and meet deadlines; strong oral and written
         communicator; good problem-solving skills; team oriented. Send résumé and cover letter, referencing              CASE MANAGER • DC
         #20-05 PA-Asia in the subject line, to                                                            Position available with La Clínica del Pueblo, a free,
                                                                                                                          nonprofit health clinic serving Latinos and others in
Page 2                                                                                                   * indicates this announcement has appeared in previous issues of HOTLINE.
Washington, D.C. Duties: provides case management            budgeting, financial management, and foreign lan-         e-mail:;               website:
services to clients living with HIV/AIDS; provides           guage skills preferred. Submit cover letter, CV, salary
quality patient care and patient satisfaction. Qualifica-    requirements, and three references to
tions: B.A. in social work or related field; two years’, with “International Project         EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR • Thoreau, NM
experience in related work; bilingual reading and            Manager” in the subject line.                             Position available with the Gathering Place. Duties:
writing proficiency in Spanish and English is required;                                                                provides overall leadership of programs in health,
two years’ experience working with Latino commu-             MAINTENANCE LEAD • Bend, OR                               literacy, and economic development in rural north-
nity is required. Writing samples will be requested          Position available with the Cascade Science School.       western New Mexico; manages day-to-day operations
at time of interview. Deadline: 4/8/2005. Salary:            Duties: supports education through effective mainte-      for the organization. Qualifications: excellent organi-
$33,178–39,813. Send résumé to;              nance, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical,         zational, marketing, financial management, and
fax: 202.332.0085.                                           and automotive work with camp facilities and equip-       fundraising skills, including proposal writing; good
                                                             ment; assists with the development, planning, and         written and oral communication skills; experience
OUTREACH/DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR • DC                           execution of Oregon Museum of Science and Industry        with grass-roots organizing and/or nonprofit manage-
Position available with Shaw EcoVillage Project (SEV),       science camp programs. Qualifications: three or more      ment; excellent strategic thinking and computer skills;
a nonprofit that trains youth to be catalysts for sustain-   years’ experience in maintenance, construction,           cross-cultural staff management and supervision ex-
able change in Washington, D.C., urban neighbor-             or other relevant profession; thorough knowledge of       perience. Salary: $30K–40K. Send letter of interest,
hoods. Duties: responsible for fundraising, outreach,        facility maintenance, including plumbing, electrical,     résumé, and writing sample to The Gathering Place,
and administration. Qualifications: B.A./B.S. in re-         carpentry, painting, and janitorial; basic knowledge      attn: Search Committee, 4531 Bliss Avenue, El Paso,
lated field; two years’ relevant work experience; self-      of word processing systems; excellent driving record.     TX 79903; e-mail:; website:
directed; able to balance multiple tasks; excellent          Send résumé and cover letter to Tim Nortz,      
written, oral, and visual communication skills; bilin-       OMSI Science Camps, 16125 Skyliners Road, Bend,
gual in English and Spanish preferred. Salary: $34K–         OR 97701; phone: 541.382.1771; e-mail:                    CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS •
38K with benefits. Send cover letter, résumé, and three; Website:             Various locations
references to Outreach and Development Director              info/employment.                                          Positions available with the Girl Scout Councils in
Position, Shaw EcoVillage, 1701 6th Street, NW,                                                                        Tallahassee, Fla.; Plattsburgh, N.Y.; Huron, S.D.; and
Washington, DC 20001; phone: 202.265.8899; e-mail:           STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM                                  Savannah, Ga. Duties: lead council to meet the needs                                    COORDINATOR • Baltimore                                   of girls ages five to 17 through high quality programs
                                                             Position available with American Field Service (AFS).     and support systems; management of communica-
CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER •                                    Duties: works with AFS volunteers to meet established     tions, finance, planning, fundraising, human resources,
New Prague, MN                                               host family, send Americans abroad, and volunteer         property, volunteers, diversity, membership develop-
Position available with Midwest Assistance Program,          recruitment goals; works closely with team manager to     ment, and programs. Qualifications: relevent experi-
Inc. Duties: provides visionary and strategic leader-        develop and implement AFS-area team and chapter           ence and degree required. For information and to
ship to propel the organization to next level; helps rural   development activities, school relations initiatives,     apply, specifying council of interest, write to Robert
communities improve their environment and quality of         and hosting recruitment strategies; works regular of-     Perodeau, principal, The Executive Source–J Walter
life and remain self-sustaining. Qualifications: M.A./       fice hours, some evening and weekend hours expected;      Thompson Specialized Communications, PO Box
M.S. in public administration, nonprofit management,         travel up to 40 percent of the time. Qualifications:      412, Haddonfield, NJ 08033-0412; fax: 800.451.1451;
association management, or related discipline; ten           experience living abroad; experience working with         e-mail:
years’ experience in rural or community development.         volunteers and developing volunteer teams; experi-
Salary: $76,443–88,166 with benefits. To apply, visit        ence with marketing programs; strong interpersonal        PROGRAM COORDINATOR, HEALTH; address: Joyce Anderson, MAP,               skills. Send résumé to Jenny Davis at     PROMOTIONS • Bethesda, MD
Inc., PO Box 81, New Prague, MN 56071.                                                                                 Position available with Suburban Hospital Healthcare
                                                             SPANISH TEACHER • Falls Church, VA                        System. Duties: coordinates, develops, and conducts
PROGRAM OFFICER • DC                                         Part-time position available with the Center for          health promotion programs for local residents and
Position available with the Academy for Educational          Multicultural Human Services. Duties: provides be-        businesses; develops and implements new wellness
Development. Duties: develops and implements aca-            ginner-level Spanish instruction, with an emphasis on     programs, including format, participant materials,
demic and training programs for the Africa and Asia/         social service vocabulary, to groups of no more than 10   instructor guidelines, and logistics; establishes and
Near East regions and places and monitors USAID              students. Qualifications: native language ability in      conducts program marketing strategies for community
participants and other trainees from various countries.      Spanish; professional proficiency in English; must        and corporate work sites; conducts on- and off-site
Qualifications: B.A. required; M.A. preferred; five          have experience teaching Spanish; excellent interper-     health screenings; may coordinate and/or conduct
years’ relevant experience or three years’ experience        sonal skills; comfortable in a multicultural working      health-related seminars for business and community
with an M.A., preferably in international education;         environment. Salary: $25/hour. Submit résumé to Cen-      groups; assists with development and implementation
fluency in French required; fluency in Arabic pre-           ter for Multicultural Human Services, Ellen Klene,        of hospital community education programs,
ferred; USAID experience; experience in Africa and           701 W. Broad Street, Suite 305, Falls Church, VA          community outreach partnerships, health fairs, and
Asia. Salary: $45K. For information, visit                   22046; fax: 703.237.2083; e-mail:        special events. Qualifications: B.A./M.A. in health To apply, send cover letter and résumé,                                                                   education, public health; proficient in Spanish,
referencing CS5058PC, to; address:            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT/OUTDOOR                          Chinese, or other language; excellent interpersonal,
AED, 1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington,                SCHOOL REGISTRAR • Portland, OR                           communication, and customer service skills;
DC 20009; fax: 202.884.8413.                                 Position available with the Oregon Museum of Science      familiarity with health and fitness needs of geriatric,
                                                             and Industry (OMSI) science camps. Duties: provides       adult, and adolescent age groups. Salary: $30–40K.
PROJECT MANAGER • DC                                         administrative support to senior science camps staff;     Fax cover letter and résumé to Philip Ostrander at
Position available with the QED Group, LLC. Duties:          manages science camps’ administrative office; handles     301.897.1339; phone:301.896.3572; e-mail:
provides administrative and technical backstopping           outdoor science school income; schedules, promotes,
for a portfolio of projects; advises on the establishment    and facilitates delivery of outdoor science school
of field management and financial management sys-            programs; provides logistic support for summer camp       RESIDENCE HALL DIRECTOR • Seattle
tems; provides guidance on troubleshooting project           programs. Qualifications: two or more years’              Position available with Seattle University. Duties:
management issues; ensures appropriate project finan-        administrative support experience; B.A./B.S.; relevant    provides leadership and direction to a residential com-
cial management; assists with project invoicing; de-         coursework or on-the-job training; excellent              munity that fosters student learning and development,
velops divisional financial progress reports; prepares       driving record; ability to get commercial driver’s li-    contributes to a vital and engaged student experience,
budgets. Qualifications: five years’ work experience;        cense; residential camp experience preferred. Send        and promotes Seattle University’s mission; reports to
demonstrated knowledge of USAID and federal acqui-           résumé and cover letter to Travis Southworth-             the director of residential learning communities of
sition regulation; project and financial management          Neumeyer, OMSI Science Camps, 1945 SE Water               housing and residence life; responsible for assisting
expertise; experience supporting field operations; un-       Avenue, Portland, OR 97214; fax: 503.239.7838;            with the design and implementation of a newly concep-
dergraduate or advanced degree in a relevant field;                                                                    tualized international house; supervises and develops
                                                                                                                                                                        Page 3
   Peace Corps Fellows/USA works with nearly 40 universities that offer financial assistance to RPCVs who wish to attend graduate
   school and work in underserved U.S. communities. Below is a partial list of universities and subject areas. For the complete list,
   visit; call 800.424.8580, ext. 1440; or write to

