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By Notredame4eva09

PREVIOUSLY ON LOST 1. Quick compilation of scenes showing Jacob as he touches some of the survivors. 2. Scene of Jacob kneeling on the ground, saying “They’re coming” 3. Scene from Follow the Leader of Jack saying, “If we do what’s written in this journal, our flight never crashes. Oceanic 815 lands safely in Los Angeles.” 4. Juliet detonating Jughead.

An eye opens, blinking 3 times. The camera zooms out to reveal Jack on board Oceanic 815. Jack looks around, disoriented for a moment. Cindy approaches him. CINDY: “Would you like another drink, sir?” JACK begins to chuckle, realizing where he is. “No, Cindy. Thanks anyway.” CINDY: “Sir, how do you know my name?” JACK pauses. “It…It’s on your nametag.” CINDY giggles. “Oh. Sometimes I just forget I’ve got this thing on! Holler if you need me, sir.” Jack unbuckles his seatbelt, getting up. He is dizzy and disoriented. He begins to walk the aisles of the plane until he reaches Kate, who is sitting in handcuffs next to the US Marshall, Edward Mars. MARS: “Is there something you want, pal?” Kate looks up at Jack, and her eyes widen. KATE: “Jack?” MARS: “How do you know this guy, Kate?”

KATE: “He… He was…” Kate is interrupted by someone. VOICE: “Doc?” The voice is revealed to be Sawyer. Jack looks up at him and smiles. Jack looks around to see Hurley, Sun, Jin, and Sayid standing up, looking at him quizzically. Locke is also seen sitting in his seat, having interest in Jack. HURLEY: “Dude…are we back on 815?” Passengers begin to look up at the commotion, and flight attendants begin to walk down the aisles to see what is going on. Suddenly, the plane begins to jerk and shake. Jack looks around as the turbulence gets even rougher. Everyone begins to run to their seats as the oxygen masks deploy. Jack runs to his seat. MARS: (yelling to Jack): “Who the hell are you!?!?” Jack doesn’t answer. He puts his oxygen masks on and looks around at the terror of the violently shaking plane. It begins to break apart, and just before Jack blacks out, he whispers something. JACK: (whispering) “This…wasn’t supposed to happen…” LOST TITLE CARD

Act Two

Camera shows the beach scene next to the foot of the statue, with Richard, Sun, Ilana, Bram and co. looking at Locke’s dead body. SUN: (repeated line): “If this isn’t Locke…Then who’s in there?” Richard looks to the statue.

RICHARD looks back to Sun, Ilana and Bram. “It’s just as I feared. For as long as I’ve been on this island, there has been a…dispute. And this man who led you to believe he was your friend…this man just took it to the next level.” SUN: “What dispute? Between whom?” FRANK: “Damn, this day just keeps getting better.” Cut to Jacob’s lair. Ben and Flocke stand watching Jacob’s ashes smolder. FLOCKE: “Now listen carefully, Ben. I have an errand to run. Make sure that no one comes in until I return.” BEN: “How will anyone not see you leave? There’s only one entrance to this place.” Flocke smiles. He dissolves into a column of black smoke and leaves the lair. The camera cuts back to Ben’s shocked face as he watches the black smoke leave the room. Cut to an eye opening in the jungle. The camera pans back to show Jack, lying in the jungle, wearing a Dharma jumpsuit. He slowly sits up and looks around. Kate is kneeling next to Sawyer, who is passed out on the ground. Rustling bushes are heard. Hurley, Jin, and Sayid emerge from the jungle. Sayid is no longer injured. JACK: “What the hell just happened?” HURLEY: “You tell me, dude.” JACK: “Sayid? You’re okay? What happened to your wound?” SAYID: “I don’t know. I saw what I believed to be a very white light coming from the Swan site, and the light consumed me. And then, Jack, something peculiar happened. I woke up aboard flight 815, and I had memory of what happened. No piece left out. Whatever you did in the Swan site, worked. But then Oceanic 815 crashed, and I woke up here, feeling fine. No wound.”

Jack is about to say something when he sees Hurley, who is staring in the distance. JACK: “Hurley?” HURLEY: “Dude..” The camera pans back to show the imploded Swan site.

