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					        Petroleum and Gas Safety News
                                                                                         Issue 19–October 2008

Statewide trade nights a success
Over the past six months, the              Some of the issues discussed will        The sessions included something for
Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate             be presented in more detail in future    everyone and further sessions will
coordinated a series of trade nights       newsletters, including:                  be organised early in the new year.
across the state for domestic and                                                   We urge everyone to make the effort
                                           •    the meaning of supervision in
commercial Type A gas tters.                                                        to attend these sessions. It is vital
                                                relation to apprentices
                                                                                    that those working in the industry
The trade nights were an opportunity
                                           •    test point requirements             keep abreast of industry trends
for those in the gas industry to discuss
                                                                                    and legislative requirements. It’s
with the Inspectorate some of the          •    training for gas suppliers
                                                                                    almost guaranteed that you’ll pick up
common issues that may arise when
                                           •    gas compliance certi cates          something that you didn’t know.
working with gas and gas appliances.
It was also a good chance to gain          •    use of defect notices.              Details of upcoming sessions will
a greater understanding of their                                                    be advertised in future issues of
                                           Almost 500 people including gas
legislative obligations.                                                            the newsletter.
                                           fitters, gas suppliers, TAFE teachers
                                           and others attended the sessions,
                                           held in Mount Isa, Cairns, Townsville,
                                           Mackay, Rockhampton, Maryborough,
                                                                                       this issue >
                                           Mooloolaba, Brisbane, Gold Coast             1 Statewide trade nights a success
                                           and Toowoomba.                               2 Message from the retired
                                                                                          Chief Inspector
                                                                                          Underground coal gasification
                                                                                        3 What’s new in legislation?
                                                                                          Compliance actions
                                                                                        4 Gasfitter test
                                                                                        5 Queensland awards for gas excellence
                                                                                       6 Protecting cylinders from vehicle
Recent DME state trade                                                                    Flueing and venting in caravans
nights (like the one above
in Maryborough and right,                                                               7 What’s happening at QGA
in Townsville) gave Type A                                                             8 Welcome to new staff members
gas fitters the opportunity
to discuss industry issues                                                                Staff changes
with their peers and with
Petroleum and Gas Inspectors.
Further trade nights will be
conducted throughout the year.

Queensland the Smart State                                                                     Department of Mines and Energy
                                                        to connect interstate. The growth of            But no one is an island and I gratefully
                                                        coal seam gas, now a major source of            acknowledge the assistance of so many
                                                        supply to Brisbane and elsewhere, has           people. My journey has been
                                                        been incredible.                                full of wonderfully talented people
                                                                                                        who were not only colleagues, but
                                                        The use of gas continues to grow in
                                                                                                        friends, sharing the common goal of
                                                        many industries, with power stations
                                                                                                        ‘a viable and prosperous industry with
                                                        coming on line with increasing
                                                                                                        no deaths’ along the way.
                                                        frequency and the exciting prospects of
Message from                                            LNG and other new technologies such             So let me thank you for the vision you
                                                        as underground coal gasi cation. And            shared, the tireless work you put in
the retired                                             let’s not forget our LPG friends. We have       (sometimes with next to impossible
Chief Inspector                                         seen major increases in the use of LPG          deadlines) and your genuine
                                                        in motor vehicles, LPG reticulation and         commitment to a safe industry. It has
Well the time has come for me to hang                   the enormous growth in the leisure              been an honour and privilege to work
up my inspector’s hat and head off                      industry.                                       with you and I wish you every success
into retirement. But what a wonderful                                                                   in the exciting world of gas.
                                                        From a legislative point of view we
journey I have had. After a long
                                                        saw the development of the Petroleum            Finally, I am delighted to advise that
career as a scientist and engineer in
                                                        and Gas (Production and Safety) Act             Stephen Matheson has been appointed
Melbourne, I nally saw the light and
                                                        2004 which replaced the Petroleum Act           Chief Inspector. I am sure that you will
moved to Queensland in 1986.
                                                        of 1923 and the Gas Act of 1965. We             demonstrate the same commitment,
The gas industry then was a small                       introduced ‘authorisations’ rather than         help and understanding that you have
backwater, still using town gas north                   licences to cover the complex use of gas        given to me.
of the river and with very little thoughts              in industrial and automotive situations.
of expansion. Look at it today!                         We have addressed safety issues in
                                                        six major industries—exploration,
Natural gas is now in so many parts
                                                        production, transmission, distribution,
of the state, including Mount Isa,
                                                        LPG industry and downstream. I would
Townsville, Rockhampton, Gladstone,
                                                        describe my job as covering everything
Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast
                                                        from seismic survey to scrambled eggs.
as well as gas transmission pipelines                                                                   John Fleming
criss-crossing Queensland and soon
                                                                                                        *John Fleming retired in August 2008.

