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					The REAL Adsense Alternative eBars
•eBay/Amazon pays you •Great commission on sales •Highly Relevant ads/listings •Product-level listings •Great use of screen real estate •Eye catching •Simple to use •Power user options

eBay/Amazon Pays You
• eBay Partner Network
– – – – “one of the most generous affiliate systems” Get paid when visitors join eBay - $25 per sign up* Get paid when visitor buys item on eBay* From 50% - 75% of eBay’s revenue!*

• Amazon Associates
– Get paid when visitors buy items on Amazon** – From 4% to 15%** – High click-thru rates

*see eBay Partner Network US Payment Hierarchy **see Amazon Associates – How it Works

Highly-Relevant Ads/Listings
• Context-sensitive
– eBars “sniff” your page for keywords and produce ads based on those

• Up to date
– Listings from eBay are the ads/listings ending soonest for those keywords (if not ending within a few mins) – Listings on Amazon are the top best selling 10 items for those keywords currently on Amazon

• Product-Level Listings/Ads
– Adsense ads are at the website level = few sales – eBar ads are at Product level = more sales

Scrolling Ads = More Money
• More ads in the same space than Adsense • Scrolling enables many more ads to display in the same visit to a site • Scrolling makes the eBar more eyecatching

Simple To Use
• Get a Google Gadget eBar quickly and easily • Simply enter your url and your affiliate id • More advanced options for advanced users
– Select Width, Height, Border, Font, Colors, SellerId, Country, and more..

More Info?
• See • Contact us at • See how to articles

• Get eBay eBar at

• Get Amazon eBar at

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