Encountering the living God by ProQuest


While author David Augsburger wrote in Dissident Discipleship that spirituality "has become comfortingly vague and is usefully vacant, allowing people to insert and then extract meanings virtually at will," I am using the term "Mennonite-Christian spirituality" to mean "a life of ongoing encounter with the God we experience in Jesus Christ."Miriam Frey, a Mennonite spiritual director and educator in Waterloo, tells the story of growing up in the MarkhamWaterloo Mennonite group where she "caught" theology, Bible and spiritual practice in the church. When she left there to pursue education, employment and service opportunities, she found that she was not being supported enough by what she received in congregations. She found the people in the more "liberal" congregations did not have the same grounding in Bible, theology and community practice that she had.[Jan Steckley], with others from MC Eastern Canada, attended three summers at Eastern Mennonite Seminary, Harrisonburg, Va., under Wendy Miller, professor of spiritual formation, learning about personal spirituality, spiritual direction and tending a congregation's soul. She is now one of the leaders in MC Eastern Canada's two-year Tending the Soul program, whose goal is "cultivating awareness of the presence and activity of God in our daily lives and in our congregations." Participants are asked to commit to the regular practice of spiritual disciplines and in return receive spiritual direction, do assigned readings, and work in small and large groups to gain competence in the field.

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