    Underground coal gasification
    The Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate                  of Kingaroy with a view to developing       •      a declaration has been made by the
    is responsible for a wide range of                  a fuel source for power production.                Chief Inspector of Coal Mines (with
    petroleum and gas activities,                                                                          the agreement of the Chief Inspector
                                                        Changes have been made to the Coal                 Petroleum and Gas), after noti cation
    including the emerging technology
                                                        Mining Safety and Health Act 1999                  from the site senior executive,
    of underground coal gasi cation.
                                                        (CMS&H Act) and the Mining and                     that the activities at the mine are
    There are currently three proponents                Quarry Safety and Health Act 1999                  underground gasi cation activities.
    looking at this technology in                       (MQS&H Act) regarding how the safety
    Queensland.                                         of underground gasi cation activities       From a safety perspective, this
                                                        will be regulated. These changes were       means that underground gasi cation
    Linc Energy Limited has undertaken                                                              activities are now administered under
                                                        enacted via the Clean Energy Act 2008,
    several trial burns at its site                                                                 the Petroleum and Gas (Production
                                                        with the relevant sections commencing
    near Chinchilla and is currently                                                                and Safety) Act 2004 (P&G Act). The
                                                        1 July 2008.
    commissioning a small gas to liquids                                                            de nition of operating plant has been
    (GTL) demonstration plant at the site.              These Acts no longer deal with              amended [s670 (5) (da)] to broaden
                                                        underground gasi cation activities          the scope of the Act.
    Carbon Energy Pty Ltd (a 50/50 joint
                                                        in cases where:
    venture between CSIRO and Metex                                                                 For more information contact Stephen
    Resources Pty Ltd) is set for a trial               •    the activities occur on a mineral
                                                             development licence or mining          Matheson, Chief Inspector, Petroleum
    burn at a site at Bloodwood Creek                                                               and Gas, on 3237 1389 or <stephen.
                                                             lease where the rights to extract
    west of Dalby.                                                                        >.
                                                             underground coal resources
    Cougar Energy has been undertaking                       (mineral f) exist
    drilling activities at a site south east

