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									Choose An India Tour Operator And Plan A Fabulous Vacation

     The Indian subcontinent, famous for its myriad hues, enchanting
     culture, ancient history and awe-inspiring grandeur, has always been a
     fascination for tourists. Each state is so vastly different from the other,
     one can easily get spoilt for choice. Abundant in natural beauty, scenic
     locales, and historical sculptures, the land of ‘snake-charmers’ is as
     much famous today for its glittering cities that are dripping with
     prosperity. And there is much more than just sightseeing on offer. India
     is world-renowned for its various cuisines, and as an added bonus, it’s
     also a shopaholic’s delight. Long story short, this South-Asian country
     is a must-see!

     Having so many interesting places to see sure makes India looks like
     the perfect tourist destination. But it can confuse the travellers, with
     their limited budgets and tight schedules. Wouldn’t it be a shame if one
     travelled to, say, Mumbai, and did not visit the Ajanta & Ellora Caves
     nearby? Or if one went to see the Taj Mahal and returned without
     paying a visit to Fatehpur Sikri, located just 16km away? Tourists
     certainly don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the place they are to
     visit. The internet today serves the purpose of researching a place, but
     the finer details, like proper transport at every step, cannot be planned
     by the travellers themselves. And that’s where tour operators come in
     to help fix details of India tours.

     But it’s not easy to choose a tour operator. Big cities like Delhi and
     Mumbai have innumerable private tour operators, and all make tall
     claims about providing the maximum facilities at minimum rates. It’s
     easy to find travel operators in most places of tourist interest, but there
     can be a big question mark on their credibility. So, it’s always good to
     talk to other people who have used the services of any operator, and
     ask for feedback. Also, one has to see his budget and schedule, and
     accordingly look at the various packages that are offered. Newspapers
     are flooded with tour operators’ ads, giving details of the places
     covered, the number of days, the facilities offered (like AC bus, meals,
     five-star accommodation) and the charges. One must carefully
     scrutinize the tiniest of details and decide whether it suits them.

     Most people feel that it’s better to explore a place on their own.
     However, that is a very bad idea, particularly if one is visiting a place
     for the first time or is in a foreign country. Tour operators not only
     arrange for travel, accommodation and sightseeing, ensuring that you
     don’t have to waste your time looking for a hotel room, or finding a cab
     in the dead of night, but they also include all the places of tourist
     interest, some of which one might miss while travelling on his own.
     Thus, a tour operator is instrumental in making a trip memorable and

     There are some of the names that pop up when thinking of tour
     operators in India, but the list is certainly not exhaustive and one can
find plenty of options online, in local newspapers and even local
markets. Remember to carefully research your operator before zeroing
in on it, if you do not want to get duped. A good tour operator can make
or break your trip so exercise caution. And finally, after selecting one,
get set for an amazing experience in this vast and enchanting country.

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