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InSite SiteWork News by ps94506


									InSite SiteWork News
       Software for Site Professionals                                                                               Fall 2003

   New Product: Fast Layout with
                                                            ®   FieldLink™ vs. Field General®
  Field General                                                 InSite SiteWork has imported and exported spot shot
                                                                data (using industry standard #,N,E,Z,Comment
InSite Software's Field General puts you in control of site     format) since 1996 through FieldLink™. Many InSite
layout, data collection, and machine control from the start     SiteWork customers import topo shots into InSite to
of your project right through to completion. Take your          verify existing grade, measure as-builts, etc. and
completed take-off directly to the field.                       export shots for rough grade staking with FieldLink™.
Verify Existing Grade. Use Field General to                     When Paperless CAD TakeOff™ was introduced with
quickly gather enough data points on a site to verify the       version 5.0, we added FieldLink. FieldLink will remain
existing surface, before the site is disturbed. Imagine         built in to InSite SiteWork. Field General is a new
having the true SiteWork numbers based on actual                product that offers real time robotic instrument
measured data. One person can quickly set up Field              control, offset staking, and surface generation for
General, establish position, and begin acquiring data.          machine control. Field General gives contractors a
InSite's Total Site Triangulation
                                                                complete site solution.
immediately creates a surface.
Compare the actual surface to
the plans existing grades, or
import as a new set of existing
grades and bid the true site                                           InSite SiteWork CAD Import Tip:
numbers.                                                         connecting segmented contours & exploding Blocks
Stake the site with                                             A polyline exploded in CAD software becomes a
precision. Take bids won                                        segmented series of lines. These represent a problem
with InSite SiteWork right to                                   during import, because instead of the segments each
the field. If the take-off was                                  coming in as a contour, they wind up importing a series of
done from the CAD file, critical                                short segments, each with it's own label. This leads to long
stakeout points are easy to                                     redraws, and difficult line editing. If the contour elevation
stake. Click on a point, and                                    needs to be changed, or assigned a value, each little
Field General guides you to                                     segment would need to be edited. The good news is that
the point. Your movement on                                     version 5.1 allows segmented contours to be “stitched”
the site is shown on the                                        back together into a polyline. In the CAD import utility, Use
display, and directions to the
target point are given. You can
predefine points in the office,
including offsets, and then on Fran Cunningham from
the site, just click on each     LandMark Enterprises in
point to be visually guided to   Auburn, New York, an
its location. Offset Staking of  InSite SiteWork
curbs, buildings, roads, etc. is customer since 1991,
easy. Just pick points from the checks grade with Field
CAD File. Indicate the offset    General.
distance and how often you
want a stake. Dual offset the centerline of a road, get         3.Options / Polyline Conversion to see the settings
intermediate stake elevations between known elevated            normally used by InSite to stitch the lines back together.
points, and much more.
Stop anywhere and drive a stake.. A take-                       A Block in a CAD file is a set of grouped objects. Objects
                                                                (contours, etc.) can’t be selected if they are in a Block
off done with InSite SiteWork contains a triangulated
                                                                unless they are exploded. If a group is only used once in a
surface of Existing, Proposed, Stripping Depth, Subgrade
                                                                CAD file, it is automatically exploded. But objects used
Elevation, Cut or Fill Depth, and Strata layers. As you walk
                                                                repetitively are by design, not exploded. If you try to click
around the site, a running readout of the surface data is
                                                                an object in the CAD import utility, and cannot select it, use
reported to the screen. This allows you to drive a grade
                                                                3.Options, Blocks, Explode All Blocks, to make the
stake anywhere you want.
                                                                objects selectable.
                   Continued on Page 2
Measure Work in Progress. Need to verify work done to
date? Shoot the site, and import as an alternate set of proposed grades.
Instantly, InSite calculates your site numbers. T calculate the next
phase, just copy proposed to existing, import the next shot, and InSite
calculates the new quantity. Print cross sections, 3-D's and cut & fill
maps to show the actual excavation progress.