2    | Petroleum and Gas Safety News Issue 19—October 2008
What’s new in legislation?
From 1 April 2008, suppliers of LPG          The requirements of Part 2 of the
cylinders (9kg or less) must ensure that     Schedule state that signage should
a screw plug is inserted in the cylinder     include the following information:
outlet (see image below).                    •   you must not carry a cylinder of more
Exchange cylinders must have screw               than 9 kg in an enclosed vehicle*
plugs inserted by the supplier before
they reach the distributor.
                                             •   you cannot carry more than
                                                 two cylinders of any size in any
                                                 enclosed vehicle
                                             •   8.5/9 kg cylinders can only be
                                                 carried in an enclosed vehicle for the
                                                 purposes of lling or exchanging                Compliance directions are the most
                                                                                                common type of compliance action
                                             •   cylinders transported in enclosed
                                                                                                taken by the Inspectorate and direct
                                                 vehicles must:
                                                                                                a person (typically the gas tter,
                                                   – be secured in an upright                   gas supplier or the owner of a gas
                                                     position (in the boot if possible)         appliance) to rectify non-compliances
                                                   – be stored to avoid excessive               with the Petroleum and Gas (Production
                                                     exposure to heat or sunlight               and Safety) Act 2004.
                                                   – have the service valve tightly             For the downstream gas industry, the
                                                     closed.                                    compliance actions commonly include
                                                                                                non-compliance with Australian
                                             *An enclosed vehicle includes a
                                                                                                Standards for gas safety, such as
                                             vehicle, ‘the load carrying area of which
Cylinder distributors and suppliers of gas                                                      AS5601 or AS1596.
                                             is enclosed by curtain sides or other
are also reminded that under Schedule        means’. This is de ned by the Transport            From January to June 2008, the
7 of the Petroleum and Gas (Production       Operations (Road Use Management –                  Inspectorate undertook 844 inspections
and Safety) Regulation 2004, signage         Dangerous Goods) Regulation 1998,                  and issued 207 compliance directions.
and information must be displayed at the     which refers to the Australian Code for
 lling/exchange point that alerts users to   the Transport of Dangerous Goods by                While other forms of compliance
the dangers of transporting cylinders in a   Road and Rail (ADG6) 6th edition.                  action are always rst considered, the
con ned space.
                                                                                                Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate will not
                                                                                                hesitate to proceed with suspension/
                                                                                                cancellation of a licence/approval or
                                                                                                prosecution where the circumstances
                                                                                                warrant these strong actions.
    Future legislation changes                                                                  One licence was cancelled in this same
                                                                                                period. Robert James Mackay had his
   Changes to regulations governing              body corporate managers for                    licence cancelled, due to multiple
   the badging and certi cation of gas           supply pipe work on the premises.              non-compliant work and failure to
   appliances are being considered by                                                           adhere to compliance directions.
   the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate to         Further details will be provided
   ensure greater national consistency.          as they come to hand. Enquires                 Investigative action and prosecutions
                                                 regarding any of the above                     are ongoing for a number of other
   Also being considered is a scheme             proposals should be made to                    cases including illegal gas work.
   similar to that in NSW and WA, whereby        <>.
   it will be a requirement for Type A gas                                                      Operating plant:
   installers to provide an installation
   plate for every installation.                                                                For operating plant, validation notices
                                                                                                and compliance directions are
   The use of defect notices is to be made                                                      commonly used where there are
   compulsory for gas tters.                                                                    numerous or signi cant non
                                                                                                compliances found during an audit.
   Safety responsibilities at multi-                                                            During the period January to June 2008:
   tenanted premises such as shopping
   centres are another issue that the                                                           •    validation notices and/or compliance
   Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate is                                                                 directions were issued to the
   currently considering. These changes                                                              operators of four operating plant
   will clarify the responsibilities of                                                         •    Level 6 compliance meetings were
   distribution network operators and                                                                held with the executive safety
                                                                                                     managers of two companies.

