My journey into prayer by ProQuest


From reading about God's people in the Bible and in other literature, and speaking to people, I knew that there was more. People spoke of being guided by God, of sensing God's presence. I wanted more, but didn't know where to look. Everywhere in the church, prayer seemed to be primarily focussed on intercession, although adoration, confession and thanksgiving were mentioned.Richard Foster had recently written Celebration of Discipline and was working on Freedom of Simplicity. His description of the classic spiritual disciplines caught my wife's and my imagination. My wife and I bought both books and began to read. We practised fasting, contemplation, study, celebration, journalling and the other disciplines he described, being aware of the knife edge between legalism and indolence. Prayer became more than giving God a list of requests.These were life-changing. Spending an hour a day in imaginatively engaging Scripture stories, asking myself questions, sitting with God, and waiting for answers or peace, continues to be a steady space in the chaotic world. I have continued the prayer life for the last seven years, guided by a monthly visit with my director. I also partake in the retreats offered by Mennonite Spiritual Directors of Eastern Canada and spiritual friendships.

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