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					                      Blow Drying and Styling Course:

Course description:
Depending on how the hair is blown dry, finished or set, it can look entirely different. T help
you master these styling skills and give today’s women the versatility they want, this hair styl-
ing course takes you from the principles behind simple style shifts to creating quick finishes,
blow-outs, diffuse-dried looks, and a variety of sets that go beyond traditional rollers. Divided
into three separate parts, the course begins with an overview of drying, setting and finishing
principles and includes four salon-usable lessons in blow drying different hair types. Part 2
details the steps for pairing blow-outs with texture-related finishing techniques. Part 3 demon-
strates the steps for three contemporary setting techniques which result in exciting new styles.

Part 1 covers the procedures for blow drying, setting and finishing hair, using base control and
other principles. It includes detailed lessons in blow drying short, straight, curly and long hair,
demonstrating various techniques. Short-hair styling, the perfect bodifying blow-out, diffuse
drying to encourage curl and texture smoothing are all highlighted.
Part 2
Part 2 details practical, step-by-step lessons for pairing blow-outs with fast finishes that alter
the hair’s texture. You’ll learn the techniques for blow drying different hair types and performing
flash finishes with crimping, roller setting and iron curling.
Part 3
In Part 3, you’ll explore contemporary techniques for setting hair. Not only are sets in demand
for special occasions, they also allow a client to change up her texture anytime and keep her
style for more than a day. Up-to-the-minute techniques explored include pin sets, classic
pincurling and spiral-setting with bendable rollers.

Objectives: Explain on-base, off-base, volume and indentation techniques and their results.

     Use ionic thermal tools correctly.
     Blow dry super-curly hair into a straight style that stays
straight, even in humidity.
     Add lift and body through the perfect, modern blow-out.
     Offer a variety of quick finishes after blow drying the hair.

Duration: 3 days
Dates: M, T, W
Time schedule: 12:00 - 3:00 p.m – Instructor Guided In-Salon
Educational Requirements: Open to licensed stylists
Tuition Fee: Please contact admission office for a pricelist.

           European Academy of Hair Design and Beauty 416-728-2199