                                                                                          Petroleum and Gas Safety News Issue 19—October 2008
                                                                                          P                                                     | 3
Gasfitter test
    Do you know your stuff?                                       Q6: Cylinders must not be put too close to a source
                                                                      of ignition. Which of the following are a
    Try these questions to test your knowledge.
                                                                      source of ignition?
    All questions (except question ve) are multiple                    (a) an electric power point
    choice—and to make it tricky, there may be more
                                                                       (b) an air conditioner
    than one right answer to a question.
                                                                       (c) a gas meter
    Circle the response/s that you think are correct and               (d) an electric power box
    check your answers on page 7 to see how well
    you’ve done.
                                                                  Q7: Is it acceptable to use your mobile phone near
                                                                      escaping gas?
    Q1: How many kilojoules are there in a megajoule?                  (a) yes
          (a) one hundred                                              (b) yes but only if you do not talk too loudly
          (b) one thousand                                             (c) no
          (c) one million
                                                                  Q8: Can composite (PE/AL/PE) pipe be installed
    Q2: What must you do when connecting a new LPG                    underground?
        supplier to an existing installation?                          (a) no
          (a) check for leaks                                          (b) yes, at a depth of 300 mm, same as copper
          (b) conduct a pressure test                                  (c) yes, but at 450 mm
          (c) check all appliances
                                                                  Q9: When you have finished an installation you must–
    Q3: What is the heating value of LPG in MJ per                     (a) complete a form 8 certi cate
        cubic metre?
                                                                       (b) complete a gas system compliance certi cate
          (a) 38 MJ/m3
                                                                       (c) give a copy of the certi cate to the owner/occupier
          (b) 95 MJ/m3
                                                                       (d) give a copy to the gas supplier
          (c) 1000 MJ/m3
                                                                  Q10: Which of the following statements about LPG
    Q4: What are the early signs of bad combustion?                    is true?
          (a) a yellow ame                                             (a) LPG is lighter than air
          (b) an acrid smell                                           (b) LPG is supplied at a pressure of 2.75 kPa
          (c) headache/nausea                                          (c) one kilogram of LPG weighs only 500 grams
                                                                       (d) liquid LPG is blue in colour
    Q5: How does a draft diverter work?
          Use the space at the base of this page to illustrate.        (e) you can minimise a leak of liquid LPG using
                                                                           a wet rag

          (answer to Q5 goes here)

4   | Petroleum and Gas Safety News Issue 19—October 2008
Queensland awards for gas excellence
August 2008 saw the prestigious           Automotive LPG Student Award                         Innovation Award
LPG Australia (Queensland branch)         Alan Convery                                         Skillstech
Awards for Excellence ceremony held
                                          Industrial Gas Award                                 Safety Initiative Award
in Brisbane.
                                          Matthew Archibald                                    TB Gas Services
The overall winner of the student award
                                          Gas Work Licence Award                               Contribution to the Industry
was presented with a Bosch Toolkit,
                                          Robert Abbott                                        John Fleming
valued at $1800 and a bonus Brisbane
Marriott accommodation pack.              Domestic Installation Award                          A summary of the event can be
                                          RJW Gas Services                                     found at the LPGQ website
The categories included environment,
installation innovation, student/         Commercial Installation Award
apprentice awards and the Department of   RJW Gas Services
Mines and Energy award of excellence.
                                          Industrial Installation Award
Winners are:                              RJW Gas Services
Queensland Best Gas Student               Autogas Installation Award
Peter Thompson                            Torquegas
Gas Work Apprentice of the year           Environmentally Sustainable Product
Peter Thompson                            CookOn Commercial

                                                         > Queensland’s best gas student,
                                                         Peter Thompson, with his $1800
                                                         Bosch toolkit, with (left to right)
                                                         Steve Kevin of Bosch and Paul
                                                         Wright, Brisbane Marriott Hotel.

                                                  < Steve Graham of LPG Australia, speaking at the awards.

 Psst…                                    Installation categories
                                          •    Domestic installation category
                                                                                               Entries close 30 June 2009. For
                                                                                               more information and to download
                                                                                               a nomination form, go to the awards
 Nominations for the 2009 LPG             •    Commercial installation                         website at
 Australia Queensland Awards for               category                                        <>.
 Excellence have now opened.
                                          •    Industrial installation category                *Categories may be subject to change
 The categories* for next year’s awards
                                          •    Autogas installation category                   The 2009 Mainstream LPG Conference
 will be:
                                                                                               and Exhibition will take place at the
                                          Other categories                                     Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort and
 Student categories
                                          •    Environmentally sustainable                     Spa from 25–27 February.
 •     Gas work apprentice award
 •     Gas work licence award                                                                  The conference is themed ‘Limitless,
                                          •    Innovation category                             Powerful, Greener’ and will feature a
 •     Automotive (LPG) student award                                                          range of speakers and exhibitors from
                                          •    Safety initiative category
 •     Industrial gas service student                                                          the petroleum and gas industries.
                                          The awards will be held in Brisbane
                                          in August 2009 at a venue that will
                                          be advised closer to the date.