Export to Machine Control. InSite’s Field General exports
surface models to Trimble’s SiteVision 3-D, Topcon’s 3DMC, and Leica
3D Systems.
        How does Field General work?
The Hardware for using Field General with a Robotic total Station
consists of a rugged laptop such as a Panasonic Toughbook® , outfitted
with a wireless networking card and antenna. The Total Station locks on
the prism and feeds the operator's position to the Windows laptop. The
display information is broadcast to a one and a half pound wireless                                       Backsight

                                          802.11 Wireless                     instrument on the screen and the toolbox in the lower left of the
              Robotic Total Station
                                            Network Card                      screen. If the prism rod is moved, the crosshair shows the
                                         w/ External Antenna                  operators position on the screen. You can see the Northing and
                                                                              Easting Coordinates, and the current elevation updated as the
                                                                              prism is moved around.

                     Ruggedized Laptop                                        Topographic Survey. Once the site is aligned, you can take
                                                                              a topographic survey of the site. Choose Topo from the Tool Box,
                                                   Rugged Wireless Display

  Field General
  Robotic Hardware

touchpad display carried by the operator. Using a stylus, the operator
can control the instrument, select points, and record data.
The touch screen interface is very similar to the InSite SiteWork CAD         and create a new file. You can walk the site and collect individual
import interface. Notice the CAD File, and the CAD layer list, and the        points, or automate the collection by mounting the prizm rod on a
InSite Take-off screen.                                                       vehicle, and select collect by distance. Very quickly, at high speeds,
                                                                              the surface topography of the site is recorded.

                                                                              Imported data can be used a variety of ways.
                                                                              The recorded surface can be imported into the take-off, to verify the
                                                                              original bid numbers. You can also create a schematic showing a
                                                                              comparison of the provided surface from the original take-off
                                                                              compared to the recorded (or correct) topo. All this can be done
                                                                              right on the Field General touch screen or back in the office.

                                                                              Put a Grade Stake anywhere. Field General gives you
                                                                              the ability to quickly do rough grade staking. Remember that the e

                                                                                              you are here

                                                                                             Cut & Fill
It all starts with Site Alignment.              Set the Total Station on a
known point, and move to a second known point. Use the Field General
touch screen to select alignment points, or select them from a points list,
or type in the coordinates. This process is similar to locating the map on
an InSite SiteWork take-off. It get’s you and your files coordinated to
the site. Field General asks to sight the target on the backsight and click
OK and the site is aligned. You’ll see an icon representing the
data available to Field General includes the CAD File, the take-off        Pinpoint Placement. To layout these points, the instrument is
from InSite SiteWork with it’s triangulated surface model, and any         set up, connected, and the is site aligned. Open up a points file. Select
saved data points. Click the Staking tab, and the Cut & Fill is            a point from the list. It’s location is highlighted on the display. On the
shown. As the Field General operator moves around the site, a
continuous read-out of the Cut & Fill elevations is shown. If you
wish to place a grade stake in the ground, just stop and Field
General displays your positions current value.
To increase your productivity even further put the instrument into                        1. You are here
Topo mode, and record the surface topography at the same time
grade layout is done. In one trip to the site you can verify existing
grade and stake the site.

Video demonstration and more about Field General at

Precision staking on your schedule. Use the data                                       2. Click point to layout.
from the CAD file to prepare points for critical staking like curbs and                    It is highlighted
buildings. These files can be prepared in the quiet of your office, or
in the field on the touch screen. The data is saved in an industry
standard format, and can be downloaded to any data collector for
use with conventional survey equipment, or recalled on the                                                               3. Direction and distance
automated Field General Touch screen.                                                                                         to selected point
To lay out a building, choose the Export Points Icon and enter a
filename. Next, select which layer the elevation data should come
from. Remember that the CAD file and the 3D surfaces from the              Staking tab, the distance from the current location to the actual point
take-off are available. Click the building corners, and enter the          location is shown as 143 feet. When using a total station, the instrument
finished floor elevation for the building. A comment for each point        location is considered at 12:00.
can be added, and each point is added to the file list.                    Field general is indicating to the operator to move in a direction of
                                                                           almost 1 o’clock to move towards the point. As the operator moves, the
                         Construction Offsets. Of course,                  distance decreases and the direction is constantly updated. Once the
                         during construction, these points need to be      point is occupied, the cut or fill is listed in the Staking column.
                         offset. Continue the file preparation by
                         adding offset points to the file. To do this,     If you wish to record the staked point, just click record, and the all the
                         click the Offset icon. Reselect the building      data for this point is saved into a file. To stake out the next point, select
                         corners from the list, and then hit the enter     it with the stylus, and Field General guides you to it. If the continuous
                         key.                                              checkmark is selected, the 3D surface model readout from the InSite
                                                                           Take-off is shown. You can check work in progress or set grade at any
                         The OFFSET Toolbox is displayed. Enter in         point on the way to the next point in the list. And as demonstrated
                         the offset value. This building will be offset    before, you can collect surface verification points while moving using the
                         10 foot outside its perimeter, with the           TOPO feature.
                         corners offset. Click OK and the points are
                         added to the file.
Of course you can click on them to see their locations. To calculate          Field GenerAL Office
points for a curb stake-out, click on the offset Icon, and click a point   Not ready for complete
on the curb line. Enter in the elevations along the curb that are
                                                                           Automation? If you are
given, and use the Alt key to select points on the curb. Continue
around the length of the curb and press the enter key and the offset       using traditional two
toolbox pops up. In the illustration below, we set the offset distance     man layout
at 5 feet, and let Field General generate a staking value every 10         equipment, Field
feet. The offset points and the elevations that Field General              General Office can
calculated are added to the staking list.                                  be used to generate
                                                                           precision layout
                                                                           points for download
                                                                           into a data collector.
                                                                           Field General Office
                                                                           includes the offset
                                                                           staking tool and
         1. Enter first points elevation                                   exports to machine

