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									Scoring Rubric for       Robotics & Hardware - «Type» - «Level»
Judging Time             «TimeDefinition»
Student(s)               «StudentList»
Title                    «Project» - «ProjectName»
Software Used            «SoftwareUsed»
Sponsor(s)               «School» - «First» «Last»                   Judge «Judge»

        Area                    1-3 or                  4-7 or                 8-10 or                     11-15 or               Area
     Originality –       Project (idea and       Limited evidence of     Project is extremely    Significant evidence of
        15 pts.          implementation) is      thought. 90% copied     effective or            originality and inventiveness.
Is the entry original,   simple and basic.       work. Little writing    imaginative.            The majority of ideas, or
creative and             Project shows no        in own words.                                   way in which information is
imaginative in           evidence of thought.                                                    displayed are in a fresh way.
subject and/or                                                                                   Evidence of research.
implementation for
    Final Product-       Robotic project         Robotic project         Project functions as    The project shows obvious
        15 pts.          lacks relationship to   shows little            designed, but           relationship to the computer.
Is there an obvious      computer.               relationship to a       demonstrates a          Programming reflects some
relationship to the      Project does not        computer. Hardware      simplistic use of       sophistication with attention
computer?                function properly.      project stops before    components based        to feasibility and/or
If robotic, is the       Internal                logical conclusion or   on projects purpose.    appropriateness of
device controlled        documentation is        end. Inappropriate                              branching, loops and
through student          unclear. If it’s a      use of equipment                                subroutines or conditional
created                  hardware project, all   based on project’s                              structure. Internal
programming? If          the configurations      implied function.                               documentation is clear and
non-robotic in           lack the appropriate                                                    concise, including remarks
nature, are the          components or do                                                        or comment statements and
components and/or        not function as                                                         clearly explained variables.
other hardware           intended or built.
appropriate to

Presentation             Student(s) does (do)    Student(s) does (do)    Student(s)              Student(s) demonstrate(s) a
Clarity                  not exhibit an          not exhibit an          demonstrate(s) an       strong understanding of the
15 points                understanding of        understanding of        understanding of the    project capabilities. Can
Does (do) the            software or project     robotics or hardware    project capabilities.   demonstrate and or explain
student(s) articulate    material.               capabilities. Student   Can demonstrate         the hardware or robotic
knowledge of                                     tries sharing the       and or explain the      device.
software and subject                             information, but        hardware or robotic     Outstanding presentation.
matter?                                          obviously does          device
(Nervousness should                              understand the
not count against the                            capabilities of the
student.)                                        project.
Area                           1-3 or             4-7 or                8-10 or                11-15          Area Score
Value and               Project            Project complexity     Project complexity     Project
Complexity 15           complexity is      is average, while      is above average,      complexity is
points                  simple, while      the project shows      while the project      excellent, while
Does the project        there is little    an average use of      shows a strong use     the project shows
reflect/show a direct   instructional,     instructional,         of instructional,      an outstanding use
instructional,          commercial or      commercial             commercial             of instructional,
commercial or other     significant        materials or other     materials or other     commercial
significant purpose?    purpose evident.   significant purpose.   significant purpose.   materials or other
What is the                                                                              significant
complexity of the                                                                        purpose.
Quality of              Average            Above Average          Excellent
10 points
How would you rate
the quality of design

Project Function        Not working or     Works with minor       Works as intended
10 pts.                 some problems.     glitches.
Does the project
function as

Documentation           Lacks              Documentation          Title page,
10 pts.                 documentation.     present, but           introductory page,
                                           incomplete or          instructions page
                                           obviously done by      and specifications
                                           someone else. Or       (storyboard of
                                           documentation has      planning) present
                                           numerous errors.       with little or no
Impression              Poor               Good                   Excellent
10 pts.
As a judge, how
does the project and
the presentation
impress you?

                                                                                             Total Points             ________

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