Guide to the Female Electro Orgasm

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					Guide to the Female Electro Orgasm

             It has long been understood by the Chinese that stimulation of
             certain points along the body’s meridian lines has beneficial

             Meridian lines are similar to the copper traces on an electronic
             circuit board, running throughout the body. These are used in
             acupuncture and acupressure. Specific points on these lines
             have specific health benefits.

             The point being stimulated here is known as SP6 (also known
             as San Yin Jiao or Spleen 6) Three Yin Intersection: the
             meeting Point on the Spleen Channel with the Liver and
             Kidney Channels. SP6 is located on the inner side of the leg
             just above the ankle. This point is on both legs.

             Points SP6 can be stimulated with gentle electro stimulation
             using re-usable electro pads.

             The key to success in stimulating point SP6 is a low, gentle
             intensity with gentle increasing frequency over a period of
             time. For success it is important to be relaxed, comfortable
             and allow plenty of time.

             It has been shown that the stimulating of this point is more
             effective for women achieving orgasm than men. However
             there are other points on the male body that can be equally
             stimulated to achieve the same effect.
             (See our “Guide to Male Sexual Electro Exploration”)

             Warning! Do not stimulate SP6 if pregnancy is known or

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