 University of Arizona                                      urban anthropology, and nonprofit management. Dr.           University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
 Tucson, AZ                                                 Marla Nelson, phone: 504.280.3110; e-mail:                  Stevens Point, WI
 Criminal justice, community development, environ-                                            Fields relating to the environment, including natural re-
 ment, health, nonprofit finance, public policy, and                                                                    sources, forestry, environmental education, youth pro-
 more. Georgia Ehlers, phone: 520.621.9103; e-mail:         University of North Texas                                   gramming, land-use planning, wildlife, soil and water                                  Denton, TX                                                  science. Dr. Michael Dombeck, phone: 715.346.3946;
                                                            Anthropology, applied economics, applied gerontol-          e-mail: or Dr. Tim Ginnett,
 University of Cincinnati                                   ogy, environmental science, public administration, so-      phone: 715.346.4191; e-mail:
 Cincinnati, OH                                             cial work, sociology, urban geography, volunteer man-
 Economic development planning, environmental plan-         agement. Dr. Stan Ingman, phone: 940.565.2298;              University of Wyoming
 ning, international development planning, physical         e-mail:                                 Laramie, WY
 planning, urban design. Dr. Johanna Looye, phone:                                                                      American studies with concentration in education, geog-
 513.556.4943;                 University of Oregon                                        raphy, history, or literature. Dr. Eric Sandeen, phone:
                                                            Eugene, OR                                                  307.766.3898; e-mail:
 University of Denver                                       Community and regional planning. Megan Smith, phone:
 Denver, CO                                                 541.346.3881; e-mail:           Western Illinois University
 International administration; international business                                                                   Macomb, IL
 transactions; international development; international     University of South Carolina                                Business administration; economics; geography; political
 human rights; international studies; international secu-   Columbia, SC                                                science; recreation, park, and tourism administration.
 rity; global finance, trade, and economic integration.     Multidisciplinary program (written/oral proficiency in      Carolyn Lawrence, e-mail:; phone:
 Andrew Burns, phone: 303.871.2544; e-mail:                 Spanish required). Dr. Wendy Sellers Campbell, phone:       309.298.2268.                                            803.777.8879; e-mail:
                                                                                                                        Western New Mexico University
 University of Maryland-Baltimore                           International business administration. Reena                Gallup, NM
 Baltimore, MD                                              Lichtenfeld, phone: 803.777.6749; e-mail:                   Elementary, secondary, or special education, counseling,
 Social work with dual-degree options in Jewish stud-                                      educational leadership. Julie Horwitz, phone:
 ies, law, business administration, and public health.                                                                  505.722.3389; e-mail:
 Dick Cook, phone: 410.706.1882; e-mail:                    University of Vermont                                    Burlington, VT                                              Wichita State University
                                                            Community and economic development; entrepreneur-           Wichita, KS
 University of Maryland-Baltimore County                    ship; environment; agriculture; applied economics;          Teacher education: middle and secondary grades, art,
 Shriver Peaceworker Program                                management; strategic planning; marketing; public           music, English, French, Spanish, biology, chemistry, phys-
 Baltimore, MD                                              policy; health care; leadership; international public       ics, math, TESOL (if already teacher-certified), compre-
 All programs of University of Maryland-Baltimore           administration; human resources; budgeting/finance;         hensive social studies, special education (if already teacher-
 County: education, policy, applied sociology,              organizational development; information technology.         certified). Dr. Judith Hayes, phone: 316.978.6580;
 intercultural communications, etc. Select consortium       Edward R. McMahon, phone: 802.656.4565; e-mail:             e-mail:
 programs: social work (MSW), urban studies, nonprofit
 management, etc. Joby Taylor, phone: 410.455.6398;                                                                     Xavier University of Louisiana
 e-mail:                              University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee                           New Orleans, LA
                                                            Milwaukee, WI                                               Fast Track to Teaching Program for those interested in
 University of New Orleans                                  Business administration, economics, geography, his-         teaching math, science, or special education. Dr. Rosalind
 New Orleans, LA                                            tory, sociology, urban studies. Lisa Williams, phone:       Pijeaux Hale, phone: 504.520.7498; e-mail:
 Public administration, urban planning and urban stud-      414.229.6155; e-mail:             
 ies with concentrations in housing/community devel-
 opment, land use/environment, historic preservation,

