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									The following document helps you to articulate a brand strategy based on the ten things, I have learnt about marketing strategy. By: Srikanth Srinivasamadhavan

Given below are 10 key learnings pillars. On every learning pillar are questions that every brand marketing person needs to answer (honestly) in order to ensure right strategy for the brand. When cohesively put the answers will help you put your brand strategy document (almost) 1. Strategy is about your point of view on growth hypothesis for your brand in the medium and long term direction. a. How do you want to be perceived by your consumers and what is the value they see in your brand? b. Who are these consumers and where do the live? c. If your brand wins, who losses and what are you assuming about your competition? 2. Strategy is about creating a point of difference and hopefully this would be something long lasting, different and difficult to duplicate a. What makes your Brand valuable for the consumers and customers? b. What is the value you are creating for the organization? 3. Strategy is about making a choice and therefore not doing a few things. a. What are some of the choices which you are not going to do? 4. Strategy is an answer to your current brand problems or opportunities. Some of them are instinctive, equally some of them are data driven a. Is your strategy driven by objectivity and yet driven by understanding, experience and instinct? 5. Strategy is about understanding what it takes to execute the direction a. Do you have the organizational competency to drive this strategy? 6. Strategy is about timing. a. Is your brand ready to leverage this strategy? 7. Strategy is about have a good team to execute it a. Do you have a competent team which is empowered to execute the strategy? 8. Strategy is about being simple yet powerful a. Can it be explained to your spouse / parent / child / friend in a 30 sec elevator talk?

9. Strategy is about aligning commitment a. Do you have a committed organization, resources behind a committed strategy? 10. Strategy is about knowing when to stop when things do not work – money power cannot replace poor strategy a. Do you have clear benchmarks for success and failure and clearly understand when to stop. The author can be contacted at The author is currently working as GM. Media Services for Unilever South Asia. Srikanth has 18 years of work experience in Consumer Goods and has worked as Sales Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Regional Insight Head and Category Head in Unilever. He has experience in Home and Personal Care Categories, Beverages, Icecreams, Baby Care and Feminine Hygiene (Sanitary Pads).

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