                                                                                        Petroleum and Gas Safety News Issue 19—October 2008   | 5
Protecting cylinders from
vehicle damage
Often gas cylinders are positioned in                  For new installations, the gas                  Finally on the road
locations, such as service stations or                 installer has a duty to ensure that the         The Caravan Trades Industry Association
work sites, where they can be damaged                  installation complies with relevant             (CTIA) is currently working with TAFE
by vehicle collisions. Dif culties                     codes prior to the cylinders being              Queensland to develop a Certi cate
sometime arise in determining who is                   delivered. The gas supplier has a               III in Recreation Vehicle Servicing. The
responsible for the breach of standards.               responsibility to ensure that when a            course will provide individuals with
                                                       cylinder is delivered to a property, its        the quali cation to obtain a caravan
In short, the individual who installs the              storage and/or use complies                     certi cation licence.
cylinders is responsible for the breach                with AS/NZS 1596:2002.
of AS/NZS 1596:2002 The storage                                                                        Details of the course are still being
and handling of LP Gas, clause 6.4.7                   In the case of existing installations,          negotiated, but Darrin Collins of CTIA
Installing cylinders, sub-clause (c)                   protecting cylinders becomes the                can answer any further queries you
which states:                                          responsibility of the gas supplier and          might have on 3862 1833 or
                                                       the property owner. Over time, site and         <>
“Any cylinder which is liable to                       property conditions can change or be
damage from manoeuvring vehicles                       altered, for example driveways may
shall be protected by fenders or                       have been added.                                A defect notice book is available to
their equivalent. (Clause 4.13.4 gives                                                                 gas installers to assist this process.
guidance on suitable protection                        Gas installers are reminded that if they        These can be obtained from the
methods and materials).”                               attend an existing gas installation             Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate,
                                                       that obviously does not comply with             where your compliance certificate
                                                       relevant codes, it is their responsibility      books are purchased.
                                                       to inform the owner and gas supplier of
                                                       the non-compliance.

    Flueing and venting in caravans
    Water heaters
    A gas installer recently raised concerns           The only type of water heater that you
    with the Inspectorate that a caravan               can legally install inside a caravan,
    manufactured in Victoria, did not meet             camper or marine craft is the
    appropriate ventilation requirements               room-sealed balanced ued models.
    for using gas appliances in con ned
    spaces.                                            Portable refrigerators in
    The Victorian manufacturer employed
                                                       caravans and trailers                        Above: The refrigeration unit is unsealed,
                                                                                                    unventilated and unsafe. It is also illegal.
    a licensed gas tter to install the                 A manufacturer has recently been
    appliance, and thought that it met                 supplying vehicles with portable three
    ventilation requirements due to the fact           way fridges in small fold-up style
    that the hot water unit was ued to the             camper trailers. The manufacturer
    outside atmosphere.                                believed that because the appliances
                                                       were portable, that they did not
    This type of installation is illegal.              require a ue.

    Additionally, the unit was installed               All refrigerators operated inside a
    in a small bedroom adjacent to the                 caravan or camper trailer must be tted
    bathroom in the caravan, in                        in a sealed recess vented to the outside
    contravention to Australian Standards              atmosphere, as indicated by AS
    AS5601:2004 clause The                   5601:2004 clauses Appliance
    Standard states that instantaneous                   uing and Installation of
    water heaters are not permitted to                 a refrigerator.
    be installed in bedrooms,
                                                                                                     Above: Water heaters installed indoors
    bathrooms, toilets or living/sleeping                                                            without flue, are both dangerous and illegal.
    areas within caravans.