paraprofessional staff and facilitates faculty and staff    years’ experience in this role; B.S. in accounting,         tions (CPA, etc.) are preferred; public accounting
involvement in the residence hall. Qualifications: M.A.     finance, or international business is required; CPA         experience and nonprofit exposure preferred; interna-
in higher education, college student personnel, or re-      certification preferred. For information and to apply,      tional experience handling global income and payroll
lated field is strongly preferred; two years’ previous      visit                                      tax issues are preferred. For information and to apply,
experience in housing or other student development                                                                      visit
setting. This is a 12-month, live-in position. Salary:      DIRECTOR, FINANCIAL PROJECT
$30K. For information and to apply, visit https://          PLANNING • Americus, GA                                     CONSERVATION LAND CARETAKER •                                          Position available with Habitat for Humanity. Duties:       Martha’s Vineyard, MA
                                                            manages special financial projects and planning, in-        Seasonal position available with Martha’s Vineyard
GRANT COMPLIANCE MANAGER •                                  cluding research, planning, developing, and imple-          Land Bank. Duties: caretaker for an 11-acre, secluded
Americus, GA                                                menting the following: Patriot Act, Habitat registra-       preservation. Qualifications: ability to live in a
Position available with Habitat for Humanity. Duties:       tion issues, Jordan national office audit, allocation of    rustic setting; public relations skills; self-motivated;
ensures the organization complies with all relevant         expenses, area and regional office cost analysis, busi-     environmental science knowledge. Salary:
grant provisions and regulations; documents, main-          ness process re-engineering, and other duties. Qualifi-     $9.50/hour. For information and to apply, e-mail
tains, and ensures compliance with all internal control     cations: expert knowledge of generally accepted ac-; phone: 508.627.7141.
procedures related to government grants; provides           counting principles and financial analysis; excellent
expert advice on compliance as managers plan new            analytical skills; minimum seven years’ of progres-         TAX COMPLIANCE OFFICER • Americus, GA
grants. Qualifications: thorough knowledge of gov-          sively responsible positions within finance manage-         Position available with Habitat for Humanity. Duties:
ernment grant accounting/compliance, preferably with        ment roles is required; B.S. in accounting, finance, or     ensures organization complies with all international
HUD and/or USAID grants; must have five or more             international business; M.B.A. and business certifica-      standards for nonprofit organizations, including pay-

 Page 4                                                                                                * indicates this announcement has appeared in previous issues of HOTLINE.
                                                             Continued from page 1
roll and income tax regulations for local and national
                                                             allows for more of a flow to summarize your           Select the most relevant Peace Corps project you
offices; works closely with outside consulting firms,
                                                             qualifications. If working from a job posting,        had and document the skills from these. If you had
providing international assignee services; prepares all
                                                             make sure the summary addresses as many as            several projects, select the two or three that would
payroll-related federal and state regulatory filings;
handles international payroll issues. Qualifications:        possible—if not all—of the job’s requirements         best demonstrate what you want conveyed. Remem-
B.A., preferably in accounting or finance; minimum of        (if true, of course).                                 ber that the résumé’s review will be short, and
three to five years’ corporate tax experience; graduate                                                            readers relate best to skills they have a need for. The
degrees and certifications (CPA, CMA) preferred;             Résumés are often viewed in less than 20 sec-         résumé should not serve as your autobiography.
international tax experience preferred. For informa-         onds. The faster the reviewer determines that the
tion and to apply, visit                    candidate meets all the job’s requirements, the       Step 4. Format. At every résumé seminar I conduct,
                                                             more favorably the résumé will be evaluated.          I quote a recent Fortune Magazine survey that asked
NURSE CASE MANAGER • DC                                      Though it requires extra work and research to         2,500 recruiters nationwide for the biggest problems
Part-time position available with L’Arche, Inc. Duties:      personalize each résumé, the effort will pay off in   they saw in the résumés they reviewed. The number
works with adults with developmental disabilities            the number of interviews received.                    one problem was poor formatting.
(DD) in a faith-community setting; supervises del-
egated nursing functions; oversees medical care; con-        Step 3. Documenting Experience. First, title          Therefore, it’s important to set up every section the
ducts training for two homes that serve nine adults.                                                               same way, with headings capitalized and bolded.
                                                             this section “Professional Experience” rather than
Qualifications: must be licensed in D.C.; minimum                                                                  Maintain consistent spacing between headings and
                                                             “Employment” or “Work History.” While it is a
one year of nursing experience in community health
                                                             common practice to separate volunteer experi-         each section. Select one style typeface for the entire
and/or care of DD adults is preferred. Position
                                                             ence from employment experience, it is some-          résumé. Use bullets for descriptive phrases. I know
begins immediately. Send résumé to L’Arche, PO
                                                             thing that I do not recommend. This unintention-      paragraphs can contain more information, but a
Box 21471, Washington, DC 20009; e-mail:;                 phone:        ally deems volunteer experience as less signifi-      résumé reader can scan through five to six bullet
202.232.4539, ext.14.                                        cant. Calling the section “Professional Experi-       phrases much more easily than five to six lines in a
                                                             ence” allows you to showcase relevant skills          paragraph. Start each bullet phrase with a strong
TEACHERS, COUNSELORS, HEALTH AND                             obtained from all situations.                         action verb, such as “Managed,” or “Conducted.” A
KITCHEN STAFF • Bedford, VA                                                                                        big turn-off are phrases starting with “Responsible
Positions available with Legacy International. Each          Using the STAR Technique                              for...” or “Duties included….”
summer since 1979, a dynamic environment is created          Secondly, keep in mind that a résumé serves as a
that emphasizes experiential learning and challenges         marketing document for you. Do not take up            Step 5. Don’t Overlook. Many résumé writers ne-
teens to turn cross-cultural theory into practical action.   excessive space explaining the mission of the         glect to include information that can be important to
This year, 60 youths from around the world will              Peace Corps (or any employer, school, or group        employers. As the business world becomes increas-
participate. Workshops address issues concerning             you have on the résumé). I am not in any way          ingly global, returned Peace Corps Volunteers should
youth, including war and peace, distribution of re-          diminishing Peace Corps service, but the goal of      not overlook their language and intercultural skills.
sources, prejudice, and the effects of social pressures.                                                           Many job seekers I deal with report increased re-
                                                             the résumé is to get a job interview for you, the
Cultural programming and cooperative living help                                                                   sponses to their résumé once they have documented
                                                             candidate. Interviews will result when employ-
participants learn to respect differences and discover
                                                             ers identify skills and achievements that they        knowledge of multiple languages and foreign cur-
similarities that transcend cultural, religious, and
                                                             need and can relate to.                               rencies, etc.
political barriers. Program runs from 7/5/2005 to
8/10/2005. Residential only, including salary and
room and board. For information and to apply,                Thirdly, focus on the skills you used for each        Flexibility Is Key
visit; e-mail:                    assignment and mention the results. Ask your-         Also, as you network and interview with employers,; phone: 540.297.5982.                   self, “What did I do to make a difference on this     continually evaluate which skills you market. Keep
                                                             assignment?” Document these using the STAR            track of experiences you described that employers
*FUNDRAISER • Various locations                              technique:                                            seem interested in. If two or more employers are
Position available with DialogueDirect. Duties: helps                                                              impressed with a particular aspect of your Peace
coordinate fundraisers to engage the public; informs         Situation faced Task required Action taken Results    Corps experience you did not document on your
public of charity partners; encourages the public to                                                               résumé, go back and make the adjustment.
become supporters; works with charities, such as             Résumé readers see hundreds of rehashed de-
CARE, Plan, Children International, and the World            scriptions for the standard duties of a given         Obviously, all these tips require you to create a
Wildlife Fund. Salary: $500–1,000/week. For infor-           profession. But describing specific achievements      flexible document, one that can be tailored for each
mation and to apply, visit;             will make your résumé unique and stand out            employer. A way to enhance this flexibility is to use
e-mail:                                                                                   tables (with hidden outlines) for groups of bullet
                                                             easily in the stack. (A reader will be able to
                                                             ascertain duties from the described skills and        phrases. This allows changing certain lines without
                                                             achievements.) Use quantification to document         affecting the format of the rest of the résumé. Keep
Positions available with Urban Assembly School of
                                                             results.                                              in mind that while résumé templates are readily
Design and Construction (UASDC). As a theme-based
                                                                                                                   available, they may not be flexible enough to accom-
school, UASDC seeks to infuse aspects of the built
environment into the curriculum whenever possible.           I offer the following examples based on one           modate the constant résumé adjustment needed for
Duties: develop and implement an academically rigor-         RPCV’s experience of breeding goats in Haiti.         good résumé targeting.
ous and interdisciplinary curriculum for ninth and
tenth graders. Qualifications: versatile, energetic, and      Identified goat population as a potential re-        Finally, once your job search ends, the last thing
dedicated. For information and to apply, visit               source for breeding to increase economic devel-       you’ll want to think about as a new employee is your                                               opment for “Village X.”                               résumé (along with job boards, classifieds, etc.).
                                                              Developed breeding program for “Village X,”          This is especially true if you’ve had a lengthy search.
SUMMER OUTDOOR YOUTH LEADERS •                               which increased meat production and generated         While I completely understand this feeling, I strongly
Houston                                                      “$X” in new revenue.                                  recommend you start building the new job’s skills
Positions available with Student Conservation Asso-           Created training packets to instruct “X#” of         and achievements into your résumé as you work into
ciation. Duties: supervise and manage teams of high          additional communities interested in operating        the job. You will greatly appreciate this the next time
school students in six-week summer outdoor service-          a similar program. “Y#” of communities initi-         you need a résumé. In today’s market, you never
learning program; lead teams of six students, ages                                                                 know when this may occur.
                                                             ated the program.
15–18, in a variety of hands-on conservation service
                                     Continued on page 6

