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									For Immediate Release

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to
showcase PlayStation®3, 3D and PlayStation
Move titles at Eurogamer Expo
Gran Turismo®5, LittleBigPlanet™2, Killzone®3 and MotorStorm®: Apocalypse on
PlayStation 3 among the playable games
at the forthcoming Eurogamer Expo

Brighton, England, July 14th 2010. Eurogamer, Europe’s leading independent games
media specialist, is pleased to confirm the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
(SCEE) line up of Q4 triple-A titles on show and playable at the Eurogamer Expo at
Earls Court on October 1st - 3rd, 2010.

The games featuring in the PlayStation 3 area are confirmed as:

          LittleBigPlanet 2
          Gran Turismo 5
          SOCOM : Special Forces
          inFamous 2

Titles confirmed showing on PlayStation3 in 3D are:

          Gran Turismo 5
          Killzone 3
          MotorStorm Apocalypse

Titles utilizing the PlayStation® Move controller include:

          The Fight
          Sports Champions
          The Shoot
          Heavy Rain (Move Edition)
          SOCOM : Special Forces

Gran Turismo 5, one of the most anticipated games of all time, offers the world’s most
realistic and comprehensive driving experience. With more than 1,000 licensed cars and
70 locations, it once more sets the benchmark in the racing, driving simulation genre.
This award-winning franchise has clocked up more than 55 million sales worldwide.

Since its release in November 2008, LittleBigPlanet has sold millions of copies
worldwide and has been credited with creating a new genre- creative gaming, as well as
introducing a new gaming hero, Sackboy. The highly anticipated LittleBigPlanet 2 returns
with more than 40 new story mode levels, plus supercharged new gadgets and tools in a
beautifully reshaped world.

Killzone 3 raises the bar both graphically and gameplay wise from its critically acclaimed
predecessors. Offering a robust first person shooter experience, players are once again
fighting for human survival against the Helghast army in a title that boasts Hollywood-
style production values and environments 10 times bigger than Killzone 2.

MotorStorm: Apocalypse ramps up a gear in the latest off-road racing adventure. Fully
customisable muscle cars, superbikes, supercars and choppers will be added to the mix
of MotorStorm classics. Players can enjoy more than 40 unique tracks, which change
with each visit, and the unpredictability of a crumbling urban environment.

Building on the success of the multimillion-selling franchise, SOCOM : Special Forces
delivers the ultimate next-generation combat experience blending rich cinematics,
PlayStation Move integration, a robust single-player campaign and industry leading
competitive multiplayer.

inFamous 2 is the second chapter in the best-selling franchise exclusively for the
PlayStation 3 system. Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, inFamous 2 takes last
summer’s blockbuster to all-new heights in an immersive open world action adventure
that offers a more visceral, emotional and powerful take on the true superhero

In addition to SCEE confirming some of its key 2010 releases, it has also offered
3 developer sessions, with key game developers: Guerilla Games, makers of Killzone 3;
Media Molecule, makers of LittleBigPlanet; and Evolution Studios, makers of
MotorStorm: Apocalypse.

Rupert Loman, Managing Director at Eurogamer, said: “To say that these titles are
benchmark franchises is an understatement. With Sony’s partnership we are offering
gamers a hands-on experience with some of the most anticipated releases for 2010 and
2011. These titles will be a huge draw for consumers and confirm the Eurogamer Expo
as the most important destination for UK gamers”.
Alan Duncan, Marketing Director at SCE UK added: “We are thrilled to be partners at the
Eurogamer Expo. It’s a unique opportunity for gamers to spend time with our upcoming
line-up and get a real feeling for the depth of quality and innovation we’ve got to offer
over the coming months.”

More information and tickets are available at http://expo.eurogamer.net


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