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									Name:                                        Jo Ann Holtz
School:                                      Edinboro University
Submitting Intermediate Unit:                IU 5
E-mail address:                    

Project Name:                                TAS GRANT

Planned Instruction Title:                   Vietnam Veterans

Grade Level: 1-3 (can be adapted to other grades)

Expected Instructional Time: one or two days

Key Words: Vietnam, soldiers, war, veteran

Standard Content Areas: History, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

PA Standard
Standard Category Number and Name: Academic Standards for History (2002).
Pennsylvania Department of Education.
8.3   United States History

Standard Grade Level, Letter, and Standard Statement:
Grade3      8.3.3 D               Identify conflict and cooperation among social
                                  groups and organizations in United States history.

Standard Category Number and Name: Academic Standards for Reading, Writing,
Speaking and Listening (1998). Pennsylvania Department of Education.
1.4    Types of Writing
1.6    Speaking and Listening

Standard Grade Level, Letter, and Standard Statement:
Grade 3     1.4.3 B.              Write informational pieces (e.g. letters) using
                                  illustrations when relevant.
Grade 3     1.6.3 B.              Listen to a selection of literature.

Technology Standard (ISTE Standard)

5. Technology research tools

             Students use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a
              variety of sources.
Learning Objectives and Summative Assessment:

                        Performance Indicators  Summative Assessment
Learning Objectives        Student Work                Tool

The students will:

Listen to a reading of         Observe listening            Informal - Observation
Eve Bunting’s The Wall

Respond to the illustrations   Observe responses            Informal - Observation
and symbolism in Eve
Bunting’s The Wall

Write letters to either        Product-letter               See rubric for letter
Veteran’s Hospital or to
current soldiers on-line

                                     Assessment Tool
                                     Rubric for Letter
4                         3                   2                          1
All five parts of the     All five parts of   The work is in the form    The work is not a
friendly letter are in    the friendly letter of a letter, but the       friendly letter. It
place and used            are used            writer may not have        does not follow the
correctly. The writer     correctly. The      used all parts of the      friendly-letter form.
conveys information       letter conveys      letterform. The writer     The writing does not
creatively and includes information to the has not used details to       focus on any
details that add interest reader, and some make the events clear         particular topic, and it
and charm to the letter. details are used.    for the reader.            is hard to understand.

Overview:      The purpose of this activity is to introduce young students to the Vietnam
               Veterans Memorial and to personalize military history.


Day 1

   1. Teacher will read aloud The Wall by Eve Bunting. (The story is about a father
      who takes his son to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to look for the name of the
      boy’s grandfather.

   2. Students will share ideas about the book.

   3. The following guided questions may help guide discussion:
             a. What did you learn about the Vietnam War from the words and pictures?
             b. How are the boy and his father feeling as they visit the wall?
             c. Why did the father take out a pencil to make a rubbing of the name on the
             d. Why did the boy put his picture against the wall?
             e. How did the book make you feel?

Day 2

   1. Students can see more images of the wall from:

   2. Teacher will go over letter writing handout

   3. Students can write a letter to a veteran at the local Veteran’s Hospital
      or they can e-mail a note to a soldier now serving in the military.
      ( at
      The local Red Cross can also supply information about writing to a service person

                                       Write a Letter

Children at these grade levels should use the following parts of a friendly letter:

Sample letter to a soldier

November 11, 2004

Dear Man (or Woman) of the Military,

Thank you for serving our country.
You are brave. I hope you come home safe.


(Student’s name)

       The Wall written by Eve Bunting
       Materials for letter writing

Instructional Activities:

       Listening to a story
       Class discussion
       Letter writing activity


       For students with writing difficulties, the letter can be dictated to someone who
       will write the letter for the student.


       The class can invite a local war veteran to share his/her stories about serving our


       In addition to learning about military history, it is important to personalize history
       so that students understand and appreciate the sacrifice made by our military.

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