                                                                                                                                                                   Page 5
   Crisis Corps Recruiting Short-Term Volunteers
     Ecuador                                                                                                                Thailand
     The Red Cross of Ecuador requests one Crisis Corps       CEMOPLAF requests one Crisis Corps Volunteer for              Mosque and village officials in Mooban Nua re-
     Volunteer to serve a six-month assignment as an HIV/     a six-month assignment as an HIV/AIDS Advisor.                quest two Crisis Corps Volunteers to serve as Project
     AIDS Advisor. Duties: revises and improves HIV           This Volunteer will be assigned to strengthen an HIV/         Managers of a children’s playground. Duties: con-
     pre- and post-test counseling programs in several        AIDS prevention education project proposal. Duties:           duct a needs assessment for the playground, includ-
     provinces; develops communication instruments to         develops strategies, methods, and other communication         ing location, materials, and resources and labor;
     educate clientele on pre- and post-test counseling;      instruments to educate and train youth in taking appro-       prepare and submit a proposal for full funding,
     collaborates with the HIV/AIDS management team in        priate preventive actions; provides coaching in training      including construction materials and playground
     programming; and assists in the monitoring, feed-        methodology with staff; assists staff with the formula-       equipment; plan and implement the construction
     back, and evaluation of the project proposal. Qualifi-   tion of prevention campaigns; assists in the monitoring,      phase; and plan and implement youth activities re-
     cations: public health professional with relevant ad-    feedback, and evaluation of the project proposal and in       volving around the playground. Qualifications:
     vanced degree (M.P.H. preferred); experience work-       development of new evaluation tools; public-health            knowledge of planning and building playgrounds
     ing with HIV/AIDS pre- and post-test counseling;         professional with relevant advanced degree required           and playground equipment; experience with project
     strong organizational skills; professional experience    (M.P.H. preferred); experience working with HIV/              management; successful completion of Peace Corps
     in proposal writing and recommending future actions;     AIDS required; organizational skills required; profes-        service in the Europe, Mediterranean, and Asia re-
     experience in organizational development; Latin or       sional experience in proposal writing and project imple-      gion; ability and willingness to live and work in a
     Central America RPCV; fluent written and oral Span-      mentation required; Latin or Central America RPCV             difficult setting with children who have been se-
     ish; desire to work under Red Cross principles;          required; fluent written and oral Spanish required.           verely traumatized and continue to deal with side
     PLWHA or candidate who has a relative or friend                                                                        effects of the tsunami. Desired qualifications: good
     living with HIV/AIDS is preferred.                                                                                     Thai language skills; experience with resource de-
                                                                                                                            velopment; and experience in organizing and leading
     CEMOPLAF, a nonprofit that provides health and           Jamaica                                                       youth-focused recreational activities.
     family planning services to the Ecuadorian public,
     requests one Crisis Corps Volunteer for a six-month      Jamaican Social Investment Fund requests a Project            Sahathai Foundation Youth Center requests two
     assignment as an HIV/AIDS Counseling and Test-           Officer for a six-month assignment in its operations          Crisis Corps Volunteers to work as Youth Recre-
     ing Program Advisor. Duties: strengthens pre- and        department. Duties: provides technical training and           ational Activities Volunteers in an internally dis-
     post-test counseling services project proposal; devel-   support to staff in the effective use of project funds;       placed persons (IDP) camp in response to the tsu-
     ops strategies, methods, and other communication         facilitates trainings on expenditure justification, monthly   nami. Duties: assist with the direction of youth-
     instruments to educate and train youth about preven-     reporting, project-schedule implementation, external          oriented programs, focusing on music, art, and sports-
     tive actions; provides coaching in training methodol-    contractor management, and contract assessment. Quali-        related activities; identify and develop relationships
     ogy with staff and vulnerable populations; assists       fications: B.A. in civil engineering; project manage-         with community resources to provide needed assis-
     staff with formulation of prevention campaigns; and      ment experience; one year of training experience; abil-       tance with activities; and train local employees to
     assists in the monitoring, feedback, and evaluation of   ity to adapt projects to skills available in the local        manage the program. Qualifications: previous youth-
     the project proposal. Qualifications: public-health      community. Desired qualifications: M.A. in civil engi-        development experience with a focus on activities
     professional with relevant advanced degree (M.P.H.       neering; experience in developing projects from con-          centered around music and sports; ability and will-
     preferred); experience working with HIV/AIDS pre-        cept to completion; demonstrated skills in value engi-        ingness to live and work in a difficult setting with
     and post-test counseling; organizational skills; pro-    neering and cost factors.                                     youth who have been severely traumatized and con-
     fessional experience in proposal writing; Latin or                                                                     tinue to deal with side effects; RPCV from the
     Central America RPCV; fluent written and oral                                                                          Europe, Mediterranean, and Asia region; ability to
     Spanish.                                                                                                               work independently with minimal support; good
                                                                                                                            Thai language skills.

