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									                   LIST OF ATTORNEYS FOR THE STATE OF SONORA

                                      (As of January 2006)

The Hermosillo Consular District comprises the most of the State of Sonora and all of the State
of Sinaloa. The Consulate is located in Hermosillo, capital of Sonora, at Monterrey 141
Poniente; telephone (662) 289-3500. The Consulate’s mailing address in Mexico is: Apartado
Postal 972, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Mail sent from the United States should be addressed
to: American Consulate-Hermosillo, P.O. Box 1689, Nogales, AZ 85628-1689. The Consulate
recommends that important correspondence from the U.S., including all documents and money
orders, be sent registered mail via our Nogales address.

(Please Note: The United States Consulate in Nogales, Sonora is responsible for the northern
most portion of Sonora along the U.S./Mexican border, which includes the cities of Agua Prieta,
Caborca, Magdalena, Puerto Penasco, and San Luis Rio Colorado. To contact the U.S.
Consulate in Nogales from the U.S., dial 011-52-631-313-4820).

The American Consulate in Hermosillo assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or
integrity of the lawyers whose names are in the attached list. All information, including the
ability to speak English (1-Minimum, 2-Average, 3-Excellent), was supplied by each attorney.

Individual fees may vary depending upon the attorney and type of service provided. A public
defender is available at no charge for those who cannot afford or who choose not to retain a
private attorney.

In Mexico, the title Licenciado (abbreviated Lic.) is used to indicate an attorney licensed to
practice law. The terms despacho and bufete refer to a law office or firm of lawyers.

Lists of attorneys within other consular districts of Mexico are available on request from the
respective Consulate or the Department of State, Washington, D.C. 20520.
                        HERMOSILLO ATTORNEYS

ALVAREZ MAYNEZ, Maria Estela Lic.                          Internacional
Torre Hermosillo                                           Civil
Blvd.. Kino 309 piso 10
Colonia Country Club
Hermosillo, Sonora
Phone: (662) 289-0202, Fax: (662) 289-0200

CARDENAS VERDUGO, Oscar Lic.                               International
Bravo #19                                                  Labor
Colonia Centenario                                         Foreign Investment
Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico                                 Trust
Phone: (662) 217-3209 Fax: (662) 217-3165                  Civil
E-Mail:                                 Penal
Languages: Spanish, English

ENCINAS ALCANTAR, Raul Lic.                                Civil
Pedro Moreno #29 entre Dr. Paliza y Velasco                Amparo (Habeas Corpus)
Colonia Centenario
83260 Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
Phone/Fax: (662) 217-2569, 217-1151
Languages: Spanish, English-2

FERNANDEZ MEDINA, Roberto Lic.                             Comercial and
14 de Abril 50-1,                                          criminal law
Colonia Valle Hermoso
Hermosillo, Sonora
Phone: (662) 214-8007, (669) 48 9234

MEDRANO MARTINEZ, J. Roberto                             Commercial and civil
Vasco de Gama no. 48 entre Olivares y Sahagun                Litigation
Colonia Los Arcos                                        Constitutional Lawsuits
83250 Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico                           Corporative issues
Phone: (662) 216-8939 and 216-9323 Fax: (662) 218-2117
Languages: Spanish, English-3
                   HERMOSILLO ATTORNEYS (cont.)

ROBLES, Eduardo Lic.                                  Complex Commercial
Lizarraga, Robles, Tapia y Cabrera, S.C                  Litigation
Blvd. Hidalgo #64                                     Mining Law
Colonia Centenario                                    International
Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico                               Transactions
Phone: (662) 212-7989, 213-4710
             212-7770, 212-4743 Fax: (662) 217-2967
Languages: Spanish, English-3, German-1, French-1

ROMERO BRAVO, Humberto Lic.                           Comercial and civil
Londres #58                                           Litigation.
Colonia Centenario                                    Criminal law
Hermosillo, Sonora                                    Court Federal law
Phone: (662) 213-9282 Fax: (662) 213-9282

SOTELO GARZA, Danilo Humberto Lic.                    Criminal law
Pedro Moreno no. 20                                   Civil contracts
Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico                            Negligence
Phone: (662) 212-0431, Fax: (662) 212-0431            Liability
Languages: Spanish, English 3, French 2, German 1

VALENCIA VALENCIA, Jesus Humberto Lic.                Complex Commercial
Horacio Soria (antes Manuel Gonzalez) No.63 Int. 11   Litigation Mining Law
Colonia Centro
Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
Phone: (662) 217-5655
Languages: Spanish
                            GUAYMAS ATTORNEYS

ORTEGA LOPEZ, Alfredo Lic.                             Civil
Calle 20 y Av. Serdan Desp C, D y E                    Criminal
Altos Comercial Mexicana                               Corporate
Guaymas, Sonora
Phone/Fax: (622) 222-1174, 224-1173
Languages: Spanish, English-2

SALAS CASTRO, Arnulfo Lic.                             Notary Public
Calle 22 #36 Norte, Colonia Centro
Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico
Phone: (622) 222-1075, 222-7177
Fax: (622) 222-1075
Languages: Spanish, English-2

SALAS MARISCAL, Miguel Arnulfo Lic.                    Civil
Calle 22 #36 Norte, Colonia Centro                     Mercantile
Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico                                Family
Phone: (622) 222-1075, 222-7177
Fax: (622) 222-1075
Languages: Spanish, English-2

SIERRA MUNGUIA, Rene Gonzalo Lic.                      Civil
Despacho Juridico Sierra y Duarte                      Mercantile
Calle 15 entre Serdan y A.L. Rodríguez, Edif. Sonora   Labor
Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico                                Penal
Phone: (622) 222-6690, Fax: (622) 222-6690
Languages: Spanish, English-2

YEPIZ ROSAS, Jose Guillermo Lic.                       Notary Public
Calle XV casi esquina con Serdan, Centro
85400 Guaymas, Sonora
Phone: (622) 222-0366, Fax: (622) 222-4934
Languages: Spanish, English-2
               CIUDAD OBREGON ATTORNEYS – Cont.
BARRAGAN RUIZ, Jose Luis de Jesus Lic.       Civil
5 de Febreo no. 133 Sur Altos Desp. B        Mercantile
Edificio “RYA”                               Penal
C.P. 85000
Phone: (644) 413- 0770
Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico

ROBINSON VASQUEZ, Hector Manuel Lic          Civil
5 de Febrero y Allende 808 Ote               Mercantile
Edificio Niddan, Desp. 23 y 24
C.P. 85000
Phone: (644) 415-2949, Fax: (644) 413-3937
Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico

LEYVA VELDERRAIN, Luis Enrique Lic           Civil
Zacatecas 171 norte                          Mercantile
C.P. 85000                                   Labor
Phone: (644) 414-2506 Fax: (644) 414-2506    Penal
Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico.
                           NAVOJOA ATTORNEYS

CASTILLO FIGUEROA, Jose Ruben Lic.             Civil
Pesqueira #113 Norte                           Commercial
Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico
Phone: (642) 422-3199, Fax: (642) 422-3199
Languages: Spanish, English-2

MENDOZA MARQUEZ, Juan Manuel Lic.              Penal
No reelección 206 altos Desp. F                Civil
Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico
Phone: (642) 422-8257 cel. (642) 483-0419
Languages: Spanish, English-1

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