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					                                Mobile                                        Defender

Integrated ISR and Acoustic Deterrence System
      Homeland Security • Border Protection • Counter Narcotics • Disaster Response
      Law Enforcement Support • Force Protection • Critical Infrastructure Protection

 Rugged All-Terrain Vehicle
 • Liquid-Cooled Engine: Gas or Diesel
 • Low Military Profile
 • High Ground
 • On-Board Power

                                                                                                     Long Range
                                                                                                     Acoustic Device
                                                                                                     • Hailing and
                                                   Intuitive Command and                               Deterrence
                                                   Control                                           • Highly Directional
                                                   • Simplified User Controls                          (30º Beam Width)
                                                   • GPS Map Overlay                                 • Extended Range
                                                   • Rugged Laptop PC
                                                                                                     System Options
                                                   • Tactical Hand Controller
                                                                                                     • Long Range
                                                   • IP Controlled Video                               Wireless Link
   Day/Night Use                                     and Audio
   • Thermal Imager/                                                                                 • RF Detection and
     Color TV                                  The products on this data sheet are subject to the
                                                                                                       Direction Finding
   • Long Range                                   controls of the International Traffic in Arms      • Laser Rangefinder
                                               Regulations (ITAR) and will require authorizations
   • NIR Pointer                                prior to export out of the U.S. or transfer to any
                                                                 foreign person.

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