         How to Apply
         For additional assignments and more detailed descriptions of these assignments, including the required qualifications, visit the Crisis Corps website at; or call 202.692.2250 or 1.800.424.8580, ext. 2250. Applications can be downloaded from the website.

     Because of mail delivery difficulties, the Crisis Corps requests that applications and résumés be faxed to 202.692.2251 or e-mailed to

 projects and environmental education activities in Hous-     lead a residential summer camp program for youth ages         cial reporting, tax reporting, and compliance with
 ton-area parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Qualifications:     8–18. Various positions include leading community             general accepted accounting principles regulatory
 minimum 21 years old; valid driver’s license and good        service projects with local nonprofits, leading high          policies; reports to the executive director and pro-
 driving record; experience mentoring youth; basic out-       adventure activities (white-water rafting, horseback          vides financial guidance and analysis on proposed
 door skills. Salary: $2,600 stipend. Positions filled on     riding, hiking, canoeing, climbing, etc.), and/or facili-     projects; reviews internal controls to identify and
 a rolling basis through 4/15/2005. Send résumé to            tating group-building activities. Qualifications: excel-      implement improvements; manages the annual audit;
 Sheryl Wallin, SCA, 5555 Morningside, Suite 212,             lent interpersonal skills and an eagerness to inspire         supervises and mentors a staff of four. Qualifications:
 Houston, TX 77005; e-mail:; fax:          youth. Salary:$1,700–2,500. Send cover letter and             strong knowledge of city and state housing regula-
 713.520.8008; phone: 713.249.5589.                           résumé to Jonathan at; phone:              tions and federal tax code for both profit and nonprofits;
                                                              908.832.7264.                                                 strong experience in dealing with multiple corporate
 COUNSELORS • Hunterdon County, NJ                                                                                          entities; experience with apartment rental industry
 Temporary positions available with Cross Roads Out-          CONTROLLER • New York City                                    and Yardi or similar integrated property management
 door Ministries, an ecumenical spiritual center and          Position available with HOPE Community, Inc. Duties:          software is required. B.A. in accounting required;
 camp dedicated to intentional community and spiritual        manages corporation’s financial operations, including         eight or more years’ experience in financial manage-
 growth. Duties: from mid-June through mid-August             accounting, budgeting, cash-flow management, finan-           ment, real estate, or property management; C.P.A./
Page 6
M.B.A. preferred. Excellent benefits and salary based on        ties. Duties: provide medication administration,      PROGRAM MANAGER • Haiti
experience. Deadline: 4/15/2005. Fax cover letter and           daily health surveillance, and health teaching.       Position available with Save the Children. Duties: runs
résumé to 212.722.1479.                                         Receive room and board and excellent salary.          the Maissade sub-office in Haiti; ensures the success-
                                                                Positions run from 6/5/2005 to 8/30/2005. For         ful implementation of all Save the Children projects
DEPUTY DIRECTOR • DC                                            information and to apply, call Mary Haner, RN,        and programs in the Central Plateau region. Qualifica-
Position available with the Institute for Soviet and Ameri-     nursing coordinator, at 518.329.5649; e-mail:         tions: B.A. and five years’ international program
can Relations (ISAR). Duties: manages the program de-                                management experience; previous program manage-
velopment process and assists the executive director in                                                               ment experience in a technical sector (health,
general support fundraising. Qualifications: team player                                                              education, agriculture) preferred; finance and admin-
in a hands-on, cooperative working environment; B.A./                    INTERNATIONAL                                istrative experience preferred; strong program man-
B.S. in international studies or related field; M.A./M.S. or                                                          agement skills; fluency in French and English required.
two to three years’ equivalent work experience; three to        PROJECT MANAGERS • Afghanistan                        Save the Children offers excellent compensation, ben-
five years’ management experience; minimum one year             Positions available with the Sandi Group. Duties:     efits, and opportunities for growth. For information
overseas experience; written and oral Russian language          manage construction projects of schools and clin-     and to apply, visit tracking code 2465 at
ability; strong communication and facilitation skills; proven   ics by local communities and construction con-
leadership ability and contribution to environmental prob-      tractors; initiate and foster community participa-
lem solving in Eurasia. Salary: high $30K with benefits.        tion and mentor locals in unfamiliar construction     More HOTLINE Ads Online!
Deadline: 4/15/2005. For information, visit       techniques. Qualifications: project management        *For additional international, education,
Send cover letter and résumé to Alice Hengesbach at             experience preferred; ability to manage multiple      and AmeriCorps opportunities, please see; address: 1601 Connecticut Avenue, NW            tasks; passionate about helping local people; and     pages 9 and 10 of the online version of this
                                                                willingness to work in a difficult environment.       issue at
#302, Washington, DC 20009. No phone calls.
                                                                Send résumé and salary requirement to
PROGRAM SPECIALIST • DC                               
Position available with Reading Is Fundamental. Duties:
                                                                                                                            Development Jobs
liaises with existing and potential literacy program sites;     PARTICIPANT RECRUITER •
monitors program compliance; develops and implements            Ukraine; Russia; Central Asia                                   Via Weekly E-mails
technical assistance strategies; conducts on-site work-         Temporary position available with the American
shops and visits; some travel required. Qualifications:         Councils. Duties: acts as program representative
                                                                                                                                     Get on the list!
B.A./B.S. or equivalent combination of education and            in the region and is responsible for all aspects of         Returned Volunteer Services offers a
experience; experience in teaching and tutoring role and        participant recruitment; requires extensive travel            weekly e-mail listing of 25 to 30
volunteer services; computer literacy required; fluency in      throughout the country. Qualifications: program
                                                                                                                                employment and internship
Spanish is highly desirable. For information and to apply,      administration experience; fluent in Russian
e-mail                                      and/or a regional language; experience in budget                       opportunities in
                                                                management; B.A. in relevant field,                              international development.
CAMP NURSES •                                                   including Russian language, Russian-area
Ancramdale, NY; E. Jewett, NY                                   studies, or education is required; advanced degree                Published by InterAction, a
Positions available with the Association for the Help of        preferred. Position runs from 8/2005 to                          U.S.-based nongovernmental
Retarded Children. RNs are needed for two summer camps,         12/31/2005. For more information and to apply,
                                                                                                                                 organization for international
serving adults and children with developmental disabili-
                                                                                                                                development and humanitarian
                                                                                                                                   issues, this weekly e-mail
                          The Peace Corps and the                                                                             listing is available free to RPCVs.