6   | Petroleum and Gas Safety News Issue 19—October 2008
What’s happening at QGA
It has been an exciting year for the         Cairns            John Tame
Queensland Gas Association (QGA)                               4051 4655
with many new members coming on
board. At the recent AGM, members                              Shaun McKay
who were elected to the executive for                          4053 3060
the next 12 months were Darrel Vecchio       Townsville        Peter McKillop
(President), Bob Beech (Treasurer),          Garbutt           4725 0880
Rod Liefman (Secretary), with the
support of the elected technical             Rockhampton       Jeff Jones
committee of Rockie Whitbread,               Nankin            4934 8337
Ron Pattinson and Glen Hanna.
                                             Maroochydore      Rockie Whitbread
In June, QGA launched an updated                               5476 9337
website <>, which now          Gold Coast        Rod Liefman
includes features such as a register                           0419 676 366
for all QGA badged Type A appliances
and access to all second-tier QGA                              Glenn Hanna
approvals. Additionally, there will be a                       5591 1100
                                                                                             Gasfitter test answers
technical forum and training section to
                                             Brisbane          Rod Liefman
support the gas industry.                                                                    Q1 (b) Q2 (a,b) Q3 (b) Q4 (a,b) Q5 (see picture below)
                                                               0419 676 366
                                                                                             Q6 (a,b,d) Q7 (c) Q8 (c) Q9 (b,c,d) Q10 (be)
It welcomes three new certi ers to                             Glen Hanna
QGA—Darrel Vecchio and Derry Staton in                         5591 1100
Brisbane and Shaun McKay in Cairns.                                                                                    If wind increases
                                                               Darrel Vecchio                                          pressure here
If you are interested in QGA                                   0411 884 901
membership or would like to
become a certi er, contact the                                 Derry Staton
                                                                                                                   Flue gases ow out here to
QGA at 1300 792 239 or                                         5543 8688                                           prevent ame smothering
<>.                      SE Corner         Rod Liefman
                                             Regional          0419 676 366                  How did you do?
A current list of certi ers able to                                                          9 – 10 Top of the class
undertake individual (second tier)                                                           7–8    Pretty good
appliance approvals and their contact                                                        5–6    Some revision may be required
details are:                                                                                 3–4    A lot of revision is needed
                                                                                             0 – 2 Hopefully you are not a gas tter

  Repairs to approved ADR certified kits
  The practice of replacing and              it relates to the speci c components           equipment approval for that system
  substituting components on Australian      that were used at the time. Any                  tted on that vehicle. Consequently,
  Design Rules (ADR) certi ed vehicle kits   faulty components must be replaced             this could then be considered an
  with parts that have not been approved     with an identical component or one             illegal installation.
  can potentially void the warranty of the   recommended by the manufacturer.
  vehicle or make the                        By replacing components with non-              If you nd you cannot source an
  gas installation illegal.                  certi ed or non-approved components,           original component, please contact
                                             the original manufacturer’s approval or        your local Petroleum and Gas Inspector
  When a component part of an ADR            certi cation could be voided.                  who can advise you of your options
  certi ed vehicle kit fails, the gas tter                                                  (see back page for your nearest
  cannot choose to replace it with an        If an authorisation holder chooses to t        Inspectorate of ce).
  alternative brand or model. When a         another brand or model of component,
  manufacturer tests and approves a kit,     they run the risk of voiding the original

                                                                                         Petroleum and Gas Safety News Issue 19—October 2008      | 7
Welcome to new staff members

                                                                                                    Staff changes
                                                                                                    John Fleming has retired from his
                                                                                                    position in the department (see page
                                                                                                    2) and Stephen Matheson has been
                                                                                                    appointed Chief Inspector.

