US opposition to the Vietnam War

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• Look at the evidence.

• How many reasons can you identify for

• How important was each reason?
                     Source analysis
    What reason does the      Quote the source to How important is each reason?
    evidence give as to why   support             Place a number 1-7 in this
    there was opposition?                         column to reflect its importance,
                                                  1 is the most important reason,
                                                  7 the least.






                   Source A
• General Westmoreland, who commanded the US
  forces in Vietnam until 1968, gave his views on the
  US media in 1979.
• “Actions by opponents of the war in the United
  States were supported by the news media. The media,
  no doubt, helped to back up the message that the war
  was „illegal‟ and „immoral‟. Then came the enemy‟s Tet
  Offensive of early 1968. The North Vietnamese and
  Vietcong suffered a military defeat. Despite this,
  reporting of the offensive by the press and television
  in the USA gave the impression of an endless war
  that could never be won.”
                      Source analysis
    What reason does             Quote the source           How important is each
    the evidence give as         to support                 reason?
    to why there was                                        Place a number 1-7 in this
    opposition?                                             column to reflect its
                                                            importance, 1 is the most
                                                            important reason, 7 the
A   The source suggests that     “The media, no             1.
    the media was fuelling       doubt, helped to           I chose this reason as the most
    the opposition movement      back up the message        important because….
    and making it more           that the war was
    popular. The turning         „illegal‟ and „immoral‟”
    point was the Tet
    Offensive which although
    was a military victory for
    the Americans, was
    shown on US TV as a
    humiliating defeat. This
    affected opinions in the
                   Source D
• A CIA officer gave evidence before Congress in
  1968 about the methods used in Operation Phoenix
  (the aim to arrest at least 3000 VC suspects
  every month. In total, 28,000 suspects were
  arrested, many were tortured)
• “A six-inch piece of wood was inserted into one of my
  prisoners ears and then tapped through the brain
  until he died. The starving to death in a cage of a
  Vietnamese woman who was suspected of being a part
  of the local VC political education group in one of the
  local villages. The use of electronic gear such as
  sealed telephones attached to the men's testicles to
  shock them into giving information.”
                Source E
• Martin Luther king speaking against the war
• “We were taking the young black men who had
 been ruined by our society and sending them
 8000 miles away to defend freedom which
 they had not found in their own country, in
 places like South West Georgia and east
 Harlem. Instead, we have repeatedly seen the
 cruel image of negro and white boys on TV
 screens as they kill and die together for a
 nation that has been unable to provide schools
 in which negro and white children can sit
                   Source F
• From a book about the Vietnam conflict written in
  1973. the author was a journalist who covered the
  anti-Vietnam and civil rights movements in the
  years 1964-68
• “The riot in the New York district of Harlem in 1964
  was followed by the uprising in the Watts district of
  Los Angeles. The riot in Newark in 1966 saw 26
  people killed and 1200 injured. Overcrowded schools,
  unemployment and the like were common features in
  these cities. Part of the mood was the failure of
  President Johnson‟s war on poverty – the obvious
  explanation was the cost of the war in Vietnam”
 Consider all of the reasons for growing
 opposition to the Vietnam War

• Design your own poster or write a
  speech to generate support for the
  anti-war movement.

• The more powerful that you can make it,
  the more successful it is likely to be…