Mon Son Pha by liwenting


									               Mon Son Pha                                                                                    Ngu Kin Harng                      Father Snake:
                                                             Ree Ree Khao San
                                                                                                                                                        “Ma Ngu Aei” (Dear Mother Snake)
Early History                                                                                    Early History
                                                 Early History
        There is no record when the game                                                                 Ngu Kin Harng literally translated,     Mother Snake:
was first known in Thailand but the game is             There is no record when the game         as tai1-eating snake is children's game.              “Aei” (Yes. Father Snake?)
mostly played in the Central part of             was first known in Thailand but Thai            Thai children in many parts of Thailand
Thailand.                                        children in many parts of Thailand play the     play the game in more or less the same          Father Snake:
                                                 game.                                           form. There is no record on when the game              “Kin Nam Bor Nai”
Players                                                                                                                                                 (From which well do you drink?)
        Players of the Mon .Son Pha may                                                          was first know in Thailand.
be boys or girls or both. The numbers of         Players
                                                         Players of Ree Ree Khao San may         Players                                         Mother Snake
player are not limited.                                                                                                                                “Kin Nam Bor Sai”
Equipment                                                                                                Players of Ngu Kin Harng may be               (We drink from the well in the sandy
                                                 boys or girls or both. The numbers of           all boys or all girls or mixed. The number
        The items needed for the game is a                                                                                                             ground)
piece of cloth and a playground.                 player are not limited.                         of players is not limited but is normally
                                                                                                 kept to between seven to ten players. The       Mother Snake and Baby Snakes in a
                                                 Equipment                                       games are a contest between one player and
Game Procedures                                          There is no special equipment for                                                       chorus:
        All players sit in a circle and choose                                                   the rest. The one player who comprises one              “Yai Pai Yai Ma”
one of them to be a Mon. a person who            the game. The only thing needed is a space      team is called Father Snake. A player to be             (Round and round we go)
carries a piece of cloth. He/She must walk       free from holes or objects, which might be      known, as Mother Snake with each of             The row of Mother Snake and Baby Snakes
around this circle while the others sing a       hazardous to the players.                       remaining in this team is to act out the role   then moves from side to side to simulate
song. Walking around the circle. Mon will                                                        of Baby Snake heads the other team.             the sidewinding action of a small. Then
drop his/her cloth behind anybody but            Game Procedures
                                                        To start the game, players choose                                                        comes the second round of the dialogue.
pretend carrying the cloth. Mon goes                                                             Equipment                                       After the exchange of pleasantry:
around reaching the dropped cloth again.         two of them to form an arch by holding
he/she will pick up that cloth and hjt a         their heads. The others lie up to pass                  There is no special equipment for
                                                 though the arch while sing a song and turn      the game. The only item needed is an open       Father Snake:
player who does not k.,ow that there is a                                                                                                              “Kin Nam Bor Nai”
cloth dropped behind his/her back. The           around either side of the arch to line up       air ground free from holes or objects which
player hit by Mon must run away around           again. When a song is finished the players      might pose hazards to the players                     (From which well do you drink?)
the circle while Mon runs after hitting          who act as the arch will twitch their arms to
him/her by the cloth until the player            embrace a player who is passing under their                                                     Mother Snake:
reaches his/her seat.                            arms. The grasped players will be out of the
                                                                                                 Game Procedures                                       “Kin Nam Bor Hin”
        Again Mon will walk around and                                                                    To start the game, all Baby Snakes           (We drink from the well in stone)
                                                 game and has to wait until the game is          are lined up one behind the other to form a
drop the cloth. If the player knows there is     over.
the' cloth behind his/her back, he/she must I                                                    standing row, with Mother Snake standing        Mother Snake and Baby Snakes in a
pick up the cloth and run after to hit Mon.      Song                                            are the head of the line. Except for Mother     chorus:
In this case, Mon must run away and                     Ree Ree Khao San                         Snake, each one in the row uses both hands            “Bin Pai Bin Ma”
replace the seat of that player.                        Song Ta Nan Khao Pluak
                                                                                                 to hold the one in front by the waist. When           (Hone and hone we do.)
                                                                                                 this is completed, Father Snake takes up his
                                                        Luak Tong Bai Lan                        position facing Mother Snake.
Song                                                    Keb Bia Tai Tun Ran                                                                      Once again the row of Mother Snake and
Mon Son Pha Tukata You Khang l.ang.                     Kod Khao Sai Chan                                                                        Baby Snakes moves from side to side to
                                                        Pan Aoa Khon Khang lang wai.             Mother Snake and Father Snake now               simulate the side winding action of snake.
Wai Noen Wai nii Chan Cha Tee Kon Ther.
                                                                                                 proceed with a dialogue which is a crucial      The third round of the dialogue follows
                                                                                                 part of the game. The verbal exchange goes      this.