                       National Peace Corps Association                                                                           To receive the weekly job
                                                      present                                                                      announcements, contact
                                                                                                                  with “InterAction”
                           Discovering our Global Community                                                                   in the subject line of the e-mail.
                         You are cordially invited to
                    our Workshops and Open House.

                    Meet with representatitves from             Wednesday, April 20                                             Discover
                                    the Peace Corps,            Workshops: 4 to 5 p.m.                                    Career Assessment Software
              the National Peace Corps Association,             Open House: 5:30 to 8 p.m.
                            Northern Ohio Returned              Performing Arts Center                                          Returned Volunteer Services
                             Volunteer Association,             Building E-2/Lobby                                                offers Discover, a career
                   Cuyahoga Community College’s                 Cayahoga Community College                                      assessment software program
                     Global Issues Resource Center,             Eastern Campus                                                 administered through ACT, Inc.
                            Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts,            4250 Richmond Road
               Cleveland Council on World Affairs,              Highland Hills, Ohio 44122                                       Free to RPCVs, the program
                                   and local schools.
                                                                                                                               assesses career-related interests,
                                                                For questions or to RSVP, call                                 abilities, and job values to help
                                     Workshops:                 800.424.8580, option 1 or e-mail                                 in considering career options
          A Step-By-Step Guide to Recruitment and     
                                                                                                                                that are a good match for you.
                  Exploring New Partnerships for
               Discovering the Global Community                                                                                   Discover will also help you
                                                                For more information, visit
                                                                                                                                  develop effective résumés,
                              Business casual attire                                                                            cover letters, job applications,
               Hor d’oeuvres and other refreshments                                                                                 and interviewing skills.

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Peace Corps                                                                                                                                                         Presorted
Washington, DC 20526                                                                                                                                                First Class Mail
OFFICIAL BUSINESS                                                                                                                                                   Postage & Fees paid
                                                                                                                                                                    Peace Corps
Return Service Requested                                                                                                                                            Permit No. G 264

   When responding to a listing, please indicate with a cover letter that you are a returned     and should not be posted on bulletin boards or passed on to non-RPCVs. The Peace Corps has no
   Peace Corps Volunteer submitting your résumé in response to a HOTLINE announce-               control over, nor responsibility for, HOTLINE advertisers, nor do we have personal knowledge
   ment. Questions concerning positions should be addressed to the advertiser, not to            relating to working conditions of advertised opportunities. If you have any complaints about an
   Returned Volunteer Services. HOTLINE is published twice monthly for the use of RPCVs          advertiser, please write us.


        DISCONTINUE                     SEND HOTLINE TO NEW ADDRESS (Sorry, we cannot send HOTLINE overseas.)
                                                                                                                                        May Career Fair
                                                                                                                                                    sponsored by
Address                                                                                                                                      Returned Volunteer Services
City                                             State                    Zip Code

Country/Dates of Service                                      E-mail Address                                                              Meet and talk one-on-one with
 To change address or discontinue subscription, fill out the information above, cut out the box, and mail it in an envelope to         representatives from 30 organizations
 Database Mgr., 2nd Floor, Paul D. Coverdell Peace Corps Headquarters, 1111 20th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20526.                          that are interested in hiring
 Changes must be made with this form and not over the phone. Please allow four to six weeks for any changes to take effect.
                                                                                                                                         returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