Act Three Jack, Hurley, Jin, Kate, and Sawyer are in the jungle. Sawyer has woken up and is standing next to everyone else. SAWYER: “So…You’re tellin’ me that we are… back to the future?” SAYID: “It would appear so.” JIN: “If we are back in present day, we can find Sun. We have to find Sun. KATE: “It’s okay, Jin, we’re going to find Sun as soon as we know where she is.” HURLEY: “Dude… Miles was with us when that miniature nuke thingy went off. Now he’s just gone.” KATE: “Juliet’s gone, too. No sign of her.” SAWYER: “We’ve gotta find Juliet. If we’re here, she should be too.” UNKNOWN VOICE: “Juliet’s not here.” Everyone turns around. The voice is revealed to be none other than Flocke.

Jack is astonished. He stumbles backwards. JACK: “Locke?” Flocke grins. FLOCKE: “Juliet and Miles are not with you anymore?” SAWYER: “Then where the hell are they, Jesus?” FLOCKE: “They died in 1977 when the bomb exploded. You were chosen to return to the present and they were chosen to stay in the past. They are dead.” Sawyer falls to his knees. Hurley looks up, astonished. Kate runs her hands through her hair. SAYID: “Locke, if you truly were dead, and now you are alive, how did you know that we were transported to 1977?” FLOCKE: “The island told me.” JACK: “Where’s Sun, John?” FLOCKE: “Sun is safe along with Frank and Ben.” Jin sighs with relief. KATE: “Locke, what to you mean by saying that we were chosen and they were not?” FLOCKE: “In time, you will learn more.” Sawyer angrily grabs Flocke’s shirt by the collar. SAWYER (yelling): “Why the hell isn’t Juliet with us?” FLOCKE: “Because she was not touched.”

Act Four

A hand is seen picking up a cup of coffee. The camera zooms out to show Horace Goodspeed in the security room of the Dharma Initiative. The ground begins to shake. Horace drops his coffee and falls out of his chair. A blinding white light is seen coming from outside of the door at the top of the steps. The camera feeds fade to snow as the light goes away. Horace begins to pick up the pieces of glass. He tries with no luck to fix the camera feeds. Radzinsky runs into the room. HORACE: “Stuart, what the hell just happened?” RADZINSKY: “That hostile, the one who knew about the Swan… He just blew it up.” HORACE: “Dammit, Stuart, you said you had it covered!” RADZINSKY: “There’s something else, though, Horace. The new recruits, the ones who were helping the hostile…Shepherd, Austen, LaFleur, Kwon…The fat one. They all disappeared. They just…vanished.” HORACE: “Why do I need to know this, Stuart?” RADZINSKY: “You need to know this, Horace, because Miles, the Chinese guy who looks like Chang, he didn’t disappear. And we’ve got him. Bring him in, David!” A Dharma member has Miles in cuffs. He brings him down the stairs and hands him over to Radzinsky.

HORACE: “Well this could be helpful, Stuart.” RADZINSKY: “Now Miles, where the hell are your pals? And where’s the physicist? I gotta have a word with that bastard. He shot my damn hand.” MILES: “Faraday’s dead, baldy. And how the hell would I know where my friends are? You think I knew where they vanished to?” RADZINSKY: “Alright, then, Miles. If you won’t talk, we’re gonna take matters into our own hands.” Radzinsky turns to Horace. “Take him to Oldham.”

Cut to Flocke, Jack and co. at the beach camp. JACK: “Wow, it’s been a long time.” SAWYER: “You can say that again, Doc.” HURLEY: “So, dude, Locke. How did you, you know, come back to life?” FLOCKE: “That’s not the most important matter at hand right now, Hugo.” KATE: “I think you should just tell us, John.” FLOCKE: “There is nothing to tell about my…resurrection.” UNKNOWN VOICE (from behind): “There’s nothing to tell, because this man is not John Locke.” The voice is revealed to be Richard, who is followed by Ilana, Frank, Bram, and Sun. JACK: “If it’s not Locke, who is it?” The conversation is interrupted by Jin. JIN: “Sun? Is that you?” Sun looks to Jin, and smiles. They run to each other. ILANA: “Tell them who you are. What you are.”

UNKNOWN VOICE: “It doesn’t matter who he is. What does matter is that this man just killed Jacob.” The voice is from Benjamin Linus. FLOCKE: “Ben? You gave me up?” BEN: “I do what I can to get along, John. You of all people should know that.” SAWYER: “Who the hell’s Jacob?” BEN: “James, Jacob is the man that brought you all to the island.” Sawyer turns to Flocke. SAWYER: “Is this the guy who touched us? Is this the guy who brought us back to the future?” Flocke smiles. Rustling in the bushes is heard, interrupting the conversation. The rustling gets louder and closer. Bram draws his rifle. Someone runs out of the jungle.

It’s Claire.


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