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					                                                    The new ( green ) baby checklist

                                                       e Green Storks Guide to the Nursery (Months 0-3)
                                             If you are a rst time mum, you are at greatest risk to buy, or register, for far much
more than you need. Companies don’t make shareholder’s happy if you don’t. Since I am not a shareholder, nor do I sell anything,
I wanted to create a simple new baby and nursery checklist for you - naming the safest brands that I have researched and used.
         As minimal as this list may seem, with the heaps of gi s that you will receive, it’s best to begin modestly, and grow from
there. Some babies need lot’s of paci ers, some detest them and won’t use more than the rst. ose other 4 that you bought would
then be wasted.
          You will, doubtless, receive some very well intentioned, but toxic to your babies developing system, gi s. To help you avoid
this, I suggest cra ing an “organic gi s only please” email that links to I also suggest that for “sensitive”
family members, you just kindly thank them, and explain that you will “save” any gi s that you feel aren’t currently appropriate. It is
better to o end (as gracefully as possible), than to contribute to your developing babies body burden - which will determine his
lifetime risk for various diseases and cancers. It’s not that “one” plastic toy that does it - it’s the cumulative a ect of being “nice” over
the years that does. Your child’s health is rst and foremost.
I hope that this guide is helpful to you! And if you have any suggestions for me - please send them to

                                                       Brand Recommendations
                                                       Hospital Gown: ( ink about it - are you REALLY
 e Bump                                                comfortable with hospital laundry?)

                                                       Swaddlers: (I had 12 of these. Don’t bother with onsies when
                                                       you can swaddle. ey also work as blankets, burp cloths and a layer of protection between
                                                       baby and whatever might not be clean. Make sure that you order the organic ones.)

                                                       Biodegradable or Cloth Diapers:                     ese mostly biodegradable,
                                                       chlorine, dye ee diapers are brilliant. If you can’t do cloth - these are your diapers. We
                                                       preferred them to Earths Best, which is also a great diaper.
        e Hospital Bag                                 Wipes: For the rst two months, you may want to
                                                       consider rinsing out the wipes - but these wipes never caused a reaction, as others did.
    Hospital Gown - 2
    Swaddlers - 8                                      UnPetroleum Jelly: Ask yourself: does anything with
                                                       “petroleum” belong in your nursery?
    Biodegradable or Cloth Diapers - Pkg. of 8
                                                       Baby Balm: Our baby NEVER ONCE had nappy
    Wipes - 1 package                                  rash. I attribute this to Baby Badger Balm. All of their products are toxin ee and fabulous.
    UnPetroleum Jelly - 1                              Use any and all of their products.

    Baby Balm - 1                                      Oil: All EMAB products are toxin ee and are perfect
                                                       on mama or baby.
    Oil - 1
    Baby Cap - 1                                       Baby Cap: ere are so many to choose from now. For something unique, go to
    Baby socks - 2
    Take Home Blanket - 1                              Baby socks:

    Burp cloths - 4                                    Take Home Blanket:
    Car Seat - 1                                       Burp cloths: Honestly, just use the Aden & Anais blankets.
    Paci ers: 2
                                                       Car Seat: www.HealthyStu .org Every year the least toxic/best car seat changes.
                                                       HealthyStu (I know, silly name), tracks them for you.

                                                       Paci ers: Natursutten (available everywhere)
    e Nest
   ough a few of these short-tern use items may seem more expensive - they are the least toxic to your child’s breathing environ-
ment as his little lungs and system are still developing. Babies are 10 times more vulnerable to toxins than adults, so you need to be
10 times more careful. ( You can always sell these safe baby products a er your child has had his healthy
use of them!

Crib: ere are several. Please check with before buying a crib.
Crib Mattress: or
Crib Bedding: Luckily, there are so many sets to choose from now. See for the latest reviews.
Crib Bumpers (a er she is “mobile):
Changing Table: You won’t need a separate diaper holder. Just store your diapers in lovely baskets on the
shelves of your changing table. See for the latest reviews.
Changing Table Pad: Consider the “contoured” version for “wiggly” babes”
Changing Table Covers:

I don’t recommend a special diaper pail. A lovely rubbish bin works perfectly well.

Clothing: Begin with basicas, and see for reviews of the increasingly lovely organic
clothes available for baby. ough we bought several organic sleep sacks - we never used them. So you may want to wait before
you make the additional investment.

I don’t recommend caps, as they may come loose and become a su ocation hazard.                                                        e Hospital Bag
                                                                                                                                  Sleeping gowns: 3
Blankets: Optional. You can’t put blankets in a crib with baby, and you’ll no doubt receive many as gi s.                         Onesies: 4
Your Swaddling blankets and Robbie Adrian should get you to at least 6 months.                                                    Mitts: 3
Toys: From 0-3 months, will have all the toys you’ll need.
See for post 3 month toy recommendations                                                                          Socks: 3
Teethers/Rattles:                                                                                                   T- shirts: 4
Feeding                                                                                                    Footed pants: 4
Nursing pillow
Pump: Invest in the electric pump - it’s worth every penny and get’s the job done well and
Bottles: 6: Never worry about BPA. Just go glass.
Freezer Trays: http://theso
I don’t recommend bibs as you’ll receive many as gi s, and you’ll be too tired to get them sorted. Also, baby may pull them up to his nose before 3 months.

Stroller: Make sure that your stroller is Oeko-Tex 100 Standard Certi ed
Stroller Rain Guard: e ONLY PVC free rain guard on the market is by Orbit. It ts the Uppa Stroller as well:
Playmat: Sadly, there are very few organic play mats (Giggle does carry a Jungle one), but for tummy time, consider the Skip Hop
Play Floor:
Baby Carrier: Organic

I have not included information on slings, as has reported that even organic slings have caused deaths. I also recommend
against convertible cribs, for the same reason.

You may nd it easiest, for the rst 3 months, to just wash baby in your sink. A er he outgrows the sink, I recommend the
Flexibath: www. or
Sponges: Natural sea sponges are best. You can buy them cheaply anywhere, including Whole Foods.
Toys: Until baby is older, you and the novelty of water are all the toys he needs. A er baby is a bit older www.theso
has many safer “traditional” bath toys.
Towel: 2

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