                                                                                                                                        Wednesday, May 18, 2005
                          The Peace Corps and the
                                                                                                                                                    Washington, D.C.
                       National Peace Corps Association                                                                                                    Time TBD
                                                         present                                                                      For more information, contact Heather Groome
                                                                                                                                                     at 202.692.1437.
                                     Around the World in a Day
                  You are cordially invited to
         “experience the world in a day” at an
  Open House, featuring returned Peace Corps
                                                                                                                                       Lillian Carter Award
                                                                    Wednesday, April 6
       Volunteers who served in Africa, Asia,                       5:30 to 8 p.m.                                                          Nominations
 Europe, Latin America, and the South Pacific.                      United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast
                                                                    Community Resource Center                                           The Lillian Carter Award honors
                       Meet Peace Corps and                         50 Waugh Drive                                                    outstanding service by senior RPCVs.
   National Peace Corps Association directors.                      Houston, TX 77007
             Learn about the Peace Corps and the                                                                                      Nomination deadline: April 8, 2005
                                                                    Complimentary parking
           National Peace Corps Association from                    Business casual attire
       program managers who will bring materials                                                                                            For selection criteria and
                                                                    Hors d’oeuvres and other refreshments                             more information, contact John Eaves,
                         about their programs and
                       be available for questions.                  For questions or to let us know you are
                                                                                                                                       Atlanta regional recruiting office:
                                                                    attending, call 214.253.5472                                              404.562.3471; or visit
              Help honor the Houston universities                   or e-mail                               
                            that have contributed                                                                                                awards/carter.
                  a record number of Volunteers.
Continued from page 7                                     zational and interpersonal skills required; partnership   its toward an M.A. in public health or attend as a
PROGRAM SPECIALIST, FIELD                                 experience; ability to manage multiple projects and       summer scholar at a lower non-graduate credit tuition
OPERATIONS, EASTERN AFRICA •                              relationships simultaneously. This is a two-year ap-      rate. For information, visit
Eastern Africa                                            pointment, renewable annually, beginning in León on; phone: Sarah Petty, 617.638.5234;
Position available with Population Services Interna-      5/15/2005. Receive a monthly stipend and health           e-mail
tional. Duties: assists in the development, review,       insurance. Deadline: 4/11/2005. For information, visit
and monitoring of marketing plans and the develop- Send a letter of applica-       MASTER’S IN PUBLIC HEALTH • New Orleans
ment of evidence-based marketing; tracks country          tion, résumé, and names of three references to            Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropi-
research plans; provides and maintains resources          Gretchen Natter at               cal Medicine are accepting applications for summer
and references on social marketing; supports the                                                                    and fall 2005 semesters. RPCVs interested in pursu-
development of field platforms and field operations;      CHIEF OF PARTY • Moscow, Russia                           ing M.A. or doctoral degrees in public health may
stimulates sharing of best practices across country       Position available with International Foundation for      specialize in biostatistics, epidemiology, tropical
platforms; coordinates regional projects and initia-      Election Systems (IFES). Duties: participates in a        medicine and parasitology, community health, health
tives; oversees the setting of management objectives;     four-year program to increase the capacity of civil       systems management, environmental health, or inter-
provides input for strategic planning and systems         society organizations (CSOs) to analyze and articu-       national health and development. For information and
development; oversees compliance with corporate           late priorities and issues, advocate for common causes,   to apply, contact Mary Parker or John Hembling,
policies and implementation of audit findings. Quali-     and mobilize citizen participation; helps to strengthen   Tulane MI coordinators, at 800.676.5389; e-mail:
fications: M.A. in relevant field or equivalent expe-     the CSO community and advocacy efforts to address; website:
rience; minimum two years’ work experience in a           citizens’ needs and promotes better-informed citi-
developing country; fluency in a foreign language,        zens’ participation; serves as the senior in-country      GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIPS IN PLANT
preferrably French or Portuguese; excellent com-          IFES representative with USAID and local and inter-       HEALTH • Gainesville, FL
puter skills; relevant private-sector experience. Pref-   national partners; accountable for in-country manag-      Graduate assistantships are available with the Univer-
erence will be given to candidates with private-sector    ing and monitoring of all program components to           sity of Florida Plant Medicine Program, a
experience in marketing, communications, or adver-        ensure overall project objectives and targets are met;    multidisciplinary course of study in plant health man-
tising; familiarity with international health issues;     manages, implements, and monitors all activities un-      agement, leading to the doctor of plant medicine
knowledge of USAID and the international donor            der the civil society support program. For information    (DPM) degree. DPM students learn prevention, diag-
community; and an interest in private-sector ap-          and to apply, e-mail                       nosis, and management of plant health problems
proaches to development. For information and to                                                                     through coursework and internships in relevant disci-
apply, visit No phone calls or e-mails.      *ESL TEACHERS • Dalian, Jinan, Xian, and                  plines, including agronomy, entomology, and pathol-
                                                          Xianyang, China                                           ogy. There are many career possibilities for graduates,
SENIOR HEALTH DELEGATE •                                  Positions available with the American Educational         including private consulting, agricultural regulation
Abuja, Nigeria                                            Services for a one-year contract, 25 to 27 hours/week.    (state and federal agencies), extension, and agricul-
Position available with the American Red Cross            Qualifications: must be at least 21 years old; B.A. or    tural production and support. Prerequisites: B.S. in an
(ARC). Duties: assists with an HIV/AIDS and TB            equivelent; teaching experience; work well with chil-     agricultural science or related discipline, including
program in Nigeria; collaborates among several agen-      dren. Salary: $731/month. To apply, e-mail Arrianna       biology, botany, and environmental science. For
cies and focuses on increasing access to quality HIV/     Thompson at Additional           more information, visit or con-
AIDS services in several Nigerian states. Qualifica-      contract information, including for 7.5-month, six-       tact Dr. R. J. McGovern at
tions: M.A. in public health, social work, or other       month, and six-week contracts is available at
allied health professions and related disciplines; For more infor-          PEACEBUILDING AND DEVELOPMENT
minimum eight to 10 years’ direct work experience         mation and to apply, contact Michael Wisner at            INSTITUTE TRAINING: SUMMER 2005 • DC
in public health programming in HIV/AIDS in at  ; phone: 908.835.8227;                American University and the Peacebuilding and De-
least three of the following areas: community-based,      website:                               velopment Summer Institute provide knowledge,
home-based care and responses for supporting                                                                        practical experience, and skills for practitioners,
OVC and PLWHA, palliative care, or behavior                                                                         teachers, and students involved in conflict resolution,
change intervention; technical knowledge in acute
                                                                         INTERNSHIP                                 peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance and develop-
respiratory infections and community DOTS. For                                                                      ment. The summer institute will focus on various
information and to apply, visit position number           *FARM INTERNSHIPS · Floyd, VA                             approaches to mediation, negotiation, facilitation,
2233BR at                          Internship positions available with Full Circle           reconciliation, and dialogue, particularly in conflict-
                                                          Organic Farm. Duties: responsible for greenhouse/         torn and developing regions. Participants will explore
TEACHERS • Santo, Haiti                                   coldframe seedling production; composting; vegetable,     innovative methods of promoting cultural diversity
Positions available at Louverture Cleary School, a        mushroom, and herb cultivation; seed saving; animal       with respect to public policy, community and religion,
