The “Unknown” Reason Adsense Banned You by breakdance89


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									The “Unknown” Reason Adsense Banned You I have met several folks online in chats, forums and social networking sites shouting and yelling at Adsense for disabling their accounts otherwise called banning. Many are angry and furious at Google as it’s expected: you can’t set my house on fire and expect me to give you a pat on the back, do you? When the anger of being banned is over, they become sober once more and think up what to do next. Before jumping into a new online project, you need to know exactly why or a near guess of why your account was disabled. Google doesn’t give any indication of that. I decided to do a research on why Google disabled those accounts, not the common reasons we read everyday. We’re talking about the “unknown” and probably the real reason accounts are banned. I questioned about a hundred people whose accounts have been banned over a period of time on what they think caused the ban. A common thread I found out was that they presumed they’ve mistakenly clicked on their ads hence the ban. Most swear with their dog’s head they’ve never committed any click fraud: their stories pathetic and very believable. Ok. Let’s assume they did not commit click fraud (read Google’s policy to see what constitutes a click fraud); what then would have made Google so convinced that they’ve contravened their policy? Since no one is infallible, Google hardly disables an account due to mistaken clicks. They tend to discern which clicks were mistaken and the intentional ones and you can equally report yourself to them if you discover you’ve mistakenly clicked on your ads. I bet you won’t be penalized for doing that. I then asked another group whose accounts were disabled a different question: which strategy do you use in getting traffic to your sites? Again, I discovered a common thread. 90 per cent of them responded that they use mailing lists in driving visitors to their websites on a daily basis. This means that the major source of their Adsense traffic was through the email inboxes; people must read their emails, click on links that will take them to their websites. Could this be the unknown reason? Is it stated in the Adsense policy? Well I’m not an expert in Google policies. They write their policies which change from time to time and you have already been told to be checking it often by no less authority than Google itself! Finally, I combined the two groups and asked if they were using “pay to get traffic and pay to get hits” websites to drive traffic to their websites to which 80 per cent responded in the affirmative. Only about 17 per cent use Adwords or do not advertise at all. Now, I refuse to make conclusions based on the research I did. The purpose is to open your thinking as to possible reasons your accounts were banned, disabled or terminated. Have a thorough look at your marketing strategies (while reading Google policy as if you’re life depends on it) and stop immediately the ones that may potentially bring a ban. Initiate researches yourself, join online forums and ask questions. You never can tell, you yourself may be the “unknown” reason Google banned you. An Internet Marketer and Netrepreneur of repute, Prince Anderson teaches Online Business Strategies and publishes daily "Money Making" Ezines and Reviews for free at

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