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                                              Hit the Open Road
             hat is the biggest hassle when you go                      tail gate, 8’ awning and many optional extras including:
             camping? Is it setting up the tent when you                kitchen, water tank with lockable filler, a boat rack and a
             could be relaxing? Fighting the mud when                   large, lockable tool box.
     the weather turns? Cooking and cleaning up?                        Gulf King has recently released the Poly-Warrior range of on-
     The Gulf King Warrior with its poly hard floor makes               and off-road campers. They feature a poly body with the
     camping easier and more fun by making your camp setup              same rugged chassis as the steel campers. The obvious
     quick and easy, keeping you high and dry, and tucking away         advantage being no worries with rust in the body of the
     a kitchen that is ready to use whether the camper is up or         camper, and with the option to have the chassis hot dipped –
     not.                                                               a must for the passionate beach goer.
     "I saw a need in the market for a hard floor camper which
                                                                        The durable poly body never needs painting. Its light weight
     was affordable. Our version has been very popular, as one
                                                                        means it’s ideal for towing behind a 4 cylinder car. "It’s the
     person can erect the camper in 5 minutes with no need for
     ropes or poles, as the hard poly floor makes it self-              future of camper trailers. This is a totally new concept for
     supporting," Mr Page, Managing Director and Designer of            Gulf King," explains Mr. Page.
     Gulf King Camper Trailers®, said. "Hard floors are available       The poly body also has enclosed compartments for the water
     from other manufacturers, but can cost up to $30,000. "
                                                                        tank, gas bottles and sundries. The steel Warrior has all these
     So far the feedback about the innovative design has been           optional extras located in the normal positions. Mr. Page says
     positive. Mitsubishi 4WD Owners Club (Qld) treasurer,              it comes down to a personal preference of steel or the new
     Graham Baldwin, recently visited Bundaberg to check out the        poly body.
     Gulf King and said the product blew him away. "The quality
     of the trailer and the tent is very good. They have really paid    The Off-Road Gulf King Poly-Warrior only weighs around
     attention to detail and even the lock on the back of the trailer   480kg and has been designed for Australia’s harshest off-road
     is a good brand," Mr Baldwin said.                                 4 wheel driving conditions. The lighter on-road version only
     "A lot of our clients are in the 50-60 age group. They have        weighs around 420 kg, so it can easily be towed by a small 4
     gone from having a caravan to a camper trailer due to ease of      cylinder car.
     towing and set up, plus they can take the camper trailer off-      Gulf King Camper Trailers have been tested in the Gulf of
     road," Mr Page said.                                               Carpentaria – the toughest terrain in Australia – and they
     Gulf King Camper Trailers feature a queen size bed, lockable       have never failed.

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