tuition-free Catholic boarding school operated by the     husbandry; horse-powered techniques; food prepara-        and war and post-conflict environments, while ex-
Haitian Project. Duties: teach classes and assist with    tion and preservation; sales/marketing outreach.          panding their knowledge and skills in a participatory
the development of language, computer, religion, or       Manual, draft horse, tiller, and tractor technologies     and interactive learning environment. Participants in
lab science programs; manage the school community         used. Private camper trailers in wooded lots, common      the summer institute will be exposed to leading na-
service program; assist in raising funds to support       shower, and outdoor kitchen provided; whole foods         tional and international professionals in the fields of
project operation; lead empowerment group for fe-         and educational opportunities exchanged for 30            public policy, peacebuilding, and development. For
male students; provide four hours/week of tutoring.       focused hours/week of labor on farm or related activi-    more information, visit
Benefits: $200/month with housing, health insur-          ties. Stipend or work-for-wage is possible after trial    peacebuilding.
ance, roundtrip airfare, and food allowance. Quali-       period. A car is strongly recommended. Position runs
fications: B.A./B.S.; willingness to work for justice     from 5/2005 through 11/2005—four-month mini-              *SCHOLARSHIPS • Monterey, CA
in Haiti. Positions run from 8/2005 to 6/2006. For        mum commitment. For intern packet, contact Full           The Monterey Institute of International Studies offers
information and to apply, contact Reese Jarret, vice      Circle Organic Farm, 320 Fork Drive, Floyd, VA            scholarships, ranging up to $10,000, for qualified
president, the Haitian Project, at 401.351.3624;          24091; phone: 540.745.3182.                               RPCVs interested in programs, including M.B.A.,
e-mail:                                                                              international and environmental policy studies, pub-
                                                                                                                    lic administration, translation and interpretation,
                                                                         EDUCATION                                  TESOL, and teaching foreign languages. The Institute
Position available with Project Gettysburg/León.                                                                    prepares students for international careers in the pri-
Duties: works with small community-based devel-           SUMMER INSTITUTE IN INTERNATIONAL                         vate, public, and nonprofit sectors. Half the students
opment projects in Nicaragua. Qualifications: B.A.        HEALTH • Boston                                           come from more than 50 countries. Most American
required with significant work experience or rel-         Boston University offers a summer institute in inter-     students have lived, worked, or studied abroad. For
evant M.A; fluency in Spanish and English required;       national health. Apply to one of three certificate        information, call 831.647.4123 or 800.824.7235;
outstanding communication skills required; organi-        courses or nine individual courses offered. Earn cred-    e-mail:; website:
                                                                                                                                                                    Page 9
Spring Valley, NY                                                   AMERICORPS/VISTA
Sunbridge College offers an M.A. and certificate pro-                                                                      Peace Corps Medical
gram in Waldorf education and related fields that are      PARK ASSISTANTS • VT
inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner. Programs           Positions available with Vermont Youth Conservation               Officers Needed
include foundation studies and Waldorf teacher educa-      Corps Education and AmeriCorps. Twenty-two
tion, early childhood and elementary, and other M.S.       AmeriCorps positions are available. Spend nine to 11              The Peace Corps seeks NPs,
options. Part-time certificate programs with M.S. op-      months gaining skills in state park management, disas-                 PAs, and MDs with
tions include Waldorf teacher education (elementary,       ter relief assistance and emergency management, na-             independent practice experience
early childhood, music, and gardening) remedial edu-       tional service, youth leadership, environmental educa-
                                                                                                                               to serve as Peace Corps
cation, and Waldorf school administration. Other           tion, conflict resolution, and team-building facilitation.
part-time certificate programs include biodynamic gar-     Members serve six months in Vermont State parks as            medical officers (PCMOs) worldwide.
dening, biography and social art, and applied arts.        park assistants and will return to home communities to
RPCVs receive special consideration for tuition            complete length of service with a local nonprofit orga-           PCMOs are paid contractors
assistance. For information, contact Matt Burns, en-       nization. At the completion of service, members receive             who provide healthcare,
rollment coordinator, at 845.425.0055, ext 24; e-mail:     a $4,725 AmeriCorps education award. Positions in-               education, and counseling, and; website:            clude a monthly living stipend, paid training, health
                                                           insurance, room and board, and college/internship cred-
                                                                                                                           manage the Peace Corps Volunteer
*FIELD NATURALIST AND ECOLOGICAL                           its. Seasonal positions from early- to mid-May 2005               healthcare programs in their
PLANNING • VT                                              until late October 2005. For information and applica-               countries of assignment.
The University of Vermont offers an M.A. in field          tion, visit; phone: 800.639.8922 or
naturalist and ecological planning. This degree pro-       802.241.3699.                                                        Starting salary is $62K.
vides collaborative, integrative multidisciplinary field                                                                     Positions require valid license
training in landscape ecology, environmental problem       *FIELD TEAM MEMBER 2005 • Augusta, ME
solving, and ecology-based land-use planning. Stu-         Position available with the Maine Conservation Corps                and national certification.
dents work on real-world problems in the field and         as an AmeriCorps*VISTA team member. Duties: learns                Applicants with overseas work
learn approaches to understanding how ecosystems           outdoor living skills, builds experience, and helps            experience will be most competitive.
work. Field naturalists focus mainly on integrating the    maintain and restore Maine’s park and public lands.
social dimensions of environmental understanding with      Qualifications: ability to perform strenuous work;               For more information, visit the
the field naturalist approach. RPCVs are encouraged        desire to learn and serve with others; must be 18 years
                                                                                                                                Peace Corps website:
to apply—approximately 50 percent of past graduates        old; U.S. citizen. Salary: $225/week, health insurance,
have been RPCVs. For more information, visit               and $1,250 or $2,360 AmeriCorps education               , click; address: The Field Natural-         award. Program runs from 5/15/2005 to 11/5/2005.                   on “Professional Medical
ist/Ecological Planning Program, Department of             For information and to apply, contact recruiting              Opportunities”; phone: 202.692.1535;
Botany, 120B Marsh Life Science Bldg., University of       department, Maine Conservation Corps, at                                   or e-mail:
Vermont, Burlington, VT 05405; phone: 802.656.2930.                        
Beer Sheva, Israel
In collaboration with Columbia University Medical
Center, the medical school at Ben-Gurion University of
                                                                                                     Free to RPCVs
the Negev offers a four-year medical degree program in                                       Online Employment Bulletins
international health and medicine. The program is
taught in English and enrolls students who seek a
medical degree with special skills in cross-cultural,
                                                                                      Environmental Career Opportunities
community, and preventive medicine. Students take
the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam and are expected to                               International Career Employment Weekly
complete residencies in the United States. The program
is approved by the U.S. Dept. of Education for partici-
pation in federally funded student loan programs. Con-                                     Public Health Jobs Worldwide
tact the admissions office at 212.305.9587; website:
                                                                   E-mail to receive the passwords. Please specify which publication(s) you want.; e-mail: bgcu-; address: 630 West 168th Street,                                                    Passwords are for RPCV-use only.
PH15E-1512, New York, NY 10032.

PROGRAM · Madison, WI
The Midwest Teacher Training Program offers a TEFL
                                                                    Career Information Consultants Guide
certificate in a five-week program that prepares train-
ees to teach English in classrooms overseas. There is a                    This 369-page publication, categorized by career fields,
10 percent tuition discount to RPCVs and AmeriCorps
VISTAs with proof of service. The program offers a                                    organization, and geography, lists
hands-on approach to teaching—teaching practice,                       more than 1,500 RPCVs and other professionals who have agreed
classroom observations, and job-placement assistance.                       to answer career-related inquiries on a voluntary basis.
Midwest is part of an English-as-a-second-language
school, giving opportunities to interact with profes-
sional teachers and international students. No teaching               For a copy of the directory, contact Returned Volunteer Services at
experience required. For information, contact Midwest             and indicate whether you would like
Teacher Training Program, 19 N. Pinckney Street,                                           a hard copy or CD-ROM.
Madison, WI 53703: phone: 800.765.8577; e-mail:; website:

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