                                                                                                 something like :
Father Snake:                                  Alternative lines for the caught Baby Snake   Serng Kra Thip Kao                              during new house celebration, to pray for
      “Kin Nam Bor Nai”                        and Father Snake are as follows:                                                              rain and religious ceremonies
      (From which well do you drink?)                                                        “`Serng – Kra- Thip-Kao” is a traditional
                                               Baby Snake:                                   village dance, originally from the
Mother Snake:                                        "Yoo Kab Ma”                            northeastern part of Thailand. Villagers        The use of Pha Kao Ma in Thailand
      “Kin Nam Bor Soak”                             (I stay with Mom)                       celebrate and have fun after the harvest
      (We drink from the well in grief)                                                      season and many months of hard work, In         Pha Kao Ma is widely used by men in the
                                               Father Snake:                                 this show, the dancers are wearing the
Mother Snake and Baby Snakes in a                    “Loy Pae Pai"                           farmers’ outfits. Normally the women wear       countryside of Thailand. We would like to
chorus:                                              (Down the river to jungle in the        long skirts covering their ankles, but while    show you how Thai men use Pha- Kao-Ma
        "Yoak Pai Yoak Ma”                           cast-off raft. Old Chum)                working in the rice fields they have to pull
        (Lief and lief we do.)                                                                                                               in many different purposes.
                                                                                             the skirt up and tuck it into their belt to
Again the row of Mother Snake and Baby         The game terminates with the dialogue         make it more comfortable to work and to
Snakes moves as it has done before.            between Father Snake and its victim. It       avoid the stain from the mud. The men              Use as a belt.
After three rounds of a similar dialogue       may begin again by immobilizing the           wear shorts and use the all purposes towels        Use as a wrap for taking a bath or
comes fourth which somewhat departs from       caught and cross – examined Baby Snake        called “`Pa-Cow-Ma” to tie around their
the previous three.                            and the players go through the same                                                               wearing while they are at home.
                                                                                             heads to prevent the heat from the sun. The
                                               procedure.                                    women also carry small baskets called              Use as a hat to protect the sun while
Father Snake:
         “Kin Hua Kin Harng”                                                                 “`Kra-Thip” filled with sticky rice, which is       working in the field.
         (Which is edible, head or tail?)      Seemingly trivial and pointless to the        for lunch.                                         Use as a blanket when the weather is
Mother Snake:                                  modem mind, the game of Ngu Kin Harng
                                               is full of symbolic significance. The                                                             chill.
         “Kin Klang Talod Tua”                                                               Loy Kratong
         (The middle part and that avails)     symbolic representation serves to remind us                                                      Use as a mat when they are tired after
With this answer the climax of the game        of many things that we may have long                                                              hard work in the rice field.
                                               forgotten. The dialogue of the game hints     Loy Kratong is the famous song for
begins. Father Snake immediately rushes        that women in the distant past were the       Ramwong. Ramwong is Thai Folk Dance.               Use as pants.
at the line of Baby Snakes to catch the last   providers of water. It also suggests the                                                         Use as a cloth to blow the mosquitoes
Baby Snake in the line as his first victim.                                                  Thai people enjoy Ram Wong on Occasion.
While Mother Snake will do her best to         traditional images of the father and the                                                          away.
                                               mother. The father represents authority and   Ram Wong is a basic dance for everyone.
fend off the attack and protect all her Baby   one to be feared appeased and propitiated             The song we will dance is Loy              Use when they pay respect to the monk.
Snakes in the line. Father Snake               while the mother is associated while solace                                                      Use as a rope helping the pregnant
unhampered by the connected long row of                                                      Kratong. Loy Kratong is a very famous
Baby Snakes always succeeds in detaching       gratification and protection.                 song during full moons festival on 12th             woman to deliver the baby by the
and capturing the last Baby Snake in the       Some see in the game a description of         month the lunar that is held to honor the           midwife.
line. The captive is- subjected to a cross-    married life, which is bound to have many     water. The lanterns would be floated on the        Use as a baby cradle.
examination which goes as following.           ups and downs. Whenever the family is
                                               broken, children are destined to their own    river, or other bodies of water.
Father Snake:                                  fate.                                                 The lanterns are traditional made by
      "Yoo Kab Por Rue Yoo Kab Ma”                                                           banana, incents which is floated along the
      (With whom do you want to stay.          Any symbolic representation by nature is
      Mom..or. Dad?)                           open several interpretations. No matter how   river as a thanks to mother nature on the
                                               many ways it can t interpreted, some          river or other bodies of water.
Baby Snake: .                                  elements of mystery always persist. In the
      “Yoo Kab Por”                            case of the tail-eating snake game, the
      (I stay wi!h Dad.)                                                                     Rum Klong Yow
                                               puzzle lies in the name of the game. Why
Father Snake:                                  should a snake eat its own tail?
      “Hak Kor Jim Nam Prik”                                                                        Rum Klong Yow is a traditional
      (Down in the hot chilli sauce with                                                     dance from the central part of Thailand.
      your ripped off head. Young Cad)                                                       Rum Klong Yow is traditionally performed

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