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									                    Aragon Robotics Team
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                          The Team
                          The Aragon Robotics Team (ART) is a group of students motivated by an interest in
                          science, math, and technology. Our goal is to unite a team of students, engineers,
                          teachers, and adult volunteers to accomplish the central goal of constructing a robot
                          to capable of competing in the U.S. FIRST Robotics Competition. By doing this, we
                          hope to gain experience and apply classroom knowledge into fields related to both
Kleiner Perkins Caulfield the technical and administrative branches of engineering. In addition, we intend to
                          build upon the existing robotics program at Aragon High School that will continue
& Beyer
                          to thrive for years to come. We are proud to say that students run the team with
CIM Engineering, Inc.     minimal guidance from teachers and adult mentors.

Aragon PTSA            US FIRST Competition
                       The US FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)
Kinko’s                Competition is a nationwide high school robotics competition. Each year, teams are
                       given a task and have six weeks to design and construct a robot to accomplish the
Dietrich Schultz       task. Then, teams compete against each other with their robots. The competition is
                       made up of both qualifying matches and elimination matches.
Li-Chong Wang/Zhen Jin
                       ART performed very well last year, coming out as the “Highest Rookie Seed”, 4 th
                       out of 49 teams in the qualifying rounds, and finishing 3rd in the elimination
                       matches. Currently, Mills and Aragon are the schools within the school district that
Larry/Margaret Garris have FIRST robotics teams.

Shirley/Pu-Sung Tang
                          The robot for the 2003 US FIRST
                          Competition has been completed and
Nancy Escoto              shipped. Please come watch it
                          compete at the Silicon Valley
Ramon/Leslie True         Regional Competition on March 28th
                          and 29th at San Jose State University.
Kelvin C. Choi, D.D.S     Admission is free! Please visit our
                          website for more information and
Frank/Denise Yang         driving directions.

Hal Hildebrand            How You Can Help
                                   This year, the team was lucky enough to receive aid from many generous
Safeway                   sponsors to help us complete this project. However, although we qualified, we
                          were unable to participate in the competition at the national level due to lack of
Tony/Nancy Ching          funds. As this project required heavy resources, we would appreciate any help that
                          you can provide. We are looking for both monetary and material donations. Please
Ann Rarden
                          contact George Wang at <> if you would like to contribute
North Beach Pizza         to the team.

Talbot’s Toyland
                        For additional information, please visit the Aragon Robotics Team website at <>.
Peter/Amy Yim

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