                                                                           Additional Field General Features:
       2. Click points                           4. FG calculated
         on this line                              offset points           q Two point resection q Automatic back sight checks
                                                                           q Calculate distances between points q Perform
                                                                           individual contour layouts q Layout profile information
                                                                           q Dual offset road centerline q Mark multiple cut &
                                                                           fills per stake q Export to machine control
           3. Enter this point’s elevation
Page 4                               InSite SiteWork News
                       We've been designing,
                       selling and supporting
                       InSite SiteWork for 15                    Welcome Mike!
years. Whether you've been along for all or part    We'd like to welcome Mike Tartaglia to the staff here
                                                    at InSite Software.
of the ride, we appreciate your support. In 1988,   Mike brings many
InSite SiteWork started as a low cost alternative   years of both
to more expensive programs. It's evolved into       surveying and InSite
the most full featured earthwork estimating         take-off experience
software available anywhere. And now with Field     from his previous
General, complete control of site development is    employment. He has
available.                                          been instrumental in
                                                    the development of
Fill out the questionnaire and help                 Field General, and
                                                    has done a great job
shape InSite's future. Our products evolve          wearing many hats
from customers ideas. We're constantly listening    here, including tech
to suggestions, and doing our best to implement     support, trade show
beneficial features for all our users. So if you    support, training, etc.
have an idea, don't be shy…….speak up!
Enclosed you will find a questionnaire. The last
one we sent in 2001 was used to prioritize the      experience in the industry offers clients a great
features added since version 4.28 (for a list of    resource for their projects. He can provide the
features version by version, see                    take-off in InSite format for you to view, revise,         and edit and answer your construction questions.
Please fill it out!                                 Contact Bill at Earthwork Estimates, LLC
                                                    PO Box 137, North Sutton, NH 03260-0137
No time to do your own take-offs? Even              Phone: (603) 927-4884
with all the time savings InSite SiteWork
provides, some time there still isn't time for      Print your own manual. Need more
                                                    manuals? New manuals can be ordered directly
                                                    from us. You can also print your own. Versions
                                                    5.1 or newer contains an Adobe Acrobat file with
                                                    the complete manual, all 270 pages. It can even
                                                    be printed in color. To open the file, you need the
                                                    free Adobe Acrobat reader, available at
                                                    WWW.ADOBE.COM The PDF file is contained
                                                    on the InSite CD in the directory \InSite User

                                                    No Plotter, No Problem! Leadtools ePrint
                                                    ( installs as a print driver,
                                                    and allows any document output to be printed to
                                                    PDF (Adobe Acrobat), JPG, TIFF, BMP and other
                                                    high resolution formats at any size or resolution.
                                                    You can save high resolution graphics from
                                                    InSite SiteWork, import them into other products
                                                    like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Better yet, you
                                                    can output to PDF, and upload the file to a your
                                                    local Kinko's or similar print house, and have
                                                    them print large format graphics at high
estimating. Bill Partridge at Earthwork Estimates   resolutions.
in NH can help. Bill has 40 years of job
construction experience. His hands-on

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