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									                          COVER NOTE                                                            C
  The official newsletter of the ANFWDC Insurance Scheme
                                                                                              September 2000

How about the Olympic Games? Hope you are                  An excess of $100 applies to camper trailers, pop-
enjoying them as much as I am.                             top caravans, and camping equipment any-where
ANFWDC will be meeting in Hobart in October                in Australia, no matter where you live or are at the
along with the Insurance Officers from each state.         time of the incident.
There is much to discuss. Watch this space for a
report later on in the year.                               Our Home and Contents Insurance for our
Please Note !                                              members has two domestic contracts:
Monthly payments for all insurances are now                Listed Events. This is the traditional policy
available. Contact Ken or his staff to arrange this.       covering fire, storm, malicious damage, theft,
               TCIS Toll-free number                       breakage of glass etc at your insured address. It
                   1800 633 745                            can be extended to cover certain specified goods
                                                           on an Australian wide basis if necessary. It is the
Our coverage is now wider than ever before and it          lowest priced option available and is well suited to
is only through your interest and requests that we         members who don’t take many valuables away
are able to do this. We now cover:                         from their home.
 four wheel drive motor vehicle, camper trailer,          Accidental Damage. This policy is the newer style
    and camping equipment                                  of contract offering Australia wide coverage for
 two wheel drive motor vehicle, caravan,                  most goods. Rather than cover defined events such
    holiday home and boat                                  as fire or storm, this policy covers all events except
 home and contents which covers accidental                those specifically included elsewhere. The end
    damage and listed events                               result is a wider cover than is offered by the ‘listed
 public liability and directors and officers              events’ policy. Accidental damage, such as
As you can see, our Broker has been working                dropping your camera, is covered here.
overtime to satisfy your requests for this increased       Both policies cover vehicle spare parts to $ 2,000
coverage.                                                  Two Wheel Drive and Boat Insurance are also
The four-wheel drive motor vehicle includes:               available to our members. This class of insurance
1       Agreed value (not market value)                    is the standard contract through *CGU under-
2       Australia wide cover                               writers at discounted members’ rates.
3       A protected 60% no claim bonus
4       Low excess.                                        Remember – all insurance contacts are available
5       Modifications and accessories (providing           via monthly payments with no additional costs
        they are roadworthy)
6       Emergency repairs without the Insurers             Our Public Liability and Directors and Officers
        Authority up to $1,000.00                          coverage is still the best value for money around.
7       Personal effects coverage up to the value of       Our underwriter is *Suncorp Metway Insurance
        $500.00 caused by accident or theft                out of Brisbane. The cover for $6.00 per vehicle
8       Camping equipment cover is available as            member includes:
        an extension of the motor vehicle policy. It        Public Liability to $20 million
        covers storm, hail, flood, fire, malicious          Products liability to $20million
        damage and theft from the campsite                  Directors and Officers liability to $2million
9       Automatic towed trailer up to $1,000.00             Association reimbursement to $2million
Excess to any claim from the above varies in                Professional indemnity for errors and omission
different in different states. Vic and NSW = $400,             to $2million. Excess is $250 for any claim.
Qld = $300, and all the others = $250.                      * DO NOT CONTACT OUR INSURERS WHEN
                                                            MAKING A CLAIM. PLEASE RING TCIS IN THE
                                                            FIRST INSTANCE. THEY ARE GEARED TO GET
                                                            YOUR CLAIM OFF ON TH RIGHT FOOT.
Please note ONLY UNPAID driving instruction is         I would like to extend an invitation to any club
covered. However, those Driver Trainers receiving      member or club insurance officer to sit in on the
reimbursement of out – of - pocket expenses are        ANFWDC Insurance meeting.
covered.                                               This year the meeting will be held in Tasmania at
Driver Trainers receiving payment for services         the same time as the ANFWDC meeting and AGM
rendered are not covered and must take out their       Date of meeting       27 October.
own professional indemnity insurance.                  26 is a public holiday in Tasmania so if you want
Voluntary Workers Insurance is designed to cover       a look around, come on the Wednesday evening.
situations where a member is involved in a             Time of Insurance meeting opening
previously declared working bee etc, irrespective      9.00am sharp on the 27th.
of fault or negligence. The policy is a blanket        Presentation to ANFWDC 11am, the 28th.
cover implemented and paid for by the ANFWDC           Venue for the meeting is at Wirksworth Camp
Insurance Broker via your state Association prior      that is in Howrah and an eastern shore suburb of
to the activity. State Associations must approve the   Hobart. Close to pub and shops.
activity. The sum insured:                             If staying over night, bring a towel, sleeping bag
 Weekly injury benefit $400.00 or 85% of your         and pillowcase and warm clothes.
    average earnings per week to a limit of 104
    weeks.                                             Keep this list handy. If you break down or have an
 Accidental death to $40,000.00                       accident while interstate, these people could help
 Medical costs not covered by Health Funds to         you.
    $1,000.00                                          Greg Daly-Tasmania-Ph Mob 041 9875985
 Excess: Weekly benefits – 7 working days                     e-mail
             Medical $50.00                            Denise Bremner–West Aus.-Ph Ah 08 9397 6235
             Age limit 65 years                                e-mail
The under-writer is *Australian Family Assurance,      Lew Loudon-NSW-Ph Ah 02 6288 7648
Sydney.                                                        e-mail
Miscellaneous Club Insurance Our Broker can            Cam Lappin-Victoria-Ph Mob 041 1867463
arrange insurance for most club property.                      e-mail
Generally it falls into two types:                     John Sandland- Sth. Aust.-Ph Ah 08 8258 0196
1       Fixed Property                                         e-mail
2       Mobile Items                                   Mal Stewart-NT-Ph Ah 08 8927 1906
Both Fixed and Mobile goods can be covered             Jeff Chase-Queensland-Ph Mob 040 9674799
under the one General Property with cover varying              e-mail
as follows:                                            Cliff Riddle-Co-ord.-Ph Mob 042 8824854
 Fixed Property is usually covered for fire and               e-mail
    associated perils, theft and accidental damage.    Ken Bradey-broker-Ph Bus 08 2787000
 Mobile Property is covered for fire, collision               e-mail
    and overturning of conveyance vehicle, and
    theft from locked vehicle or premises.             It would be very much appreciated if you could re-
                                                       produce this Cover Note in your Club newsletter.
 A Club Trailer can be covered similarly to a
                                                       Members can also find the latest copy of Cover
    camper trailer with additional cover for goods
                                                       Note on the ANFWDC web page under
As you can see – our Insurance Scheme has come
                                                       The Cover Note, along with other information can
a long way since its inception about 11 years ago.
                                                       also be found on the broker’s web page at
Remember too, the ANFWDC Insurance Scheme
has the potential to put your Club and your State
Association in a firm financial position while
                                                       Cliff Riddle   Insurance Co-ordinator
providing a high class, value for money coverage,
especially written for our sport.

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