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					The modern market of the household cleaning technicians is very variable, constantly there are
new models and the number of firms-manufacturers increases. Almost each buyer, coming to
large shop of home appliances, asks a question how correctly to choose the good vacuum cleaner
and which cleaners are the best. First of all it is necessary to be defined essentially, for what kind
of cleaning the vacuum cleaner is necessary for dry cleaning or the washing vacuum cleaner
combining functions, both dry, and damp cleaning for you.
Vacuum cleaners without a bag for dust gathering
If you have stopped the choice on the vacuum cleaner for any types of dry cleaning you will
accept vacuum cleaners of the balloon type, as the most widespread, popular, very simple in use,
accessible at the price, mobile, compact, rather easy and powerful enough more likely. The dust
great bulk gathers in dust collectors the other part settles on filters. In models of vacuum cleaners
for dry cleaning the dust gets and is postponed in special paper or fabric bags. Fabric bags are
applied basically when there are no disposable. A time of a fabric is larger and consequently
efficiency of gathering of a dust at them much more low, than at paper though they much more
strongly and are more durable in use.
Additional filters at use of fabric bags get littered faster, than at work with application of paper
bags. More and more popular become vacuum cleaners with aquafilters which receive excellent
responses from consumers. The basic technical characteristics of the vacuum cleaner is capacity
of an absorption which considerably decreases in process of pollution of filters and a dust
collector. In modern models of vacuum cleaners the possibility of work with both types of bags
is provided. Other constructive decision is used in vacuum cleaners without a bag at which the
dust collector is executed in the form of the special container. It, so-called, models of cyclonic
type in which containers the dust gets off in dense enough lump and then easily leaves. At use of
such vacuum cleaners at you necessity constantly disappears to empty and clean demountable
sacks. However these vacuum cleaners also have lacks, for example, the raised vibration of the
container in an operating time, leading to noise level increase. Presence of the container of this
kind increases volume and vacuum cleaner weight that does its heavier, less agile and mobile in
comparison with more simple models. As a rule vacuum cleaners of cyclonic type are more
expensive than the usual.
The separate group is represented by compact vacuum cleaners for the car.
How to choose washing vacuum cleaner
Washing vacuum cleaners are arranged much more difficult the colleagues for dry cleaning. The
principle of work of such models consists that clearing of a processed surface is made at the
expense of an absorption of the special cleaning structure which has been preliminary in regular
intervals sprayed by the vacuum cleaner. The cleaning structure polluted by a dust is sucked in
back in the special tank of the vacuum cleaner. Excellent responses receive such vacuum
cleaners at work with carpet, linoleum, stone, ceramic coverings. They are suitable also for
clearing of walls and windows. Efficiency of clearing of washing vacuum cleaners considerably
above, than at vacuum cleaners of dry cleaning. They carry out damp cleaning of carpets,
washing of floors, walls, windows, can clean the got littered bowl or a bath, collect, spilled liquid
from various surfaces; clean large building garbage, large pieces of wool of pets etc. Washing
vacuum cleaners can work and in a mode of dry cleaning. However and they aren't deprived
lacks: Much larger, than at vacuum cleaners of dry cleaning, dimensions; the big weight;
slowness; necessity after the work termination to assort, wash and dry the vacuum cleaner,
presence of residual humidity on carpets, necessity of preparation of a special cleaning liquid;
the increased expense of the electric power, and as higher, than at usual vacuum cleaners the
Optimum capacity of an absorption of household vacuum cleaners of various types, it is
considered to be capacity in limits from 250 to 500 Vt.
All types of modern types of vacuum cleaners have advantages and lacks, at a choice of model
necessary for you it is necessary to pay attention also to a vacuum cleaner complete set various
nozzles which considerably will facilitate to you work in hard-to-reach spots.
Top rated vacuum cleaners, which get the first places in many tops of this household item are the
vacuum cleaners of such companies as Dirt Devil, Black; Decker are handheld, iRobot for
robotic and company Dyson and Hoover.