                                                                                                    Many of you may know Stephen as the
                                 Peter Jaggard                                                      former Deputy Chief Inspector (Policy
                                 Petroleum and                                                      and Coordination). He has long been
                                 Gas Inspector                                                      a committed Inspector and is looking
                                                                                                    forward to the challenges that he will
Peter Jaggard commenced as an                                                       Chris Bertram   face in the new role.
Inspector in the Central Region in April                                            Petroleum and
2008 and has broad experience in                                                                    Former Regional Inspector, Southern
                                                                                    Gas Inspector
the gas industry, having worked in the                                                              Region, Brendan Galloway, has taken
private sector for over a decade. He                                                                up a position within the private sector.
specialises in areas such as domestic,                 Chris Bertram commenced work as an
commercial and industrial installations.               Inspector with the Department of Mines       Brendan joined DME in 1998 and
                                                       and Energy in May 2008. As a member          distinguished himself by the quality
To make life even busier, Peter                        of the Southern region team, Chris is        of his investigative work into the 2003
is currently studying for a Civil                      located at the Woolloongabba of ce.          Berwyndale and Myall Creek drilling
Engineering degree. In his spare time                                                               fatalities. He encouraged his staff to
he enjoys spending time with family                    He has over 30 years experience in all       strive for continuous improvement and
and friends, is a keen angler and plays                areas of domestic, industrial, medical       further their education, with a number
golf. He is also a budding musician.                   and commercial gases and began               having moved to more senior positions
                                                       his professional life as an apprentice       within the government and the private
                                                       with British Gas in 1977. He is also a       sector.
                                                       quali ed gas engineer.
Latest on our                                                                                       Frank Chapman, Inspector North
                                                       He furthered his professional                Region, has decided to return to
website                                                credentials by working in a                  Western Australia after ve years
For the latest information and links                   management and gas advisory role             with the Inspectorate.
to legislation, forms, alerts and other                for a leading gas company in New
safety related information go to the                   Zealand and Australia. He has worked         Frank joined the Inspectorate in 2003,
Department of Mines and Energy                         on industrial steam boilers and on a full    having previously worked for the
website <> and                       range of gas appliances and services for     Western Australian Of ce of Energy
follow the links to the petroleum and                  hotels, industry, catering and hospitals     Safety. His expert knowledge of gas
gas safety pages.                                      throughout Queensland.                       appliances and installations will be
                                                                                                    sorely missed. He performed his role
Recent updates include:                                In his spare time Chris loves soul music     with diligence and professionalism.
•    latest Safety Alert # 34 Use of                   and is a talented DJ—donating his time
     hand tools                                        to charity—when he isn’t bushwalking
•    Inspectorate policy on risk                       with his wife and two children.
     assessment for using
                                                       The Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate
                                                                                                    Useful sites               gy
     un-odourised gas                                                                                            Mines and Ener
                                                       would like to of cially welcome both         Department of
•    Type B device approvals made                                                                   www.dme.qld.
     by the Chief Inspector                            Peter and Chris to the team.
•    updated Gas Work Licence notes                                                                  LPG Australia
•    the latest forms for the 2008–09                                                                www.lpgaustr
                                                                                                                     rs Association
     new nancial year.                                                                                Master Plumbe
Inspectorate contacts                                  All email enquiries to                                          s Association
                                                                                                      Queensland Ga
The main contacts for the Petroleum
and Gas Inspectorate are:                              A full list of names and contacts               Standards Aust
                                                       for the Petroleum and Gas                       www.standards
Southern region: 3238 3784                                                                                               d
Central region: 4938 4682
                                                       Inspectorate can be found at                     TAFE Queenslan .au
                                                       <> and by                      www
Northern region: 4760 7411
                                                       following the links to explosives,
Brisbane Head Of ce: 3237 1626
                                                       petroleum and gas safety.

8   | Petroleum and Gas Safety News Issue 19—October 2008

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