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					                              Quality Engineering and
                              Manufacturing since 1876

Hercules Belt Conveyors
Heavy Duty
Bag, Bulk and Waste Recovery Handling
                                                                  Heavy duty belt conveyors
                                                                  bag, bulk and waste recovery

Sadler designs and manufactures a full range of Hercules heavy duty
conveyors to handle bagged and bulk materials for primary, secondary
and waste recovery industries.
This representative layout shows some of the different types of convey-
ors that go into a bulk material or waste recovery processing plant with
the final output in the form of unit loads - either 100 pound bags, pallet
loads of bags or in large 4000 pound bulk bags.
Whatever your equipment or system requirements: standard or special
pre-engineered or custom-designed - Sadler will provide the solution.
                                                                                             1. Sidewall bulk belt conveyor
• Design: Pre-engineered modules keep costs in line.
• Rugged Construction: Enables you to move large, heavy loads with ease.
  Components require little maintenance and withstand abuse and damage.
• Versatility: Countless variations may be produced with standard equipment
  that will suit your most special requirements.
• Systems: HERCULES can be used to set-up a complete manual, semi or
  fully automatic conveyor layout.
• Fast Delivery: HERCULES components are stocked in standard sizes to
  ensure quick assembly and delivery.
• Quick Installation: Components fit together quickly and easily to ensure
  proper alignment in the field. Work can be done by your crew or Sadler’s
  installation specialists.

13.   Bag   vibrating   densifying   conveyor   14. Bulk bag accumulation conveyor

 12. Twin flat wire belt inboard drive          11. Enclosed belt with feed inlet & outlet   10. Sidewall with cleats for 50° incline
                                    Quality Engineering and
handling                            Manufacturing since 1876

2. Narrow side-wall bulk belt conveyor      3. Rotary chute 180” movement           4.90” twin belt vertical bag conveyor

                              Bulk conveyors

                                                                                    5. Flat belt vertical bag filling station
                            Bulk bag filling line

                                              To manual or robotic
                                                                                     6. 90” vertical ‘knock-down’ bag transfer

 9. Incline belt conveyor                     8. Twin belt bag flattener conveyor     7. 180° bag ‘flip-over’ flat wire belt
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HERCULES Belt Conveyor Specifications
    Belt Width                        12” (305 mm) 18” (460 mm) 24” (610 mm) 30” (760 mm) 36” ( 915 mm) 48” (1220 mm)
    B.F. Width                        15” (380 mm) 21” (535 mm) 27” (686 mm) 33” (840 mm) 39” (990 mm) 51” (1300mm)
    Overall Width                     18” (460 mm) 24” (610 mm) 30” (762mm) 36” (915 mm) 43” (1095 mm) 54” (1370 mm)
    Frame Rails                       6” (133 mm) x 2” (38 mm) x              3/16”    (2.8 mm) steel channel # S68
    Frame      Capacity               800 Ibs/linear      ft. (1200 Kg/M) when supported on 10’ (3M) centers
    Frame Lengths                     10’ (3 M), 5’ (1.5 M) Other lengths MTO
    Rollers                           2.5” (65 mm) dia. x 11 Ga (3 mm) Returns on 5’ (1.5 M) centers
    Roller     Centers                11/2" (38 mm) increments on 3" (76 mm) 41/2" (114 mm) 6" (152 mm) & 9” (230 mm)
    Bearings                           Sadler #61 greased ball with nylon hub or #60 greased ball with steel hub
    Axles                             11/16" (17 mm) hexagonal steel spring loaded
    Roller     Capacity               11 Ga = 600 Ibs (275 Kg) @48" (1.2M) BF ans 200 Lbs (90 Kg) @ 84" (2.1M) BF
    Belt Types                        Bags: Black PVC120COS belt or flat wire 1x1/2" pitch for horizontal conveying and PVC-120RT for
                                      incline/decline conveying or for Bulk: Sadlon 210 with optional corrugated sidewalls and/or cleats
    Belt Speeds                       60 FPM (20 MPM) is standard with 30 or 45 FPM (10 or 15 MPM) as optional
    Drive Sizes                       1/2 HP (.37Kw); 1 HP (.75Kw); 2 HP (1.5 Kw); 3 HP (2.25 Kw) DP, TEFC or explosion proof
    Drive                              7" or 9” (180 or 230 mm) dia. lagged crowned pulley with internal bearings, chain drive, speed reducer
                                       and motor. Terminal and take-up pulleys 3 1/2" (90 mm) dead shafts. External flange block bearings
                                       also available - specify. For flat wire 6” (150mm) diameter sprockets on 6" (150mm) belt width centers
    Guards - safety                     Chain drive and V Belt guards when applicable
    Supports                          4” (100 mm) wide channel support
    Finish                            Sadler Medium Blue industrial machinery enamel on steam-cleaned phosphated steel
    Controls                          Individual units or completely automated with motor control panels and PLC's
    Miscellaneous                     Photo cells, brakes, electronic traffic control, centering, singulating or metering devices

Benefits                                                                 Industries using HERCULES conveyors
l   Long life                                                            Appliance/White Goods                            Paper Products
l   Low maintenance                                                      Chemical                                         Primary Metal/Foundry
l   Modular                                                              Container Board                                  Rubber Glass & Plastic
l   Proven design                                                        Corrugated Container                             Stone/Concrete
l   Quiet                                                                Food & Beverage                                  Tobacco
l   Reliable
l   Robust
l   Safe

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